Mom competes with Dad part 5


Mom competes with Dad Part 5.
Please catch up on Parts 1 to 4 before continuing, as this has become quite a long story.
You are really lusting for me, aren’t you Daddy? I thought. You are going to be deliciously rough with me, aren’t you, Daddy? I anticipated and groaned.
I walked slowly to my bed and waited next to it. I heard Daddy step out of his boxers behind me without looking. Then he was behind me and put his arms around me. With one big hand he gently rubbed my tummy through my nightie while drawing me against him with his other hand which was on my heart and touching both my breasts. His cock was already erect and pressed hard and hot into the middle of my back. His hand rubbing my tummy was collecting my nightie, gathering it upward until he had its hem between his fingers. He transferred it to his other hand and drew it up further and then lifted it over my head so that I just had to lift my arms for him to undress me. He now rubbed my breasts, fondling them with his big hands, squeezing them and softly pinching and pulling my nipples. I leaned back against him and slipped one hand behind my back to take his cock and start pulling its sheath up and down.
He groaned and turned me around and covered my mouth with his and his hand went directly to my shaven pussy. He fondled my shaven pubis, savoring the feel of my baby-smooth skin and the small landing strip of dark short coarse hair. We kissed, urgently, roughly.

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   Then he broke his mouth away from mine and kissed a slow wet trail down my throat to my breasts. He started kissing my breasts, not so much roughly as lustfully, greedy, possessing them, totally unlike Mom’s patient butterfly teasing. Then he took hold of my buttocks and kneeled in front of me and started licking my baby-bare pubis with its Brazilian landing strip. I parted my legs little by little in response to his prodding, allowing him to reach ever deeper between my legs with his tongue.
“Lie down!” he ordered me and I complied very willingly.
He kneeled over me with his cock in my face and dipped his face into the V of my thighs. “Suck my cock,” He ordered again. “any way you want to, as long as you don’t bite. ” And then he started eating my pussy, licking, sucking and nipping my tender lips, gradually circling in on my clit. By the time he sucked my clit into his mouth my buttocks were bouncing off the mattress. I sucked his cock, mostly only its huge blunt circumcised head, licking it, swirling my tongue around it and softly biting it just behind its rim. I was still a novice cock sucker and wasn’t ready to attempt anything like deep throating yet, but Daddy seemed to like what I was doing.
He inserted first one and then two fingers into my pussy, relaxing my sphincter and making me come at the same time. I muffled my whimpers by sucking hard on his cock and probably bit it quit hard in the process because he yelped.
Daddy turned himself around on top of me and started rubbing the big blunt head of his cock into my slit, feeling for the dimple marking the access to my love tunnel.

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   When he found his mark he wiggled it a few times and then thrust with his hips. This time he entered me smoothly, hardly hurting at all, and hilted me in one slow thrust.
He started fucking me, slowly at first, trapping my over-excited body under his and pinning my gyrating hips down, forcing his rhythm on me. I started copying his rhythm, fucking him back thrust for thrust and he liked it, unpinning me more and more so that I found more freedom to fuck him back. “Daddy! This is sooo good! You have no idea what your cock is doing to my pussy!”
“Are you close to cummung yet?” he whispered.
“Noo! But it feels sooo good. I don’t want you to stop forever!”
He gathered me in his arms and rolled over, holding me against him so that his cock didn’t slip out of my pussy. “Now, pull your knees up so that you are sitting on my crotch. Now you are going to learn how to fuck me from the topside. Take it slow until you get the hang of it, then take control and fuck your Dad. ”
I have seen a lot of woman-on-top sex watching porn with Carla. I have already experimented with a stiff pillow because I knew Daddy would be wanting it sooner or later. I was as ready to fuck Daddy as I ever would be. However it still took a while to get the hang of it but I didn’t let his huge cock slip out of my pussy even once. After a bit of trial and error wiggling of my ass and a few minutes of rhythm-less pushing down on his cock I began to get the hang of it and got a nice slow rhythm going.

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It felt so fucking great to be jockeying Daddy. I realized that in this position I could draw out or speed up my own orgasm as well as more or less control the depth of penetration that I liked best at any time, but I was too inexperienced still. I simply did not have enough control. I found that by bending down I could feed my tits to his eager mouth, but when I did so I lost my rhythm because of my lack of inexperience. Then, when my orgasm started gathering deep inside me I knew I was going to lose all control. “Daddy! Turn me around and fuck me!”  I groaned. “Please!”
He held me to him again and rolled us over. For a moment he lay with his full weight on top of me, smothering me, sweetly crushing and domineering me, then he lifted his torso on his arms and started to fuck me hard, making me gasp and pant.   “Daddy!” I panted, “Daddy, you are big! Oh god, you are big!”
“Am I hurting you?” he grunted.
“Oh god, yes! No! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy! Faster! Harder! Make me cum! Oh god, make me cum! Please make me cum!” I was glad that I thought of closing my window earlier as I was vociferous enough to wake Mom.
He must also have thought about Mom because he muffled me by kissing my mouth shut before increased the tempo of his thrusting to a maddening fast rhythm. In no time I felt my orgasm gathering. “Daddy!” I sobbed into his mouth. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Ohwow! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oohhh!” Suddenly it felt as if a secret floodgate had burst. It felt as if I my pussy gushed cum juice, it swirled and pooled around Daddy’s cock so that his thrusting squeezed it out in little spurts that ran down my ass crack and gathered in a pool under my ass.

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“I’m cumming, Princess!” he growled. “Arrgghhh! I’m cumming!” and for the first time in my life I felt wads of hot cum squirting into my pussy, mingling with my own copious juices, drenching my pussy anew with his slick, tacky cum so that his cock was awash in a mixture of our juices.
Daddy felt my wetness. “You gushed when you came!” he said. “God you are wet!”
“You didn’t use a condom!” I admonished, a little worried.
“You’re not near your fertile time yet. It should be okay. I’ll get you a morning after pill tomorrow for in case and then you must get on to Dianne as soon as possible. Bare fucking is just so much nicer. ”
After some more kissing and a bit of fondling he crept back to his bed and I wiped our cum off my legs and bum and fell asleep hugging a pillow. My last thoughts were that Mom and Daddy both fucked me the same night and that this was too big to keep to myself. Carla would have to know.
_______________ ________________________
I went over to Carla after school on Monday afternoon. We opened her Dad’s porn directory and searched for new stuff that he downloaded over the weekend. He subscribed to two very high quality sites and downloaded only the horniest, most explicit hardcore stuff.

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   We were getting quite an education. We have also become clever. To enable us to secretly watch his porn whenever we wanted to, we copied his stuff on to an 8G flash drive and then watched it on her or my own computer. This way we had no porn saved on our machines.
While we were copying the new porn files I nudged her and said conspiratorially: “I have something to show you. It’s your turn to keep secrets. ”
She was immediately very curious, expecting it to have something to do with me and Daddy. “What? Show me!”
“Get your Bible. ”
“God, is it as big as that! You’re not fucking pregnant, are you?” She hastened to fetch her bible, honoring the ritual she started with me, without waiting for me to answer.
After she solemnly swore to keep my secret “on pain of death by lightning” I pulled down my panty and lifted my skirt to show her my shaven pussy.
“Oh my gosh, Angie! Your pussy looks great like that. God you look fuckable. Did you do it yourself. ”
“No. ” I croaked from excitement because of what I was going to divulge: “Mom did it.

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“Your mom shaved your pussy?” She asked stunned, just as I imagined she would be. “Why?”
“Friday night. It’s a bit of a story but she shaved me and then we took turns to fuck each other lesbian. ”
She stared at me as if I just landed in a flying saucer. “Gawd! You little slutty minx! Let’s get to my room. You’re going to tell me every little bit. ”
We took our flash drive, turned her dad’s computer off and went to her room. Lying on her bed I told her every detail about Friday night, starting with our hamburger at Mike’s and ending with my gushing experience and Daddy’s cum oozing from my pussy. She listened in a state of stunned silence, only asking me to repeat some of the juicy bits every now and again. She knew more about Trish than I did. “She has a boutique. ” She filled me in: “She designs her own clothes and lingerie and has a small factory at her house, in her garage, where they produce it. She has three women working for her, making the stuff. I know because mom buys some of her lingerie from her. ” And then the best bit “She puts on a local fashion show each quarter.

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   Mom once suggested that I do a modeling course and model for her. Maybe we should?”
Later when I told her about Mom’s extra big clit, she wanted me to show exactly how big it was. I compared it to my index finger. “it’s about this big, and when it’s hard it looks like a little sausage in a hot dog bun, only it’s not inside, know what I mean, it’s pushed out of the bun, and it’s pink head sticks clear out of the sheath. ” I groaned at the recollection. “You can suck it right into your mouth, like this!” and I sucked my index finger halfway into my mouth to demonstrate.
“Gawd!” she drawled and imitated me, sucking her index finger into her mouth. “Gawd, I can just imagine. ”
When I was finished we were silent for a few seconds, then she said: “I want to shave my pussy same as yours. Do you want to help me?”
“Sure!” I said, “if you don’t mind me touching you there a lot. ”
“We’re close friends, you’ve seen me nude lots. ” She thought about something for a moment. “I’ve never kissed a girl before, you know what I mean, with my mouth open, French. ”
“I haven’t either if I don’t count my mom. She doesn’t count, she is different like my Dad.

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   He doesn’t count as a guy either. ”
“Have you ever thought of kissing a girl before? I mean, looked at a girl and said to yourself, gee I wonder what it would be like to kiss her?”
“Not before Friday. Now I might, though. If Trish tries to kiss me I know I won’t put up a fight. She has a really nice soft mouth, like Mom and me. ”
“Will you let her have sex with you?”
“I think I will, yes,” I thought I sounded very mature. “because I’m curious, very curious. I don’t think I’m gay because I really wanted Dad to fuck me afterwards on Friday night. I really, really need cock fucking, I know that already. But I’m curious. ”
“What if you shave my pussy and it turns you on? What if it turns me on?”
“If you get turned on you may kiss me, I won’t mind. If you like it enough we can go with our feelings. We stop if either one of us don’t feel good about it. We’re can experiment a bit and if it works for us we go with the flow. ”

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  ” Her voice was croaking now. “You want to shave me?”
“Jip. ” Shaving was still so very new to us. Both of us associated shaved pussies with porn or at least adult sex. Both our moms shaved and she also suspected hers of being kind of ‘loose’.
We fetched what we needed and she lay on her bed with a towel under her ass. I shaved her, taking my time. When I was finally satisfied I bent down and kissed her silky-smooth mound next to her new finger wide landing strip. “Slut!” I whispered seductively. “You have such a fucking beautiful pussy. Want to see?”
I held a mirror between her legs for her to see. “Oh god!” she gasped. “My pussy is totally exposed!”
“Deliciously fuckable, don’t you think? When Al sees this he is going to want to fuck you like a dog. He is going to copulate with you like a he-dog rutting a bitch. You won’t get him off you!” I kissed her shaven mound, gradually opening my mouth to cover as much of her mound as possible.

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“Al doesn’t need encouragement. ”
“Do you still want me to do you?” I asked, beginning to look forward to it.
“Yeees! But this is a bad time, lover boy. ” She giggled. “Mom will be back in less than half an hour and I don’t want us to rush it. Ask your mom if you can sleep over with me on Saturday. We will have the whole house for ourselves until twelve or one. We can pretend we are lovers and have lesbian sex by candlelight. What do you say?”
Her idea was good, of course. Having fist time lesbian sex in harsh daylight was not a good idea. This was something that had to be experimented with in the dark. There is no better cure for inhibitions than to simply switch the lights off. “I love you, you dirty little slut. I’ll be the man and you can be my girlfriend. ”
“Okay, lover boy.


   I think I prefer to be the girl, at least for the first time. You can do the driving on Saturday night. ”
“ Good, because I think I’d like to act the guy part. ”
“We should check out some lez clips for ideas, don’t you think?”
“Yeah. Where did we put the flash drive?”
_________________________ _____________
Dad crept into my bed again on Tuesday night and fucked me using a studded condom.
When he woke me up I was really sleepy and not in the mood for sex. He wasn’t having any of my protests though and undressed me awkwardly, pulling my panty off me roughly. “My precious little slut, I can’t get you off my mind. Your tits under this thin nightie… Your shaven, slutty pussy… Your wagging ass… I just have to fuck you… I have to have you… make you cum… fuck your pussy… Don’t fight me, my little bitch!” Because I protested he pinned my wrists down above my head with one big, strong hand and sucked my tits while rubbing my pussy with his other hand’s fingers.
It didn’t take long before I was fully awake and warming to his rough foreplay. He rolled on top of me all too soon and pushed his cock into my pussy still holding my wrists. I needed my hands free and struggled against him but it only turned him on more and so he held my wrists tighter and kissed my mouth shut and started to fuck me hard. The more I struggled the harder he pinned me and the deeper he thrusted his cock into my pussy.  “Daddy!” I groaned, “You’re hurting me tonight!”
He didn’t reply but thrust his cock in deep and just kept it parking there while he single handedly opened a tube of something which he squirted over his fingers. He started rubbing my asshole with it and it felt slippery-wet.

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   Then he began teasing the dimple of my asshole with one finger and I realized what he intended doing and panicked a bit. “Daddy! You can’t fuck my asshole! You’re way too fucking big for me there! Your cock! Oh my god, your cock is huge. It’s a monster! It’s gonna destroy my ass!”
“I’m going to finger-fuck your ass while I fuck you, my little slutty Princess. You wanted me to teach you every way that I wanted to fuck you, didn’t you? This is one way. ”
“I’m scared that you’re going to hurt me, Daddy!”
“I know what I’m doing, Princess. You’re going to love it. ”
Then he wiggled his fingertip and it slipped past my sphincter muscle and into my asshole. My sphincter muscle immediately started clamping on the intruding finger, which he twisted around to relax my asshole before slowly pushing it deeper, continuing his invasion of my ass until I felt him hilting. I figured out that it was his thumb that was inside my ass. He just wiggled it around for a while to let me get comfortable with it and then started thumb fucking my ass while keeping my pussy filled up with his cock but without thrusting it in and out. My asshole felt a little abused but it was not at all as gross as I thought it would be and I very quickly realized that I was starting to like it very much. In fact it didn’t take very long before I felt the mother of orgasms rearing in the core of my being.
“Daddy!” I warned. “You are going to make me cum!”
“Good!” he grunted, and finger-fucked my ass harder.
“Daddydaddydaddy! Oh gohohohod!” My orgasm racked my body, I convulsed and shuddered and twitched.

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   My back arched achingly against his weight that was pinning me down. Vaguely I was aware that he was biting my tit. Vaguely also I knew that I did not dare wake up Mom by screaming, so I sobbed instead. I was still in the throes of cumming when he started fucking me with his cock, holding his thumb hilted inside my ass while palming my buttock with the rest of his hand. I surfaced from the throes of my first orgasm only to feel the second one rearing up in my core. I was still gasping for breath when I came again, my body now reduced to whimpering and thrashing, sobbing and convulsing teenage fuckflesh by his thumb ramming up my ass while his cock battered my cervix. “Oh gohohod! Oh gohohod!” was about all I could sob incoherently into his muffling mouth. I had gushed again and it spurted from my pussy as Daddy’s cock thrusted the flood of pussy juice out of me. My gushing triggered Daddy’s orgasm and he gruned into my mouth: “I’m cumming!”, and I felt his cock jerking as he lost his steady rhythm and then there was a final deep, almost brutal thrust, forcing my pussy to stretch and take so much of him that I imagined him to be ramming his big blunt head through my cervix and into my womb. From his shuddering body covering mine, deliciously squashing me into the mattress, I knew his cum was big for him as well.
During those brief moments, even as that final brutal thrust was making me scream into his mouth against his muffling tongue thrust deep against the roof of my mouth, I was delirious with the knowledge that in these minutes he was mine! Mine alone! As my body squirmed helplessly under his power and weight and I struggled lamely against his big hand pinning down my wrists, I knew that Mom was losing him to me. “Mine!” I sobbed into his mouth. “Daddy, you’re mine!” Oh, god the pressure on my cervix was relentless. It felt as if he was going to drive it through my cervix and into my womb. I felt as if I was going to black out.

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   Then the throbbing of his orgasm was past and the pressure slowly subsided. “Oh, god! Oh, god!” I sobbed, and finding my hands free at last, hugged him to me. Hugged and hugged, kissing him everywhere my mouth could reach. As his cock shrank in me the pain eased but in a funny perverse way I was almost disappointed that it didn’t last longer.
He stroked my hair and kissed my face all over. “Did I hurt you, Angel?”
“Oh god! Yes, but I don’t mind. I love you, Daddy! I know you will hurt me sometimes because you are so big. God, you dwarf me and you are so strong. ”
“I love you, Angel. ”
That was all I needed to hear. Somehow he could fuck me any way he wished as long as he used those three magic words.
He kissed and cuddled me tightly against him until I stopped sobbing, whispering in my ear how much he loved me. After my tears dried up and I repeatedly told him how much I loved him he slipped back to his bed again.
__________________________ ________

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