My New Guard Dogs


My New Guard Dogs (F, best)

Summary - Jessica moves to a new house and buys two, large, guard dogs to keep her company.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Hi, my name is Jessica Clark. I’m a 23 year old administrative assistant, living in Palm Springs, California. I’m five feet eight inches tall, with a very thin frame. I have long blonde hair, large breasts, shapely ass and a hungry little pussy!

I had moved to Los Angeles after high school, hoping to become an actress. After all, everyone said I had the looks for it, and I received a lot of praise for my acting in the high school plays, even winning an award! However, like most ‘California Dreams’, I had to find a steady job, and got a position in Palm Springs! My boss is great, the work is easy, and the money is fantastic!

My boss, Mr. Gallagher, likes to look at me, and I don’t mind. He pays me VERY well, so I dress professionally but provocatively for him. Trust me; I know how to show off my ‘assets’! I let him stare down my braless tops and pretend I don’t notice, or, I take my time getting the files he asks for (they are always in the bottom file cabinet). I wiggle my ass, flash him my panties, and spread my legs when I’m at my desk, knowing he is watching me while I file papers or paint my finger nails. I have a banana every day for lunch, and I take my time eating it while I’m doing my online shopping. Sometimes I drizzle chocolate syrup on it, giving both of us a little treat. I only do it once in a while though, when Mr.

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   Gallagher has been ‘extra’ nice to me, like buying roses for my desk, or giving me the afternoon off. I don’t want to spoil him, and besides, too much chocolate is bad for my figure!

I think all the sexual stimulation I give him was the reason I got my last big raise! He even told me that with the money, I could ‘buy some nice new clothes’, because ‘girls like me deserve nice things’. I did buy some sexy lingerie, and flashed him a bit more, knowing the frilly lace would turn him on! I’m thinking that I might even ‘forget’ my panties one day, if I can figure out how to ask him for more money. I don’t think I’ll fuck him or blow him though. He’s married, and I feel he is getting enough for the money he is paying me!

Anyway, with the extra money, I moved out of my tiny apartment and bought a house! It is a cute ranch home just outside of the city. A nice investment! Only two bedrooms, but I have a big yard and sweet neighbors (who like to look at me too!). The only problem? I was scared to be alone!

An older lady at work told me I should get a guard dog to protect me and keep me company, since I didn’t have a boyfriend. She winked when she said it for some reason. She gave me the phone number of a breeder outside of L. A. , and I went there yesterday to get a dog. OMG! The place was huge and they had so many pretty doggies! I told them I wanted a ‘big’ dog, and the nice man helped me pick out a huge Shepherd/St. Bernard mix, which was ‘exceptionally trained’, he said. His name was ‘Hammer’. The dog loved me! He licked my face and hands, and even tried shove his nose up my skirt! The dog’s little, red wiener stuck out of his sheath, and I giggled and pointed out that it looks like my lipstick, when I twist it out of the case! He said it means the dog likes me! Yeah, right! All males like the smell of a hot pussy.

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   When I noticed the dog in the next cage looked exactly like Hammer, he told me they were brothers, and his name was ‘Mallet. ’ I had to have them both! I couldn’t break up a family, I told him!

The nice man told me that normally, he wouldn’t sell two males to a small girl like me, because they fight for dominance. However, these two have never showed any aggression to each other at all, ‘taking turns, and sharing nicely’, so he allowed me to buy both! I couldn’t believe how much they cost, but I had already fallen in love with them! The way they looked at me, I swear they were smiling. I loved the way their tongues hung down - long, fat and pink! They looked at me with their goofy expressions, on top of their wide, muscular bodies. I felt safer already! I loaded both Hammer and Mallet into my car.
Before I left, I asked the nice man how they got their names. He told me “because they liked to ‘pound’ things”. “Pound? Like a ‘dog pound'?” I said. They couldn’t pound nails, of course. I didn’t get the joke…

I brought them home and let them play in the back yard while I went out and bought them food, bowls, brushes and toys! We spent a quiet evening getting to know each other, playing in the back yard and wresting in the living room. They were so BIG! They knocked me around the floor! I climbed on them, they climbed on me, and they both licked my face, arms and legs until I thought I would pee! We had so much fun! Once, they sat down, side by side, with their little ‘lipsticks’ sticking out, staring at me, with their heads cocked! So cute, I wish I’d have taken a picture!

I went to bed and slept peacefully for the first time in many nights. Hammer and Mallet tried to climb up on the bed with me, but I pushed them down and told them ‘No!’ Surprisingly, they obeyed and slept on the floor, next to the bed. ‘Not enough room for all three of us, guys!’ I told them. I didn’t know how I could have stopped them if they had been determined to climb into bed with me!

This morning, everything changed.

I woke up to the alarm clock and nearly stepped on them! They were so excited to see me! I let them out and drank my coffee.

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   Then, I fed them, admiring them while they ate. Hammer was so handsome, and Mallet had eyes that would melt your heart! I was a lucky girl to own two beautiful dogs!

I’m used to walking around totally naked in the morning, so, when I stripped in front of my boys, I was taken aback by their reaction! Like any typical male, they began to get excited! They began to wag their tales, their wieners stuck out, and they tried to jump on me! I had to push them out of the way to close the bathroom door to take my shower! Wow! I thought, two horny men living with me! I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out! I love to fuck, but, this is ridiculous!

After my shower and drying my hair, I went to my room, still naked, and began to get made up for the day. Hammer and Mallet followed me every step of the way and kept sniffing at my ass! I had to swat them away! I picked out some sexy clothes to wear for Mr. Gallagher, but when I bent over to grab my favorite pair of black pumps, Hammer stuck his nose right into my twat, gave it a huge sniff, and licked me!

“Hammer!” I said, turning around. “Bad Doggie! Don’t lick mommy’s pussy!” I almost gave him a smack on his nose, but he looked so sad! I felt bad that I had yelled at him! He was only being curious after all! I remember hearing that a dog’s sense of smell is so much better than a human’s. Being a male, he probably smelled my pussy and couldn’t help himself! I have the same effect on human males, so, I was used to it. Men see a pretty girl with full lips, a nice set of tits, a round ass, and they do crazy things. Like my boss, Mr. Gallagher.

I decided to let him smell my cunt, just to get it over with. If we are going to live together, we have to get to know each other, right? It made perfect sense. One little sniff of my juicy little pussy for each of them, and then I can get ready for work without being bothered.

I sat down naked on the edge of my bed and opened my legs to let Hammer sniff my cunt all he wants too. He walked over to my pussy like he was stalking prey! He got up close and sniffed it again and again. Then, he shoved is nose right into my cunt, and suddenly, he began to lick my pussy! Over and over his tongue slid up my slit! OMG! His tongue felt so fucking good! I had never felt anything like it before!
Hammer’s tongue was long, fat and pink, and he was doing his best to push it deep into my fuck-hole! I let Hammer lick my cunt, spreading my legs wider, and opening up my pussy lips for him! It felt so good, feeling his tongue licking me up and down! He put his huge, pink tongue up my cunt as deep as it could go! His tongue felt like a slick, wet snake probing my juicy hole.

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   It was like he was trying to get every drop of my pussy juice! I felt myself cumming, and rubbed my clit while his tongue tickled my insides. He would slurp his tongue on my fingers, hitting my clit, and then plunge it back into my hole.
“Aaaahhh! Hammer! Lick me! Lick me!” He acted like he understood and began to lick harder! Mallet sat down and started whining. He seemed upset that there was not enough room between my legs for the both of them!
I spread my pussy lips again and humped his face, forcing my clitty against his hot tongue. He began to lap at my love button and I started to cum! I never had an orgasm like that before! It was almost an out-of-body experience. My toes curled and my thighs quivered. I felt my hairy lover go deeper into me as my pussy started to tingle, and I clamped my legs around his strong, muscular body. “Ooohhh!” I moaned, “Lick mommy’s pussy, Hammer! Eat my fucking hole!” I began thrashing my head side to side as I came, pushing my creaming cunt hard against his hot, slurping tongue. “Aaaaaahhhh!” I cried out as I came over and over again! Once, twice, three times with his tongue dancing on my clit and then shoved deep up into my cunt.

“Whew! What an orgasm!” I said, “Wow, Hammer! What a good boy you are!” I had to push him away from my twat, or else he would have kept licking me. “Maybe later…” I said to him, patting his head and scratching him behind the ears.

I looked down to see if licking my cunt made him horny too. Yep, his little pecker was sticking out, a little longer and thicker than before, but still a thin, red rod, poking out from his sheath. His thing was so cute! I decided to get a closer look and got on the floor with my two, strong protectors. That may have been a mistake!

Hammer and Mallet were so excited to have me on all fours like they were! They began to get excited - dancing around, licking me and nudging me with their huge heads.

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   I crawled away from the bed and felt two sets of tongues trying to lick me from behind. “GAWD!” I moaned. It felt twice as good as before!
I spread my cheeks for them, like a horny little slut, and they began to lap my cunt AND MY ASS-HOLE! I stayed that way, with my ass presented to them, as they licked my cunt, my ass-checks, my ass-hole, my thighs. . . It felt so good! They loved my ass, and even tried to get their tongues up into my shitter! I had only had my ass-hole licked one time, I loved it, but it felt nothing like this! I felt another little orgasm building, when suddenly; I felt a weight on my back and a slimy ‘poke’ against my ass-cheeks!

Hammer was trying to fuck me! I started to crawl away, but I thought, “What the fuck?” He made me feel good, so I’m obligated to do the same for him, right? It’s not like his little pecker is going to hurt me or anything… “Come on and fuck mommy’s clam, Hammer!” I snorted! ”Clam-Hammer? Are you a ‘Clam-Hammer’ doggie?” I giggled at my own joke. “Come on, you can do it!” I wiggled my ass for him, helping him to find my soaking wet fuck-hole with his slimy, little, doggie dick.

Hammer found my juicy cunt and slid his little pecker into me with no problem. I giggled again, feeling so naughty, as he fed his long, thin dick into me. He suddenly began to hump me, fast! His cock felt like it was going a hundred miles an hour! Then, I got a surprise. His cock began to grow! I could feel it getting bigger and bigger with every thrust. “What the fuck?”
His cock pushed my pussy lips wide apart, then wider, and then I felt some kind of ‘lump’ slide into me. He fucked me hard and fast, and I felt the ‘lump’ getting bigger! His cock grew until it was enormous! I had never had such a big thing in my cunt! The lump grew so large; he couldn’t get it in my little hole any longer. But then, determined to have his way with me, he slammed it all the way into my tiny fuck-hole!
“Ahhhh!” I cried as the hard thing forced its way into me. I felt it expand even more, filling up my cunt.


   It couldn’t come out anymore, it had gotten so large! We were somehow locked together now! Hammer kept pounding my cunt, again and again, hard and fast. What a fuck he was giving me! I reached down and felt my swollen cunt, stuffed full of doggie-dick!
“Fuck me, Hammer!” I cried. “Fuck your mommy with your fat doggie cock!” I started to cum again and then felt his cocks swell even more. Hammer whined and thrust deeper into me. I suddenly felt something very hot inside my pussy. His sperm! Hammer was shooting off into my pussy! I could feel him blasting his doggie goo into me! There was so much of it!It was so warm and wet, and he kept shooting it! It was filling me up! I came over and over again, feeling his thick cock slamming into me and his hot cum blasting so fucking deep inside of me!

Hammer finally stopped fucking my pussy and I felt his weight on top of me. What a monster! I looked back and saw his happy, tired face, his long tongue hanging out. Men, they are all the same! I loved the feeling of his lump keeping us tied together. Most men would have pulled out after they came, leaving my empty and wanting more. This was nice, like we were cuddling after sex. I liked how full my pussy felt. “Damn! Hammer and I are going to be best friends from now on!” I thought.

I heard Mallet pacing back and forth behind us, so I called him over. I felt bad for him, since he didn’t get to cum, but Hammer and I sure did! Mallet walked over to me and licked my face as I petted him. I couldn’t get away from his wet tongue, since I was locked up with Hammer, but I didn’t mind a little doggie spit, after everything that had happened.

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   I put my head down and turned to avoid his tongue, and that’s when I saw it; Mallet’s cock!

His cock was HUGE! No longer a thin, pink rod, it must have been a foot long! It was very thick and pointed at the tip. The color was a mixture of purple and deep-red. It was gnarly looking; bumpy, with pulsating veins running along its entire length. It was wet, shining and throbbing right in front of me.
“That’s what is up my cunt?” I thought? No wonder I felt so full! These boys are ‘growers’, not ‘show-ers’, that’s for sure! I looked at Mallet’s lump. It looked like a pomegranate, only bigger. It almost reminded me of a swollen set of testicles, but his huge testicles were still hanging down behind it. Oh, well, ‘in for a penny, in for a pounding’ as my daddy always said (I think?).
I reached up and felt Mallet’s cock, giving it a gently stroke. “I can’t wait to feel your big doggie cock inside my little muff, Mallet. ” . . . I snorted again! “Muff-Mallet and Clam-Hammer! Perfect!” I giggled like I was crazy! Mallet whined and seemed to like me playing with his fat cock! Poor boy, his brother got laid, and he could only watch. I felt so sorry for him! His cock was so hard! I bet his balls were full too! I knew I had to help him
“Does my little Muff-Mallet need to shoot his doggie sperm too?” I asked him.

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   “Come here, let mommy help you, sweetheart. ” My pussy was still stuffed tight with Hammer’s cock, so I decided to see if Mallet would like a blow job. After all, what guy didn’t like a warm, wet mouth wrapped around their cock?Gently gripped Mallet him behind his lump and brought his penis to my mouth. He move closer and stood still, like he was trained to do this!
I gave his cock a little lick, tasting the difference between human cock and dog cock. “Not bad!” I thought, I could get used to this! I began to lick him, and took him into my mouth. Mallet helped by standing over me, giving me full access to his cock. I licked him up and down, slurped him back and forth and took his fat shaft down as deep as I could. He began to shoot out a thin, watery fluid. I don’t think it was cum, but I swallowed it anyway! I tried to look at it to see what it was, but his cock kept shooting, hitting my eyes, my face, my shoulders and my breasts. It was warm, wet and slippery. Must be like a guy’s pre-cum, I figured. I licked and sucked on Mallet’ cock, giving him a better blow job than I did for any of my boyfriends!

Hammer started getting fidgety, probably wanting me to suck his doggie cock too! He tried to jump off of me and pull that fat knot out of my pussy, but told him “No, Hammer!” We ended up butt to butt, with his lump still stuck in my pussy. “Stay!” I said, and squeezed him tight with my pussy. “You had your turn, Hammer!” I told him, “Now, give Mallet a chance to shoot off his doggie sperm too!”
I went back to work on Mallet, trying to get him off too. What a sight I must have been! Naked, on the floor with a big, fat dog cock stuffed in my pussy while I sucked off another one!
Hammer was getting restless, so I wiggled my ass for him, while I jacked, licked, and sucked his brother’s cock.

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   I used all the tricks I knew, trying to make Mallet shoot his load into my mouth. He started to hump my face a little. Normally, I hate it when a guy tries to fuck my face, and I make them stop, but with Mallet, it was different. I wouldn’t let a man dominate me like that, but with a big, strong animal, it somehow felt ‘natural. ’
I let him have his way with me. I felt his cock slide into my throat. He was very gentle. I was able to swallow most of his pre-cum, but a lot of it dripped onto the floor. I felt him squirting it against the back of my throat over and over. I ticked his balls for him and sucked him off until finally I felt his cock swell even larger and he whimpered a little and began shooting his cum into my mouth! There was a LOT of it! I swallowed as best I could, but a lot of it ran out of both sides of my mouth. It was a lot thinner than a man’s cum. I kept sucking and swallowing his hot, doggie cum the best I could until he was finished. My face was wet with dog sperm, and my belly felt full.
”Feel better, now boy?” I asked him, licking the dripping cum from my lips. I swear he tried to kiss my face with his big, fat tongue as his way of saying “Thank you!”

Hammer’s cock felt softer, so I finally let him separate from me, and he pulled that fat thing out of my sore pussy.

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   I think a gallon of cum must have gushed out of my well-fucked hole! He was very nice though and licked my pussy clean. Then, both dogs lay down and cleaned themselves off, licking their softening cocks. I watched their cocks get smaller and thinner, and finally slid back into their hairy sheaths.

I looked down at my horny boys and decided to skip work today. I called work and told them I wasn’t feeling well, it was a lie, of course. I just wanted to stay home and play with my new friends.

The man at the store was right, they did take turns and play nice, and, they sure did like to ‘pound’ things!

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