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The next day I woke up to find that my aunt and Angie had left to spend the day at one of their close friends. I brushed my teeth and went downtairs to have my breakfast since I felt so hungry. I body felt tired but I felt so happy and a wee bit apprehensive when I remembered last night. I could still feel my mothers' heavy breast in my hand and on my tongue. I had tasted 4 different pussies including mine though indirectly ! I wondered why men were even necessary to enjoy sex. With these thoughts, I could feel my nipples rising and a familiar wet sensation between my legs. My mom was quiet and said very little during breakfast. I maintained my silence since I realised that she might be guilty over what happened the night before. I finished up and tried to help her wash the dishes. But she said that she will manage. So I went upstairs feeling a little upset. I sat down on the bed and started to feel whether I should have done something to stop the encounter last night. But it felt so good and couldn't find a reason to reject it. I collected my towel and went into the bathroom. I opened the door to the shower cubicle and went inside. The warm water felt good on my skin and I started rubbing my hands all over my body feeling the weight of my breasts the flatness of my stomach, my thighs, my ass.

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   I heard a sound and I turned around to find my mother standing by the shower cubicle looking at me. She wore a bath robe. She knocked on the door. I opened the door. She had tears in her eyes and she looked quite upset. "Darling, I am so sorry about last night. I couldn't help myself. I know did a bad thing, will you forgive me," she asked crying quite hard. I went and hugged her hard and said "Oh. . mom, its OK. I loved every minute of it. I didn't know that sex could be so good. I love you mom. "I hugged her as hard as I could.

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   "Oh Mary, are you sure ? Do you still love me?" she asked. "Yes mom. How could I hate you for something that I liked so much? I loved it when you made love to me with that strap on. It was so gentle and loving. " My mom is 40 and has a 40 D chest and a smaller ass than my aunt. She has a bit of fat around her tummy, but for her age she looks quite hot. My mothers' best feature is that she has a birthmark just above her lips on the left side and she looks a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones.  I kissed her lightly on the lips. All of a sudden I felt her hands clutching my head and pushing me hard against her lips. It was so intense that I was caught off guard but started responding to her kiss. Her hands kept caressing my back while her tongue probed my mouth. Our tongues danced together pushing and licking each other. "Darling, I want to shower with you," she said. "Its been a while since I bathed you. I want to clean you up, my love.

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  "She took off her robe and I was memerised by her breasts that were much bigger than mine. She pushed me into the cubicle and turned on the shower. The shower cubicle could accomodate more than two people easily. My mom started rubbing my with a sponge. I took it away and made her rub me with her hands. She started rubbing my chest evading my nipples. She lifted an arm and started licking my underarms. That felt so nice. Without warning she pinched both nipples making me scream in both pain and pleasure. She lovingly lifted one breast and started licking it. I started to caress her breasts, but she pushed my hand away. She licked and sucked on one nipple while kneading the other with her hand.  I felt one of her thighs pushing against my legs and I let her slip her thigh in between my legs so that both our pussies were rubbing against our thighs. She pushed my back roughly against the wall of the cubicle and her assault on my breasts increased in intensity until they were so sensitive and I had to ask her to stop. She then moved down to my tummy and started licking my belly button.

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   She lifted one foot and made me put it on the soap holder which was built into the wall so that she had full access to my pussy. She traced my pussy lips with her hand right up to my anus. Then stopped and took some liquid soap and then started rubbing it all over my body. It felt divine. Then she rubbed her whole body on mine, getting soap all over her.  Her hands moved to my pussy again and she started cleaning it carefully. She stuck a couple of fingers in my anus that went in easily. The feeling was so good. Then she soaped my thighs and my legs upto my feet. She then watered the soap off. She asked me to wait and she went and came back with a razor and foam. She lovingly spread the foam on my pussy and shaved me until my pussy looked like a childs. Then she made me lift a leg and started french kissing my pussy. "Oh mom. .

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   oh mom. . oh. . suck my pussy. . ahahhh. . . " I started to push against her mouth while her tongue explored my pussy. She slipped one finger into my ass and started moving it in and out. She pushed her tongue against my vagina and I felt it explore me. She moved up to my clitoris and sucked hard. It was too much for me and I almost fainted as I came. "My turn," I said as I pushed her against the wall and started rubbing soap all over her.

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   I was a little more rougher than her and spanked her on her ass. She cried out and made me do it again and again. I stuck two fingers up her ass and two up her pussy. She held on to the shower and started moving against my hands. After some time, she made me wash the soap off and made me lie down and pressed her pussy against my mouth. I started licking her upto her anus while my finger attacked her ass. She rocked herself against me while she licked her own breasts.  She then came hard against me squirting her pussy juice that I managed to gulp down. She then lay on me kissing me and thanking me for letting her make love to me. We then dried ourselves up and got dressed up for the day. I felt so close to my mother. We started cooking our lunch when I heard the door bell ring. It was our next door neighbour Tracy. Tracy is 25 and she had lost her parents when she was 18 and ever since my mother helped her out. She is quite short, a little below 5 feet. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She is a blond with a pair of breasts that must be at least 36 C. After my awakening, now I looked at the smiling blond in front of me in a different light. "Mary, I need your help. Hey, whats up? You look a little flushed. Are you ok?" she asked, as she walked into the house, her breasts bouncing inside her tight tshirt. She wore a pair of tight hipster type jeans and her belly button could be seen. "I am OK. What do you need Trace? " I asked her, and couldn't stop staring at her bulging tshirt. "Well, its a bit embarrasing. There is a sales lady who is selling lingerie. I need your help to select a few items. ""Ok Trace, is she still there?" I asked, my mind coming up with a number of possibilities. "Yes, Mary. I am not sure whether your mother will approve. Please keep this to yourself.

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  ""Oh OK. I will come with you, I said. But on one condition. You will have to buy me something as well. " I said, my mind forming a small plan. "OK Mary. Its a deal. " She led me by the hand to her house. The sales lady seemed to be in her thirties and was dressed to partly show her products. She was around 5' 5" with a big bust. She was a brunette with a short sexy hair style. She stood up as we walked in. "Hi Amanda, this is Mary. She will help me select something. "Amanda sized me up with her eyes resting on my big breasts.

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   "Hi, Mary. I am sure I can find someting sexy for you. ""Why don't we move into the bed room since there is a mirror there? " I said. We all moved to Tracy's room. "So who wants to go first?" Amanda asked. "I will," said Tracy. "I want a bra that is comfy but my nipples should not show through it. " Amanda thought for awhile. "Thats a tough one. How big are your nipples, Tracy?" she asked. "I don't know Amanda. How do you check that?" Amanda moved across to Tracy and said "well, we will have to stimulate them a bit to get them nice and hard. " Tracy blushed at this and looked at me. "Err. .

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   how is that done? " she asked, a bit nervously. "Well I will have to rub them. But it you want to figure out their real size, I will need to suck them. That would be the best way. But if you don't feel comfortable, you can ask your friend to do it. "Tracy nodded vigorously and turned to me. "Mary, can you please do this for me?" she asked. I made a fuss first and reluctantly agreed while inside my pussy was already getting wet in anticipation. Tracy took her tshirt off and then her bra. I was looking at a gorgeous pair of breasts with pink nipples. I could see blue veins on her skin. I found it very hard not to look at them. "Well, Mary, they are all yours," Amanda said with a wink. I took a few steps towards Tracy. I could see that she was breathing hard and her face was going red.


   "Tracy, you seem to be feeling uncomfortable. You need to relax. " I said. I first gave her a hug and felt her calming down. Then I took hold of one breast and started caressing it. I heard a sharp intake of breath. Then I slowly started caressing her nipple and it stood up slowly getting harder at each caress. Then I slowly bent over her nipple and took it into her mouth. I felt her grab me by my head hard as she started gasping at the sensation. "Oh god Mary. That feels so nice. " For a moment we both forgot about Amanda and there was only Tracy and me. After what seemed like eternity, I heard Amanda clearing her throat. I quickly dilodged myself, trying not look embarrased. Tracy seemed to be still on cloud nine when I got hold of her other breast and sucked it hard.

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   And then she shuddered when an orgasm hit her hard. This surprised me since I didn't know that a woman could have an orgasm this way. When I turned around, Amanda was in her underwear and she was moving purposefully towards us. She directly went for the other breast and started sucking it hard. After some time, we made Tracy lie down on the bed and removed her jeans. Amanda pushed me away and started attacking Tracy's pussy. I let her do that and removed Amanda's panties. She was on her elbows and knees on the bed while she sucked Tracy's pussy. I started licking Amanda's pussy. It was hairy and wet. I spread her pussy lips and penetrated her with my tongue. She started moaning and writhing against my onslaught. I could hear Tracy moaning and calling Amanda's name repeatedly. I stuck my tongue into Amanda's ass and got an immediate response. She pushed her ass against my tongue.

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   I inserted first one finger, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy. She came shortly afterwards along with Tracy. Amanda collapsed on Tracy and moved up to kiss her lovingly. "Oh darling, this is the best sales pitch I have done in a while. Oh gosh I loved sucking your sweet pussy. After a while, they both turned to me and asked how big my nipples are. They moved towards me and we started kissing each other, while Tracy removed my dress and bra and they started licking and sucking my breasts. I slipped my hand and removed Amanda's globes and managed to suck one of them. They seemed as big as my mom's. Tracy moved down to my pussy and started sucking it while Amanda sat on my face. I started probing her ass with my tongue and she kept grinding it against my tongue. I felt Tracy push her finger into my pussy and start licking my clit. I could feel her nipples brushing my thighs and that aroused me further. I moved to Amanda's pussy and started licking her in deep strokes while a finger slipped easily into her ass. Amanda suddenly shuddered as she came hard into my mouth and that made me come into Tracy's mouth.

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   We lay in bed for a while, recovering from the strenous activities and then bought a couple of kits from Amanda. She promised to visit Tracy at least once a week. After Amanda left, I told Tracy about my mother and aunt and she confessed that she was seduced by my mother just after her parents died and that they used to make love at least once a week. I was shocked and happy at the same time. Ok guys. . thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoyed this installment. Would like some comments from a lady about the content since I am trying to cater to both sexes ! Enjoy. . . .