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This when I was working over seas I was 43 and single where I was staying was a complex of apartments there was a house keeper and house Boy who helped her he was always around trying to pick money for me doing little jobs for a penny or two he was a twelve or thirteen African lad he was quite useful some times
I had been out drinking as usual most evenings this night I was on my in and there he was asking can I help do any thing for you I walked in and closed the door I had a shower it was hot and only had a towel round me I was feeling horny not long after that there was a tap on the door
I opened it to see the lad standing there asking ones more you need any thing NO piss off and closed the door
I was a bit drunk I gave my cock a pull it was semi hard and wondered about the boy his not my type I like them a bitolder really fit and strong and muscularly bodies
He was tall and and rather thin some how I found myself opening the door and shouting him must be the drink
He came running I pushed him in and closed the door he look surprised he stood in the middle of the room I looked at him he was quit in his way his skin was smooth and shiny he only got shorts on I waved for him to turn
round his shoulder where quite bored for his age I had seen worse in some of the bars and back street clubs I visit
They are fifteen or more most in there late teens any way
He turned back to look at me I dropped the towel and pulled on my cock looking at him she seemed shocked he must of known what I wanted and was going to do he stepped back so I garbed him which made him struggle but
I had a good grip I got him over the bed he was still struggling I was thinking little sod he knows whats it about they all do by now I had a right hard on I got one arm round him with other I pulled his shorts off he had real nice ass on him it plump and nice running my hand over it I looked over in the mirror and court sight of his dick fuck me he is a big lad for his age it was very black and long hanging there I let go with my other hand and had a feel fuck it a nice one he quite a pare of balls on him as well they hung quite low in his sack they felt like large nuts he got
He relaxed now and was standing there for me they know they get paid for white knob and we know they all enjoy it
even if they are strugglingand fighting some times well it didn't look as if I was going to get much trouble off this one his gone quiet it always best to let them know who there master is so I slapped his ass fuck that must of hurt he cried out and jumped he got the idea I am the boss
I shoved him in the shower and turned it on and pined at the toilet I don't want shit on my dick and shut the door
I lay on the bed naked playing with my dick I did wonder if I was going to be his first and pop his cheery or had he been buggered before I was hopping he be tight and I would be the first one inside him never get that lucky
The bog flushed and out he came all wet I waved for him to come over to me he walked over slowly I patted the bed for him to get on it with mehe did and laid downI sat up to have a look at what I had got I thought well thats some cock the kids got it was uncut I got hold of it he tensed up a little good boy as pulled on it he relaxed it never is long before they start to enjoy it I bet his wanted this a long time I rolled the foreskin down the knob end was more pink a lot lighter than the shaft that was really black I cupped his balls a nice heavy pare they be full this got a twitch out of his dick I felt it swell I started rubbing itnice and slow it was getting a hand full getting stiff nicely and longer he
must had getting on for nine inches there the shaft was still swelling the bell end was mushroom shaped
I turned him over on his tummy I parted his legs his balls lay there I eased his bum cheeks apart and there was his love ring very black and puckered it looked tight I put a little lube on a finger and touched it he nipped his ares up I tickled it he relaxed I massaged round it a spot more lubricant and pushed it was tight that not been used it pared I went in to the knuckle he gasped yes I thought you like that I worked it in and out letting go go deeper each time his ring had parted it was opening a little he grunted a few times it was getting used to my finger now I was addinglube
as I did this it was quite slippery now I only use the one finger to keep it as tight as I could I wanted to open it with my cock and make it heart I love to hear him scream out he was ready now
I stopped and lay beside him he rolled over and his dick was as hard as rock yes my lad you are ready I tried to kiss him but no he have none of that pity later he will I went down and got his cock in my mouth licked round the end there was loads of per-cum leaking out I sucked hell he knew what he liked then I had to stop
I moved up to his head and knelt holding my dick and lifted his headtill it was on his lips he didn't seem to want to
I pushed his mouth opened good Boy he did suck a little he got better didn't take long and he was at holding my shaft he is a first timer I had to pull it out I flipped him over and pulled him to his knees he knew what was comingI was behind him put a little gel on my end not much he felt it touch I pushed he moved away but he was at the top of the bed so I got him next time I was right on the spot fuck I pushed it didn't seem if I could get it in
As I held it there slowly it parted to a loud AR AR ARI had got it started so I got hold of his hips and pulled
as wellas pushed which made him scream yes I thought he was still holding it seemed as if it would never give way he screamed and gasped real loud now wonderful then he parted my knob was home really was tight I trusted it made him scream louder I had half inside I lifted and pushed which made more go in I lay over him and could feel in sink in I was right up to his cheeks he was clamped round my cock this was wonderful I pulled back and rammed it in hell he shouted fuck him I was thrusting away I reached round and found his cock it was
soft and limp I was taken my ride I pulled on his dick soon it stated to stiffen it got easer for him now I wanked himas I fucked him he was now panting and gasping as I pulled on him I felt inside him grip my dick he was shooting that made me cum I let it go gush after gush I stayed in till it was over then pulled out his hole was open spunk running out
We lay there him still on his face he rolled over looking at me I thought after I had given him a good fuck like
that he could clean my limp cock upso I pulled him on to it he knew and was soon into it good Boy
That got me horny and I wanted to feel his big meat inside me I sucked his till it was rock hard young lads don't
take long I lobed my hole and loads on his dick I know I can take that I lifted one leg over him and sat on it fuck it did feel dig god I sunk down on it I could feel it deep inside me it was wonderful I gave it lots of strokes getting used to it and came off it onto my knees he was up in flash humping awayho yes can this boy go I thought he never keep this up he did for a long time it was not tillI shot my lot did he let his go deep inside me he jerked and jerked his dick throbbed inside as he spurted load after loadof hot cum into me
I made him my slut Boy sleeping with me most nights

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