my little holiday 1


For all my fans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry for the delays and distances between stories, but I am beginning another series and looking at a segment about every three months or sooner. I hope you enjoy this little piece and may your holidays be a pleasant and loving time for you and all yours. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!

I wish to thank you all for sitting down and reading my story. If I may, my name is Buster Lemmer. It is a pleasure to meet you all and hope you will enjoy my misadventure or life-changing event.

You see I come from a fairly big family. Just with us were 3 boys, 4 girls. It was always tradition to go to one persons house for the holidays; although we only met the one time, usually Thanksgiving, we treated it as if they were all rolled into one. Gifts for the children, sports for the men and chatter, with gossip, for the women.

You could hear the men screaming at the tv, the children were either bickering who was next or " it's mine not yours "

I had excused my self and went down into the basement to sneak a little " me-time " as I am not much of a drinker. What I wasn't aware of is that my little grand-daughter had seen me and being curious decided to follow me. I had finished the stairs down and made my way to the door of the workshop. I made a quick glance around before I opened the door and went inside. Not really thinking or caring I did not lock the door.

I went and obtained my secret stash and proceeded to enjoy a cocktail of my own.

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   Come about my third hit I hear " what are ya doin ? " come from behind me. I immediately start hacking and coughing. As I'm turning, smoke billowing from my mouth and nose, tears forming in my eyes, I look to see my grand-daughter staring up at me with her big, beautiful, crystal blue eyes. Oh yes, her name is Miyah.

" Excuse me, just what do you think you are doing just walking in here without even a knock ? "

" Oh pahleeazeee, you act like nobody knows about you and that. " as she points to my bong. " We just don't say anything, because you are discreet and keep it well hidden. If mom and dad knew I was down here with you right now they would shit. "

I couldn't believe what I was hearing from this young girl. It really doesn't bother me that they know about me and my smoking. So as my mind wandered, it struck me as to what really should have been bothering me and that was what the hell she was doing down here.

The rest of the smoke vanished as she stepped in, closed the door and locked it. I looked her up and down as she stepped forward reaching for my bong, as I grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

" Oh so you think you're the only one who smokes ? " she blares out as she pulls her arm back.

" That really doesn't matter to me.

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   Everyone has a right to do as they wish. Yet you are still a child and I cannot allow you to take, have or use this item. "

She pulled her arm back rubbing her wrist. She looked me in the eye briefly before turning her eyes down toward the floor. She was a beautiful girl with some very womanly traits making their presence known. Besides those drop-dead gorgeous eyes, she was already sprouting 32c, which dropped down to a slenderizing waist and the preamble to a set of hips that turned every head from age 3 months to 100. These hips were enhanced by a smooth, firm, perfectly cupped ass. This all set upon a lovely pair of slender legs. As I was coming back up from my southern journey and I made contact with her now raised eyes, a certain sensation came over my body and I suddenly felt a jump in my cock. Miyah gave back a little smirkish grin, not really knowing what to say. I was unsure of what I was suppose to do.

" Pahpah I have been smoking since I was 10. "

A look of shock came over my face and my mouth fell open.

" I have been trying to get you alone down here so we could smoke some. I have been waiting, watching for when you would head down here.

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   I thought we could smoke some and I could chat a bit with you. "

I wasn't sure what to say, as far as that goes what to do. I just sat there staring at her eyes with my mouth open. She had this lovely type of sundress on. A floral print with a white background. It stopped just before her knees. She was such a striking figure standing there. She is only 4' 9" but with all the right curves and beauty. I just gazed at her as she brushed her long blond hair back over her shoulder. Her hair reached about her mid-back, a straight blond all natural. Her lips were gleaming from the gloss she had applied. I tried to say something as she reached up into her dress, to the right cup of her bra and flipped a little sack of weed down onto the bench. I had noticed the firm mound of her budding breasts as she reached in and gave me a sliver of a flash.

" You'll like that, it's chronic. " her voice seemed to echo like the clap of thunder.

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   I blinked my eyes and pulled them up from my little show to peer into her eyes. She gave me a little smile and nudged her head in a pushing motion toward the bench. I blinked again, looked down towards her breasts, back to her face and eyes, she smiled as she lifted an eyebrow and nudged her head again. I blinked again and glanced down to see a tiny little baggy with a bud sitting on the bench.

" Chronic you say, " as I glance back toward her and notice a slight impression coming from the top of her dress. I am reaching for the little baggy as I look up to her from her stiffening nipples. She looks down to the floor quickly and then looks from the corner of her eye with a smile to see if I'm still checking her out. " You can't tell anyone about this at all, EVER !!!!! "

As I open her little sack, she grabs the other stool and pulls it next to me and sits on it. I dump the bud onto my tray and bust it slightly. I place a little piece in the bong and hand it to Miyah. She grabs it and lights it, sucking it up and giving the usual gagging cough. She glances up at me with her water-filled eyes as if panicking that someone will hear her.

I just smile and look at her, " It's okay no one will hear you. " as she explodes with a cough and cloud of smoke. Next comes me and we continue back and forth until her little bud is gone.

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   The smoke was very potent. I was flying and I'm sure Miyah was also. As she stood up from the stool and kinda stretched with her arms over her head I caught sight of her nipples pressing hard against her dress and bra. I was very impressed that a little girl like her could have such large, firm nipples. She caught sight of my lustful stare and turned every so slightly in my direction. She slowly brought her arms down and around in a sort of circle. This had caused her chest to jut out, every so slight, increasing the tension between her nipples and her dress.

My cock was starting to think like my eyes. It was very good. I could feel each vein throbbing as the blood began to surge to my cock. I looked up into her eyes as I moved from my stare. I smiled, wolfishly as she lifted the corner of her eye and wet her glossed lips. My cock was starting to set a pitch to my pants. Miyah glanced down and smiled as she stared briefly.

" That was some really great shit " I told her.

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   " You get that all the time ? "

" I got that special just for this reason. I was hoping to be able to smoke it with you, otherwise I don't know what I would have done " as her stare came back up and a look of pure lust filled her eyes. She turned so she was facing me. I sat there as she stepped toward me and wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips hard against mine. She was pulling me down slightly and it only took seconds before our tongues were jousting each other.

My hand immediately reached up and squeezed firmly on her tit. Her moans were a symphony to my ears as I pinched and pulled her taut nipple through the fabric of her bra and dress. My other hand reached up behind her head and pushed her harder into my lips. I would grab a little hair by the roots and pull back slightly checking her reaction. She let free of my neck and her hand was pushing my pants and boxers roughly across my stiffening cock.

" Miyah, we shouldn't be doing this. "

" Shut up and drop your pants. "

She pushed herself back from me and proceeded to flip her sundress up off over her head as quick as a magician flips a hankie or drops a curtain. Poof there she was standing in a matching thong and bra. Her tits were busting from the top of her bra.

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   They were pushing the lace trim at the top to it's breaking point. They were so full and firm. The cleavage was quite beautiful. A deep valley with smooth slopes. Her thong had the same lace trim around her little patch. It was a sight that caused me to wince in a little pain twinge as my cock had sprung from my boxers and was rubbing my zipper.

I bounced off the stool and started to undo my belt. I was fumbling with the buckle. I felt like a high school boy trying to quickly to get his first blow-job, all thumbs. Finally the buckle was loose and button undone. Slowly I proceeded to slide the zipper down. Just a little and i reached down and pulled my cock back into the boxers and ripped the zipper down. I couldn't kick those pants away fast enough. The boxers were right behind. There I stood half naked in front of my grand-daughter as she let free two of the most beautiful tits you could imagine.

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   They stood tall and solid. There was no sag as she was still a child, but you knew as age came in they would surely have to droop. Her areolas were covering a circle of about two and a half inches. Big, dark and very sexy. Her nipples were as big as nickels and stood a half inch off her breasts. I felt my balls tingle as I looked upon those gorgeous mounds. She reached down and pulled her little thong off and stared at my cock.

Now I am not a huge man. My cock, when fully erect is seven inches long. The thing about me is that i am about three inches thick. I also keep my self clean shaven, balls and all.

I was pleased to see that Miyah was also " Brazilian. " She had a very beautiful pussy. There was a lovely tiny slit you could see just disappear past her pelvic curve. There was a gap between her legs as she stood and I could she how her lips tuck every so back in.

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   I could see them glistening with moisture. Precum was starting to drool from my head. Miyah caught sight of this and dropped to the floor like a brick.

She grabbed my cock as best she could and was licking the precum from my pulsing head. She couldn't get her second hand around it fast enough. She was trying her best to push it in her mouth. My head was stretching her lips and pushing her jaw. When my head finally cleared her lips and was locked behind her teeth, she paused. She pressed to look up at me. Her crystal blue eyes were gorgeous, water-filled and bloodshot.

" Just relax Miyah " as I gently stroked her hair. " Relax it will ease in a moment. "

She tried to say something, but it was just garbled with my cock stuffing her mouth.

She carefully pulled her mouth off after a bit trying to do as little damage with her teeth as possible. She sat back a bit on her feet and looked a little disappointed as she looked up to me.

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" I'm sorry grandpa. I have never had a cock that big before. "

" It's okay my dear, maybe someday you'll be able to enjoy it better. "

" But that's the problem, I want it now. "

" Well if you want we can try some fucking ? "

" I don't know if that will fit in me ? "

I being the true craftsman told her not to worry and opened a drawer and pulled out some KY. Now I know you're all screaming 'what the ky doing there ' as I often jack off also, hence the KY.

I pop the top off and squeeze a generous amount in my hand. I start applying it all over my cock. It creates a high gloss shine as I tell Miyah to bend over the stool. Her pussy is dripping juices. I can see where the fluids have run all over her ass and thighs. This girl is a freak, I thought to myself. Nothing really sexual yet and she is like a fountain. I can smell the aroma of her juices and fire. The combination is mesmerizing.


   I rub my hand across her pussy lips and ass. I push two fingers into her pussy and she squeals. My god this is going to be special as she is quite tight around my two fingers. I slide my two fingers in again and again. Spreading the KY in and out. About every other time I slide my thumb up to her asshole and give a slight push. She just moans and drips more and more. Finally I can't take it any more and grab my cock. With my right hand I guide it up to her lips. I brush the head up and down her slit. Her hips pump begging for it's intrusion. A new smell arises as her lips open and the internal fire is released. I can feel the heat from her pussy on my head.

I part her lips with my head and she lets out a deep moan, groan of pent up pleasure. I push the head inward.

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   I can feel the canal widen as I enter.


I pushed in a bit further. Her hips were bucking now as she screamed with her first orgasm. Her body was convulsing so, that her chest and skin were slapping against the stool. I just held my position as her cum pulsed all around my cock. It dripped down her legs. It sprayed against my thighs and balls. I could see her eyes roll back in her head. I held her as best was possible, trying to keep your from popping my cock free. She kept trying to look back at me. After a couple minutes I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair. I twisted it around my hand. I pulled back lifting her head back toward me.

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" Is little Miyah ready to become grandpa's little slut ? "

Miyah really couldn't say much. She just tried to look back at me and smile as I grabbed the hair and pushed with all I could. Miyah screamed as I pushed all seven inches in and it stopped dead as I hit bottom. Okay so only five inches got in before the bottom. Miyah was biting her bottom lip. I reached around with my left hand and took her left nipple and squeezed it hard and pulled it as far as possible. She was squealing and screaming as she came again and again. She was unconscious bent over the stool as I began slamming my cock in her. Every time I hit bottom I pushed a little harder. Suddenly there was a loud pop ! Miyah just lunged up and collapsed back down as I found my way to the womb.

I started pumping like a mad man. Miyah was popping in and out of consciousness as she was on a continuous orgasm. I was yanking her limp head back as if riding a horse. The super tight walls of my little grand-daughter's pussy were sending a sensation through my body like no other. Suddenly onetime when my balls slapped against her clit I exploded with a blast of cum like no other.

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   I swear I pumped three gallons into my little girl. As I was finishing up my last dribbles, Miyah was waking up.

" OMG grandpa, you are amazing. I have never felt anything like that before. I want to fuck again and again and again. I love the way your cock rips me open. It makes me feel so goood !

" Miyah we need to get back to the others. We have been gone a bit too long. "

We had been down there almost an hour.

" I promise I will learn how to suck your cock grandpa. I was hoping I could practice some more tonight ? "

" We shall see what we can do, but now you need to get back together and upstairs. Quietly and quickly. "

She stood and almost fell over. I grabbed her as she stumbled. Her legs were quivering.

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" I have never cum like that or as much ever in my life. I have to have more grandpa. I can't live without that. you do things to me I didn't know could happen. "

As I was holding her, I began to gently massage her breasts. Her nipples looked like two houses perched on top of the highest mountains in the land. They felt so smooth and soft. the firmness as I squeezed tickled my cock.

I pushed her up and said get dressed. She stumbled a little but got it accomplished. I sent her upstairs. I stayed in my workshop about fifteen minutes before i heard my wife yelling for me to come back up.

I put my stuff away and bent down to sniff the stool. Oh what a heavenly smell it was, now how was I going to get some more tonight ? . .

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have a wonderful day and the best to all of you and your families.

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