right where you want me (Gerard and Mikey Way)


Topic: Shh. . . Don't Wake Caleb. . . sureGerard Way is my husband. Caleb Way is our son. I am Delilah Way. And the biggest thing we like is sex.
 "Lilah, put caleb to bed. I have a surprise for you. " He grunted and I looked back into our room to see him rubbing his long hard cock. Caleb was 14 and he was just discovering his body and he masturbated sometimes.  
 "Caleb, time for be-. " I started when i entered his room and had his cousin on him.

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   Mikey Way's daughter Kayla was 13 and she was in full fledged puberty. She had long dark brown hair that went to her large round hard tits and child bearing hips and in the middle was her golden brown mound in which Caleb's hard penis was in. Her green eyes looked worriedly at me.  
 "I won't tell your dads. Just stay in here. " I whispered and closed the door. I walked down the hall and turned in the door way. I pulled my dress off and showed my corset and thong. Gerard bit his lip and rubbed the outside of his jeans. I bent down and zipped down his jeans. "Mmm baby. . . " He moaned as i pulled his 10 inch length and licked his shaft. I pumped it until it was a foot and 3 inches long.

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   I pulled my mouth and engulfed the cock and sucked and bit on it.
 My panties were sopping wet and he pulled me up and I lay down on the bed and started massaging my clit.  Mmmmmmm, I slide my finger up and start to rub gently against my clit. Tugging roughly on my nipple, worker harder on my clit my body starts to respond, I start to shake and I know if I continue that I'll cum soon, I need to slow down. Mikey comes in and I freeze. .
"Sorry, I'm late. "
Gerard nods and starts sucking on his brother's cock. That gets me really horny. I slide my straps off my shoulders with one hand and show them something they've been waiting for. My nipples are standing out and I use both hands, pinching them harder and harder, loving the mix of pleasure and pain. I moved over to my computer desk and my stilettos pressed on the bed. Moving one hand back down again, my legs on either side of the desk, I move the edge of the lace over so they can see my pussy, and I drag my fingers up and down the slit. I concentrate on my clit just for a few seconds and watch them pump themselves as it starts to push it's way out between my swollen lips as it hardens. One hand on my nipples, the other on my clit, I can feel my body start to buck, and again I know I'm almost at the edge, not yet.

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Mikey and Gerard started undressing and they sat inbetween my legs because they want a better view of my pussy, they're ready for a toy. Pulling the lace all the way to the side I slide two fingers down just inside my pussy and push them in and out. I want to indulge myself and lick all the juice off my fingers, but I keep them inside me,slowly finger fucking myself, letting them watch. My mouth starts to water just thinking about the taste. As I move them out of my wet pussy, I can feel a trickle of moisture run down towards my ass. I follow it with a finger and use it as lube, to first circle then penetrate my tight hole. I can't wait to slide something more in there, I'm ready. I grab the KY and holding the bottle I start to pour it down my pussy and my ass hole and let it slip down into Mikey's mouth.
I follow it with my fingers, rubbing it all the way down my thighs. I spread my pussy lips with my slippery fingers so there's a clear view of my swollen clit, and a glimpse of the white liquid that's still dripping from my hole, back down towards my ass. I reach for my toy and start at the back, I rim my asshole with KY and start to slip the anal vibe in and out, just the tip.
"Oh baby, faster. And face this way. " I can accommodate. .

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  . I turn around and get up on my knees on my desk chair so my ass is facing them. I spread my cheeks with one hand and again start to slip the vibe in and out, deeper with each stroke. I close my eyes, and just enjoy the feeling for awhile. Keeping it lodged inside, I turn around again and sit back in my chair and open my legs wide. I rub my clit, sliding my fingers up underneath it, teasing myself, then on top, around in a circle, still sliding the vibe in and out of my ass with the other hand. The larger part of the vibe slips easily into my wet pussy and I realize that I'm gasping and moaning, as I move them both in deeper.
I take them out and am immediately filled with both the Way cocks and I moan. Ohhhh, it feels so good. Both holes filled, Gerard's hand switching between my clit and lifting a nipple towards his mouth for a quick tug with his teeth and a flick with his tongue, I start to raise my hips in rhythm. I can feel my climax building, I don't care anymore what they're asking for Mikey pulls out, and all I can think about is the earth shattering orgasm that I'm about to have on Gerard's penis. My eyes closed, I start to fuck him faster, grind my clit with his cock harder,almost there. In my mind I'm not in my desk chair, I'm on my bed on my hands and knees and he's fucking me, working his dick from behind me, one of his hands on my clit, Mikey gripping his hold on me tighter and tighter as I start to cum. Mmmm, that thought sends me over the edge, my eyes roll back, my body begins to shake. Then they really do pull me over there.

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   I'm cumming, I can hear myself moaning, screaming out his name, I struggle to keep my legs spread wide as my body is rocked with an orgasm that won't stop, it just keeps coming in waves. So fucking amazing, I don't want it to end. Finally, Mikey slides out and Gerard cums twice and I drip cum onto the bed I'm sitting on. Not able to resist this time, I wet my fingers and lick them slowly, enjoying the sweet taste of cum. I feel like I can go on forever.
"Man, I wish I could fuck Kayla like that. Wait till next time. . .
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