Coral and Herb Part 1: The Couch


Coral and Herb were a odd couple living in a huge house. Their adopted daughter, Mary Sue, had previously moved out on her own. One day, Coral and Herb were relaxing on the couch as Coral drifted off to sleep. Herb flipped through the channels on the TV. When seeing there was nothing on basic cable, he turned to the Pay Per View menu. It automatically opened to porn and adult movies and realized his thirty- nine year old wife had been recently watching some. His cock grew hard as her thought about his wife masturbating and finger fucking her hairy pussy. Even though she was getting old her body was still perfect. Her 36 D tits were perfectly shaped with no sagging. Her creamy skin had no wrinkles. She was still slender and curvy. And her tight ass was to die for. Herb turned to Coral and saw her huge chest rising up and down.
Herb could feel himself getting harder and looked back at the TV. He ordered the movie with the hottest sounding title. The movie was called “Fun in Lesbian Valley.

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  ” The movie immediately started with a sexy lesbian orgy. Herb opened the fly of his boxers and pulled out his 8 inch cock. Pre-cum had already began to spill out of his cock as he watched a hot blonde with 38DD tits fucking another blonde with a 12 inch strap on. Herb began to stroke his cock slowly as the moans of both blondes drifted out of the TV. The blonde pulled the strap on out of the other girl and then grabbed a vibrator. She shoved the plastic strap on inside of the girl’s ass and clicked on the vibrator, resting it on her clit. The girls moaned, groaned, and grunted as they pleasured themselves. By now, Herb was moaning right along with them. His cock was swelling up and it began to throb, signifying his up-coming ejaculation.
Coral awoke from her sleep and heard moans and groans. She first looked ahead of her and looked at a girl eating out a girl who just came. Then she lookerd up at her husband. His eyes were closed and his hands were all over his cock and sperm sacks. She grew horny and jumped on his lap. Herb’s eyes shot open and he stared at Coral.

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“Fuck me Daddy!” groaned Coral. She lifted up her mini skirt. There wasn’t much to lift, for the fact that in came 3 inches below her pussy. Coral lifted a little and grabbed Herb’s hard manhood. She guided it into her wet, awaiting pussy. She began to grind her husband’s cock. Herb screamed and let Coral’s pussy have all of his milky white fluid. Herb lifted off Coral’s tube top and squeezed her 36 D tits. Coral moaned delightfully and screamed for her huge orgasm. Both Coral and Herb were panting heavily as Coral rolled off of Herb’s lap.
“Dammit Herb,” Coral said breathing heavily. “That was so fuckin’ good. ”
“Fuck yeah,” Herb agreed.
Just then, Coral got up slowly and waved her finger so Herb would follow her. Coral walked slowly to the glass, sliding door and opened it.

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   She walked slowly outside. Behind her, Herb watched her nice shapely ass jiggle and move up and down, following the pace of her movement. Fully nude, Coral shifted over to the diving board and gracefully plunged into the crystal, blue water. She was purposely teasing her sixty-two year old husband. Herb slowly dragged him and his pale, saggy body into the blissful water and sat down on the steps. Coral came at random and grabbed Herb’s cock from underwater. She quickly devoured the huge cock in her mouth and began to give Herb underwater head. Herb screamed and groaned loudly. He didn’t worry too much about the neighbors for the fact that Coral allowed the surrounding male and female neighbors to watch her fuck herself while her husband was at work.
After 10 minutes making Herb cum twice, they were going to go back inside and continue fucking. But as soon as they emerged from the pool, a young, beautiful blonde appeared at the gate…
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