Truth or Dare


Over spring break of my freshmen year of high school, I got to experience my first gay sex.   I had one of my good buddies Kyle over for the night and we were just hanging out.   After a while, we got bored and he asked me if we could play a game and I said, sure. We both had to get out 8 shot glasses and filled them with different drinks for part of the game.   He said it was called "drink or dare" and we each had to dare each other to do something and if we didnt want to do it, then we had to take a shot.   At first, we both dared stupid stuff and we did everything until he said he wanted to make it interesting.   He made me swear to never tell anyone about anything we would do that night, and I havent until now.   His first "bad" dare was for me to grab his dick and i was like, "are you serious" and he replied "if you do stuff, i will do stuff too".   thats all i ever needed him to say! you see, ive always been curious about guy/guy stuff and this was my perfect opportunity!  reluctantly, i grabbed his dick from the inside of his pants and discovered he was semi-hard and pretty huge for a 15 year old! I was surprised and pulled my hand back out of his pants.   Each time he dared me to do something, i would dare him to do the same on my next turn.   When he finally asked me to suck his dick, I agreed and asked him how many strokes and he said, until i cum.   I was actually kind of scared at first because i didnt want to gag on it!  Eventually, i said yes and he got fully naked.   Before i continue, let me tell u a little bit about myself.   I'm 18 now, and then, I was 15 about 5'11" 200 punds and mildly muscular with a little baby fat.   Kyle was 15, 6'0" and about 220 pounds completely muscle and no fat.   He had a pretty great body!  His cock was about 4 in.

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   soft and mine was about 3 in. soft.   When i saw him naked, im pretty sure my mouth fell open but thats all i could remember before he had me on my knees and he was putting his soft dick in my mouth.   I started sucking and he was moaning like crazy! He kept giving me all these helpful hints for giving head and he was hard in no time! i couldnt go halfway down his cock because it had grown to a full 8 in. and about 4 in. around!  For a while, i used my tongue to travel up and down his shaft and in between his balls to make him squirm like crazy.   After so long, he was forcing my head down on his cock and started yelling that he was going to cum and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and jizzed all over my face, even a little bit in my mouth.   After that, he got me cleaned up and we went back to watching the movie like nothing happened! I actually didnt care that he didnt offer to do anything to me in return because i got what i wanted!
 Chapter 2: Kyle came over the next weekend after i told him i would suck his dick some more. . . .
To be continued. . .
Pending on if people liked this first chapter, I have 9 more chapters ready to be posted!

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