Tackling the Tutor


Being the quarterback on the high school football team was a lot of pressure for Brad.   He had just turned 18 and was getting ready to go to college, having been scouted by a college team.   But playing football had distracted him from his classes and he was in danger of getting dropped from the team.   He had been told to get tutoring from one of the teacher's aids after school to get his grades up.   He was less than enthusiastic about it.
Arriving at the classroom where the tutoring was to take place, Brad walked into see a sexy blond girl writing notes on the blackboard.   "I will be right with you," she said.   The sound of her voice made Brad intoxicated and he immediately grew stiff, his cock growing too big for his pants.   He loosened his belt and walked over to a seat, his erection growing and demanding attention.   It was getting too big for him even to sit down, so he walked up behind her and pinned her to the wall, his body pressing close to hers.   He was extremely horny by the fact she was now scared.
"Go sit down," she begged, even though her ass cheeks parted as his bulge pressed up against them.   He put his hands up onto her hips and then grabbed her skirt and panties, tearing them down with a loud ripping sound.   She was starting to cry now,but he continued to feel up her ass and her increasingly wet slit.   He reached up and began unbuttoning her shirt, tearing it off as well.   He unsnapped her bra as well, letting it fall to the floor.

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    He had her naked and pressed up to he wall now, unable to escape.
Unfastening his belt and unzipping his pants, he released his ten inch cock,letting it flop out and slap against her bare buns.   She squirmed to get free, but seemed to lean in ans he sank his cock into her pussy from behind.   He thrust it in deeply yet slow, allowing her to get used to it before he started going faster and ramming it in harder.   She moaned and was breathing hard as he slammed it into her.   He was fucking her so hard that she seemed to pass out in the middle and then wake up at intervals, her body moving in synch with his.   He cupped her breasts and felt their perkiness and played with the nipples, making her orgasm and gush.   She was drooling and dazed as he continued to plow into her. Finally, after nearly twenty minutes, he came into her and backed off, letting her regain her awareness.   She struggled to stand on her own, using the wall for support.
He thought she was going to be angry and refuse to tutor him after what he had done, and was actually getting frightened as she turned around.   But her reaction was quite different than he expected, as she ran up and kissed him, jumping up and wrapping her arms around him. His cock stared getting erect again and she pushed him back into one if the wooden chairs and slid herself down onto his cock.   "You  want to fuck me, then fuck me," she said.   She rode his cock for another ten minutes before he came again.

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Getting up, she walked over to gather her clothes.   She tried to cover up as best she could in spite of the fact her clothes nearly fell back off, since he had badly torn them.   she went and reached for her books, sitting across from him.   "Now, how about that tutoring?"
After that, they met several times a week for tutoring and sex, though usually not at the school.
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