The locker Room.


I will describe both of us before the story.
Her - Rose, My girlfriend was a perky sophmore cheerleader. She is 16, 5'4, Blue eyes,  curly Beach blonde hair and the most beautiful natrual tan. She is quiet athletic, cheerful, Lots of fun and the most amazing kisser.  She was a Virgin.

Him - Colin (me), I am the Junoir WR for my HS's football team. I am 16, 5'10, Grey eyes, Spikey dirty blonde hair and I have quiet alot of Muscle on my upper body (abdominals, bicepts, tricepts, etc. ) I am very Athletic, I have lots of motivation, I Love to watch movies, play football and I know how to please a girl. I have a 6 inch Cock.  I have had sex 3 times before.
Ofcourse, I am playing football and Rose is cheering me on. we are beating are Rivals 28-6 and we are in the 3rd quater. After I receive a Run and totally ANILALITE their LB, He obviusly holds a grudge and takes it out on the ball that I,  dropped in the End-zone. He throws the balland from out of No where the ball hits Rose and her friend.
I go up to the LB (he's about 5'9-5'11) Punch him right in the gut. He is on the ground gasping for air.

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   I get a 1 game suspension and get kicked out of this game. I storm into the locker room and kick a dent into my locker ( I also got a Demerit for that), and Rose runs into the room and starts warming up to me for punching that guy.
She takes off my jock strap and 'UnderArmor' and starts give me a hand Job. . . . She takes off her Cheer sweater and her bra and I see her nice 32C Boobs. She also takes off her skirt and paintes so were both naked. after I Pre-Cum, I give her 2-3 minute lick. Then I slowly inserted my cock in to her wet pussy about 1 Quarter of the way in. Then in one tick I st poped her   cherry  he moaned heavliy and wanted more. . she just kept riding and riding until I cummed all over her Face - she licked the rest off and started again, She squirted so hard. after that we had a intense nude make-out session. Then we started again, we heard the buzzer ring we ran into the restroom for me to cum one time, I Did, this time all over her stomach.

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   then we took a quick shower together - I told my Best friend to bring are clothes In - as soon as he came to give us are clothes - He got hard (LOL) and tried to hide it from Rose. . .
After we put are clothes on we walked out of the shower into the room of half-naked guys - and they all clapped for Me and Rose, we Laughed. And went out of the locker room holding hands, We went my mazda 3 and we started driving to my house for another fun night.
We are still going out a Year and A half Later. . . And we've had Sex about 10 times since then.