Fax and Fantasy: Chapter 2


Chapter 2It was three days after having gotten herself off on her brother's bed, and a warm summer's day, that Jo decided the panties she was wearing had ripened enough. She had been wearing this particular pair for three days, making the garment filthy and ripe for her brother, the next time he decided to grab a pair from her bedroom floor for one of his masturbation sessions. Jo felt sticky and filthy still wearing those panties. With it being warm, the garment had soaked up sweat, along with having accumulated the remainders of piss and cunt juice from the past few days. Jo hadn't bothered to be as thorough in cleaning herself as she usually was, for the specific purpose of making her panties a real treasure for her hot brother. She had also kept them pulled up into the crack of her arse as much as possible, and didn't pass up an opportunity to let rip with massive farts whenever the moment arose. Jo thought to herself that the filth of it could probably be 'wrung out' of them by now, and giggled to herself. Would her brother go for it? Or would he opt out and possibly wait for a cleaner pair. It was something Jo simply needed to know, in order to know how to proceed. She looked out of her window, noticing her brother sitting in a chair sunbathing near the pool, and saw more opportunities. She stepped out of her sticky panties, which proceeded to 'plop' to the floor, heavy as they were with the absorbed wetness, and proceeded to take a fresh shower before choosing out her skimpiest swim suit to go sun tanning close to her brother. Looking at herself before going down and out to the pool, she regarded herself in the mirror, and saw a 5'10" tall 17-year-old with hair dyed blond, dressed in nothing but a very small bikini, barely covering her areolas, and thong bikini panties tightly hugging the bulge of her cunt in the front, and a narrow strip disappearing into the crack of her arse in the back. 'Let's see how I can go in showing him his sister's goodies,' Jo challenged herself. She had a feeling she would be able to go far; and as it turned out, she was right. ***Jo stepped out the backdoor, and immediately felt the hot sun on her skin. Holding her hand over her eyes to block the sun, she pretended to look around, yet was merely interested in seeing if her brother Michael had noticed her presence.

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   He had. Underneath her fingers she could see him raising his head and opening his eyes in a squint, looking in her direction. Jo could see his mouth opening, and realized he couldn't stop himself completely from being openly stunned at how skimpy the swimming wear was that his sister had decided to wear. Licking her lips and scanning for a chair, Jo remained standing in her spot, arching her back somewhat and sticking her chest forward. 'Take a good look at my fucking tits, brother,' Jo thought to herself as she felt on display for her sibling. Finally she walked to the nearest chair, and dragged it toward a spot in the sun, close to her brother. She positioned the chair in such a way that it would be facing her brother. Being satisfied with it, she walked to the pool and jumped in to cool off. In reality Jo wanted her swim wear to become transparent by the wetness, as it would (she selected it for that purpose), as well as having the cold water stiffening her nipples. No move she made was without its purpose; everything was meant to be for the benefit of putting on a display. Around her brother, Jo became an exhibitionist. The 17-year-old climbed out of the water, and after walking to her chair, sat down in it. She adjusted the back so she would be in more of a horizontal position, and after putting on a pair of sunglasses, she laid back, her legs apart as far as they could without them falling off the sides. Looking through her shades, Jo watched Michael without him knowing it. At least, without him knowing it for sure.

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   His eyes were closed, and the girl used the opportunity to pull the crotch of her bikini thongs up, so more of it ended up in her cunt slit, and it no longer covered up her whole mound. Looking down, she could see some of her pubes sticking out from the sides as well as the shape of her slit being visible where the material had been pulled into her cleft. The transparency from the water also moderately revealed some of her meats behind it. Feeling particularly horny, she finally manipulated her top in such a way that one of her stiff nipples was partially revealed, which was easy enough with the top being so small and covering so little. In the knowledge that her brother could see some of her muff hair and some of her nipple, Jo laid back, her hands on her stomach, and feeling her cunt burn with sexual tension and anticipation. In the position that brother and sister were in as they sat tanning in their chairs, if Michael were to open his eyes and look at his sister, he would see her sitting perfectly with her feet in his direction, and reclined back, with her legs spread more than a lady should. He would be able to peer between the soles of her feet and her legs and thighs, to where they joined at her crotch. He would see the point where the backsides and part of the insides of her thighs were separated by her buttocks with a crease. He would see how her butt cheeks were pressed flat by her weight as she was laying on them, and how it made them pressed tightly against each other, so that a slit was clearly visible that ran up to right under her cunt. He would see how the thin strip of her thong would come out of that slit between her butt cheeks, and widen so it would cover her cunt, although in this case some of that cunt was visible as the crotch was slightly pulled into the cleft, and some of Jo's dark pubes were sticking out from the sides. In short, if Michael would look, he would get almost the same kind of view of his sister's that he would get if he would be laying on the floor on his back, and his sister would be standing over his head and he would be looking up between her legs. And just as in that situation, in this situation too, he would be able to see his sister's cunt bulge out against the crotch of her thongs. As Jo realized all of this, a shiver of perverse delight coursed through her body. It was such a nasty thought, and such a lewd, unladylike position to be in so close to her own brother, and she loved every second of it. Jo lay with her head back somewhat, but was able to keep an eye on her brother the whole time.

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   And it wasn't long before she could see him open his eyes and see his sister. Without him knowing it, she watched him look at her. She could feel his eyes glide over her body, and it made her toes curl inwardly. As a matter of fact, it made the muscles in her entire lower body clench up, from her cunt to her arsehole. She could feel the entrance of her snatch as well as her anus tighten up and her buttocks clenching more tightly together. Immediately she hoped Michael would notice some of it, and he did. The goose bumps spread over her body and her nipples tightened and stiffened to the maximum, and instantly she remembered that some of one of her nipples was exposed. ***From his end, Michael was staring at his sister; his sister that seemed to be coming on to him more and more as the days went by. If she wasn't his sister, he would have probably bent her over a table already. But she was his sister, for Christ's sakes. He may have become extremely sexually attracted to her, to the point of having the kinkiest, most perverted fantasies about her, but she was still his sister and he had to remember that. Flirting, jerking off thinking about her, using her yellow-and-brown stained panties on his cock, even. But not actually fucking her, or anything else going too far like eating her out or having her suck his prick. No matter how appealing the thought was. He looked at Jo, and saw her lying back, her face lifted upward somewhat but still not being able to see her eyes under the rim of her sun glasses.

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   Did she even know how much of her goods she was putting on display?The way she was laying there, he might as well have been lying down and looking up between her legs, but it wasn't just that. He slid his stare slowly over her body. He looked at the soles of her feet, from her pink heel, over her wrinkled soles to her inwardly curling toes. His eyes wandered over her long legs, over the top of them and along the insides of them; they looked thick and muscular but Michael knew it was because they were lying on the leg rest of the chair. He looked up her legs and between them, seeing the slit where her buttocks were pressed tightly against each other, and seeing her thong appear as if out of nowhere from between them. It was a silly thought, but it was on moments like this that he wanted to be a thong more than anything in the world. He realized it was his sister he was looking at when he looked at the crotch of Jo's bikini thongs and the blood rose to his cheeks, making them burn. The crotch seemed pulled up into his sister's slit to the point where he could see the shape of it, and he could clearly see that his sister didn't shave, as her dark pubic hair was visibly sticking from the sides. The damn thing even seemed to show most of her cunt right through them. He wondered if Jo knew how easy it would be to see through that material when it became wet. Looking further upward, across her tight stomach, her smallish but nice tits were hardly covered by her bikini top. As a matter of fact, with one of her tits, the triangular shaped material that would hardly cover her nipples anyway, had shifted somehow to the point where half of her areola was visible, and a stiff, pink nipple stuck out right outside of it. For fuck's sake, he could actually see his sister's nipple, all stiff and pink. He could see her nipple; he could see her pussy hair, and even what he couldn't really see he still could, somehow, simply by the shape of it. He thought he could even see his sister's buttocks tighten up and loosen, again and again.

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   It looked so fucking hot, so inviting, he just couldn't help it. Michael's cock started to stir, and within moments his swimming briefs had begun to tent without him even being aware. ***Jo clenched her muscles again and again, not entirely voluntarily. The lust surging though her hot body made her feel anxious, and it made her cunt twitch, and her butt hole with it. She had been watching her brother for some time now, and he was openly looking at her, most likely not even being aware how openly. She felt his gaze everywhere and she revelled in it. She could it feel every step of the way, how his eyes would focus on her feet, her legs, her crotch, her tits and her face. Whatever body part she felt he was looking at, started to tingle as she imagined his mouth on it. His saliva covering it, sliding over it; down it; in some cases, in between or into it. She imagined his mouth on every part of her body and being covered with her brother's warm spit. Jo didn't know how much longer she would be able to hold out like this; she was driving herself nuts with her own thoughts. She was going nuts thinking about what Michael would do to her as she watched him staring at her body. It was at about this point that she noticed it. She noticed the huge bulge in the crotch of his swimming trunks. He was hard! Her darling brother was looking at her and had a hard cock.

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   She couldn't help licking her lips and moving her arse on the seating of the chair. She pretended it to be for adjusting herself, but what Michael didn't know was that she just couldn't help moving her arse because she was turned on beyond belief at the sight of her brother having a stiff dick from looking at her. They were now turning each other on with their bodies, although Jo was the only one to know the other was looking at her. The 17-year-old girl couldn't stand it anymore. She had to take care of business. There was hardly anything else to do with her brother still being unaware she was doing things on purpose. If only he could give him some view of something he hadn't seen yet. Her arsehole. Yes, she had to figure out a way for him to see some part of her anus before going upstairs and wanking herself to a climax. She knew how to do it. So Jo stood up from the chair with a seductive sigh, noticing her brother quickly closing his eyes and still not aware of his own bulge, and jumped into the pool for a few laps. Right before getting out, she reached back between her arse cheeks and pulled the thong up, tightly into the crack of her arse and even more into the cleft of her cunt. She climbed up, grabbed her sun glassed, and walked toward the side of her brother. "Michael. .

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  . " Jo said, a nervous tremor in her voice, "You want anything to drink?"Michael opened his eyes, looked up to his sister, trying to avoid looking at her crotch and the nipple still sticking right out of the side of the patch that was supposed to cover it, and said: "Uhhh, sure. I'll have a coke. "Jo turned around, 'accidentally' dropped her sun glasses, and bent forward to pick them up as slowly as she could. She bent slowly through her knees in a slight squatting position, so that her arse was practically as the same height as her brother's head. And as she took her time picking her sun glasses up, she could feel the sun, as well as her brother's eyes, burn in the crack of her arse. What Michael was looking at, not knowing that Jo knew, was a pair of his sister's spread globes, the crack of her arse and the thin strip of her thong running through it, and it covered her anus so sparingly that only the opening was covered by it. Michael could, however, see the darker colour of the skin around her anus, as well as tiny hairs surrounding it and even the wrinkles of her arsehole on both sides of the strip of material of her thong. Before she got up, Jo clenched her muscles once, pulling the anal muscle tight into a puckered ring and making the wrinkles even more clearly visible as they were pulled together into the pucker that was only barely covered. Jo hoped her brother was able to get a good, long look at her shithole, insofar as he could see it, and finally walked inside the house to get her brother his drink. After having given her flushed, hard brother his coke, she smiled at him and walked back into the house, at which point Michael finally noticed how visible his arousal was. And yet, he didn't really care, if only because it was too late to do anything about it anyway. Jo had quickly gone upstairs to her room. She leaned out the window so she could see her brother and put a pair of his boxers in her mouth. She put one foot on whatever was there so she could keep her legs apart, and as she watched her brother, she had one hand in her crotch and one in her crack.

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   And as she looked at her brother she wanked her needy cunt and hungry arsehole. Within minutes she would muffle the scream from her orgasm with her brother's underwear in her mouth, as her tight holes contracted around her greased digits. Panting and satisfied, she allowed Michael's boxers to drop from her mouth, and slid her fingers from her holes, and as she kept her eyes on her brother, she sucked her fingers clean from cunt and arse juice, imagining the whole time that it is her brother doing the sucking, and that it is her brother who was tasting the rich flavours of her cunt and crapper. ***Having frigged herself and releasing the tension, Jo could now go back down and sun bathe. With her own needs out of the way, she could tease her brother to her heart's content. But she hadn't been lying on her chair for a whole minute, when she could hear someone in the house, and it wouldn't be long before her mother Jane came walking out of the house in her own bathing suit. Jo suddenly felt pissed at her mother. Why the fuck did the woman have to disturb her fun with her brother? And that outfit, virtually as revealing as her own. She did know she was dressed like that in front of her own children, didn't she?What kind of mother would sun bathe in something that revealing in front of her own son and daughter? With jealous contempt Jo looked at her mother, whom she loved dearly otherwise. But she was fucking up her plans. Jane was babbling something to Michael that Jo didn't pay any attention to, as the girl watched her mother find a chair and drag it to a spot in the sun not far away from the two of them. Jo was steaming, and it wasn't alleviated when after a couple of minutes Michael lay tanning with his eyes closed, and she noticed her mother looking at her son in a way that seemed off. She seemed to regard him unlike a mother as she was oiling up her thighs with lotion, her eyes on her son's body and seemingly not his head at anytime. The teenage girl, whom the mother didn't even seem to notice, watched her mother watch Michael as she was oiling the insides of her thighs now, near the bulging crotch of her dark bikini bottoms. 'How disgusting,' Jo thought, 'for a mother to check out her own son, right in the vicinity of her daughter as well.

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  'Jo had had enough. She got up, and said: "If you need me, I'll be at Jill's place," before walking into the house and out of sight of a brother and mother who didn't even notice Jo's mood. ***It was a few hours later, deep in the afternoon, when Jo came back. She had gone to her friend Jill's place and they had gone to the mall just to hang out. Jill was there obviously checking out the boys although Jo really wasn't interested in anyone but her own brother. Jill was no dummy, she knew something was up, and sooner or later she'd find out the deal. Coming home and walking straight to her bedroom, Jo crashed to her bed, but it wasn't long before she suddenly remembered the scene at the pool. She got up quickly and looked out of her window, noticing that her mother was sun bathing, but her brother was gone. He wasn't in his own room, because the door was open and nobody was inside. So he must be at one of his buddies. Looking around her room absent minded, she suddenly noticed something. Her panties; the filthy panties she had worn for days and had left on the floor earlier were no longer there. That meant they could only be in one other place!Knowing that her brother wasn't home, and her mother downstairs outside, Jo quickly walked into Michael's room, knowing exactly where to look. She lifted his mattress and indeed, there they were. Her worn panties.

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   She picked them up, smiling, and realizing how nasty they were, and that her brother might have already used them. Her cunt was starting to leak at the thought. Turning them inside out, the smile on her face disappeared and her mouth opened in surprise. She found the stains to be gone. The thing was wet as hell, but there was hardly a trace left of her bodily fluids. In her mind, Jo knew how it happened and she pictured it. She pictured her brother wanking his fat, juicy cock, a slimy film of pre-cum covering the purple head of it, thinking about the sight of his sister at the pool this afternoon, and having her used, filthy panties in his mouth. She pictured him cleaning her filthy panties by sucking the dirty stains right out of them. Sucking the yellow cunt-juice-and piss stain from the crotch, and sucking the brown arse stain from the rear. She pictured his large, hairy balls erupting and his cock spewing jizz like a fountain, his hot cum landing all over him from his thighs to his chest as he sucked his sister's dirt from her panties and his mouth was filled with the unmistakable, rich flavours of his sister's cunt and shithole. And Jo's knees buckled, an orgasm thundering through her loins. .