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I had to go to attend a three-day convention in a New Orleans, I decided to plan four discreet meetings for Jill. I showed her the pictures and she said, wow, I approve, I’m going have fun with these young hunks.

We arrived at the hotel about 3:00 pm, after checking in and hanging up our clothes, we went and had some fabulous Cajun food. At 5:00 pm we went to the hotel happy hour. We were having drinks and I recognized a young six-foot white guy, according to our internet meeting the name given to me was Eric. I told Jill, it looks like one of your meetings is here and I pointed him out, Jill said, wow, his is so young looking. Does he know my age? I replied, of course, that is the main reason, he is here to fuck you. I told Jill, I was going to talk to him for a little bit, give me 15 minutes, I’ll be back.

I approached him and we exchanged pleasantries. I asked him to join me for a drink at the bar before going to our table. I started our conversation, as you should know by now, this meeting is no secret, she knows she is here to fuck and you’re here to fuck her. I’m telling you now she loves to fuck and she is a great fuck. She likes to get her pussy fucked hard. She definitely likes her mouth fucked and loves to giving blow jobs. I told Eric, remember what we talked about, not to long ago I finally convinced my wife to have sex with another guy, she has had sex with one other guy since then, that’s a good start to break the ice, but what I really want is turn Jill into a cock loving nympho slut. I said, Eric, I want my wife to be such a whore that she will spread her legs for any man that wants to fuck her.

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   I want Jill to get all her holes used by lots hard cock, just turn her into hardcore whore so I can share anywhere and whomever I want. Like I said, Jill has never let anybody fuck her ass, not even me, we need to change that. The two guys that fucked her were young, that’s why I contacted you, she might let a good looking 28-year old guy like you take her ass. Eric replied, Russ, I’m going to take that ass, the next time you see your wife fucking, she will have my 10-inch cock up her slutty ass. I plan to give that ass a hard pounding. I replied, damn, I can’t wait to see that, I want her to be a whore for any man that wants to fuck her, so fuck her anyway you want to. Let’s go to the table, when we get there, sit across me close to her, that will position her between us, also feel free to start feeling her off anytime you want to.

I introduced Eric, we sat down, he was on her right and I sat to her left, both very close to Jill. We were having a drink and making small talk. Jill definitely like what she saw and suddenly her eyes lit up wide. I looked down and I saw Eric lay a hand on Jill’s crossed legs, his hand quickly traveled up raising her skirt revealing the top of her stockings. Jill uncrossed her legs and spread them, moved up her seat closer Eric to give his hand better access. It was a good thing we were at a more desolate area of the bar, because things were getting steamy. I looked at Jill bucking her body slowly as Eric was fingering her pussy. I leaned slightly and Eric had Jill’s skirt raised all the way to her waist and had her panties pulled down to her thighs.

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   Eric looked at her and told her, give me your panties. Jill did not hesitate, she quickly slipped her panties completely off and put them on the table, Eric picked up her red panties and put them in his jacket inside pocket, saying these will be good souvenir of the good time I am going to have fucking the shit out of you. Eric was now fingering her hard, Jill was trying to control her moaning. Eric looked at me and said, you’re right, I can tell she is going to be great fuck, your slut loves to fuck. I can tell she likes being used like whore, Eric still fingering Jill’s pussy, asked her, you know you like being fucked like a whore. Jill looked at me, blushed, a little and said in a low voice, yes. Eric said, well I’m fucking a whore tonight, I’m making you my whore tonight. I said, I have video cameras already rolling, why don’t you go upstairs, I will be there in a few, I will just be getting some drinks. Jill pulled her skirt down and stood up with Eric, they both started walking towards the elevator, he had his hand right on her ass massaging it, she didn’t know, but he had all intention of fucking her up the ass. I went to get some drinks, I knew my cameras were rolling so I wouldn’t miss any action.

There were lots of people so it took me forty minutes to get the room, when I opened the door, I swiftly entered the room because Jill was screaming very loud as Eric fucking the shit out her, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAH. I walked into the bedroom, I could not believe what I saw, Eric had Jill in doggy style position with her ass propped up high in the air with her head and shoulders laid on the bed. When I walked into the bedroom, Jill’s face was turned to my direction, I could see her screaming facial expressions as Eric pounded her ass hard. Eric was the first guy that had talked Jill into fucking her ass, I pulled out my smart phone and started taking closeup shots of all the action. Eric said out loud, you’ve got a slut wife that loves to fuck, this woman is a whore.

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   Eric in a loud voice said, WATCH THIS! He stopped thrusting his cock into her ass and said out loud, COME ON SLUT BACK UP ON MY DICK, GET ALL MY 10-INCH COCK IN YOUR ASS WHORE. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Jill was quickly obeying and started working her hips hard and started thrusting her ass at Eric’s rigid hard dick, taking all the full 10-inch cock in her ass as she moaned and screamed, GIIIVE IIT AAAALL TOOO MEEE! Eric said, look at this whore go, as Jill slapped her ass against Eric’s balls, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Eric asked Jill, YOU LIKE THAT COCK IN YOUR ASS SLUT?Jill replied, YEEES, YEEES, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Erick gave me a, thumbs up, and we high fived. As Jill was slamming her ass on Eric’s cock, Eric started thrusting his cock meeting Jill’s thrusts, her screams got louder, I thought someone might come and tells us to quiet down. Eric yelled out, I’M GOING TO COME DEEP IN THIS WHORE’S ASS! I saw him tense up, he grabbed Jill by her hips and thrust his cock all the way in her ass and held her against his balls with no space between them. Jill started gyrating and grinding her ass against his balls. Eric yelled out, man, can this bitch fuck, look at this slut grind her ass on my cock, she loves to fuck, I’m going to dump a gallon of cum in this whore’s ass. Eric was dumping so much cum in her ass, it started running down her legs. Eric was finally done and laid on her side telling her, you’re a great fuck.

Watching all the action, I had a raging hard-on. I had never fucked Jill’s ass and the time was right. I quickly dropped my pants pulled her ass against me. After Eric just finished fucking Jill with his 10-inch cock, I had no problems driving all my cock in her ass. I started thrusting my cock up Jill’s ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I said, man, this ass feels so hot, hey Eric, I can feel your cum in my slut wife’s ass, that’s a lot of cum, you must have dumped a gallon of cum, we both chuckled and he said, yeah, before I leave, I’ve got another gallon for her pussy. I said, make her suck your cock as I’m fucking her ass.

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   Eric wasted no time, he got in front of Jill and said, come on slut, open up your mouth, were going to bring out the real whore you really are and inserted his cock head in her mouth. Eric said, she’s got a fantastic silky mouth, perfectly made for sucking cock. I said, yeah, she likes to suck cock and loves the feel of hot cum in her mouth, she loves to swallow cum. Erick said, man, I am starting to go down this whore’s throat, she can deep throat a cock really good. Eric was now thrusting his cock hard down Jill’s throat, she started to drool all over his cock as I was pounding her ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, this was a first for Jill, two men fucking the shit out of her at the same time, she was on fire. Jill was moaning when she could as we both pounded her mouth and ass. Jill was so hot, she was going crazy on Eric’s cock. Erick said, hey Russ, look at your slut go, she’s going crazy on my cock. Eric said, come on slut, suck and lick my balls. Jill started licking Eric’s balls and then she started kissing and inserting his balls in her mouth. Eric said, Russ, this is one hot bitch. I asked Eric, is your dick hard enough for a DP, he said, yeah, go for it. I said, sit on the bed and Jill will ride you and lay on the bed. Eric very easily drove his whole 10-inch cock in her pussy without any resistance. Jill had sex with other men but had never experienced nothing like this.

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   It was time to unleash the real inner whore that Jill really is.

Eric was driving his 10-inch cock up Jill’s pussy and I quickly started driving my cock in her ass. I started pounding her very hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Jill started screaming OOOOOOOOAAAAAAA, OOOOOOOOOAAAAAA, I yelled out, THAT’S IT ERIC, FUCK THE SLUT HARD, MAKE YOUR WHORE, POUND HER MARRIED PUSSY!Jill was screaming loud, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, I was pounding her very ass hard, Eric and I were fucking the shit out of her in unison. Eric yelled out, LET’S TURN THIS SLUT INTO THE COCK LOVING MARRIED WHORE SHE REALLY IS! In a loud voice, I asked Jill, YOU LIKE ERIC POUNDING YOUR PUSSY WHILE I FUCK YOUR ASS WHORE? YOU LIKE COCK IN YOUR TWO HOLES WHORE? Jill was screaming so much she couldn’t formulate words, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH. Eric said, OH YEAH, SHE LIKES IT and we both chuckled out loud. I said, I’M GETTING READY TO BLOW MY WAD DEEP IN THIS WHORE’S ASS. Eric said, I feel like I’m going to come too, suddenly he said, OH YEAH, I’M COMING DEEP IN THIS WHORE’S PUSSY, THIS WHORE IS A GREAT FUCK. I got so turned on knowing Eric was coming in Jill’s pussy, as I fucked her ass, I said loudly, OH YEAH, I’M COMING DEEP THIS WHORE’S ASS. HEY ERIC, I CAN FEEL MY CUM MIXING UP WITH THE LOAD YOU DUMPED IN HER ASS, WHAT A TURN ON! Eric said, look at this slut grind her pussy against my cock and then lift her ass up and also grind her ass against your cock, she is revealing how much of a whore she really is. We finally finished and my wife laid on the bed, face down on the bed with legs spread wide open. Eric and I could see all the cum we dumped in her pussy and ass dripping onto the bed. I felt we did a great job on starting to turn Jill into the whore I wanted.

Eric and I talked while we had a few drinks, he said, keep getting her a lot of strange cock, and tell them to fuck her rough like we did. Always treat her like a slut and a whore so she understands that is what she is. A whore fucks anywhere, cheap hotels, cars, beaches, bathrooms, get creative.

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   When you’re driving pick up a guy or two and have them fuck her in the back seat while you drive. You can take her to truck stops and tell the drivers she is there to service them, you can charge them for services and make her a real prostitute! Pimp her ass out to young guys, they pay for mature pussy. Black guys like to fuck white pussy, you can turn her into a whore for Big Black Cock. You have lots of options, we high fived and he left, I told him I would contact him later.