Mother's servent (First Part)


      Hi, I am Sagar. My father divorced my mom and married another lady (what an idiot). My mom brought me up herself. She was working as a teacher in a school and doing tuitions a lot to earn money and she still earns a good amount of money from her private tuitions.  
      The time it started, I was in 8th standard. I was 16 and she was around 37 and her shape was 34-32-38.   It is really huge ass, which I found out later and also about the actual size of her body. She used to have more or less leg ache almost everyday. It was due to a cist in side her abdomen, which developed a bit earlier to those days, I am talking about. So it was my duty to massage her leg almost everyday. She is a general looking lady with fair body colour, 5’4” height and long hair till her waist which I adore most.  
      One day I was lying on the bed and watching TV. She arrived and as usual ordered me to massage her leg. As I was lying on my stomach and watching the show seriously, I did not pay much attention. (It was necessary to lie down on my stomach to watch TV from my part of the bed) She was annoyed and kept asking me. Then I turn back, lay down on my back and told her I can’t do that while lying on my stomach.


   She suddenly put her one leg on my chest and asked nicely to do it. I was annoyed a bit, but I did as she said. She did talk to me a lot while I was doing that. I became normal and talk to her for the time being. Also she did joke that her position is like the goddess who stepped over her own husband and dances on him (A Hindu goddess).   I argued that I am her son. She said it’s not a matter about son or husband. It is about a man and woman. While talking about the goddess I understood that I am having a hard on. This is because the goddess usually stands/sits nude on her husband’s chest and that picture in my mind made me horny. However, I put her leg back on bed and went out to get some cold drinks. (It was due to cover my prick from her). I went to bathroom to masturbate and to get rid of the hard on as well. Next day I saw her going to her room after taking bath with a wet petticoat around her only. Yesterday’s conversation was still in my mind and her big round ass aroused me.

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   I went to study room, closed the door and started to masturbate while lay down on the floor. The picture of her ass and leg was in my mind.  
      I closed my eyes in pleasure after sometime and continue doing it. Suddenly I felt pressure on my thigh and opened my eyes. I was totally stunned as my mom was standing by my side and calling me by pushing her leg at my thigh, with a very angry face. I was almost at climax and all of a sudden released my cum in front of her. I was so scared that I ran to bathroom and closed the door from inside. I remain there for an hour or two. After that mom knocked the door and called me. I did not answer. She said me its ok now; she is not angry any more and wanted to talk to me. I open the door. I cried a bit inside bathroom in fear. She saw those dried tears in my eyes. Then she hugged me and told not to worry about it.

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   She also mentioned that it is normal for a boy of my age and I can ask her about it if I want. She also kissed at my chick. I was quite normal then and started to behave normally again.  
      As I got her apparent permission to masturbate, I started to fantasize about her ass and her legs again. Now, I used to massage her legs a lot like the previous days. The only difference is that I used to keep them sometimes on my lap or on my chest or somewhere else on my body. It seems she enjoyed it a lot too.   One day I was watching TV while sitting on the floor in front of a sofa. She finished her coaching downstairs, came to drawing room and sit next to me on the sofa. As usual she put her leg on my lap and rubbed it. This meant that I had to massage it. But this time she mistakably rubbed my dick too. I look at her. She was resting her head on the back of sofa. I understood she was damn tired.

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   I started to massage it and my dick got bigger under it. She did not say anything and I was enjoying a fully new sensation. She asked me to work on her other leg. I moved inside her legs.   Now, my head was inside her lap and two legs were flowing over my shoulder down to my lap. I was wearing my shorts only. I saw again at her. She still put her head on the back of the sofa with eyes closed. I thought it's now or never. I rubbed her legs a lot with my belly my abdomen and my prick under my shorts. It was terrific; my throbbing cock was shivering with sensation under her legs. I did cum within few minutes and it was wonderful experience. I went to take some cold drinks as usual (Just to clean myself up).   (Next comes the real story. .

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