Incestuous Ghosts


I am in my twenties now and my Mother passed away some years ago. She was beautiful with long legs, a naughty look to her face and perky tits. I always loved my Mom but never had the guts to try anything with her.
After her passing I was in charge of selling off her house and goods, I couldn't part with the house so I kept it but sold quite a bit of the items she had in the house. I was a bit perplexed when it came to her clothing. As a kid, starting at around 5, I had this thing for my Mom's silky slips, panties and bras. I use to sneak them into my room and jack off with them all the time. Having no Dad or siblings around, this was quite the situation for a young boy infatuated with his Mother. The coolness of the silky fabric on my cock use to drive me wild. And yes, as I write this letter I am wearing and jerking off in Mom's silky brief panties and several of her half slips. It is like have a million tiny tongues on my cock all at once. The fact that she wore these exact articles of clothing is what really excites me. My balls lay in the crotch area of where Mom's pussy use to be and I like to slide my cock up and down the ass of the panties knowing that Mom's heart shaped ass use to fill them. The bra's were good for unloading my semen. I'd jack off with the silky undergarments until I was about to explode then fill her bra cups with my hot boy fluid. I'd let them dry and fold them neatly and put them back in her drawer so she could wear them later on in the week.

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   She never said anything nor did she ever hide her silky underwear from me. I never knew if Mom ever suspected anything.
One night while laying in Mom's old bed, I was going about my usual routine of wearing 10 of her silken briefs and 5 of her halfslips. Jerking my cock and concentrating on my Mom wishing I had gotten up the nerve to tell her mow much I wanted her before she passed away. I wanted to get the courage someday to just be waiting for her in her bed with her silky underwear on so she could see me when she walked through the door. I wanted to feel and watch her hand move slowly up and down my cock shaft, stroking me with her silky underwear. I was getting close to cumming when I heard the floor creek. In the full moonlit room I looked around and saw nothing, just the old house settling. I figured since I was interrupted I would add a few more layers of Mom's silk to my cock so I reached down to the part of the bed where I left a huge pile of her clothing and there was nothing to be found. I lifted my head up and looked around and still nothing.
Maybe I knocked them off the bed and onto the floor and maybe that is what the noise was that startled me. Still hard and horny I laid my head back, eyes closed and continued rubbing my throbbing cock feeling whatever happened to the pile of silky underwear could wait until after I exploded my cum into Mom's panties and slips. Again the floor creaked and this time it was louder, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and the room felt a bit colder. My cock was starting to go limp when all of a sudden I felt the nylon silky material start to move on its own. I was amazed and shocked and should have run out of the room and out of the house but the feeling was so heavenly.


   In the moonlight I watched in awe as the material moved on its own up and down my cock stroking my cock back to full hardness. I was dreaming, there is no way this is happening. I had to see what was going on. I jumped out of bed to turn on the lights and the sensation on my cock stopped. I ran to the light switch and turned it on.
There on the floor was the pile of lingerie but it had not been knocked of the bed. When I put it on the bed it was a mess and in a pile and yet there it was on the floor neatly folded and stacked. Dressed in panties and slips still I looked around the room and said aloud, "alright, who the heck is in this room?" With that my cock stood straight out, the slips lifted up and the panties pulled down on their own. I looked down to see the skin being stretched and rubbed by invisible fingers, you could see the indentation of the grip of a small hand on my cock as it expertly pulled and jerked my cock. In shock but also in lust I just stood there getting a handjob from a ghost. I had to know if I could interact. If you can hear me stop stroking my cock. The sensation stopped but I could still feel a hand holding my cock straight out from my body. I looked down to see my huge throbbing cock begging me not to stop.
The soft pink panties on the floor so neatly folded, I had to try.

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   "If you hear me, pick up the pink panties and run the material up and down my cock. " I saw my cock droop towards the floor, I had been released, did I blow it, was this great night over? All of a sudden I saw the panties raise magically off the floor and float towards me, they were being held as if a woman were debating if they were the right size. I reached down and held my cock straight out, then I was pulled away from my cock by another set of hands. Shit, I had more than one spirit in my room. I felt the warmth of a body with soft supple breasts behind me as she reached around and held my cock straight out. I looked in the mirror to see my cock being stroked and my balls being gently rubbed. The slips and panties I was wearing were pulled up and to the side revealing my now erect and bare cock. Then I almost came when the floating panties found there way over to my cock and were draped over my swollen shaft. I watched the material stroke up and down my cock all the while feeling the gentle stroke of a hands on my shaft and balls. This was so fucking great, I had some sort of sex maniac ghosts right here with me in my house.
They were so gentle and pleasing yet I could not figure out why they were here. I had to see them, I told them both to stop and ordered them to go put on a white fullslip each. They left the pink panty draped over my cock and made their way to the pile of lingerie. I watched as the layers were rummaged through until the two fullslips were found. One by one I watched as they mysteriously raised in the air on there own and slowly slid down the feminine bodies.

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   They both had great breasts and I could tell one was older than the other. Her boobs were larger but they drooped a bit more. I could swear I had seen those silhouettes before, but where? Now that I could see them, well I could see empty form filled slips floating about, I could now watch them service me. Since you ladies have such full breasts and I do love silky material against my cock, I want you both to slide those beautiful breasts up and down my shaft. They both stood there in front of me waiting for my decision as to what position I wanted them on. I layed on the bed, my cock sticking straight up on its own and told them to press there boobs together nipple to nipple so a little hole was formed in between the four of them, then I wanted to watch as they slid their silk covered tits up and down my cock shaft. As I lay there, they floated over to me and got into my prescribed position and started stroking my cock as ordered, this felt so good! Four big tits and lots of silk masturbating my cock, better than any dream I could have ever had. I thought, wait a minute, they are ghosts, I am not limited to the basic laws of physics.
I want you both to sit atop me with your backs to one another and my cock in between your butt cracks but only after you each put on panties and 2 more half slips under your fullslip. I needed to feel the layers of silk, this is the best way I like them when stroking my cock. I watched as they floated over and slid on panties and 2 slips a piece. Covered in layers of slips they were now on top of my cock moving up and down my cock shaft stroking me off with Mom's slips. I want you to spin slowly around now and caress my cock with the silky material, I watched as they both put their legs out and started to slowly rotate around my cock encircling my dick with the cracks of their asses and silky soft nylon. As they slowly twirled around they also moved up and down, I was getting the masturbation of a lifetime. I mean, I love Mom's slips but what better way to use them than to have two females, or even female ghosts, wearing them and masturbating me with them.

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   I was feeling dirty and my "close to cumming sensations" were driving me wild, I let out the words, Mom if you could only be here to see me using your silky underwear to make me cum and to see how it is being done. I wished I could have fucked you when you were still alive, I want to cum on your face Mom! I want to fuck your tits and soak your whole body in cum! I was in ecstasy! I watched my cock being serviced and still there was no audible sounds from my two guests. I had to know who they were, I know that I can see their figures because of the clothing and if I gave them enough cum for two great facials I could see the outline of their faces with my cum.
Ladies, when I cum I want you each to take my sperm load on your faces, with that and knowing I was close to cumming they stopped and floated to my cock, I knew their faces were right next to my swollen cock head, I felt warm breaths on my cock and I was going to cum soon. Without asking I watched as they each took turns sucking my cock deep into their throats, I could see the deformed shape of my dick as it was forced into their throats, this was the best blowjob ever! Moving in and out of an invisible throat is something too hard to describe, you can feel the silky warm wetness of tongues, mouths and throats but you can see your cock in the air moving about on its own. One started rubbing gently on my balls and the other was sucking and stroking hard and I was going to shoot the load of the century! All of a sudden my body raised off the bed, I had no weight. I then turned over, my cock facing the bed and my back to the ceiling. My cock was still being sucked and stroked and I couldn't hold back any longer.
I knew their faces were there and eager to get spermed so I just let it go. I shot the first big cum gush on the younger of the two then the second on the older ghost. It wouldn't stop, it was as if they were inside my cock stroking the very nerves that send you off into a great orgasm. My cock moved by itself back to the younger then to the left to the older. All while feeling the sensation of being sucked off by the most expert mouths off all time, I couldn't stop squirting my cum. Twelve pairs of panties flew up off the floor and started running all over my body while I came, then the slips, my whole body was being stroked with silk. Mouths on my cock, nylon silk all over my body, I was gushing so much cum.

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   I looked down to see the cum pooling up in their eyes and over their lips, they were smiling, I lost count of my cumshots when they were over 20 hard strong squirts, an orgasm to end all orgasms. After what seemed like a heavenly eternity the cumming ended, there must have been over a pint of cum that shot out of my cock. Then a sight I will never forget, like starving maniacs they each went crazy with my cum, I could see the cum smearing all over their faces and soon even the hands of my visitors became visible with the shapes outlined by my cum all over them. I watched as four hands smeared cum everywhere, over their hands, tits and faces. As I looked at their faces a strange sensation came over me.
I was gob smacked, I couldn't believe what I saw. The younger one, could it be? I looked at her and she looked back, Mom? And wait, is that Grandma? My Mother and Grandmother were servicing my cock in a way that was not of this world. Mom, Nana, why? They looked at me and just smiled. You cannot speak with me? They nodded NO but I could feel them, Oh God I could feel them. That was so fucking great, you both made my cock feel so good. I am sorry about your underwear Mom, I have always jacked off in it. She smiled and moved towards me, she leaned to kiss me on the cheek then reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze. Nana came over next and pushed her breasts together and gave my cock a tittyfuck squeeze too. I was so drained and tired but I didn't want it to end. Will I see you both again, they smiled and nodded YES.

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   I guess I was tired and passed out right then and there.
I awoke the next morning feeling as though I had just experienced the dream of a lifetime. I looked around the room and it looked as it always did. The room smelled of cum, had lingerie everywhere, and cum had soaked most of the lingerie except it sure did look as if a lot of cum had been shot. No, it was just a dream, I said a loud. My Mom and Grandma had passed away and all that drove that dream last night was my urge to have always wanted to fuck them. Somehow, thinking about the dream made my cock hard. I sat at the edge of the bed and slid on 4 halfslips and one fullslip and started stroking my cock. My cock was tenting the slips and sticking straight up, I said a loud, OK Mom, you know what to do from here, laughing inside at the thought that the dream had actually happened.
I looked closely at my silk covered cock and nothing, then it started to move on its own. My God the slip was alive again, it wasn't a dream. I can have my Mom and Grandma anytime I want! Do it Mom, stroke me off quickly in your silky slips before I go to work. I heard the squeaking of the material as it rubbed against itself. I had to see this in the daylight in the mirror. I walked to the dresser mirror and the stroking never stopped.

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   I looked in the mirror with a naughty grin watching my cock being masturbated in Mom's underwear. Stroke it Mom you hardcore slut, the pace quickened. Faster Mom faster! It was supernatural she was stroking me so quick it was a blur of friction. I let out a scream and shot my wad right through the slips. I watched as the cum was forced under pressure through the material and as it pooled at the surface I knew Mom was licking away at the cum. I could see the cum moving in a way around my cockhead through the slips as only a tongue could do. It subsided but I still got off 11 good squirts. Mom, I want to fuck you tonight, I will call for you when I get home from work OK. I felt a gentle kiss on my cheek then the presence was gone from the room.
Good God I cannot wait for tonight!