Crazy Summer 3


"Good idea love, no sense leaving it half done. You see Cindy, you could take a lesson from Don here. He just doesn't think about himself and his own pleasure. In this heat it would be easy to do a half-assed job and get to the pool to cool off as early as possible. You'll learn soon enough though dear. Denial is one of the true teachers of all time and we'll have you trained up real good before your mom comes up for Don's birthday. Don, Cindy will take you out something to drink and a snack later this morning so you won't have to come in for it. "

Elaine sounded as sweet as peaches when she spoke to me and not so sweet when she spoke to Cindy. I ate my breakfast quietly and headed out right after finishing my coffee. Elaine opened her robe and pulled me against her naked body and kissed me passionately on the lips before letting me go to work. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cindy scowling at us, a mixture of rage, jealousy and envy on her face and in her eyes. I went to the shed and got the equipment ready and went to work. By nine thirty I was sweltering from the heat and was sweating profusely. I worked through it though and around forty-five minutes later Cindy walked around the corner carrying a thermos of lemonade and some fruit for a snack. I quickly turned off the mower and met her in the shade behind the shed and drank a glass of the refreshing drink and started eating a peach. Cindy just stood there not saying a word until she started in on me.

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"I suppose you're pretty happy with yourself Don. Why did you let that bitch ruin our plan like that? Why didn't you stick up for me last night. I'm your sister after all, she's only your aunt? I thought I was going to scream in utter frustration last night when she was sitting on your cock and I was tied helplessly to the bedpost being forced to watch what was rightfully mine. I should have been the one to fuck you first not her. And you didn't even try to help me you bastard. "

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself a bit last night. I remember you rubbing your pussy against the bedpost to get off, and you didn't seem to mind when I shoved my cock up your ass. The last thing I saw was you sucking on Elaine's breast like a contented little baby. "

"Your right about me getting off, I just didn't like watching her fuck you when it should have been me and the humiliation of being spanked like a kid was infuriating. I still want to feel your cock completely up my cunt though. How'd you like that little brother? How'd you like to fuck me? We could do it right here, right now. " She unbuttoned her blouse to the knot just below her breasts and opened it up for me to see her wonderful breasts. They were big and round and firm as can be and I could feel my prick getting hard at the sight. Just then Elaine came around the corner and walked over to Cindy,

"Well I see it didn't take you long to disobey me Cindy, I told you there would be no unauthorized activities of this nature, now march back to the house and let Don get back to his work. " Cindy stormed off in a huff doing her buttons back up as she walked around the corner.

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  Elaine turned to me and apologized, "I should have told you she's not allowed to seduce you in any way until she gets her selfish act cleaned up. I'm sorry sweetie you're probably horny now, it is my fault. Just be careful in the future, I'm sure she'll try something again. For the time being I will be the only piece of tail for you. I'll make this up to you when Samantha's down for her nap this afternoon. " Elaine gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked back to the house, leaving me alone again. Now my cock was half stiff and all I could think about was not being able to fuck my sister, not that I wouldn't completely enjoy anything that Elaine through my way.

It was close to one-thirty by the time I finished up and came to the house for lunch. Cindy had some milk and sandwiches waiting for me and I sat there chatting with Elaine while she nursed the baby. After finishing my meal, I went upstairs and showered off my sweat and went to put on my swim trunks and go back down to the pool. I had worn trunks since I hit puberty and was too embarrassed to walk around the pool with my prick outlined in a regular suit. I decided to see how it would look and searched through the drawers of clothes left by Elaine's ex-husband for a different pair. I wasn't surprised when I found a pair of Speedo's, he was an egotistical bastard and he probably enjoyed showing off his bulge to anyone who cared to look. I slipped them on and pulled them up and over my cock. I was almost too large for them but I managed to conceal most of my manhood by shoving the end of my prick all the way to the bottom of the cup and between my legs.

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   I looked in the full-length mirror and realized that I was filling out nicely. The manual labor of the past few weeks had toned my upper body and the skimpy suit barely covered a most impressive bulge. I had never seen one so large before, even the guys that hung out at the beaches lifting weights didn't load up the old Speedo's the way I did. I cupped both my hands around my bulge and adjusted the fit and liked the way it felt to feel my cock in such a tight little package. I grabbed a towel and went down to the pool not encountering anyone as I passed through the house. I went in the water immediately and swam down to the deep end and basked in the coolness of the water on such a hot day. Shortly after that Elaine emerged from the door with a different swimsuit on also. Previously she had worn a bikini that could barely contain her massive milk ladened breasts. This one however was a one-piece affair that hugged her hips and flat belly like a glove. The material came off her midriff and formed a shelf on which her breasts sat. The top halve's of her breasts, including her a good portion of her aerolas and nipples were totally exposed. The straps wrapped around the sides of her boobs and over her shoulders, giving a minimum of support. She smiled at me and turned around to model the suit. The back dipped down to a thin band of material that collapsed between her ass cheeks like a thong bikini. She turned again and entered the pool and stopped when the water was at her neck.

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   I went over and stood in front of her looking at her tits through the water's surface. "You like this suit Don?" she asked, "I adjusted it this morning. I used the cups from one on the bras I bought yesterday to support me. There was no way I could have worn this otherwise. "

She reached down and brought my hands up to her breasts and set them on top of the luscious flesh mountains. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, grinding her body into mine hard. "We can't stay in the water too long in this sun, let's go lay down for a minute in the shade. "I nodded agreement but said I was going to do a few laps first. I watched her exit the pool and couldn't believe my luck. I didn't care how Cindy felt, I was glad I'd lost my cherry with Elaine. She walked over and arranged some of the pool furniture under the overhang of the patio and blocked the rest of the sun with an umbrella. I finished up and walked over to the side off the pool and jumped out and walked towards her. She started clapping her hands together as soon as she saw me and smiled broadly,

"You fill those out considerably better that that jerk husband of mine did, and he usually stuffed a sock down there for a little extra padding. " She giggled as I approached she reached out and grabbed my bulge with one of her hands and rubbed it lightly. She put her fingers in the band and pulled me closer, close enough to put her cheek up against my bulge and rub her face all over my tool.

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"I guess your are to cocks what I am to tits, just plain big," she laughed, "what are you going to do when it gets hard, you have absolutely no room for expansion there. " I could feel the blood rising in my prick and the material tightening. It felt good now and I just shrugged and laid down on one of the chase lounges and picked out a cold beer from the bucket on the table. Elaine had a clear drink in her hand filled with ice and little bubbles spraying out the top. She lay back and brushed the cool glass, condensed by the heat, across her nipples making them rise with the cool touch. "God it's hot," She commented, "not that I'm complaining that is. The heat makes me horny sometimes, like today, and I can't help but want to make out. I told Cindy she wasn't allowed out this afternoon because of her actions this morning. I can see her peeking at us through the blind upstairs though. I guess that's no surprise. I want her to see us screw a few more times before she gets her chance, okay. We won't make her suffer too long however, even I will start to feel sorry for her. I want you to stand up now and remove you suit. "

I complied immediately because the tightness was getting to me and I had to get some freedom. I stood up and lowered my suit and kicked it aside.

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  "Now start stroking your meat while I play with my tits. That's right, make it nice and stiff for me, wrap your hand around it and pull the skin back and forth, watch me make my nipples squirt while you do that. "I watched as she squeezed her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and milked herself until it started excreting from her. It would spray a stream up into the air and then it would fall back to cover her breast. She point her nipple at her mouth and sprayed a stream right in, then she pointed towards me and wetted my cock also. "Now move closer and put one leg on each side of my chair and lay your cock between my tits. Good. Now push forward a bit until the head is within reach of my mouth. I bet Cindy is getting hot watching us. I can imagine her with her hand stuck between her legs frigging her clit wildly. Your cock sure looks yummy from this angle, let me wrap it up in my tits and you can fuck them for awhile. I'll just lick the knob now and again, okay?"

She lifted her head up and kissed the end of my prick as she pushed her boobs together and wrapped her tit flesh around my meat. I started moving back and forth and she would lick me on every forward stroke. We kept this up for some time and the sweat from the heat and effort was dripping off me, all over her chest and swimsuit. Every time I moved forward enough to enter her mouth she would take a little more and suck a little harder.

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   It wasn't long before I felt myself building up to let my spunk loose. She was sucking wildly now trying to keep up with my thrusts and she was squeezing her tits around my cock in such a way that milk was leaking out all over the place. As the first spurt of cum shot from my cock and into her mouth, she let me go and wrapped both hands around it and pumped it hard and long as stream after stream covered her face, chest and tits. She didn't stop stroking until I stopped coming, immediately stuffing the head back in her mouth. She sucked hard and long pumping me at the same time and my cock stayed hard from her manipulations. When she was sure I was going to remain hard she slipped out from under me and removed her suit. With me barely having to move she crawled back under on her hands and knees and shoved her pussy up directly in front of me.

"Stick it in me right now and plow it in as hard as you can. I want Cindy to see how a real woman can take a real cock. "

I grabbed my cock and guided it to her opening. Between her cunt juice and the sweat there was no shortage of lubrication. She had relaxed her pussy and I entered her easily and steadily, driving my cock in to the hilt, stopping there to enjoy the wet warmth of her love canal. I slowly removed my rod until only the tip was in and then slammed it home. I continued this method, slow withdrawal followed by a hard slam until I heard her start to exclaim the onset of her orgasm. "Oh fuck, I'm going to come, pound me, stick that beautiful cock up me as far as it can possible go.


  " With that signal of impending orgasm I picked up the pace and started pumping as fast as I possibly could. Her hips were coming back to meet my forward thrusts making my efforts feel even harder. All of a sudden she stopped moving, pushed back hard and I felt her pussy muscles tightened around my cock. Clearly in the throws of an orgasm, I stopped pumping and drove hard forward. The sensation was dramatic and she came for a long time before relaxing. I still hadn't blown my load, and didn't pull out even as she dropped her hips and lowered herself to the lounge.

"Look up and see if she's still at the window, Don. " Elaine whispered to me.
I looked up and sure enough Cindy was there, watching enviously. "Lets go for a swim and then go up to my room to relax some more, I really am getting too damn hot and I want Cindy to get in a rage of jealousy. " I pulled back reluctantly pulling out my cock and moved aside to let her get off the chair. She took a hold of my cock and led me over to the pool, both of us bare ass naked. As soon as we hit the water she let go and swam over to the deep end. The water felt great and I soon forgot about being left unfulfilled and followed her. We moved together over to the edge and she put her back up against the wall of the pool and wrapped her legs around my waist.

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   She reached down and found my cock and directed into her pussy. She lowered herself down and pumped a couple of times before stopping. I just stood there, my prick buried in her, holding her up easily in the water. We kissed deeply and she rubbed her chest against mine.

"Let's go in now," she suggested, "as much as I'd like to stay here and fuck, both of us will soon be burning in this sun and I definitely don't need that. Besides Cindy can't see us here and I definitely want to tease her some more. "
She pushed me away and quickly moved to the ladder and climbed from the pool. I watched her ass as she climbed the ladder and felt like burying my face in it. I followed her up and we walked hand in hand to the patio, pick up our things, and went into the house. We stopped in the kitchen and left the bucket of beers, accept for the two we kept, and went downstairs to the exercise room. It was nice and cool in the basement and I hadn't even known this place existed. It was fairly well equipped, not surprisingly, and had an attached shower and sauna. Elaine went over and sat on the bench for the upper body machine and raised her arms and pulled the bars forward, with great effort. "I have to start working out again," she commented as she relaxed her arms, "you're about the only exercise I've had since the baby was born. " She motioned me over and as I stood next to her she lowered her head to me and started blowing me again.

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   My cock rose quickly to it's full stiffness and as soon as it had she leaned back and lay on the bench with her legs spread wide apart. "Come fuck me some more sweetie, I want your cock in me again. "She licked her lips and reached down a spread the lips of her pussy apart completely exposing her opening. As much as I wanted to screw some more, I decided I just had to eat her out so I knelt down and covered her wide open cunt with my mouth. She jumped slightly as I licked her clit, in the same manner as she had instructed me to some time ago. I loved the taste of her juices and reveled in the musky odor of her womanhood. She scissored my head between her thighs and rode my face until she came is a gush of sex juice. I rose up at that point and quickly slid my cock into her and started a well-paced stroke, just like the rowers in the regattas back home.

"You might as well come in and have a closer look Cindy, do you really think I didn't know you were there?" I looked over my shoulder and sure enough in walked Cindy with a very sheepish look on here face. Her clothes were in obvious disarray and the zipper to her shorts was undone. "I suppose you've been spying on us all afternoon," Elaine said, "why don't you come over here and get a close look at Don's cock sliding in and out of my cunt. Don't touch anything though, I wouldn't want you to burn yourself, he's so hot after all. " I was really getting off on the torture Elaine was putting Cindy through, after all she had teased the shit out of me for years, and especially the last few weeks. She came over and knelt beside us, with her head mere inches away from my thrusting pecker. She looked up at me with this puppy dog look, but I just smiled back and picked up my pace a bit.



"I bet you'd like to be getting fucked right now," Elaine said teasingly, "you wouldn't believe how good his cock feels inside of you, talk about being filled. " Her hand had been stroking her clit while I fucked her and she tightened her vagina muscles and brought herself to an almost immediate orgasm. "See how easy it is to come when you have a piece of meat like that pounding you. Don's ready to come now also. You can play with yourself for a minute and suck my nipple at the same time. Anything you'd like to see Don?"

Cindy lowered her mouth to Elaine's breast and started sucking. I indicated I'd like to see Cindy pull her blouse up and press her nipples against Elaine's, making sure that milk covered them both. She did as instructed and released her firm tits from the blouse and pressed them hard against Elaine's making the seeping milk coat both breasts. I loved seeing all that tit flesh squished together and started fucking harder now, feeling the cum burn it's way up my long shaft and finally explode into Elaine's hot box. Cindy was frantically stroking her clit and brought her mouth down and covered Elaine's nipple and sucked it deep. I withdrew my still hard penis from Elaine's pussy and told Cindy to lick it clean. She quickly turned her attention to my prick and licked the juices from it. I then instructed her to lick Elaine's pussy clean, which she did with equal obedience and delight. All this time she was playing with her own pussy and you could just tell all she really wanted to do was get fucked good and hard. I was getting a unusual thrill from bossing her around for a change and liked the idea that I could control her sexually just like she had controlled me and others.

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   When I was satisfied with her mouth cleaning I told her to go upstairs and make sure Samantha was okay and then get dinner on. I was going to BBQ some steaks and she would have to get everything ready and serve Elaine and I. After she left the room I turned to Elaine and made plans for this evening.

"I really get turned on telling Cindy what to do for a change. She really wanted my cock bad and it's fun making her so horny wanting it. I think I should fuck her tonight anyway, I have been looking forward to it for some time and I don't think I can bear watching her trot around the house half-naked without jumping her soon. Anyway, did you have anything special planned for this evening?"

"I think we have to hold off a good deal longer before we allow her to get fucked by you. You have to understand that with only two days of denial so far she hasn't really learned how to appreciate the people she loves. Let's just keep things the way they are for now. IN two weeks your mother will be coming up and I think we should let it go at least that long, if not longer. Don't worry Don, you'll get it soon enough. And look at all the fun you can have teasing her for a change. If you feel an urge that you can't stop, just come and see me, I'll let you fuck me any time you want, that's a promise. " Elaine suggested we go upstairs so she could clean herself up before the baby woke up. She brought me a videotape from her room and suggested I watch it before dinner, it may give me some ideas of how we can treat Cindy in an appropriate fashion.

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   I left her in her room and went to mine and cleaned up before sitting down in front of the television to watch the movie.

I saw what Elaine meant by this movie being different. I'd never witnessed such humiliation before, and I was sure that was what she had in mind for Cindy tonight. The movie was pretty much men and woman degrading other men and women. For example, making them wear diapers, eat out of a bowl like a dog, eating whole meals off them, putting all kinds of things in there body cavities, treating them like dirt. That sort of thing. These are not much of a turn on for me, however some of them were interesting and I couldn't help but imagine Cindy in some of the situations. I looked at the clock and saw I still had lots of time before supper.

I picked up the other tape and decided I'd like to see mom and dad fuck again and changed it in the machine. It was in the same spot from the other night with dad sitting there jacking off. I recalled that Cindy had gotten upset about me watching more of the tape and decided to see what she was so adamant about. Dad's tool was nearly as big as mine, and watching him jack off like that started to make my boner come to life. After a few more minutes another hand joined his from the side. A few minutes later there was a third hand from the other side. Both these hands belonged to women and they stoked the old man for a few minutes.

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   Suddenly mom's head came into the shot and she smiled at the camera before going down on dad. She came up smiling and left the shot with only the hands left. A head came in from the other side and smiled at the camera. Of course this wasn't mom, it was Aunt Elaine. She repeated exactly the moves mom had and disappeared from the picture. Eventually they both came in at the same time, kissed passionately and started licking and kissing the big cock together, while they continued pumping it. It was not a surprise when dad started shooting his cum, and both mom and Elaine licked as much of it as they could into their mouths. When they were both full, they brought their mouths together and allowed the sperm to flow freely between the two of them coating their mouths, lips, chins and cheeks with dad's cum. When they finished they both withdrew from the scene and all you could see was dad's massive cock lying on his thigh. His hand reached over and he started twiddling it again, repeating the scene. I thought it was pretty good film myself, as if I was a judge.

I'd been jerking my own rod while watching my mom and aunt suck dad off. I started to think that nothing could surprise me now. That was until the next homemade flick started. Is showed a different room this time, one I recognized as the guest room in the house back home.

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   The camera was focused on the room's door and dresser. Mom and Aunt Elaine both entered the room dressed in black silky dresses, heels and stockings. They were chatting and fixing their hair in the mirror, Aunt Elaine rubbed her hands up and down her sides flattening the dress and adjusting her tits. Mom turned and cupped Elaine's breasts and they fell into each other's arms kissing wildly. It wasn't long before the dresses were off and they stood there looking at each other in their underwear. They left the room then and returned moments later for the next scene, still dressed as before and carrying a bag. They headed right for the bed and grabbed each other and before you knew it both of them were naked, or almost naked, and they were eating each other out. After a little of this mom reached over and brought a can of whipped cream out of the bag and shook it up, Elaine was on her back, her tits a lot smaller than now, even though they were still big even then, bigger than Cindy's are now for sure. Anyway after putting whipped cream on her tits, belly and bald pussy, she reached in again and brought out a container full of cherries which was immediately put on the cream. Next came a squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce that finished off the human sundae. Mom immediately started chowing down and before long all was gone. After finishing, mom lay on her back and Elaine reached off scene and pulled out a strawberry, which she calmly inserted, into the opening of mom's pussy. I had never seen such creative usage for food before and it was certainly turning me on. Elaine then withdrew the strawberry and took a bite of it and offering some to my mother who also enjoyed the fruit coated with her pussy juice. The two of them continued these games for sometime ending up in a sixty-nine position, licking each other's cunts while shoving dildoes up each other.

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   That was the end of the tape and Cindy, yelling up the stairs that dinner was ready brought me out of my trance. I got up and changed for dinner then went downstairs.

Things were kind of normal for dinner, except Cindy had again prepared the whole meal and Elaine insisted that she had to wear the sexiest clothes imaginable. It would be a delight for any man to sit in the same room as this women and share some time with her. This evening's attire consisted of a pale blue mini-dress with a deep neckline, cinched tightly at her waist with a wide leather belt. The hem line was about as short as one could be, coming high up on her shapely thighs. She was standing holding the baby and smiled as I entered the room. Cindy came in from the kitchen and said everything was ready. As Elaine had instructed, Cindy was dressed very provocatively as well. She had on a see through white blouse that revealed her entire bosom and contrasted nicely against her tanned skin. The blouse was tucked neatly into a dark blue pleated skirt that hung to her mid thigh. A pair of white stockings that came up to just below her hem line, giving her a schoolgirl look, complemented the skirt. Elaine bent over to put the baby down and I noticed she had decided to go without panties tonight. As she stood back up she noticed me staring at her and smiled affectionately at me. She sat, as usual at the head of the table and instructed me to take a seat immediately beside her.

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   Usually Cindy sat there and this was a move made specifically to slight her.

"Cindy will be eating in the kitchen tonight as part of her punishment. She will have to earn the privilege of dining with us again. " Elaine stated.
Cindy's reaction clearly demonstrated that this was the first she had heard of this edict. She stopped in her tracks of setting the dinner on the table and stared at Elaine in anger. "Don't say a word Cindy. You completely ignored my request not to seduce Don, but you went ahead and did it anyway. If either of you thought this punishment and adjustment of attitude was going to last for a day or two you were sadly mistaken. Your role Cindy is to do whatever myself or Don request, with my orders taking precedence. For example, I have instructed you not to engage in intercourse with Don, so even if he requests it, you are not allowed to fuck him. He could ask you to suck his cock, or lick my pussy and you would have to comply. These are simple rules so I expect them to be followed to the letter, understood?"

Cindy, with the wind of her initial angry reaction clearly knocked out of her, nodded silently and left the room. Elaine served herself dinner and passed the dishes to me. I left enough for Cindy to have an adequate portion.

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   Elaine went on to explain. "You see Don, it's exactly what I said this afternoon, denial and suffering are the only things that will adjust Cindy's attitude. If we just give her a token punishment than it will have no long term affects on her. Now I need your support and commitment here. My plan is to show your mom a completely different person than the one she sent up. That means no fucking at all. She has to earn that over time and besides, I want you all for myself right now. You can have her perform no end of sexual activities for you, but your not allowed to give her what she wants most. Do you understand?" I indicated I did and had to admit that Elaine was probably right. You can't change people overnight and Cindy had several years of attitude to shed. Who was I to complain anyway. I would have the opportunity to engage in any number of sexual activities with her, which was a million times better than no activities at all. Besides that I did get to slip it to Elaine almost anytime I wanted to, which was considerably more than any other seventeen year old I knew. The next two weeks before mom came up were going to be a blast.

After dinner was over and Samantha put down for the night, Elaine and I sat in the family room sipping brandy.


   I was relaxing in the armchair and she had her legs curled up under her on the chesterfield. The initial shyness we had experienced when I first arrived had been shed entirely. Her short skirt had ridden up her thighs exposing her buttocks entirely, allowing me to enjoy a perfect view of her pussy. "Did you watch the video I gave you this afternoon?" Elaine asked.

"Yeah, I did, but most of that stuff isn't my cup of tea. I liked the parts where the sex slaves were being ordered to perform the various sexual things and I got really turned on when the dessert for a meal was served on one of the young girls and everybody just ate right off her, like a living chocolate sundae. The stuff where they were degrading the people, like putting two naked guys in a gage and making them suck each other off before letting them out didn't appeal to me at all. "

"Well everyone has their own preferences and you have to remember that all those people in that movie were there because they chose to be there. Frankly most of it doesn't do much for me either but I thought the submissive aspects for some of the scenes may give you some ideas about what we can do to Cindy. That was one of my ex-husbands tapes and I can assure you we didn't practice most of those things no matter how much he wanted to. "

"There were a couple of scenes that I thought about Cindy being ordered to perform. In fact one of them comes to mind right now, maybe I'll try it out on her. " I replied, getting kind of excited about making Cindy do things, whether she wanted to or not.

"Whatever you want sweetie, she'll be joining us as soon as she finishes cleaning up. You can go for it then," Elaine suggested.

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   She reached behind her hip at that moment and pulled the back of her dress up, giving me a better view of her pussy. There was a glistening wetness to it and she ran her finger along the slit before bringing it up to her mouth and licking it off. Just then Cindy came in and Elaine told her to get the bottle of brandy and refill our drinks. When Cindy had finished pouring Elaine asked if there was anything in particular I would like Cindy to do, setting the opportunity up for me.

"Sure," I responded, "there are lots of things I'd like to see. Why don't you remove those panties you have on Cindy and then come and lay across my lap, I think you need to be taught a lesson. " Cindy just stood there not moving, crossing her arms as if to say no-way. She didn't speak though, which I think saved her from Aunt Elaine's anger.

"You have to comply Cindy, Don has every right to order you around after the way you've treated him, now stop stalling and do as he says. " Elaine said quietly yet firmly. Cindy reluctently complied. She raised her pleated skirt and pulled her panties off and kicked them to the side of the room. She had her back to me when she did this and bent entirely from the hips affording me an ample view of her lucious little ass and fur covered pussy. She walked over to me with a look in her eye's that was a mixed between anger, apprehension, warning and excitement. She bent over the arm of the chair and leaned across my lap positioning her pelvis on my thighs.

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   My cock was growing in my jeans and I knew she could feel it pressing against her stomach. I reached over and pulled the hem of her skirt up and folded it at the waistband, fully exposing her firm ass. I slowly stroked each one from the small of her back all the way down to her stocking tops and back up the other side. I could feel the little goosebumps rising on her smooth skin. After several cycles of this I suddenly raised my hand and swacked her fairly hard across the cheeks leaving a red imprint of my hand. I immediatedly went back to my stroking and repeated this several times, making her whole ass red and puffy from the punishment. Next I reached down and spread her thighs apart a little allowing my hand access to her pussy. I ran my finger down between the twin mounds and found it nice a moist from her secretions. My cock was pretty hard now and I raised my hips driving it harder against her stomach and feeling her push her pelvis down onto my hand, trying to get a better rub on her clit.

"You seem to be enjoying this Cindy, tell me what you want me to do. " I stated.
"Rub my clit and finger fuck me," She replied with short breaths and almost a whisper.

"Oh I don't think so sis, you can get up now but your not allowed to touch yourself anywhere. " This was the part I liked about the movie, they would do a little something that would turn the subject on and then deny them the obvious fulfillment, moving them quickly on to some other activity. "Now open my pants up so I am more comfortable, don't touch my cock though, you haven't earned the privilege.


  " I commanded, really starting to get off on ordering her around. After she had freed my member from it's confines I ordered her to remove her blouse and skirt, leaving her in heels and stockings only. I looked over at Aunt Elaine who was just sitting there smiling, sipping her drink and occasionally reaching down and stroking her pussy and licking the wetness off her fingers.
"Wrap your tits around my cock and pump me with them, don't use your hands or you mouth, just your tits. "

She gladly did as asked, but after a few strokes of my now rock hard prick, she clearly wanted to take a hold of it and jam it into her mouth and suck the cum right out of me. The feeling of high sexual power over somebody else excited me tremendously. I justify it by comparing it to my sister's attitude of being able to control men with her good looks and fine body. This was a little bit closer than having guys follow you around hoping for a date or a dance at a party. The funny part was that I wanted her to blow me as badly as she wanted to wrap her lips around the head of my cock, but I restrained because the turn on of denying her was even a better rush. After several minutes of tit fucking I decided to share the fun a little with Aunt Elaine. "I want you to stop rubbing my cock with your tits now and crawl over to Elaine and lick her until she cums in your face. The only restriction is that you have to do it without Elaine moving her legs from the position they are in right now, and remember to keep your hands inactive," I commanded.

Surprisingly Cindy didn't even scowl a this last order and immediately went down on her hands and knees and made her way over to where Elaine was sitting. I could tell from the look on Elaine's face that she was into having her pussy licked. I could see it poking out from between the back of her thighs just below the crack of her ass.

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   I watch Cindy's ass as she made her way over to the couch and felt like jumping up a slamming my cock into her wet cunt, all in one stroke. My fortitude held out though and I sat back and watched the show. It wasn't easy for Cindy either. Elaine's position made itdifficult for Cindy to access her pussy straight on. Her first attempt had her nose stuck up Elaine's asshole as she licked the outside of her pussy. Unfortunately for Elaine, the just wasn't enough room. Cindy did make a valiant effort though and eventually pulled away and, much to Elaine's obvious delight, started to lick her hole all the way up the crack of her ass and back down again. The second Cindy's hot wet tongue touched Elaine's asshole, Elaine jumped a bit and moved one of her legs to allow Elaine clearer access. I just sat there slowly jerking myself and wondering what it would feel like to have my ass licked like that. Things were getting easier for Cindy because Elaine had opened her legs even more, exposing her full pussy, swollen with the excitement of the stimulation. Cindy dived in and before long Elaine had moved into a relining position and wrapped her legs around Cindy's head holding her tight against her steaming pussy. Elaine pushed the straps of her dress down her arms and pulled one of her massive tits out of the confines of her bra and squeezed it until milk started to seep out of the nipple. Within seconds her hips were bucking against Cindy's face. "Lick my cunt you selfish little bitch, shove your tongue in my pussy as far as it can go. Lick me faster.

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  . . . . . . . . . . ahhhhhh!" Eline screamed in the throws of her orgasm.

Cindy continued to lick until Elaine relaxed her grip on her head and sat back on her heels in front of Elaine.
"I need a cock in me," Elaine said looking directly at me, "Come over here Don and lets show Cindy how it's done. " I stood up and stripped my pants off and sat on the couch beside Elaine. She leaned over and took the head of my prick into her mouth and started tonguing wildly.

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   Cindy was sitting on her heel in front of use salivating with need and desire. She was looking at us anxiously and grinding her pussy into her leg.

"Would you like to watch Elaine take my cock up her pussy Cindy? I bet you wish it was you I was going to fuck you right now. I want to watch you masturbate while I'm fucking Elaine, and I want you to tell us what your thinking about as you do it. Just sit there and I will tell you when to start, and no more cheating, kneel up straight and get you hot cunt off the back of your leg. " She did as I said and Elaine raised her head up the moment I said fuck. I pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and unfastened the bra, letting her gigantic tits fall out on her chest. I had her sit on my lap facing away from me so both of us could see Cindy's performance. She slowly lowered herself onto my meat and after I was fully engulfed, she just sat there massaging my cock with her cunt muscles and wiggling her hips down onto my pelvis. I reached around and squeezed and fondled her tits until milk was leaking through my fingers and down her breast and stomach. "Lay down now on your back and spread your legs and show us how you can fuck yourself. " I told Cindy.

In no time at all she had complied, and Elaine and I were watching as she spread the lips of her cunt apart sharing her moist pink tunnel and swollen clitoris with us. She ran her finger up and down her clit while inserting a couple of fingers from her other hand up her cunt hole. It didn't take long for Cindy to reach climax and as she did Elaine pulled up off my cock and went over to her and squirted milk all over her frothing pussy, coating it completely in the light bluish milk her tit's produced.

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   Cindy didn't stop rubbing her clit and seemed to be in a state of arousal that wouldn't subside. She was frantically pushing three of her fingers into her hole and clearly needed something more.
"I bet you wish Don would come over here and slam that cock of his into your cunt. Too bad love, his cock is just for me until I say your allowed," Elaine taunted.

She turned back to me and again positioned her pussy over the top of my prick and lowered herself down, this time facing me though. She pressed her soaked tits into my face and I quickly latched onto a nipple and started to suck, my mouth immediately filling with milk. Elaine let out a sigh and started to move her pelvis up and down, slowly drawing my orgasm out. "It feels so good having a cock this big in your cunt, I quess you wouldn't know though would you Cindy. You'll find out someday though, as long as you behave yourself. You can leave us now and go up to your room and fuck yourself with a rubber cock if you like, although it is nowhere as good as a real piece of hot, hard meat. Remember to check on Sam and we'll have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. " Elaine said between gasps and sighs of excitement. Cindy left the room soon after, I couldn't see her that clearly with my head buried in Elaine's breasts. As soon as she left Elaine jumped off me and stood there panting. "I can't tell you how much this is turning me on," she said.

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   She was standing there rubbing one tit with her right hand while her other had moved to her pussy where it was stroking her pussy. "Cindy is going to go mad in anticipation waiting for you to fuck her. Let's go upstairs and see if she is fucking herself, I like to watch objects slide in and out of cunts. " She reached over and grabbed my cock and started to lead me up the stairs. She went up in front of me, with her dripping pussy stuck right in my face. I felt like throwing her down on the stairs and fucking her right then and there. She must of sensed my thought because she suddenly sprinted up the stairs and tiptoes to the door of Cindy's room and opened it a crack. Just as she expected, Cindy was lying on the bed with a dildo shoved up her box while she excited her clitoris with a bright red vibrator. I was looking over Elaine's shoulder, my cock poking her in the back of the neck, her hair streaming down and tickling me. She reached up and pulled me forward and turned her head and gave me a lick, cleaning the pre-cum off my slit, then turned back to the action. Cindy was in a rhythm now that had one hand working the fake penis in and out of her while the other stimulated her clit to multiple orgasms. She came violently, thrashing about on the bed trying to get the fulfillment she was looking for. Several minutes of this and Cindy relaxed, curling up into the fetal position and falling asleep, the rubber cock still sticking out of her cunt.

Elaine and I went to my room where she laid on her back and I fucked her fast and hard until I blew my load into her hot box. We lay there for a long time afterward discussing how much we enjoyed teasing Cindy so much, and how we both kind of felt sorry for her at the same time.

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   Elaine decided to leave and sleep in her own bed, or neither of us would sleep that night. I drifted off waking the next morning remembering a dream I had of being master of a harem of beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and ages, where I could indulge in any type of sexual activity or deviation that crossed my mind.

Several days later had me caught up on most of the chores that had been outstanding and left me with considerable free time to indulge in other activities, which typically turned out to be sexual in nature. Cindy had already gone through several stages in her adjustment program, as Elaine called it. First there was anger. I'm not sure how long this lasted because I think she learned to hide her anger long before she got over it. Next came a period of complete defeat. She did everything that was requested, but with next to no enthusiasm. At least when she was angry she showed an almost savage response to our requests, especially if they were sexual in nature. After a few days of the non-reactive defeat stage she slowly started to come out of it and realize that she might as well play along and started to be rewarded appropriately. This went on for some time, slowly getting better as we approached mom's arrival. About five days before mom was to arrive, the filtration pump for the pool broke and I had to go into the city to pick a new one up. Luckily, the special order stuff from Michelle's was ready and Elaine said I should swing by and pick that up also, saving a separate trip.

After I'd picked up the part for the pool pump, I went over to Michelle's shop to pick up the specially ordered lingerie that Elaine had asked for. Upon entering the shop, Madeline left a very beautiful lady customer and came over and kissed me on both cheeks and told me to go into the back and wait for Michelle.

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   I did as I was told and a few minutes later Michelle joined me, dressed, as before, in total black, which contrasted strongly to her alabaster skin. She carried a lot of packages and opened each up and showed me all the bra's, panties, lingerie, corsets and even the panties/bustier that had a built in cock. Two pairs of that unit, one for each of the girls. Finally she pulled out several g-sting affairs with pouches. Elaine had ordered these for me and the fitting had been a remarkable experience. She insisted I try them on and I could not get out of it, no matter how hard I tried. I pointed out that Elaine was not here to try on her order and Michelle just laughed that off saying she had fit Elaine many times before and there had never been a problem. No argument or rebuttal swayed her one bit and I eventually stood and removed my pants and shorts and put on one of the pouches. They had been made to hold my larger than normal cock, either hard or soft. I was still soft and was able to get my cock into the pouch very easily and pulled the side straps up my hips until I felt the rear strap slip into my butt crack. Michelle nodded approval and took my hand and led me to the mirror so I could see. My shirt pretty much covered it so she told me to remove that also. Again I just did as I was told and stood there almost naked in front of a virtual stranger. Michelle stood behind me and adjusted the straps a bit, making it feel more comfortable.

" Now we must see if it is truly one size fits all," Michelle said in her sexy French accent.


   "Turn around and we will see now," She turned my shoulders around and backed away several feet. Remember now, Michelle is probably six three or four and very broad shouldered, so she cut quite a figure. She turned and told me to pull her zipper down which I did. It fell to the floor and she stood with her back to me dressed in a black, full-bodied corset with black stockings, garters and heels. Pretty sexy stuff compared to the very conservative dress she had just removed. She turned back to face me and I was blown away by the way she smiled seductively. Sure enough, my pecker began to grow, something she noticed right away.

"Good, I see our fitting is going as I planned. " She purred as she began undoing the hooks that went down the front of her garment, revealing more and more of the milk white skin as she went. Soon the cups of the bra started moving to the side and as she opened the front I was shocked to see such perfect breasts on a lady her age. Of course my cock had not stopped growing and Michelle kept looking at it as she removed it altogether. Standing in front of me in nothing but her heels and stockings I was grew pretty much to full size. The pocket of the sling seemed to stretch with my growing hard on and Michelle looked satisfied with the work.
"Turn now and see for yourself Donald. " I turned back to the mirror and saw my cock pointing straight out, with satiny material stretched around it, truly following the form of my hard prick.

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   "See, I new it would fit, both big and small, or hard and soft. " She giggled at the last statement. I saw her approach nearer to me in the mirror and soon her long arms had reached around and she grabbed a hold of my cock.
"Just checking the fit," she said, as she continued to rub my cock through the shiny fabric. Her breasts were tight against my back and I could feel her bush grinding against my backside. Just then Madeline came through the curtain and, without so much as a blink, asked if she could have a word.

"Madam Hopkins is still here, she wanted a private fitting and has been waiting for some time. " She said as she looked at the pole pushing out in front of me.
"Very well, show her back and then close up the shop, she will want to see my latest creation any way. " Michelle replied.

"I don't know if I can model Michelle, I'm really very shy. " I said softly, the blood quickly draining from my tool.

"Do not worry darling, Madame Hopkins is an old customer, and she has seen such things. You will enjoy her also. " She went over to a closet and pulled out a couple of robes and had me put one on.

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   I sat down on one of the chairs and waited silently as she folded our clothes up and put them aside and went out to the store area returning moments later with Madeline and the attractive lady that was in the shop when I came in. She didn't act surprised to see me sitting there and came over and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Emily Hopkins, Michelle tells me you're here picking up some items for a friend and had to try on a special order yourself. Don't be shy with me, I just love having these things shown to me on a real live person before deciding. I'm glad you're here to help me decide. I always wonder if it's sexy enough or if my husband will even react to it. He's so thick headed sometimes I can't believe it. " She seemed real nice, but I couldn't believe she needed anything to get a rise out of her husband. She looked to be about the same age as my Aunt Elaine, about thirty. She was a bit taller than Elaine though and looked like she was one of the girls from Bay Watch. She took her coat off and sat beside me in a very conservative, yet elegant dress. Madeline had followed her in with several selections that she handed to Michelle and then excused herself saying she was locking up the shop.

Michelle went behind a screen and came out a few minutes later wearing a long white negligee with lace across the top of the chest with pearls sewn right in. She opened up the outer robe part and revealed a shorter version of the some style without the pearls. It was a very classy outfit that would make any man turn his head.


   Emily asked me what I though and I said it was very pretty and suited Michelle's skin coloring very well. She nodded and Michelle disappeared again returning wearing something totally different. This item was a lot less elegant and a lot sexier. It was a pink camisole, which was just a bit too small for Michelle. It had some trouble containing her large tits, although I thought that was an added bonus, not a problem. It was cut very high on the hips and the piece of material covering her mound was very thin, exposing a bit of the black public hairs. The next outfit was a black bra and panty set that almost made me jump out of my seat and attack Michelle. Emily noticed my reaction and I was sure she could see the growing tent under the robe I was wearing. Michelle had noted my reaction as well and came over and stood directly in front of Emily and me, turning around several times to give us a full view. "Do you like?" Michelle asked.
"I like everything you show me," Emily replied, "Madeline always seem to know what will please me. It appears that your friend Don likes this outfit as well. "
She nodded towards my lap and I suddenly became aware that I was sporting a full fledge boner and both the ladies were aware.

"Stand up Don and show Mrs. Hopkins, she may want to order some of these for her husband.

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  " Michelle directed. It was too late to hide my obvious condition so I just stood up and removed my robe dropping it over the chair. Just like before, the tiny pouch held my full grown eleven inches of hard meat out in front, covered in the form fitting satin material.

"Oh very nice, very nice indeed, I take it these required a special fitting," she said.

"Yes, a very special fitting," Michelle replied with a chuckle, "perhaps you can order for your husband or send him in for a private custom fitting. "

"Nice try Michelle, but my husband wouldn't require any fitting nearly as special as Don here. I will order a couple of large ones though, normal sizing should be adequate. " She stood up and walked towards me and grabbed a hold of my covered cock tightly. "I wish I could stay and see some more of everything, but I am already late and I don't think the weather will be cooperating, a storm seems to be brewing. I'll take all three outfits and two of the pouches. Here Don," she said handing me a card, "call me sometime, maybe we can arrange to have a coffee or something. " With that she walked out the curtain leaving Michelle and I standing there. Madeline came in seconds later and told us the weather had taken a really bad turn and I should look. I put the robe on and went to the front and looked out the window at an almost black sky pelting sheets of rain against the pavement outside.

"I had better get going, I don't want to be driving in this after it turns dark.

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  " I said heading to the back to change my clothes. When I came out into the store after changing both Michelle and Madeline were waiting for me with all the packages form Aunt Elaine's orders.

"You don't have to drive if you don't want to Don, Madeline and I would love for you to stay with us this evening. " Michelle stated, leaving no doubt as to her real intentions.

"I really have to go, really," I replied. I was both intrigued by her invitation and at the same time a little apprehensive, Michelle was not shy in her desire to become more intimate and Madeline just stood there smiling, as if she knew my answer to the invitation and understood my reluctance and my own desires pulling me back to the Aunt Elaine's. "I don't want to leave the Aunt Elaine, my sister and the baby alone if this weather turns real bad, I hate myself if something went wrong and I was not there to help. " This was in fact true, I had developed a real protective attitude over the women in my life. Besides, I knew I would continue to experience countless sexual adventures at Aunt Elaine's whereas Michelle's invitation may have been more flirting between a mature woman and a young man.

"That's fine then," piped up Madeline, "we understand your decision and we will both look forward to you next visit. " This was the first time Madeline had presented herself as anything more than Michelle's store assistant. I was somewhat surprised when Michelle immediately capitulated and allowed me to leave with the obligatory kisses on each cheeks and a warm hug.

The next six days continued along just about the same lines as the previous two weeks. I was fucked and sucked regularly by Aunt Elaine while continuing to drive Cindy wild with our incessant teasing and sexual stimulation. Although I had been tempted a couple of times to break Aunt Elaine's rule of "No Cindy fucking" I managed to keep myself in check and was looking forward to my birthday, and Mom's arrival.

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   Mom's flight was a little late so I sat around the airport and watched the people walk by. I find this interesting and like guessing what they're doing or where they're going. One thing for sure, I was positive none of them had been as involved as I had been for the last month. I was having an active love affair with both my sister and my aunt, I had lost my virginity, had been sexually assaulted by three very aggressive women in a lingerie shop and I had seen videos of my mother and father is various types of sexual activity. The last one was all I could think about now. The last time I had seen mom, none of my recent adventures had happened. Up to that point I had never really thought of her as anything more than my mother, although some of my friends thought she was pretty good looking for an older babe. Seeing her fuck dad on video and make lesbian love to my aunt had definitely changed my attitude. Mom looked great naked and had a great set of tits, even with the softness of her age showing. She was still fairly trim and the shots of her pussy in the movie appeared to offer a truly magnificent tunnel covered with a thick mass of hair. They announced her flight arriving and I waited for her at the gate.

As she walked out of the loading door she waved at me, walked over and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I was very conscious of her breasts pressed against my chest as I hugged her back. I had never felt this way about mom before and secretly hoped she didn't notice any change in the way I was treating her. She looked great however, better than I'd seen her since dad had died.

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   We picked up the bags and went to the parking lot and threw them in the back of Elaine's BMW and headed out to the ranch.

"I can't believe Elaine let you drive this fancy car Don, or does she even know?" Mom teased. She knew I would never drive the car without permission and the little joke made me smile. I glanced over at her and she was beaming at me.
"You certainly look at lot like your father Don, and I swear you've filled out some in the last five weeks, is Elaine working you hard?"

"Like a slave," laughing to myself remembering how we had turned my sister Cindy into our own private slave girl. "I know I've gained a few pounds of muscle from the work. You look great too mom, what have you been up to?"

"You know Don, this is the first real time I've had to myself for the last seven years. I just couldn't get into anything since your dad died and I had found myself in this big rut. I guess that I needed some time just to myself and it has had very positive affects on me. It's not that you or your sister was causing me any grief, it's just that I've felt that I had to overcompensate for the two of you only having one parent, especially you Don. Now that you're turning eighteen, and probably going to school in the fall, I'm starting to feel a bit more freedom. I've been on a few dates this summer and even had a guest stay overnight, something I would not have thought of doing with you in the house. " I tried to get the image of my mother fucking some stranger out of my minds-eye but it was useless. Here we are headed down the highway and that is what I'm thinking about. "Don't get me wrong Don, I'm not trying to replace your father or anything like that, I just had to get out and start feeling better about myself.

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   I'm not even forty yet and I've decided that's too young to be isolating myself from people outside the family. You even said I looked better yourself that's what happened all right. I will always miss your dad, but after six years it's time for me to move on. Does that bother you Don?"

"No, not at all, " I responded, "you should not have felt inhibited about that before now, Cindy and I would not have reacted badly, you should know that. "

"I do know that Don, it wasn't you guys, it was me. Enough of that for now, tell me what you've been doing since you two have been up here. " Oh oh, what was I supposed to say, well besides losing my virginity with my aunt and fucking my sister in the ass, not much. And by the way, you know that video you and dad put together, I've been beating my meat almost non-stop while watching it. After a moment of hesitation and thought, I answered, "It's been great, lots of work to keep busy, a great swimming pool and having Samantha around is a gas. "

"I can't wait to see the baby," she replied, "what about girls Don, have you meant anybody up here?"

"No, nobody except a few friends of Elaine's in the city. Besides, there is more than enough to keep me occupied out here. " We were nearing the ranch so the conversation let up a bit. I still couldn't get the picture of mom sucking on dads giant cock out of my head, although it wasn't making me get a hard on like it usually does. Both Elaine and Cindy came running out of the house to greet us as soon as we pulled up and there were hugs and kisses all around. They all went into the house to see the baby and I took mom's bags inside and left them at the bottom of the stairs.

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   It was only about three and I decided a swim was in order. I went into the living room and told them what I was going to do and went upstairs to change. A moment later Cindy entered my room and asked if it was okay if she joined me in the pool.

"Only if you wear the black bikini that I like so much. " I replied. She hurried out of the room to change. I put on my old trunks instead of the speedo, I didn't want my mom seeing me in that getup. I went downstairs and out to the pool and dove in the water to do my usual laps. As I floated on my back relaxing, Cindy came out and walked over to the water and asked if it was okay. I told her it was great and that she should come in. She looked as good as usual in her swimwear. Her tits were spilling out all over the place and I could see her hard nipples through the thin fabric. She jumped in and swam over to me.
"What do you think mom's going to do if she finds out we've been screwing around?" she asked.

"I'm not gong to worry about it now," I replied, "we are really only related by marriage, so I don't even know if this is technically incest.

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   As soon as I turn eighteen tomorrow, there won't be any problem with me being a minor, although I'm sure we are legal in Oregon. I suspect she would be upset, but after seeing her make out with Aunt Elaine in that video, don't you think it would be like the kettle calling the pot black? I guess we'll just have to see. "

"I wish we could fuck right now," she said, "I would just love to feel your hard cock fill my pussy. If mom weren't here I would reach into your pants and pull out your prick right now and start pulling on it. Sounds great eh? We will have to see each other at night so you can make me do all the nasty things you like me to do for you. " She was licking her lips seductively as she whispered this to me, and sure enough the old sex club was starting to rise. Just then Elaine and mom came out to the patio and asked what we were talking about.

"Oh nothing," I replied. Cindy immediately swam to the edge and got out of the pool leaving me alone with a half hard cock talking to my mom and aunt. Aunt Elaine was dressed as usual for the afternoon, a light summer dress that barely stretched across her gigantic breasts and see through enough to expose the outlines of her body and whether she was wearing underwear or not. Today she was, although not out of modesty. I could see how the cups of the white lace bra pushed the flesh of her tits out the neckline of the dress. She walked over to the edge and knelt on one knee and bent over to feel the water with her hand. She was directly across from me and I saw one of the most impressive sights in the world, her cleavage, that always gave my prick a crank. Her back was towards mom and she winked at me as if to say my look at her tits was our little secret.


   As she stood back up she asked me to come and move some of the furniture back onto the patio because they didn't want to sit in the direct sun. So here I was in the pool, getting turned on by what Cindy had said and the mass of flesh Elaine had just flashed me, and she wanted me to get out of the pool with my mom standing right there. I was glad I had worn the trunks, the speedo would have been too tight and obvious, the trunks could conceal well and I wasn't bone hard after all.

As I lifted myself out of the pool the water drew my trunks tight around by ass, which left it relatively baggy at the front, and hence more concealing. I walked to the side and picked up one of the lounge chairs and placed it in front of my crotch. As I brought it up onto the patio, Elaine pointed to where she wanted it and said to my mom, "Look at Don in those ugly old trunks. Usually he wears these brief little speedo's like the body builders at the beach. The only difference is that Don is very well hung, just like his dad, so there is a lot more to hold in, and you should see it when it's really hard, it sticks out the leg or top. " I stopped in my tracks and froze, I was so completely embarrassed I was afraid to turn around and look at them. I had no place to go and just stood there turning red and steaming at Elaine for saying that stuff to my step mother. I was beginning to wonder if they even knew I could hear the conversation. I guess maybe that they thought I was out of earshot, although they were only a few feet away. I almost convinced myself of that when Elaine said, "Don, turn around for your mother, she wants to see how well equipped her boy is. "

Oh well, that fantasy was quickly burst. One thing that I have learned about these three women is you can't ignore them, and I would have to turn around sooner or later.

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   Thankfully it was mom that jumped to my rescue, "Don't embarrass Don like that Elaine," she admonished, "can't you see he's uncomfortable with this. I swear, I know exactly where Cindy gets her teasing ways. You two take the cake, I just don't know what I'm going to do with you. "
Cindy laughed softly, I think she was happy to hear someone give Elaine a hard time for a change. She had been through two weeks of submission to both Elaine and myself for her teasing of me. Mom continued on, "It wouldn't surprise me if you too had set poor Don up here, Cindy dressed in that little piece of nothing that barely covers her pussy, let alone her tits. I want both of you to go into the house so Don and I can have a little talk.