Brian & me


This was in 1976 I was 18 and Brian was 15, we both belonged to this organization that met on thursday nights which was a few towns over from where we lived and since he was only about a half mile from my house and seeing that he didn't drive he would ride with me. Brian was talked about by everyone in the group about how they all thought he was gay because he always acted so feminine but I didn't and sometimes told the other guys to let it alone that he was a nice guy and if he was that was up to him and not us to judge.
One meeting let out rather early around 8:00 PM, we usually didn't get done till between 9:30 and 10:00, so we started to head home. On the  way home for some reason I told Brian what the other guys were saying and asked him if he was in fact gay and that if he was it wouldn't bother me he would still be my friend. After a few seconds he told me that he wasn't sure but he did think about guys a lot and would always have to hide his hard on when he was in the locker room after gym while checking out the other cocks in the room. I told hm dude I think that might make you at least bi if not gay and asked him if he ever got a hard on when seeing girls and he said not really, thats when I then said maybe gay and he laughed. He then asked me if I was gay and I told him god no that  I never thought of guys that way and that although I had never had sex before i had been out with many girls and got turned on rather often when out on a date with them.
Its was quite for a minute and he then asked me if I ever looked at other guys when I was in the gym locker room and I did admit I would compare mine with the other cocks but only out of envy since everyones cock was much larger than mine. He then said why how big is it and I told him I never measured it but it was extremely small when I compared it to all the others and that I would guess it to be only about 2 1/2 to maybe 3". He looked at me and said no way and I assured him it was true but he again said he didn't think so. I said why how big is yours and he told me it was just over 7", I told him he was full of shit since to me that seemed way to big. Now we were in my dads station wagon and he always had tools on the floor in the back behind the dirvers seat and Brian reached into the back and got out a tape measurer that was there and joked lets see I'll show you. I said yeah right but then for some reason I then said ok.
I drove to this spot that was know as a makeout place on the weekend but was dead during the week and stopped the car. Brian joked lets see yours first and I told him he was he one that said he would show me so he unzipped his pants and tok them off and I could see thru his underware he was huge for 15, he then took them off and out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen. Brian handed me the tape and said check it out, well I had never measured one and asked him how and he told me to measure from the base of his cock on top to the tip which I did and damn if he wasn't just under 7 1/4".


   He then god a piece of string from the back were my dads tools were and wrapped it around his shaft to measure it around and then checked it against the tape it was 5" in girth he told me so I then checked and it was. Now it's your tun to show me how small you are he laughed so I unzipped my shorts and took then off and then took of my underware and out sprang what must have been the smallest he had seen. He said well it's not big  but it's cute and grinned, I thought he was making fun and started to put my underware back on and then he said no I really like it so I ttok them back off. He got the tape and put it to  my cock and it kind of jumped when he did which kind of threw me since I never thought I was bi or gay but had never had a guy touch it, he told me I was right and it was just short of 3", then he took the sting and wrapped it around and informed me the girth was just over 2 1/2". It was then that Brian looked up and caught me checking out his huge hard on, he grinned and asked me if I would like to get a closer look and I said yes so he moved so it was directly in front of me then he started to stroke mine up and down although it was small I was rock hard he said why don't you play with mine which I then stared to stroke his up and down.
After a few minutes Brian started to flick his tongue over my shaft and balls and told me to lean back and relax which I did then he swallow the whole thing and stared to give me my first blowjob about two minutes later I shot my load inside his mouth which he swallowed boy did this turn me on. When I was done he asked if I would do him and I told him I would try but i didn't know if I could since I still thought I was straight. I took and started to play with his cock again and after a minute or two I started to flick my tongue along his shaft and balls like he did to mine he let out a long moan then I swallow his cock at first I gagged when it hit the back of my throat and he told me to take it easy after a few seconds i could take it all in and strated to give him a blow job, I couldn't believe I was doing this, after a couple of minutes he shot this huge load in my mouth I tried to swallow it all but some dribbled down my chin it was so hot and salty but I like it. Brian said it was great and then licked the cum from my chin saying he always wanted to taste his own then he kissed me and we stared to make out our tongues flicking against each others.
We were making out for a few minutes and Brian asked if I wanted to fuck his ass which I jumped at the chance since I was a virgin and had never had it inside of anyone girl or boy. We got in the back of the station wagon he started to stroke me to get me hard again then he turned on his belly and shot his ass in the air it was then I noticed how hot his dark hole looked I stood over him and he told me to spit inside it to make it lubed I did and then slid my cock into his ass since it was rather small it went in really easy. I started to pump it in him slow and then started to just ram it in hard and he said yes fuck me so I kept it up until I shot my load inside him. He told me it was great turned around and then started to kiss me again.
After I got off of him he asked me if he could fuck my ass I told him I dind't know and he said I owed him since he let me break his cherry, after a few seconds I told him ok but to take it easy since I didn't want him to rip my ass open. We then switched positions with my ass sticking up in the air and I told him to make sure he lubed me well with his spit and then I was amazed when he stuck his tongue in my hole and lubed me that way, it was the that I noticed how hard I was getting again.

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   He then slid his dick in to just the head it hurt a little at first but went away quickly then he slowly slid in a couple of more inches and started pushing it in and out after a few he the slid in another inch or so and did the same then he pushed it all the way in and started to fuck me. While he was fucking me my cock was twitching and jumping all over the place so I stared to jerk myself off he noticed and told me how hot it made him which made me smile he then said don't cum I want to suck it when I'm done so I backed off some so I wouldn't. About what seemed like ten minutes he shot his load in my ass it was funny bcause just as he did I had to fart he told me it was a funny but great feeling the pressure around his cock as he came.
Then he turned me over and started to go down on my cock with his mouth again about two minutes I shot another load inside his mouth it was then that he got up kissed me and let my own cum into my mouth which didn't seem quite as salty as his and if I may say so myself was rather great tasting after kissing a bit more I looked at my watch and saw it was just after 10:00 and we need to get home so we got dressed and brushed our hair to make sure we looked ok and started home.
We were at a traffic light when he turned to me and said I guess this means we are gay with a smile on his face, I said well if I still like girls I guess I'm bi and laughed he then said well he knew he was gay right then and there and that if I was only bi he would still want me and who knows with a little time he could make me as gay as him and then he kissed me since there were no cars around. He then asked me if I would like to be his boyfriend and that he knew I may still go out with girls but as far as boy on boy he wanted us to be exclusive, it was then I told him that I wanted him too so I joked and said I'll be your boyfriend and grabbed his crotch and said don't let another guy touch this and he laughed too and said don't worry I won't.
I called him the next day and found out we both got so horny after i dropped him off that we both jerked off several times before morning thinking about our night together and both agreed maybe we would cut out of our meeting ealry next week :).
Well that's it for my first time with Brian he was my first and only gay guy but we diod have many more encounters which are for a later time if this story is rated high I will let you know of the time we almost got caught.
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