Family turned on chap 9


Yes, Kenny, that’s right,” Diane hissed. “Do it to me, darling. Fuck my pussy, fuck your mother…”

It was past two in the morning. Harry might awaken to discover that his wife was no longer beside him, but he was a heavy sleeper and the chances of that occurring were doubtful. So Diane forgot her worries as she humped madly on the bed in Kenny’s room.

Kenny lay on his back beneath her, smiling happily at his mother as he watched her hairy pussy slit slide up and down on his cock. Diane squealed softly as his hands closed around her enormous jiggling tits, pinching the stiff nipples.

Her cunt was sore from fucking Mike earlier that afternoon, but she was still horny, and she still wanted to keep her younger son satisfied. Now she could already feel the contractions building in her stomach as her pussy prepared to cum all over Kenny’s fucking cock.

“Harder, Kenny, fuck me faster!” Diane moaned. She held onto his shoulders and madly whipped her pussy up and down on his cock. “My cunt’s burning! It’s gonna cum, Kenny! All over your dick!”

“I’m gonna cum too, Mom!” Kenny gasped.

The bed creaked as he worked his ass harder, fucking his throbbing, oozing cock into the churning depths of his mother’s pussy. Diane dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Then her cunt started spasming, and her fuck hole gushed cunt cream all over his prick.

“Cumming, Kenny!” she cried.

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   “Unh unh unh, my pussy loves your cock! Fuck me with it, darling! Harder, harder, I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnngggg!”

Kenny fucked his throbbing prick into his mother’s cumming cunt, filling her pussy with every inch of his hard-on. Then the white jism gushed out of his piss slit, shooting profusely into her clinging pussy.

“Yessss,” Diane hissed. She lifted her head and flexed her pussy muscles, grunting as the white torrent of her son’s spunk splashed the inner walls of her pussy. “You’re cumming in me… I can feel it! I love you, Kenny. I love your thick, juicy cum. ”

Their humping rhythm slowed, and gradually Kenny’s fuck-wilted cock softened inside her. Diane lifted her leg, letting his thick prick slide greasily out of her hairy pussy. Then she climbed off the bed and leaned over it to kiss her son affectionately.

“Sleep well, lover,” she said. “I’ll see you to morrow night. ”

They shared a long, passionate, tongue thrusting kiss. Then Kenny rolled over and prepared to go to sleep. Diane smiled at him a moment longer, then padded naked out of the bedroom into the darkened hall. She would make a quick stop in the bathroom to clean herself up, then return to her bed.

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But then she saw a shadowy figure standing before her in the hallway.

“Hi, Mom,” Mike whispered savagely. “Have a good time with Kenny?”

Diane just stood there, too overwhelmed to move or speak. Mike approached her in the darkness and wrapped his left hand securely around her hip, pawing her naked ass. His right moved between her legs. He dipped his finger into her hairy, gurgling pussy slit.

“Shit, Mom, you still got all of Kenny’s cum,” he said. “You’re all gooey down there. Were you gonna go downstairs and fuck Dad with your pussy all creamy?”

“I’m… I’m going to bed,” Diane whispered nervously. “Please, Mike. Not here. ”

“You’re not going to bed yet, Mom. First you’re going to fuck me. ”

He embraced her boldly, kissing her neck as he stabbed a second finger into her jism-filled pussy. Diane shuddered and winced as he fucked his fingers in and out.

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   Soon she felt herself humping in spite of herself, gasping as she pumped her hairy cunt mound onto his hand.

“Oh, Mike, please stop it,” she pleaded desperately. “You’re making me horny. We can’t fuck now. I don’t want you to make me so hot. ”

“I want it, Mom,” Mike said tersely. “Come on down to the laundry room with me unless you want me to feed you some dick right here in the hall. ”

All he had on was his underwear, and Diane could feel his brawny, muscular flesh pressing upon hers, the protruding shaft of his stiff prick through the sheer cotton. Mike finger fucked her faster, rubbing her clit. Diane whimpered as fuck cream oozed uncontrollably from the depths of her pussy.

“I mean it, Mom. ”

“All… all right,” Diane stammered submissively.

Mike turned and headed for the staire pulling his naked mother behind him.

Together they entered the hall, turned through the kitchen, and entered the laundry room.

It was a small cement-walled cubicle between the kitchen and the garage, with a narrow walkway between the wall and the big washer and dryer.

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   Diane looked around guiltily as Mike switched on the light and kicked the door shut behind them. It was the most private room in the house, and she’d already come here to fuck Kenny several times.

In the light, Mike paused to admire his mother’s voluptuous body, greedily shifting his eyes from her huge, stiff-nippled tits down her slender waist, gazing at her hairy pussy and long tapering legs.

At the same time, Diane studied her son with equal lust. His chest was hairy and muscular, and every inch of his body had the leanness and hardness that could only be acquired by an athlete. But the best thing of all was his stiff prick.

Luridly his cock stood out of the crotch of his shorts, straining for release from confinement. The fabric of the shorts was so badly stretched that Diane could see the heart shape of his cock head, spongy and already leaking cum. Her mouth watered, and her pussy burned. She desperately craved to have Mike’s hard-on in her mouth so she could suck all the cum out of his balls.

Mike seemed to read his mother’s mind. Smiling, he jumped up to take a seat on the edge of the washing machine. Then he leaned back, resting his hands on the white cover, and looked at her encouragingly.

“You’ve really given me a stiff cock, Mom. Can’t you see what a boner I’ve got? Why don’t you take it out of my shorts for me?”

Diane thought of saying no, but then remembered that there was no longer anything stopping her from succumbing to her incestuous passions.

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   Her whole body shook as she stepped over and stood before the machine, between her son’s legs.

Her hands came up, gripping the hem of his shorts. They trembled lightly as she slowly skinned them over his muscular ass cheeks, releasing his enormous prick.

“Like it, Mom?” Mike grinned.

“Oh, Michael! Your cock is huge!”

Hurriedly she pulled the shorts over his feet and dropped them into the laundry hamper, leaving him as naked as she was. Mike squirmed on the edge of the washer and parted his legs. To Diane, his upthrust cock looked like a magic wand, throbbing and jerking straight out of his prick fur laden with the sweet cum juice she craved so badly.

As Mike watched her, the horny mother slid her hands up his hairy thighs and cupped his wrinkled balls. Gently she fondled them, as if trying to feel the load of jism. Then, keeping one hand on the sac, she slid her right hand up his veined cock shaft and wrapped it tightly around the center of his throbbing prick.

“Oh shit, Mom that feel really good,” Mike groaned. “Beat my meat. ”

Diane pumped his cock once hard, making hot pre-cum ooze from the piss hole. She rubbed her palm on the crown of his cock, anointing it with his fuck juices. Then she smeared his own dripping jism all over his prick, making its shaft and knob slippery and glistening.

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Then she tightened her grip around his cock shaft and feverishly started to beat him off. Up and down her hand pumped, faster and faster, until her wrist was a blur as it stroked the length of his cock.

“Unggghhh!” Mike’s face contorted as his prick swelled longer and stiffer and fatter, and more pre-cum spat and oozed from the slit. “Suck on it, Mom!” He thrust one hand behind her head, encouraging her to take his prick between her lips. “My dick’s so stiff! Put it in your mouth and suck on it!”

Sliding her fist to the root of his thick cock, Diane eagerly dropped her head to the puffy crown of his prick. Extending her tongue, she licked all around the swollen cock head, darting her tongue into his piss slit. Mike whined and writhed on the washing machine.

“Suck it, Mom!” he gasped and his big prick twitched and jerked and danced. “Suck it, you’re killing me! Suck the cum out of my balls!”

Diane continued to lick his prick a moment longer, wanting to make him as horny as possible. Then she opened her mouth wide and made a wet, gurgling sound as her lips engulfed the steely stiffness of his prick.

His cock was hot, musky and fleshy tasting, and fresh fuck cream juiced her pussy as she inhaled the aroma of her son’s boner. Diane contracted her cheeks sharply, puckering her lips. Lewdly and wetly she started to suck, forming her lips in a tight circle around the center of his aching cock.

“That’s right,” Mike crooned. He stared at his mother, turned on by the spectacle of her pretty face being fucked by his raging stiff prick.

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   “You’re a good cock sucker, Mom! You can suck my dick as much as you want. ”

Slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds filled the laundry room as Diane lovingly went to work on her son’s delicious prick. She flared her nostrils for air and forced her head downward, taking another inch of his cock between her lips.

The rosy, shiny-skinned prick knob pushed down her buttery throat, nearly making her choke. But her cock sucking hunger enabled Diane not to gag. Wrapping her fingers securely around the base of his cock, she jacked him off as she sucked, pumping and massaging the burning thickness of his long fat prick.

“Ah, God!” Mike bit his lip and started to rock his ass off the washing machine, fucking his horny mother’s face with his cock. “Suck harder!” He could feel her teeth ever so lightly nipping his cock meat as she sucked, and that seemed to make him even hornier. “Oh God, you suck my dick so good!”

Diane wanted to drop her left hand between her thighs to fingerfuck her pussy, but she knew she had to play with Mike’s balls and help him cum. Digging her fingers gently into the hairy sac, she massaged the twin, jism clotted globes, doing everything she could to make him ready to shoot.

“It’s cumming up, Mom!” Mike cried excitedly. He pulled her thick, dark hair, heaving and jerking his hips eagerly off the machine. “I can feel it in my balls! Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow my wad any second!”

Blow your wad, Son, Diane thought hornily. I want to taste it. I want to suck down all of your hot cum.

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   Shoot your cum for me, Michael. I want you to pop your rocks right in my mouth.

With her face contorted and her cheeks brightly flushed, the wanton mother sucked her son’s prick as hard as she could. Feverishly she rolled her tongue around his cock head and prick shaft, pausing occasionally to lap fresh goo from his drooling piss slit. Mike’s cock seemed to be growing stiffer by the second. Any moment, she thought. Any moment.

“Ahh, Mommy!” Mike grabbed her head and lurched off the machine, fucking nearly all of his boner between her wide-stretched lips. “Here I cummmm. ”

His cock exploded, spraying her throat with thick, milky cum. Again and again the while jism gushed out of his cockhead, shooting down his mother’s throat. It was as if he hadn’t cum in three months. There seemed to be no end to the reservoir of jism rushing out of his prick.

“Mmmpphhh,” Diane gurgled. She whimpered around Mike’s throbbing, squirting prick as the hot cock sap rushed down her throat.

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   Clinging to his cock with her fist and lips, she furiously gulped it all down, swallowing until she’d drained every drop of her son’s delicious spurting cum.

Then she took his prick out of her mouth and licked his cock shaft adoringly, cleaning her saliva off of the glistening shaft of his prick. But it soon became obvious that his prick wasn’t going to soften. His cock remained rock-hard and throbbing, and Diane realized how eager Mike was to fuck his hard-on into her pussy.

Diane lifted her head, licked her lips and looked at her son with shamelessly horny eyes. “Do you want to fuck me now, Michael?”

“Yeah!” Mike shot back, an evil gleam in his eye. “Take some of those clothes out of the hamper and spread them on the floor. I’m going to fuck the shit out of your sweet, juicy cunt. ”

Diane wasn’t used to taking orders from her own child, but it seemed only natural now that they were fucking. And she had to admit that the idea of being so submissive to him turned her on.

Eagerly, she turned from the machine and pulled a big pile of dirty clothes out of the hamper. Then she spread them on the space between the machines and the wall, forming a makeshift bed.

With his big stiff prick bobbing before him, Mike climbed off the machine and watched her impatiently. He stopped her when she started to rest on her back on the pile of clothes.

“Not that way.

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   Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded tersely. “I’m going to fuck you like a Goddamn dog. ”

Like a dog, Diane thought. That’s what I deserve…

Her pussy was unbearably wet and hot as she gave in to Mike’s wishes, getting on her hands and knees on the floor. The nipples of her enormous hanging tits were painfully stiff, and her pussy was throbbing with lust. She thought of asking Mike to eat her out first — he was such a wonderfully talented pussy-sucker for his age — but dismissed the idea as unnecessary. Her cunt was already as wet as a swamp.

“Lift your ass, Mom,” Mike said lightly slapping her ass cheeks. “You know better than that. ”

Whimpering, Diane dropped her cheek to her folded arms. She lifted her rounded ass high and spread her knees on the floor, putting her cunt in the perfect position to be fucked by his enormous cock.

Mike mounted her, holding his raging hard-on in his fist. Diane grimaced as he teased her by rubbing his drooling cock head up and down her hairy pussy. Then he pressed the bloated prick knob between the pouting lips of her cunt.

“Ahhhh, shit!” Diane hissed.


   Immediately she started humping her ass, grinding her pussy onto his cock. “That’s gooood, so fucking goooood!”

“Do you want it, Mom!” He paused with only his cock head inside her, feeling her clinging pussy muscles suck tightly around the crown of his prick meat. “Do you want me to fuck you? Why don’t you beg for my big prick?”

“Fuuuuck meeee!” Diane cried, grateful that the laundry room walls were so thick. Hornily she humped her ass, gasping and panting with her need. “Fuck the shit out of me, Michael! Aw God, want your cock so fucking much!”

Grinning, Mike slid his hands up her torso and gripped the huge hanging orbs of her milk white tits. Then he started to contract and hump his ass cheeks, fucking the meaty inches of his cock into his mother’s gurgling cunt.

“Yes, oh yes!” Diane lifted her head and brayed like an animal as she felt her pussy tunnel stretching, greasily admitting the swollen length of her boy’s big prick. “It’s going into me, Michael! Oh fuck, I can feel it! Your cock’s stretching my cunt!”

Mike corkscrewed his ass, fucking his hard-on all the way into her pussy. Then he squeezed bet big tits and furiously started fucking her, crouching over her beautiful back, rhythmically fucking his burning cock in and out of her cunt.

“Faster, Michael!” Diane dug her fingernails into the laundry and grunted as she whipped up her hips to meet his thrusts, steadily driving her hairy pussy slit onto his magnificent cock. “My cunt’s throbbing! Michael, fuck the shit out of me! I want to cum all over your big fat prick!”

Mike sighed with every thrust, feeling his mother’s slippery pussy tunnel cling needfully to the bloated shaft of his cock meat. His hands continually mauled her enormous tits, squeezing them as if they were udders, as if he expected warm milk to spurt out of the distended pink tips.

Faster and harder he fucked into her cunt, fucking his hard-on relentlessly to the hilt with every thrust. Diane felt as if her boy’s cock were a battering ram.

Her cunt was juicing and burning, madly clasping around the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

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   Already Diane could feel the deep rooted throbbing in her belly that told her she was going to cum. Dropping her head, she tried to lift her ass even harder, desperate for even another half-inch of Mike’s cock to ram up her buttery cunt.

“You’re tight, Mom,” Mike gasped. “You’re so fucking tight. Your sweet little pussy’s gonna suck the cum right out of me. ”

“Unh, fuck me!” Diane’s moans were almost loud enough to penetrate the laundry room walls and awaken her husband, but the thought of Harry catching her with her son’s cock inside her pussy wade her even hornier.

Then she felt the sharp contractions in the depths of her velvety, prick-filled pussy, and Diane knew she was about to cream.

“Fuck me harder, Mike! My cunt’s throbbing, it’s going to explode! Unngghhh! Shit, oh fucking shit! Fuck me harder, Mike, as hard as you can! Awww fuck, I’m cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnggg!”

The spasms burst exquisitely through her aching pussy, making the curly haired pussy slit clamp spasmodically around her son’s fucking prick. Mike pulled her jiggling tits and fucked his mother as hard as he could through the duration of her cum, pleasuring her pussy again and again.

Then the spasms subsided. Diane, who had nearly blacked out while cuming so hard, fell flat onto her belly, crushing her huge tits against the clothes. She lay there panting for nearly a minute with simple satisfaction, before feeling her son’s fingers spreading the sweating lusciously rounded cheeks of her ass.

“Mmm, Michael,” she murmured lazily. “What do you think you’re doing back there?”

“I haven’t cum yet, Mom,” Mike replied evenly. “I think I’m going to fuck you up the ass!”

With that he spread her ass cheeks wide, revealing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

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   Diane opened her eyes wide with surprise. Mike laughed softly as her tightly muscled asshole puckered before his eyes.

“Shit, Momma! You really got a nice one!” His cock was as hard as iron, throbbing rhythmically. Mike mounted his mother’s voluptuous nakedness and twisted until he had the knob of his hard-on centered on her small sucking asshole. Then he began to push his cock into her, embedding the prick nob securely in the forbidden heat of her asshole ring.

“I… I don’t know if I want you to fuck me there, Michael,” Diane said worriedly. “Your cock is so big!”

“Shit, Momma,” Mike said cruelly. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had your asshole fucked before?”

He started fucking savagely, cramming the meaty stalk of his cock into her rubbery asshole. Diane winced as she felt her asshole walls tearing around his invading prick. Helplessly she started struggling, trying to get away from the pain shooting through her bowels.

“Stop it, Michael!” she cried, her face contorted in pain. “You’re hurting me! Don’t push so hard! Unhh! Aww, Michael, you’re hurting my ass! Stop!”

Mike ignored her, only grunting louder as he pistoned his hips over her helpless body. In spite of his mother’s protests he fucked inch after inch of his burning hard-on into her asshole, until the little ass ring was stretched around the very root of his stiffened prick.

He paused then, resting on top of her and savoring the tightness of her asshole clutching his aching cock. Diane whimpered submissively under her breath.

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   The sharp pain had vanished, but she felt hurt that her son would want to fuck her ass without permission.

Then Mike pulled out, withdrawing his steaming cock until only the puffy prick knob parted her asshole lips. Diane was surprised to feel herself lifting her hips up to him, as if reluctant to let his magnificent cock out of her ravaged ass.

Then he fucked his prick back in again, and she realized that it did feel good. Ass fucking wasn’t a mere secondary pleasure to her, something to be done only when her pussy was too sore, and slowly and carefully at that.

As her son started fucking into her stretched asshole, fucking his cock steadily in and out, Diane quickly realized how much she loved getting fucked up the ass. She could feel her ass tunnel pulsing now, clinging tightly to the fucking stiffness of her son’s prick. She wanted it… she wanted more cock!

“Unngghhh,” Diane groaned. She shut her eyes and started humping beneath her horny son, thrusting up her rounded, jiggling ass cheeks for more of his cock. “Unh, Michael. ”

“Do you dig it now, Mom?” Mike panted.

He thrust his hands under her ribs, again gripping her mammoth tits. Faster and faster he fucked her throbbing asshole, wincing as the rubbery ass sheath clutched his veined cock with every thrust. “Huh? Do you? Do you like the way I fuck your sweet little ass?”

“Yes, darling. ” Diane started humping much harder, shamelessly giving in to the cravings.

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   “You’re right, Son, it feels lovely now! Unhhh! My asshole’s really juicing, lover! Fuck me good and hard! Fuck your mother!”

Mike fucked his mother’s tender asshole as hard as he could, fucking his drooling prick head to the depths of his mother’s churning ass tunnel. Diane felt herself growing incredibly horny, even after creaming so much fuck oil in her son’s prick when his cock had been fucking in her pussy.

Every inch of her asshole sheath was pulsing violently and rhythmically, so hard that Diane wondered how her boy could withstand the pressure around his fucking cock. Grunting lewdly, the naked mother thrust her hand between her legs, groping through her pussy curls for her gooey slit.

Her cunt was red and hot, and the pouting pussy lips were nearly overflowing with her musky fuck juice. Diane shuddered as she fucked two fingers into her mushy pussy. She started to rub off her cunt as her son furiously fucked his big prick between her ass cheeks.

“I’m gonna cum, Michael!” she cried.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, as hard as you can! My asshole loves your big fat cock! Fuck me with it, lover! Kill my asshole with your big, beautiful dick! Cumming now! Fuck my asshole, fuck it… fuck it… ahh… cuuummmiiinnngg!”

Her asshole spasmed violently, sucking Mike’s cock from the knob to the root. Mike couldn’t stand the intense pressure of her rubbery ass tunnel. Burying his cock between her ass cheeks, he let out a small cry as he came, squirting streams of thick, sappy cum into the clutching heat of his mother’s asshole.

“Yes, Son!” Diane squealed and flexed her ass spincter, milking the jism out of her boy’s hairy balls. “I love you, Mike! I love your dick so much!”