The Right as a Husband


Darcion walked outside after the two had eaten dinner, staring at the sun as it made its way under the horizon. He smiled softly and ran a hand through his hair, the feeling of sleeping beside Solaria still leaving a warm completeness in his soul. He thought to himself, There is nothing else I would rather do, than to sleep beside her forever and never leave her side. His heart beat a bit faster as he remembered the image of her sleeping beside him, the feeling that passed through his body as her skin touched his. His mind remembered the time he had seen her bathing and felt entranced by her beauty, his eyes moving up and down slowly so as not to miss any part of his beloved. Darcion felt part of him respond to the memories, and he blushed lightly at the feeling, then tried to ignore the memories for the time being so he could return to normal. Then two arms circled around his waist and he turned in them slowly, finding Solaria standing before him smiling strangely. “Darcion…” she whispered softly, “you have been too knightly… and not taken your right as a husband. ”“S-Solaria… my right as a husband? I could not do that unless you were ready… and I would never ask you for that. ” Darcion blushed again lightly and looked at the horizon, trying to make his body stop its reaction to her close proximity and the topic of the conversation. “I know my beloved… and that is why I tell you now, I wish for you to complete the final part of our marriage… take your right as my husband, by my wish. ” She stepped back slowly, hands reaching up to part her robes. Darcion turned back to her, his eyes widening as her robe fell away to the ground and revealed her magnificent form to him. Slowly she walked to him and pulled his tunic from under its belt and over his head, pushing his ponytail out of the way as she discarded the cloth to the ground beside her own. Holding him closer, her breasts brushed his muscled chest, a moan slipping from his lips as he felt the soft skin against his. Lowering his face, he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her deeply as her hands fiddled with his belt and began to pull the material down his legs, gasping softly as his manhood sprung from its prison and stood before her, her hand softly touching it, making Darcion moan into their kiss.

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   Solaria broke away and looked into his eyes, then slowly sank to her knees before her husband. Darcion’s eyes widened and he stuttered, “S-Solaria… w-what are you doing? A-are you sure?”Solaria nodded as she leaned forward, softly kissing the head of his shaft as her hands grasped around the hilt. Darcion moaned softly and his back arched, her lips gently parted, no hesitancy in her mind as she pushed her mouth over the tip and pressed down, moving her mouth as far down the shaft as she could and lightly brushing the soft tip with her tongue. Darcion gasped lightly at the incredible feeling of his manhood filling his beloved’s mouth. She sucked softly at the tip, then pulled back slowly, tracing her tongue along the bottom as she retracted. At the head, she kissed it again lovingly, then sucked on it for a moment before plunging back down and rolling her tongue all over it, coating it with her ambrosia. Darcion moaned strongly, her lips curled into a half smile around the shaft and she licked it again, then pulled off, kissing down its length and grasping it with her hands again. “My love… do you like this?” the innocent look in her eyes as she knelt naked before him made Darcion almost laugh with the irony of her face, then he nodded strongly, “Good. ”Solaria parted her lips once more and slid down, now simply moving up and down, pushing her mouth as far along the manhood as she could. Her ambrosia lubricated it, allowing her to slowly speed her pace, bobbing her head up and down as Darcion’s back arched. The feeling running through his body forced to grab the railing of the small balcony behind him as pleasure washed over his body in waves, his legs feeling like jelly as the ecstasy of having his love touch him in this way sending his mind to the clouds above. Solaria smiled as she pulled away from its length, now dripping with the fluids of her mouth and she kissed it again. Darcion could feel that his finish was not far away, and his body showed it as his shaft swelled with even more blood rushing to it. Grasping the shining member in her hands, Solaria began to massage it with her hands as she sucked on the tip, smiling at the reactions she was eliciting from her beloved. Running her tongue in the small slit at the point of the shaft, she smiled as she tasted something salty, then she resumed her sliding motion, her fingers sliding around it and massaging those parts that her mouth and tongue could not reach, feeling the heat in it grow and begin to spread to herself, the happiness running through her heart at making her Knight feel this way intoxicating.

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   Darcion moaned loudly and Solaria’s head tilted slightly, not knowing what was happening, then suddenly the shaft pulsed, and a rush of salty fluid filled her mouth. Pulling back rapidly, coughing lightly and brushing at her lips to catch the white drops, making sure she didn’t miss any of it as she swallowed, smiling up at Darcion as she sat back on her feet, her heart felt warm and complete for doing that for him. Darcion sagged to the ground in front of her, smiled at her, then he leaned over and embraced her tightly, pulling as much of her skin to his own as he could, a fire seeming to spread over him wherever their bodies touched. Then an idea coming into his head, Darcion laid her down on the floor beside him, his eyes traveling up and down her beautiful form, stopping at her breasts, and then moving down again to the place between her legs, where blond hair emerged in a small patch. Leaning down, he softly kissed her neck and then down her collarbone. She moaned softly and ran a hand through his hair, and Darcion’s kisses moved down to the valley between her breasts and kissed each one softly, his hands moving up to gently cup them both in his calloused hands. Solaria moaned and put her hands in his hair, stroking his face as he gently moved his kisses up one breast and wrapped his lips around her nipple, pulling it into his mouth and sucking gently, the rush of pleasure almost making Solaria cry out. Darcion’s tongue played with the tiny nub, caressing it as the pressure in his mouth suckled on her soft flesh. Solaria’s hands ran through his hair one last time then moved to her own, pushing it back from her face and moaning in pure adulation. She had never imagined it would feel so wonderful for her love to touch her and kiss her body like this. Softly pulling up, Darcion kept the suction up for a moment then released it, watching the breast bob gently back into place and he moved his mouth the second breast. Back arching slightly, Solaria’s mouth could not close; her lungs were keeping a constant moan moving from her lips. Darcion’s hands softly caressed up and down her body, tracing his fingers against her stomach and breasts, teasing the nipple he had just released and pinching it softly, a gasp erupting from deep inside of her. Then, as he slowly released the second breast, Darcion began to tease kisses down her chest, teasing her navel with his lips, a small giggle breaking through the panting breaths. His face eventually reaching right above her hidden place, Darcion caressed her thighs with his lips, moving down at a gentle pace and he stared gently at her last hidden place, a blush crossing Solaria’s face and she attempted to cross her legs, but he used his hands to stop her.

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   Leaning down once again, his lips moved through the blond hairs around the slightly dripping lips and he kissed them, inhaling the scent deeply, and smiling against her. Solaria’s eyes closed and she relaxed her legs. Tasting a warmth on his lips, Darcion extended his tongue and tasted the sweet fluid on them, then smiled widely and brushed his tongue between the gap in her womanhood, tasting much more of the juices on his tongue and he swallowed happily as Solaria’s back arched and she moaned loudly. Pressing in again, Darcion’s tongue slid inside of her and drank in her flavor, caressing deep inside. Solaria’s hands subconsciously moved down and pressed his head even deeper against her, his tongue reaching farther into her reaches, more and more liquid flowing into his mouth as he drank in his wife’s essence. Heat spread through Solaria’s body and she arched her back higher, only helping Darcion’s tongue probe deeper, and her moans became small gasping screams of pleasure as Darcion’s hands slid up and down her stomach, teasing her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Suddenly Solaria screamed happily and pressed her beloved’s face as hard against her as she could, a rush of fluids berating Darcion’s tongue and mouth as he struggled to swallow, the walls inside of her tightening around him and seeming to try and latch down. He caressed the walls again to clean up the last of the fluids and then pulled back, kissing up her body once more and taking her in his arms, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. Solaria’s eyes opened softly and she stared up into Darcion’s, gazing at his soul with total wonder and joy flowing through both of them, their souls almost joined. Solaria then broke their kiss and their embrace, standing up slowly and taking Darcion’s hand, leading him into the cottage and laying him down on their meager bed. Crawling on all fours to him, she hovered above his face and smiled, his shaft once again standing at its full length and waiting. Solaria smiled as she watched some of her fluids dripping once again from her own arousal fell to his shaft, the feeling making Darcion close his eyes again. Kissing his neck softly, Solaria smothered her breasts against his muscled chest, then slowly lowered her hips, feeling the throbbing head pierce her lips and fill her, stretching her virginity almost painfully, but she continued anyway, moving down until she felt him hit her barrier. She closed her eyes and tried to brace herself, knowing that this would hurt, as the ladies of the castle had told her of this, the first time, and how to please her Knight. Thrusting down powerfully, she felt the barrier tear and his shaft bury itself to the hilt, and tears sprung to her eyes and she sagged against his chest, gasping from the pain as he embraced her tightly and kissed away the tears softly, running a finger under each eye to wipe away the last vestiges of those salty trails.

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  “Are you alright my beloved Solaria? Why did you not tell me this would hurt you…?”Solaria shook her head and shushed him as she held a finger to his lips, then whispered, “It does not hurt anymore my Darcion, fret not, for I knew you would not do anything that would hurt me unless I did if for you. ”Wrapping her hands around his neck, Solaria raised herself slowly, feeling herself tightening around his shaft, its full length bigger than she had even realized when she used her mouth upon it. Once she reached the head she moved from side to side slowly, making small circles with her hips and caressing the head of his manhood with her soft lips, both Darcion and Solaria closing their eyes with pleasure. Darcion then rolled Solaria over on the bed, her eyes smiling at him as much as her lips and he pushed himself into her, feeling the walls stretch and she moaned happily, her body shivering against his. Darcion slid out again and then pushed in, his shaft as a sword, her womanhood as its sheath, her fluids only helping him shift in and out, filling every inch of her hidden place, her back arching and she began to move her hips in unison with his, pulling back and moving to meet his shaft, both bucking against each other, her mouth caressing his neck with a deep kiss as his eyes shut tightly from the pleasure. She moaned loudly against his skin and he smiled even as he pumped, her breasts bobbing up and down to the pattern of their joining, and he cupped them in his hands, squeezing and massaging with each finger. Solaria felt a wall break inside of her and the waves washed over her mind again, her body collapsing as the rush of fluids ran over Darcion’s manhood, the walls tightening and grabbing him, locking him in place as she continued to buck against him a few more times, this last bit sending Darcion over the edge and his own climax came in a powerful explosion of his seed deep inside of her, their essences mixing in her womb and a wonderful sense of total completeness flowed through both as they lay as one being, his shaft still deep inside her, their heart’s beating as one. “M-my love… I wish to stay like this forever… to be one with you forever…” Solaria’s quiet voice broke through her powerful breaths. Darcion nodded and then whispered softly, “If only time would freeze right here, so we could lay like this in an everlasting placement of our love… my beloved Solaria. ”Solaria sagged into the mattress and Darcion moved sideways, laying beside her as she rolled him over and laid atop him, resting her face in the crook of his neck. She closed her eyes and softly slipped asleep, the warmth of their bodies shared and she the rhythmic pumping of Darcion’s heart lulled her into slumber. Darcion caressed her sleeping face and laid back against the pillows, his own eyes closing slowly as he remembered each moment of the events passed. .