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Shawn and Sarah had come home for the holidays. This had been their first time apart since they met each other in sixth grade and both were excited about the reunion. The last time they saw each other was in the very same airport where Shawn waved goodbye to his best and only friend in the world. They both went of to college.
Now Shawn was nervously waiting for Sarah in air port worried that his friend might not be the same Sarah he waved goodbye to two years ago. Sarah on the other hand wasn’t worried at all but excited to see the scrawny eighteen year old she left behind. For some reason that’s the way she always thought of him, a small skinny little nerd who would always be there for her. A quality she could never find in her new She walked around aimlessly looking for a familiar face amongst the herd of travelers in the airport. She wouldn’t have ever found him if he hadn’t called out her name. He had changed so much, at least physically. He seemed taller, bigger, no acne; he even seemed more confident. His hair wasn’t combed flat and he was wearing reasonably decent clothe. Nothing like the nerd she left behind. But as soon as she saw his smile she dropped all her bags, ran towards him, and he caught her in a bear hug.
He recognized her immediately. Accept for the new shoulder length hairdo and the fancy European clothe she hadn’t changed a bit.

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   She was still as sweet and comforting as before. Her hazel eyes and silly laugh seemed like a long memory that had found its way back.
As they drove home they shared stories of their new lives and how much they had changed and yet stayed the same. They arrived at Sarah’s parents estate were Shawn was invited to spend thanksgiving. They spent most of the time reminiscing around their old hangouts, looking up old acquaintances, and talking the way they did before.
The night before their last day together they went to their old club house which was really an abandoned shack in the woods behind Shawn’s parent’s farm. They laid on the floor of the shack looking up at the stars through a whole in the roof which wasn’t there two years ago. They were laying in silence, it seemed like they had run out of stories to share. Shawn got up and sat with his back against the floor. He looked at his friend and for the first time realized how truly beautiful she was. Her long sexy legs, nice plump breast, the way her tight soft tummy moved as she breathed.
“When did you get so sexy?” he asked trying to stop staring at her body.
“Are you trying to say I was ugly before?” She turned her head to face him with a smirk. She thought he was being sarcastic.
He started to move toward her putting his hands on her left thigh.

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   She freaked out and pushed her self away. “Hey now what was that?”
He grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards him until he sat between her thighs. She went to hit him with her hands but he grabbed them and pinned them above her head. Now he was hovering above her, face to face, he could feel her tits up against his chest. It made his dick quiver.
“I’ve never wanted fuck you at least not the way I do now” He whispered.
“Jesus Christ Shawn! What’s gotten into you?” She was completely flabbergasted. She couldn’t process the words that came out of his mouth. She wiggled and fought to get out of his grasp but he held tight. He felt heavy on top of her, hot and strong. She could smell him; feel his heavy breathing, his erection rubbing against her crotch. She finally realized that her Shawn was a MAN. A man trying to fuck her.
“Oh god Shawn let me go. Why are you doing this to me?”
He stopped.

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   Laid still on top of her looking into her terrified eyes. He lowered himself to kiss her on the forehead but she closed her eyes and turned away. He felt disgusted with himself and thought about stopping until he smelled her hair and felt her neck with his lips. He let out a deep sigh and brought a hand down to make her face him.
“You know I wouldn’t hurt you Sarah” he closed his eyes and gently kissed her neck. He grazed his lips up her neck to her ear, then cheek, stopping at the corner of her mouth.
“I don’t think I’ve ever loved before, not this way. I’m sorry but I don’t want to stop. ” He kissed her forcefully attempting to wedge her mouth open. His hand made its way to her breast and he ever so softly fondled it.
She started to resist again, trying with all her might to break the kiss but she knew he wouldn’t let her go. When she felt his hand on her breast she wanted to scream but that just granted him access to her mouth. She surrendered.
His tongue penetrated her mouth and he planted a deep long kiss. After a couple of minutes of kissing and fondling he rose up and kneeled still between her legs.

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   He placed his hands on her thighs hoping she wouldn’t fight him again and looked at her waiting for a reaction but all he got was an emotionless face.
Sarah stayed still with her arms above her head just as he had left her. She looked at him and didn’t understand what he was waiting for. She couldn’t see Shawn in those lustful eyes in front of her so she closed her eyes again and imagined the Shawn that greeted her at the airport. She felt the warmth of his hands on her thighs and remembered the warm of the hug they shared. The same warmth from the hand that was on her breast. The same warmth that emanated from the body that was laying on top of her a few seconds ago.
She took a deep breath and brought her hands down to his
“What do you want to do to me Shawn?” She opened her eyes to look at him.
“What is it that you’re going to do to me?” She was at the verge of tears now.
Shawn hadn’t really thought about it. He figured he’d go as far as she would let him but apparently she was giving him permission to do what he wanted with her. He saw she was upset so he pulled her towards him so that she sat on his lap.
“I just want to feel you, take all of you in”
He dug his face into her chest and rapped his arms around her waist. He felt her heart beat faster.
“Just don’t hurt me”
Sarah laid back down on the floor, closed her eyes and tried to accept what ever he was going to do to Shawn took of his T-shirt off and unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse exposing perfect round breast in sexy little white braw.

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   “Oh God” Shawn thought “What am I going to do with this Shawn took a deep breath and placed his hands below Sarah’s bellybutton. He slowly moved them up cherishing every inch of her silky skin. He reached her breast and freed them by pulling down her braw. He didn’t touch them right away just looked at her pink nipples harden under his stare. He ran the tips of his fingers over her tits. When they got to the nipple he felt Sarah spasm and wine under him. He nearly Sarah didn’t know what to do with herself. Her body was going crazy for Shawn but she was still a little afraid of him. There was a tingle in-between her legs and she tried to bring them together but Shawn immediately held them apart. She groaned and opened her eyes to see Shawn sweetly smiling up at her, enjoying her agony. He kept up his teasing this time using his mouth; suckling, nibbling, tugging, any thing to get another a reaction from her.
Shawn wasn’t fairing any better. His attempts to excite Sarah was making his cock throb to the point were it was almost painful. He wasn’t going to fuck her until she asked for it but he prayed to god she would need him soon. He needed to see how close she was so he yanked of her shorts and panties to reveal a steaming wet cunt.

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   He touched her, playing with the wetness, petting her clit. She bit her lip and moaned with her throat.

“Sarah, please tell my you want my dick in you” Shawn managed to say.

She hated Shawn right now; hated him for breaking her trust, for practically raping her, but most of all for giving her all this pleasure to then make her beg for “Fuck me Shawn, please fuck me” She was almost screaming “shove you cock in my snatch Shawn didn’t bother taking of his pants he just pulled them down enough to free his beastly cock. He didn’t hesitate when he rammed his dick into her tight cunt. He groaned harshly as he felt her hot pussy squeeze his dick making her scream with painful pleasure.

“Are you a virgin Sarah?” He kept his strong rhyhtm thrusting withought any rgard to Sarah's pain.

“No”…”once before”…”Oh god this Sarah Squeezed Shawn’s strong shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. She’d never been fucked like this and Shawn was too much for her.  

“I’m not going to stop Sarah”  “I can’t, I won't"

“I don’t want you to” She stood the pain because it felt so damn good and she wanted to feel Shawn cum inside her. .

Shawn started to grunt like an animal savagely thrusting into Sarah loosing any rhythm he might have had and. He grabbed on to her ass and started slamming it against himself adding to his already deep thrusts. Sarah screamed as her tits bounced around and she felt her cunt being torn apart but she also started to grind her crotch against him trying to finish this torment with an orgasm.
It didn’t take long before Shawn exploded his cum into Sarah.

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   With a guttural scream and some final desperate thrusts he was spent. Sarah also found her release as she wildly spasmed with the strongest orgasm shed ever had.
“Jesus Christ Shawn, you fucked me raw” She said laying limp on the floor.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” Shawn said after collapsing on top of Sarah.
“It’s O. K. You made me feel so good” She held the nape of his neck and caressed his hair.
“I’ve never done something like this before Sarah”
Sarah brought him closer “I hope it’s not your last time”  and she forgeve him with a kiss.