Beach not so fun....Part 3.


Britt then saw the 4 guys sitting on the bed. They were all black,and all of them stood up as her and Marcus entered the room. She got a good look at each of them,they weren't bad looking,they were actually kinda cute,and they all had good builds. She was very interested in what was going to happen now.

"Baby,I told you,I don't roll alone,"Marcus said. "If you are serious about me,you're gonna do whatever I tell you to. Fuck whoever I want you to fuck,blow whoever I want you to blow. And what I want you to do now,is do whatever my homies tell you to do. Got it?" Britt nodded her head yes.

"Hey,yall take it easy on her,"Marcus said,"I got other plans for her later. " Marcus then left,and latched the door shut from the outside.

The four guys then started to circle Britt and stare at her tits and her ass. She started to get hot,she never had so many guys staring her down all at once. She gave a cheeky smile and moved her body back and forth.

"well,"she said,"what do you guys want me to do?"

One of the guys that was in front of her gave her a wink and said,"let's see what that mouth of yours can do. Get on your knees,ho.

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Britt happily did as she was told,and she saw all the guys undo their pants. They whipped out their cocks,all of them were big,and she started to get even hotter. Then the one that told her to get on her knees stuck it out there for her. She took it in her hand at first,and then played with the tip with her tounge. She then took him into her mouth,slowly at first,and then going faster as she went. She took her hands and started beating off the other guys around her. They rotated sides,and all 4 of them got in her mouth one by one. While the other 3 would get worked on,the one left over would lift up her skirt to see her ass and her pussy starting to open up.

One of the guys behind her then stated,"I think she's all ready. " They told her to get up,and to lay on the bed on her back. She did as she was told,and then they surrounded her like a pack about to attack their prey. One of them positioned themselves at her mouth,two at her tits and one at her pussy. They took of all of her clothes. She then started sucking the one at her mouth cock,while the two played,licked,and sucked her tits while the one at her pussy stuck his tounge in her. She moaned in pleasure as the 4 guys rotated,switching positions at her body.


  She took all of it in stride,and she felt herself begin to cum. She unleashed her first true orgasm into one guy's mouth,which he licked up,went up to her,and let loose in her mouth for her to have a taste.

Then they told her to get on her hands and knees. They did the same thing,but it was now their cocks going in her pussy. She screamed and moaned in pleasure,cumming every now and again. The guys would then shove their dicks in her ass,which made her cum even more. One by one,the 4 guys dumped their load inside of her ass. She could feel the sweet warm liquid inside of her. She felt it come out of her sometimes and some go into her pussy,making her doubly satisfied.

When the guys were done,they knocked on the door and Marcus came back in. He had a smile on his face,knowing that this girl was now serious.

"Get dressed and come on baby,"Marcus said. "I got one more thing for you. "

Part 4 coming soon. .

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