Making A Dark Fantasy A Reality, With Icing


I have been fucking my mother and using her as my whore for six years. About 6 months after I started fucking her, I met my wife at a club while I was making videos of my mother being fucked in an ally by three black men. My mother loves to be a whore for BBC, she will spread her legs for any black guy that wants to fuck her.

I was taking a breather and went into the club and was having a drink. I saw this beautiful blond walk in, she was wearing a very short black skirt, she looked fucking hot! I walked over and said, I don’t normally do this, but can I be your company? She said, O. K. we hit it off, and we had a wild time way on our first date, we were married a week later. About a half hour later, she said, I just got word my girlfriends can’t meet me after all, and she was going to call an uber driver, I said, I’ll be your driver, let me take you home.

I text my mother,

Me: I’m on my way to pick you up, I have a pretty blond with me, her name is Jenna, just met her.

Pamela: Done here, done here going in club.

My mother and I had discussed regardless of our relationship, one day I would meet someone and get married. I told her, probably, but I still am going to make time to fuck her silky hot pussy.

Suddenly my mother showed up and I said Jenna, this my mother, and mom this is Jenna. We talked a while and had a few more drinks and got very late. Jenna said, wow, I’m sorry, it’s very late, are you sure you can drive me, I live thirty miles in the next town. I said, I will really drive you home right now, but how about staying at our place tonight, we only live a couple of miles away, we have large home with several extra bedrooms, I’ll take you to your place tomorrow.

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   My mother said, I have lots of different type of sleeping wear for guests, just look in the drawers, pick out what you want.

We got home, and mom went to her bedroom and we stayed downstairs, she said, you have a very young beautiful and very hot looking mother, she’s what most of you guys would call a total MILF. Jenna said, I know she’s your mother, but you must restrain yourself from hitting on her, she is so fucking hot looking. I tried to blow everything off, and said, she’s O. K. , you’re so hot looking to me, why do you think I spoke to you. She said, I’m glad you talked to me, because I did check you out also. I said, I immediately wondered what you looked like under that skirt. She came close to me and said, do you still want to find out? She leaned over and gave a long passionate kiss, she took my hand and guided under her skirt on placed it on the crotch of her panties. I thought to myself, this is what I call an easy whore. She looked at me and said, I take what I want. Her panty crotch was very wet and moved it to one side and inserted two fingers in her pussy. She said, Chris, I am going to fuck your brains out. She unbuckled my pants and pushed on the couch and she sat on cock, she moved her crotch to one side and dropped her pussy right on fully erect cock. It was very evident Jenna loved to fuck.

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   Jenna started to gyrate her hips and cunt on my cock. She said, you have a great fucking cock. I said, come on let’s go to my bedroom, we took off.

Jenna started taking off all her clothes, she had a magnificent body, just made for fucking. She said, I noticed how you and your mother looked at each other, that wasn’t a mom and son look, you’re fucking her, aren’t you? I can’t say that I blame, she is fucking hot piece of ass, a total fucking MILF! I don’t give a shit if you’re fucking her, some of my girlfriends fuck their fathers, they say it’s the best cock they ever had, they say their fathers are very experienced at using their cocks, one of them fucks her father every night, she cannot get enough.

Come on Chris, I think we can have a great relationship if we start out not lying to each other. Jenna looked directly into my eyes and asked, are you fucking your mother? I finally said, yes, damn, are you happy now? She said, that’s so fucking hot! I bet you knock that pussy out a lot! She does other stuff for me also. I video her and post her videos on the net, we make lots of money at it. We have several XXX websites with her videos. I was making videos of her earlier, before I met you. She was fucking three black men in a car in an ally, she loves to fuck black cock. I was taking a break in the club, when I met you. Jenna said, WOW, that’s so fucking hot, your mother is your whore and porn star.

Jenna said, I always wanted to try black cock, I have seen pictures on the net and they are huge, I don’t know of my pussy could handle it. I will tell you another secret that not even my girlfriends know.

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   I asked, what’s that? I am not a lesbian, I love to fuck guys, but I always wanted to experience sex with an older woman. I read on the internet, older women are very experienced at sex, so if young women are going experiment it should be with an older woman. I just flat out asked Jenna, do you want to have sex with me and my mother right now? Jenna looked at me and asked, seriously?

I texted my mother,

Me: Come to my bedroom

Pamela: On my way.
My mother walked in, I approached her, quickly gave her a passionate kiss, I raised her skirt and started fingering her pussy, she closed her eyes and started moaning, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh. My mother is such a whore she loves to keep cock up her hot silky cunt, it took no time to get her very wet. I told her, Jenna knows that I’m fucking you, she doesn’t care, she wants to join in, O. K. with you? She said, I have never done another female, but I can’t say, I haven’t been curios, why the hell not I said, thats my girl.

I said, come here Jenna, I kissed and sucked one of Jenna’s breasts and my mother started doing the same to other breast, Jenna started cooing and moaning, oooh, oooh, oooh, it feels so good, Jenna was loving it. I took my hands and started finger both their cunts, I looked at Jenna and asked her you like my fingers up your hot cunt. She replied, yes, it feels so fucking good, I told my mother to give me blow job, she quickly got down on her knees and inserted my cock in her mouth, and started bobbing her head back and forth, I quickly got super fucking hard. I told my mother, now eat Jenna’s pussy, I turned to Jenna, and started to kiss her inner thighs and work her self up to her vagina, she started to insert her tongue, Jenna was going to wild saying OH FUCK, OH FUCK, she started grinding her cunt against my mother’s mouth. I quickly got my phone and started to video the hot action. I sent the video to Scott and Rick, it took about fifteen seconds and the both responded.

12TBBCHammer: Who’s the blond?

Me: I met this very interesting hot whore tonight, she loves to fuck.

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   Her name is Jenna.

Scott: That’s so fucking hot. Are you going to put that video on the net?

Me: What do you think, after all that’s how I make my money right?

Me: Jenna told she was no way gay, she loves to fuck guys, but she secretly always has been curious of having sex with a woman, she liked to try it once, so here we are.

Me: Get this, she has been wanting to try black cock, but she gets scared and doesn’t know how.

Me: Why don’t you come over, and first fuck the shit out of my mother, let her watch and get hot, she’ll get at ease than you guys can include her.
12TBBCHammer: Sounds like a plan, I’ll be there in 15.

Scott: Me too, I can’t want to put my cock up their cunts, especially new cunt!

Me: Rick, you and Scott start out, but bring in your crew, about an hour later, after you guys start fucking her, I don’t want to scare her off.

My mother and Jenna were now on the bed in a 69 position, eating each other’s cunts as I kept taking pics and videos. While they were busy, I quickly set up all my professional recording equipment, this was going to be a hot action night. As I finished setting up, Rick and Scott arrived. I said, fuck the shit out my mother, let Jenna watch. The guys wasted no time, they quickly got mother on her knees and she started alternating giving them both blowjobs. Jenna was mesmerized and just stared at the two huge very thick cocks that my mother was sucking. My mother was going nuts on their cocks, she was making slobbering and moaning noises as she alternated sucking both their cocks. Mother did a great job, she got both of their cocks, rock-hard and ready.

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   Rick stood my mother, and he inserted three fingers in her cunt, she started moaning, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, and saying fuck me, come on please fuck me, don’t do this to me, I need your cocks in my pussy and ass right now, fuck your whore. Rick pulled out his fingers and they were covered with cream, he said, oh yeah, this whore is already coming.

Rick sat on the edge of the bed, while she straddled his legs, as she positioned herself, she started dripping cum on Rick’s cock. She was so fucking wet that in one swift downward thrust she took all of Rick’s 12-inch Thick BBC, she started moaning out loud, OOOOH, OOOOH, FUCK YOUR WHORE, GIVE IT TO ME DEEP. Rick, said, he Scott you ready? Scott replied, yeah, let’s DP the whore, and Rick fell back on the bed with my mother on his cock. Scott wasted no time and started driving his 10-inch cock in her ass, my mother had come a long way since the day that I took her ass cherry. I remember that she thought if she told me that no one had ever fucked her ass, I would not go there, in fact that is what made more determined to break in her ass. I remember when I had her screaming fucking the shit out her ass, after turning her into a whore, and having hundreds of cocks up her ass, she was an expert at taking big thick cocks deep up her ass. Scott was driving his cock, deep and started pound her ass hard as Rick fucked her cunt. Jenna, just stared and remarked, WOW. I said, you want to try, these guys are my friends, they won’t hurt you, nothing to worry about, just great sex. This is your chance, if you feel like you need to stop, everything will stop, it will be up to you. I knew once she started, it was over, we were going to turn in to whore also, just like we did with my mother. I looked at her and I could tell she was hot, I inserted three fingers up her cunt and she was already coming, she was very wet. I pulled out my fingers and licked my fingers, saying you taste damn good.

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   I said, even if these guys have huge cocks, you’re so wet, you won’t have problems taking big black cock. She said, O. K. I’ll try, but if it hurts too much they must stop. I said, hey guys, you heard that if she says stop, you must stop. They said, sure, no one wants to hurt anybody here.
I said, come over here Scott, you’re smaller then Rick. Rick came over and stood in front of Jenna and reached for her hand, guided it placing it on his big cock, he started moving her hand back and forth. Jenna said, it so big and hard, her hand could hardly go around it, Scott took his hand of hers and told her jack off with both hands, Jenna obeyed and was staring at his huge monster as she jacked him off with two hands. Scott started walking backwards to the bed while Jenna was following him still jacking him off, Jenna was more than ready to fuck, her cunt was dripping come and rolling down her legs. Rick now had my mother on her back with her legs spread apart as he plowed his cock deep in her in her hot cunt, his big balls, were hitting against her ass, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, he was spanking her ass, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, my mother it seems got hotter with every whack, and started yelling, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR WHORE, GIVE ME ALL THAT BLACK DEEP IN THIS WHORE’S CUNT, FUCK IT HARD!

Scott laid Jenna on her back alongside Rick and my mother as they fucked. Scott raised her legs, put them on his shoulders, then he placed his cockhead on the opening of her vagina. Scott said, you’re so fucking hot and ready and he started driving his 10-inch cock in her pussy, and she started turning her head backwards also rolling from side to side, she was moaning, OOOOH, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, you’re so huge, my pussy feels so full. Scott kept driving all his cock slowly until he had all 10 inches in and his balls rested on her ass for a minute. Scott then started pulling out leaving his cockhead in her pussy and driving in slowly, he than started picking up speed.

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   Jenna said, it’s so big, Scott said, you want me to stop, she replied not yet. Scott started fucking harder and harder, finally he was slamming into her cunt hard, just like Rick was slamming hard into my mother’s cunt.

Rick and Scott were fucking the shit out of both whores, all that could be heard in the room, was SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, and bed shaking, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, as they both were screaming, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH. Jenna was going nuts with that big cock fucking her into oblivion, she didn’t even hear or notice Scott telling Rick lets trade, you need to try this whore out. Rick said, ready, they quickly swapped places and Rick started pounding Jenna’s cunt. Jenna started, yelling, IT’S TOO BIG, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, Rick kept pounding her cunt, asking her, YOU LIKE MY BLACK COCK WHORE? Jenna, started yelling, IT FEELS SO GOOD, FUCK ME, KEEP FUCKING ME, GIVE ME ALL YOUR COCK. Rick asked her, you want me to stop, she replied, NO, DON’T STOP, FUCK THAT PUSSY HARD. Just than Jenna was heavy into fuck bliss, she didn’t even notice Rick’s crew began coming in the room. Rick said, somebody get ready, I’m going to come in this whore’s cunt, here it comes, Rick was dumping streams of cum in her cunt, she was screaming as she said, I can’t stop coming, Rick popped out and one of his crew took Rick’s place, he wasted no time, he started slamming her pussy hard. We kept going the same way threw the following day until Jenna had been fucked so much she was addicted to BBC. That is the wild way I met Jenna, I couldn’t get enough of Jenna, I couldn’t let this hot whore go, so I married her.

After that night, Rick started pimping the fuck out her, just like he pimps out my mother. Jenna loves be a BBC whore and I post a lot of her videos taking black cock in all her holes, just like my mother. I have videos of my mother and Jenna being used as the entertainment for groups of black men. Jenna has gotten knocked up twice, and we have two black children, she has had so much black cock we don’t know who the fathers are.

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   I feel so fucking lucky, I fuck the shit out of my mother and wife and whore them out. After fucking my mother the first time and turning her into a whore, I never expected icing named Jenna on my cake.