Into the woods


"We'll be back by nine mum," Julia shouted as we set off into the woods. It was a warm summer Friday evening, and we were going to have a look at her secret hiding place. "I'll walk in front," she said, a sparkle in her hazel eyes, "that way you can look at my bum. " She giggled. I was quite surprised at that because until then she'd never seemed tarty in anyway, but I did as she said. She was wearing baggy jeans which were quite tight over her beautiful firm butt, her long dark brown hair swinging above it, and a chequered short-sleeved shirt. We walked and talked for fifteen minutes or so as she lead us further and further into the trees and plants. Eventually we came to a heavily vegetated area, without any visible path through it. Julia crawled under a bush on her belly and I followed. About 7m along we came to a huge wall of vegetation. She forced some branches apart and we squeezed through. Beyond there was a small moss covered clearing. At the far end there was a muddy area and a stream. The whole clearing was speckled with shade. Julia threw herself down on the moss and I lay down beside her. "Did I shock you then?" she laughed.

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   "I'm not normally like that you know. But I love you, so it seemed natural. Like masturbation. " she laughed again as I went wide eyed at this admition. "Yep. I masturbate about four times a week, and I bet you do too. But I wouldn't admit it to anyone else but you. Do you masturbate?""Yes," I answered, still a little shell-shocked. "Thought so. Do you love me?""Yes," I replied and we kissed. Julia put her lips to my ears and whispered: "I want you to break my hymen. "I looked at her. "Now?" I asked. She nodded, and we kissed again. Then she stood up and began to take her jeans off.

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   I undid my shirt and then took off my shoes, socks, trousers and pants, without once taking my eyes off her. She pulled her knickers down exposing her pussy and took off her bra letting her beautifully rounded breasts come into full view, then flung all our clothes in a pile before lying down beside me again. I was already hard, but I decided to explore her a bit first. I caressed her thigh and gently squeezed her buttocks, then licked and sucked at her nipples. She fondled my balls and penis for a while. I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her small patch of pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. Her vaginal juice was practically pouring out now, and she was panting with anticipation. Suddenly she sat up and leant over me to give my cock a quick lick and a mouthful of spittle, which she smeared all over it. Julia lay back with her legs still spread wide and I climbed on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows and knees so that the tip of my dick rested on her entrance. "Ready?" I asked, and she nodded. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. Her head had gone back and her mouth was open in the intensity of the feeling. Then I felt the slight resistance of her cherry and pushed just a little bit extra. Julia let out a little scream. I entered her all the way and then kissed her gently on the lips.

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  "Are you ok?" I inquired. "Yeah, I'm fine," she replied. "It was just a bit of a shock. Let's do it properly now!" and she put her arms around my back and we kissed as I slowly half-withdrew from her and then entered again. As I moved on top of her I could feel her breasts with their hard nipples rubbing back and forth on my chest. We were both breathing heavily now, and her hands were rubbing hard into my back. I started to enter her a little more steadily rather than the slow way I had been. I pushed myself up from her onto hands and knees and she slid her hands down to my buttocks which she gripped and massaged. Her eyes were half-closed now, and her cheeks had gone bright red. I began to grunt with the wonderful pleasure of my cock sliding in and out through the tight tube of lubricated flesh of her vagina. I bent my head forwards and started to suck and lick at her nipples, beginning gently but becoming rougher and rougher with my tongue. Soon she began to grunt as well, getting louder and louder. I started to go even faster, coming right out of her and then forcing through the tight hole, her skin caressing the head of my dick. Julia was crying "Oooh! Oooh!" and I was nearing orgasm, but I managed to withdraw and collapsed on top of her, my tongue somehow finding her mouth. After a good long snog, Julia looked up at me puzzled.

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   "Why did you stop?" she asked. "Neither of us have come yet. ""Yeah, but how long have we been going?" I replied. "About four minutes. ""Well then, there's no point in rushing this is there. We need to make it last as long as possible. I mean, we can only lose our virginity once can't we?""Ok. " she conceded. "But I want to go on top this time. " I nodded in agreement and rolled off her. I lay back with my legs bent so my knees pointed up to the sky. Julia knelt up above me, her legs either side of me, leaning against my thighs. She spat on her hands and began mixing her spittle with her juice and my precum, rubbing my penis until it was fully erect again. I put my hand on the top of her slim hips and felt her ass. Then she held my dick in both hand and placed it so it touched her twat.

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  "Ready?" she asked me. I nodded, and she lowered herself down. Her flesh slid tightly over my cock, down, until her cunt had completely swallowed my penis. Then she lifted herself up again so I almost came out of her, then down again. She got a steady rhythm going, and then leaned over on top of me, squashing her tits against my chest. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Then she pushed herself up again, her hands returning to my pelvis. I gripped her breasts and massaged them gently. Her rhythm started to speed up and I held her breasts even harder, squeezing them. We were both breathing hard again, letting out little grunts and moans. Julia speeded up again and began shouting: "Ooooh! Aaaah! Ooooh!". Suddenly as I neared ejaculation, she pulled my arms away, collapsed on top of me, and pulled me on top of her. Her cheeks were very red, and we were both slippery with sweat. I held myself above her so her nipples just tickled mine, and started penetrating and exiting her for the last time. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  "I'm there, I'm there!" she cried approaching her climax. I could feel the familiar warm feeling in my abdomen as orgasm approached, and pressed myself hard against her, kissing her violently. I withdrew and then penetrated once more, and then ejaculated, with long hard spurts, the warm semen filling her. After a few seconds our bodies relaxed, and our kisses became more gentle as we rolled on to our sides. "That was amazing" she said, and snuggled up into my arms. I buried my face in her beautiful silky hair and we both fell asleep. We woke an hour later, washed a bit in the stream and went home. .
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