A Change of Heart


A Change of Heart
Cheryl was the model wife, was being the operative word. After her wonderful marriage slipped into the drought that all relationships suffer, her world changed. Growing up in a conservative southern household had its merits. She learned how to provide an environment that her family could flourish. Her kids loved her and saw her as a beacon of light. Her church saw her the same way, a perfectly formed flower without blemish. Her husband Robert was a gentle soul who went to work and came home. When he wanted to live on the wild side of life he would turn on the lights for their love making sessions. They would lay in the missionary position and come to completion in 8 minutes. She would moan softly as the bed would squeak. Cheryl loved her husband and her children and her home but a quiet love was still to be unleashed.
Every Thursday like clockwork Cheryl would pick up the clothes from her children’s room. When entering her seventeen year-olds room she wondered how a boy could live in such a mess. She began to pick up his soiled clothes. She saw finished she saw a lone sock barely sticking out from under his bed. She knelt down to pick it up and noticed a collection of VHS tapes.

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   Curiosity getting the best of her he grabbed a tape and then the sock. The sock was strangely stiff and old. It had three red stripes at the top identifying as the cheap socks that her mother had given her son for Christmas three or four years ago just before her passing. She wondered why he would keep such a sock. Looking at the video she noticed it had no labels to speak of, they looked to have been scratched off. Scurried to the television and popped the tape in. She sat on the edge of her son’s table and grabbed the remote. She turned on the video and her life would forever be changed.
Her heart jumped as the TV came to life. On the screen was a young blonde naked rubbing her clit feverishly as she licked the top of a young man’s cock. Cheryl’s heart jumped and her pussy pulsed in unison. She was deeply offended, disgusted and embarrassed by the images in front of her. She wiped her forehead realizing that she was sweating and that she had a strange wetness coming from her vagina. Her heart twisted and turned as she realized what was in her hand. Her son used the sock for clean up after masturbation.

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   She wondered how she has let this go on under her house for so long.
A strange desire stirred in her. She clutched the sock and brought it close to her face. She began to smell the sock. She could smell the stench of cum. It was heavy and musky. She stared at the small screen as the girl in the video began suck the man’s white yet somewhat purple cock. The girl moaned and massaged her pussy as she sucked the man's cock for all she was worth. The sounds of gagging and choking were the whimpers of a young slut cumming as she sucked a large cock. Cheryl was lost in lust, her head spinning and her pussy burning with heat. She was lucky to have enough sense to return the sock and video to their home under her son’s bed.
Stumbling in to the hallway Cheryl tried to regain control of her body. Her pussy felt as though it was on fire. She dropped her laundry basket and ran to her bedroom. Her clothes flew all over the room as she stripped.

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   The ice cold water streaming from the shower head began to cool her body and her desires. She was shivering as she tried to reclaim her mind. The water finally allowed her to return to normal. She dressed and returned to cleaning the clothes.
Six o’clock quickly came to her home. Her children came home and went about their normal business. She sat on the couch in her clicking her heel waiting for her husband to come home. He walked in 8 minutes after six. Those 8 minutes seemed to last a good 8 years. Walking in the door with his head down like always her loving and boring husband set his briefcase down. Cheryl wasted no time. She grabbed her husband by the hand and dragged him away. “We need to talk. ” Her husband meekly wondered “Is somebody dead?” She shushed him as they entered the bedroom. Slamming the door behind her she demanded that he take his pants off.

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   “You are kidding right?” She shook her head no. “I need you to put your pee pee in my mouth. ” She blurted out nervously. “My what?” the suspense was killing her so she just rushed over to him and violently began to pull his belt apart. She could pull his pants apart because of her rush so she just yanked until the button popped. Instead of pulling his zipper down she just grabbed his waistline and yanked with all her might. She managed to pull his pants and boxers to his knees.
Staring her in the face was her desire. Her husband’s cock ached to be sucked an experience it had never had. She quickly shoved the fleshy desire into her mouth. She moaned, gagged on his five inch penis. She lifted up her old fashioned dress and began to rub her hair pussy for all it was worth. She began to scream at the top of her lungs into her husband’s cock as she felt the beginnings very first orgasm. Her cheeks turned beat red with desire. Her husband began to stiffen as he was ready to shoot his load into his horny wife’s mouth.

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   She came closed her eyes and didn’t make a sound as she began to shake and tremble from her the first orgasm in her thirty-six year old life. Her throat and mouth were filled with streams of hot cum. It tasted like liquid gold to her. Her eyes opened with panic as she began to choke on cum in her throat. She fell to the floor and her husband patted her on the back. “Are you ok?” he asked. She coughed her throat clear. “I think so. ”
After gaining her composure she looked at her husbands limp penis and had to have more. She began sucking him. His cock jumped back to life. For six months Cheryl would jump her husband every time he would walk through the door. It became increasingly hard for him to keep up with her. She attempted to suck his dick two or three times a day. He just could not keep up, he was just not enough.

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   Though she loved her new found talent she quickly found frustration and a solution.
About 7 months after her awakening the doorbell rang. It was three of her son’s friend visit for a swim. The summer heat can be hell and who couldn’t use a dip in the pool. They came in and quickly began swimming and being boys. The doorbell rang again. Opening the door she found Dave. He was the tag-along of her son’s group. He was a tall and slender boy who always looked very sad. She greeted him and let him into the house. “The boys are in the back swimming. ” She told him. He scurried outside and seconds later returned ready to leave. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I didn’t bring shorts to swim.

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   I thought we were going to play video games. ” She consoled the poor boy “Go outside and tell my son to let you borrow some shorts to swim. ” “Well, ma’am I’m not…” She shushed and nudged him out to the pool.
“Thanks mom! We were trying to get rid of him. ” Whined her mean son. “Be nice to that boy. ” She warned him. “I am nice, I let him borrow a pair of speedos I used for water polo. He is in the bathroom putting them on right now. ” She was not happy “You know he won’t wear them. ” She quipped back “That’s the point. ” He ran off back into the pool. She immediately went into her son room looking for an appropriate pair of shorts. She opened the door and was surprised. There was Dave standing in his only his shirt putting the Speedos on.

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   She was frozen. “I’m sorry. I thought you were in the bathroom…” Her words trailed off as she stared at his dangling cock. “Is that. . ?” stumbling over her words. “Um let me… get you some shorts. ” Dave looked down realizing that he was without any bottoms and put his hands over his privates. She went into one of her son’s drawers and pulled out some shorts. She tossed them to him not wanting to get to close to Dave and his lengthy penis. Quickly he caught the shorts not thinking that he would be exposing his cock again. Cheryl reached to the door to leave the room. She pussy began to quake. She looked over her shoulder and looked at his swinging cock and could not resist. She shut the door closed.

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   “What are you doing?” Dave asked. “I am going to go over there and help you with your shorts. Is that okay?” Dave nodded. Cheryl walked up to him and pulled the shorts from his hands. Sinking to her she got a better look at Dave’s dick. It was thin but at least seven inches soft. Looking up at Dave she burned with desire. Grabbing the shorts she noticed that Dave’s cock was rising. It was a stunning site. It came to about ten inches hard. “Dave, we are never going to get these short on with that thing in the way. ” She quickly grabbed his cock and began to devour his manhood. She could only get half way down. She began her moaning and mumbling as she sucked his young meat. “Oh my god, Dave you have the biggest cock I have ever seen.

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  ” She returned to sucking his cock and lifted her dotted dress so she could play with her pussy. Soon Dave was grabbing the back of her head. He rocked his hips face fucking the conservative mother. She had tears coming down her cheeks as she choked on his massive cock. Dave was quiet not making a sound as Cheryl was a wild woman getting her mouth brutalized. She loved his cock. Soon she began to quiver with an orgasm. He still fucked her face. She came again and again until finally Dave unleashed his load into her warm throat. She milked every last drop of him as his balls jumped smacking her throat.
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