My Teen Funtimes In School Pt. 2


Racine was really getting me hotter now because she knew when I would have an orgasm so just before it she stopped. Todd had a huge cock and I got it out and was massaging it while she was kissing and fingering me and Todd massaged my tits and sucked them too, nice and hard the way I like it.
So here I was in this nice sedan, with two very hot adults and we had somehow gotten totally naked. We came to a gate and as we drove through Racine help Todd life me and sit me down on his ample cock. I moaned loud as it went in and I could feel it deep inside me hitting my cervix. "Oh my god, yes, fuck me. " I moaned and then Racine was somehow in front of us, licking my clit while Todd had his cock in me. I began yelling to be fucked and fucked somemore and I had two more orgasms right after each other, the Todd filled my up with his cum, Racine was eating me still like I needed more and after Todd's swelled cock began to slip out she took over eating my pussy.
We were at the door when I began to come around from my sexual high and looked around. There were about two dozen couples, all over 60 at the door, standing there clapping their hands. They were also all naked. The driver opened the door and we all got out, totally naked still amd my pussy quivering and dripping cum. "You did it you old bastard" one man said the Todd shaking his hand, then another did the same. I was with Racine and she led me through the doors and to the living where there were a few more couples, all older and all naked. Racine led me to an older couple and she said, "Sit up on the counter dear, we must have an official judgement. " she said and I sat there and the olde rman spread my legs apart and got down and looked at my pussy, still filled with cum and dripping.

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   He stood up and announced to the group, "Todd and Racine have won the scavenger hunt. How old are you dear?" he said to me. "18" I said. "She is 18!! Damn they win the double price. " he said and they were all clapping hands again. The older man that had looked at my pussy now stood next to me and I saw his cock was really hard and standing straight up. It was about 8 inches or so and very nice. "You look like you are interested in mine too my dear. " he said. "Well, yes I am to be honest with you. " I said looking at it the grey hair surrounding it. "Well, then why not suck it for me dear?" he said and I was on my knees and he slipped it into my mouth and I took him slowly and licked him nice and easy. He leaned back on he counter and I took him all the way into my throat. "18 and a sexual power house already. She sucks cock like a pro.

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  " he said and his moaning began. After a while he filled my throat and I swalowed it down. "Oh yes, that was nice. " I said standing up.
"My dear," he said taking me by the hand, "How many people have you had sex with all at one time?" "I don't know, I have had gang bangs and did not count. " A woman stood next to me now kissing my neck making me hot. "And is there any other sexual experiences you have had my dear?" he asked me again the woman now massaging my tits and kissing my neck. "Well, I really like german shepards a lot, they fuck really good. " I said and several around me approved and said so. "Ahh, good dear, very good, well, you will be staying with us the weekend ae you not? And before the weekend is over you will have had sex with everyone here. We are all an old folks club, kind of unofficially, and we like to have someone young like yourself to keep us young too. " he said. I was led to a woman, 5 foot tall aor so, she was older and I was told in her 80s. "Maxine is a lesbian and her lover died a little while ago. You will be with her first, she loves a nice young woman.

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  " he said and she took my hand and walked with me slowly to a corner of the room and there was a kind of reclining couch there. "Oh, you look delicious sweetheart. I will love being with you. " she said and laid me down and laid next to me. She began kissing me all over and her tongue had not los any talent at all. She was between my legs eating me and after several orgasms she kissed me again, deep and long and laid back, "Now make love to me dear, do it all for me and I will reward you really well. " I got to her top sideand began kissing her, even her tits were not too badly wrinkled but she enjoyed everything as if she was 20. "My pussy dear," she whispered, "Eat my pussy. " and so I was between her legs licking her clit that was swollen and nice and cleanly shaved. She moved her hips and after a while her body trembled and her legs wrapped arund my head and bried my face in her pussy as she orgasmd. People around us clapped as I came up for air. "Do it aain dear, eat me again please. " she moaned and so I did and another orgasm came to my face a little while later.
She sat up and kissed me and another woman took my hand, "No rest yet Hun. " she saidand led me to a group of men, all nice and hard.

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   I got in the middle of a circle of them, about 8 or 10 and was on my knees, "Enjoy Teresa, we all have a lot of cum to give you, hope you are hungry. " one said and I began sucking cocks with his. I was there for a long time but after a while they all had moed away, filling my throat with cum. A man led me to a room and I was moved in and the door closed and locked behind me. A voice said, "Lay down and rest, we will come get you in a little. " I did, and soon fell asleep.
I woke to something kissing me. I opened my eyes and  a man was kissing me, "Time to come on back to the party. You have more guests to satisify. " he said.
I got up and went back out and there were still the same men and women there, some engaged in sex all around the room. The man that woke me said, "You see, the rule is that no one can engage in any sex with anyone else until they have been with you, sooooooo, these are waiting next. "
I turned and a group of men and women were there, all waiting and a man stepped up his cock fully hard, "I want that sweet ass of your little girl, turn around and bend over. I did and he slipped into my still slippery bottom and filled me up. I was then leaned forward onto another man and he was in my pussy.

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   "Oh my god, yes, fuck me again, oh yes. " I was now yelling. . . "Oh yes, oh damn it yes, fuck me. "