Black and White


She met up with her friend, Karen, who had sex more times than there was days to a year. Sharie had no idea how her and Karen had become such good friends. Shortly after exchanging hellos, a guy walked up to Karen, and off she went, leaving Sharie alone. She didn't really mind though, sometimes Karen got to be too much anyway, especially at a party like this. Chris stood across the room, admiring this white girl that had just been deserted by her friend. He looked her over. low-cut shirt, showing hersomewhat big breasts, short skirt. She was pretty enough, blond hair a little past her shoulders and green eyes he saw as he sidled up to her. He grinned,"Hey. "She looked at him,"uh, hi. ""I saw you were by yourself and thought to come over and keep you company. I'm Chris. "She looked him over, definitely built. But he was black. well, I suppose it won't hurt just to talk to him, she thought. Outloud she said,"I'm Sharie.

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  ""Pretty name. So, how old are you?""Nineteen, you?""twenty-three. "They chatted for awhile and he turned out to be really nice. he offered to get her a drink. "um, sure. But uh, just a soda. ""No prob. he went out to the kitchen and grabbed her a pepsi and poured some in a cup. When he brought it out, she took a sip. It tasted a bit funny, but she just shrugged it off. One drink followed another and soon Chris had her drunk enough. "Hey, maybe I should take you upstairs just so you can clear your head for a sec and then I could take you home, or you could get someone too," Chris suggested, anticiptaing the pleasure. His groin tightened at the prospect. "Uh, yeah. .

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  maybe. . just for a sec," she replied haltingly. He helped her upstairs into an empty room, where she passed out minutes later. Chris grinned as he started stripping her. He filled his hands iwth her breasts. Sort of roughly squeezing them. He could take his time, she'd be out for awhile. He ran his fingers through her pussy, rubbing her clit. Her body responded, he felt the wetness growing. He removed his clothes and climbed on top of her. When Sharie awoke, she felt something heavy on top of her and something between her legs. As she regained conciousness she felt the pumping of a cock fucking her hard. "What the. .

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  ?" she moaned as her head started to ache. "Shit," a familiar voice mumbl4ed,"I thought I gave you enough to knock you out for the rest of the night. "Sh4e tried to push him off her. "Just enjoy it," he said, not slowing his pace. She struggled, to know avail. But then she realized her body was aching to have even more of him in her. No, she thought, he's black for one thing. and this is rape. He drugged me. But it felt so good, and she hadn't had sex for at leats three months. Soon she was meeting his thrusts, pulling him as deep as she could into her. She loved the feel of his big cock grinding in and out. "That's right baby," he grinned as she responded to him. Soon she came, and lay there, as he spilled his seed deep into her. "Oh shit," she said suddenly,"you weren't wearing a condom.

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  ""So? It was one time. "Sharie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but that's all it takes. ""really?" he reached down andpinched her clit. her hips lifted on their own. He slid two fingers inside of her. Soon she was wet again. He climbed back on top and pushed his now hard cock into her. She dug her nails into his back and he pumpmed in and out of her again. He reached down and rubbed her clit hard and he was sliding ina nd out faster and faster. They both came at teh same time, and a feeling of dread washed over her as she felt his cum fill her up. Three weeks later she stared at the hospital's pregnancy test in disbelief,: She was pregnant, and to a black man. . "Oh God," she half cried,"What have I done?".