My Georgia Peaches 5: Safety In Numbers?


     The caffeine worked its magic well enough and after an invigorating shower I was back on track emotionally, though still shy a couple of hours sleep.
     Ambling out to the kitchen, Kathy was busying herself with breakfast for the kids by the looks of things. I asked her where they all were.
    "Taking their sweet time," she said. "Surely in the few days they've been with you even, you've seen how slow they can be once they get in the bathroom - Tracy especially. " She had a point there, mind you what generally walked out, was most definitely worth the time invested. I didn't figure I'd mention that little observation.
    "Hi Bill," gushed Mandy, seating herself beside me at the table, making sure her leg made partial if not fully suggestive contact with my own. Kathy dropped a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of her, indicating the full toast rack center-table. When my own serve made an appearance seconds later, I couldn't help thinking how easily I could get used to this kind of spoilt domesticity, having done everything for myself for so long now. Kathy was no slouch at the griller either!
     Little Mary was the next to put in an appearance. Rushing over to hug me first had the other two's eyes rolling in their head. Best they just thought she was overly affectionate I thought, rather than clued-up as to her newly come-by nocturnal preferences. I could feel still those unripened but so sexy little pinkish folds between my fingers.
    Tracy was the last to join us. Giving me a flirty little kiss on the cheek in passing, her expression was definitely "Hmmm, I wonder if you did something with either of my sisters last night?".

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  . . . then as she sat down "And if you did you are so dead meat!"
    Trying to keep the whole thing platonic in front of Kathy was anything but easy. Tracy maintaining dreamy eye-contact throughout my scrambled eggs. Having to constantly close-up Mandy's legs and fend off deliberately loaded barbs from Mary such as her infamous "How hot was it last night?" Tracy even shot me a killer glance on that one!
    Kathy seemed not to pick up on anything though and eventually we were all done. I packed the kids off to their rooms (not that they took much persuading) whilst I help Kathy clean up. Drying the dishes while she washed up gave me time to talk with her a little. I figured she must have done it pretty tough after the girls' father died but there again he didn't sound that great an asset either if the truth be known. Either way, it utilised little in the way of psychoanalysis to realise that it wouldn't take much for me to fall for this woman even though she was possessed of a fifteen year old stepdaughter that currently had my number - every which way but loose! When you're talking 'permanent' rather than 'fleeting,' a hot little teenage ass, has by necessity, to be eased out of the equation. . . or in Tracy's case - 'squeezed' out!
    "Would you like us to show you around Greensboro?" Kathy enquired. Even though it wasn't exactly Greensboro I wanted to be shown around, I agreed
     We took the Ford as it might have been somewhat of a squeeze in Kathy's Camry sedan. Greensboro is very typical small-town America.

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  . . small, though quaint in places. I figure the entire shopping acreage there, would comfortably fit inside the Houston Astrodome. During a stop-off at a coffee bar-mid morning, the girls in fact regaled Kathy with their shopping experiences in Houston the previous weekend. I was reminded more, I have to say of that particular evening.
    "If I didn't know better, I'd say you girls have a crush on Bill," Kathy grinned as we exited yet another boutique.
    "Nah, they just see me as a surrogate father I think Kathy," I replied, trying desperately to shift the focus of the relationship. It was only seconds later I realised what I'd intimated by virtue of Kathy's enforced blush. Tracy flashed me her trademark smile and took a hold of my hand - much to the other two's consternation.
    It was late afternoon when we got back home and no sooner had we walked in than the phone rang. Kathy answered it.
    "Come and see my room," Tracy implored, propelling me towards the hallway. The other two looked daggers at her and would have followed had not Tracy waved them back. "Cmon girls.

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  . . Bill will go see yours too - won't you Bill?"
    "Sure" I replied dutifully as I was yanked unceremoniously to one side. Damn, she was no wuss to be sure! No sooner were we in her bedroom than Tracy closed the door, threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me with a fervor. "Will you make love to me tonight Bill? . . . . pleeaase," she begged. "I know you want me, I can tell," she giggled. She wasn't far wrong!
     I was seriously thinking of bringing that little event forward to the here and now, when Kathy's voice suddenly assailed us.
    "Better see what she wants I guess," I said, disentangling her arms - God her breasts looked so inviting right there in my direct line of vision. I went back to the kitchen.
    "Look Bill, I'm so sorry but I have a real problem. "
    "What is it Kathy?: I asked
    "It's my mother, she's been having a lot of trouble with her back recently.

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   She slipped over a couple of hours ago and think's she's pinched a nerve in her vertebra. She needs me to go and do a few things for her as she can hardly walk she said. " Kathy paused for a moment. "Would you mind very much looking after the girls for a few hours until I get back - probably around 10. 30 pm. ? She only lives ten minutes away!"
     I tried my best to look like this would indeed be a loathsome chore but that given my chivalrous nature - I was up for it. She gave me a hug that I wasn't expecting but certainly found invigorating in the extreme.
     Talk about telepathy, the news was on its way to Mary's bedroom by the time I had exited the kitchen. You have never seen three more effusive and wide-eyed young girls as were circling their quarry right that second.
     Farewelling Kathy, I barely made it to the lounge-room. Two curvy young rear ends seated themselves either side of me and Mary's, as you may have guessed sank compliantly, but uninvited I have to say, directly on my lap.
    "Let's not waste any time," she giggled, snuggling in and placing her lips in the exact right spot for me to kiss them.
     The briefest of lip contact and I made as if to get up.
    "Better we start getting something for dinner girls," I muttered.
     Two young arms grabbed mine, ensuring I couldn't get up.

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    "We're not hungry Bill," Mandy pouted - I'll swear her breasts were bigger than they were even last week. Maybe I could just see more of them through that tight little top she had on.
    "Well not for food at least," Tracy teased. Her expression - pure lust at that second - her meaning anything but indistinct. "Would you like to go to my room?" she asked softly - those glossy lips promising what I shouldn't be thinking.
    "What's wrong with my room Tracy?" Mandy interjected - "You can't have him all to yourself. . . . and anyway, you're only eighteen months older than me!"
    "And I'll be a teenager in only twenty-six months," Mary tossed in for good measure.
    "Why does he have to go to any of our rooms?" Mandy giggled, "There's no-one else here. " So saying, she wriggled the hem of her skirt up to fully indecent levels. Those hot pink undies were burning holes in my retinas.
    "Pull your skirt down Mandy, that's disgusting," Tracy chided her younger sibling. "You behave like a slut sometimes - you really do!"
    "Well, look who's talking?" Mandy fired back "You've been fucking Bill whenever you've had the chance.

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  . . " I heard Mary gasp with shock.
    "That's not true," Tracy screamed at her defensively.
    "OK that's enough girls," I wrenched myself free, jettisoning Mary in the process. Now cut the bitchy talk - both of you. . . . . . you're just kids for Chrissake!" I added.
     Tracy, fully indignant, was already on her way to her own sanctuary. A reverberating slam confirmed the room-owner's mood.
    "Let her sulk Bill," Mandy said breezily.

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  . . . "Come to my room for a while - I want to show you some photos in my album. " Taking my hand, she tugged me to the far hallway.
    "Can I come with you?" asked Mary, with little hope of acceptance it sounded like.
     Mandy stared for a moment at her little sister. . . . "Yeah, I guess Mary," she muttered at last, "Come-on then!"
     We made an unlikely trio as we trooped into Mandy's rather neat little domain.
    "Is that necessary?" I asked as Mandy, having closed the door - locked it. I wasn't sure whether her action was to keep intruders out, or me in?
    "Tracy thinks she owns the place," she replied, "I'm not having her just walk in here when she feels like it. . .

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  . . . . might be embarrassing," she giggled. It was all Mary could do to keep a straight face too I noticed.
     With little Mary seated on the small bed beside me and clinging on to my arm at every opportunity, I flipped through the photo-album which did a fine job of recreating visually Mandy and the girls' earlier childhood. Thirteen years in pictures, translates to remarkably few photographic highlights, the earlier prints obviously having been given to her at some stage. One particular picture - Mandy, at five, Mary just a toddler and Tracy but a pig-tailed seven-year old, brought home to me just how young they all really were even now. . . . just a blink of the eye since they were all finger-painting!
     I was still contemplating this fact when Mandy retrieved the album from my clutches and fully unexpectedly, pushed me back on her bed smothering my face with warm kisses, her arms around my neck.
     Now before you all condemn me for my actions, take a moment to consider the situation if you will. Even at thirteen, a young girl's willing and highly arousing body entwining itself around your own is a powerful aphrodisiac.

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   With Mary additionally, beginning to nuzzle up against my neck, I had as much chance of shifting into neutral as of stalling the motor by tossing a ham sandwich under the hood. The scent of young womanhood is nothing to be denied either and I freely admit any chivalrous notions on site were quickly despatched to the outer periphery of my consciousness.
     I found my hand unzipping Mandy's tiny little skirt, even as she began wriggling out of the thing. My left hand too had a mind of its own it seems and had inched its way down to Mary's hot little rear-end whence it began smoothing over that wonderfully taut and curvy little bottom. I could feel the onset of the sexy cleft between her ass-cheeks and began to fondle the general area. I heard her giggle while at the same time quite obviously, spreading her legs noticeably.
     In just her bra and panties now, Mandy had shifted up a cog. Kissing me passionately, she had rendered me so far past the red-line, all I craved was to pull those skimpy little panties down and to get one or more of those hot girlish nipples into my mouth. With not a little help from their owner admittedly, I managed both tasks one-handedly in less than thirty seconds. Completely straddling me now, Mandy had one leg across her sister also and was wriggling about - fully, a young girl on heat. Reaching around with my right hand (my left was performing unspeakably inappropriate things beneath the waistband of Mary's own panties) I was able to slide across Mandy's bubble-butt and down between her legs which must have offered right then, a one-forty degree access to her under-age but supremely inviting pussy.
     It was at the point I felt her unzip me that I realised there was only ever going to be one eventuality here. It mattered not to my tortured psyche right at that moment, whether she was thirteen or thirty. . .

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  . I just needed absolution - in the form of my cock as far up her slippery little pussy as I could get it. I rather think this dovetailed with her own needs.
     Having by necessity to relinquish my grip on Mary's hot and pliant little ass, I held Mandy tight around the waist and kissing her with renewed vigor as her hair flopped all over my face, I just angled-up into that moist cavern between her legs with frenzied need. Completely naked now, she was moaning with unfettered pleasure, using those hips of hers to great effect. I began fondling her breasts roughly, oblivious to anything else but the need to fill her with my seed.
     What got me fully over the line however was seeing Mary out of the corner of my eye, putting her arm around her sister's arched bottom and whispering to her "Fuck him for me Mandy. "
     Quite simply, it was the biggest cum in recorded history. Mandy was still humping me like an animal, her vaginal muscles squeezing me in their iron grip, thirty seconds after I was drained of that last foot-soldier.
    "You are just so beautiful sweetheart," I muttered, as I ran my fingers through her hair holding her to me now, fully aware of my recent illicit dealings but feeling not the slightest guilt reprehensibly. She smiled at me - the fully sated Cheshire Cat look, I just had to pat that sexy little bottom!
     A rather plaintive little "My turn," brought me back to earth with a thud. Lying close up alongside me and looking up expectantly, it was going to take a resolute man to knock back the opportunity. . . .


  if not the obligation.
    "No way Mary," her sister responded from atop my chest and still breathing heavily from her own exertions. "You're only ten. . . . far too young to have Bill fuck you. Get real!"
     Mary's eyes pleaded with my own.
    "I can't sweetie," I whispered, "Much as I would love too, I told you before. . . . . when you're into your teens. .

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  . maybe. "
    "Well can you just kiss me and stuff," she asked hopefully.
     I looked up at Mandy who rolled her eyes. "Ok. . . while I have a quick shower you can make-out a little Mary, but that's all. " She got off me then and picking up her underwear, skirt and top, headed for the en-suite.
    "I know you and Mary have already done some naughty stuff Bill," she said, turning to glance at me accusingly. I looked at her blankly.
    "Mary told me," she said in answer to my unspoken question. "Just look after my little sister OK?" I was still feeling like a rabbit under the glare of oncoming headlights when she closed the door to the bathroom.
     With her dress still hoiked up to the top of her legs, it wasn't helping my cause that I could now see a goodly proportion of her light green panties. Whilst contemplating this none too unpleasant a situation, Mary eased herself atop my chest to the space recently vacated by her elder sister.

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   Way lighter but equally arousing, I could see quite clearly now the avenue of dreams, down between her tiny mounds, up until it disappeared within the recessed shadows of her little bra.
    "Take my panties off Bill," the budding siren giggled as she clung to me, arms tight around my neck. Dutifully I took a hold of the elastic waistband and had worked her knickers no further than the lower confines of her curvy little bottom, when she wriggled out of them with consummate ease. Allowing myself the luxury of smoothing over that softer-than-soft skin, my fingers slipped down between her sexy cleft, bypassed her rear portal. . . which yielded up a small gasp of shock in passing (I was definitely going to have to revisit this particular locale in later years, should such be possible, I mentally noted) before arriving at their intended destination. Still on the puffy side at that age, Mandy's moist labia felt like heaven. Using just one finger, I spread her pussy lips and gradually probed into the darkness. She broke off from kissing me momentarily and I could see in her eyes, the glazing and desire, resident in the aroused female of any age.
    "That feels yummy Bill," she muttered, her hips in automated movement already and pressing down noticeably upon my digital intruder. With another finger, I located the clitoral nub and began rhythmically masturbating her softly. Her legs by now were spread to the east wind.
     Call me off-centered, morally bereft or an entrenched paedophilic sicko, but don't call me incorrect, when I tell you that bringing a ten-year old girl to orgasm is anything but a rampaging privilege. When they are on the edge, pleading for more and looking at you with that wonderfully submissive expression as you finger them to Nirvana - you are at the peak of sexual anarchy.

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  . . . . socially taboo or not.
     Mary was at the mercy of an outwardly radiating seismic quake. Her legs clamped shut, entrapping my hand as she wriggled about uncontrollably, her eyes wide and her mouth opening and shutting with realtime pleasure. Her tiny breasts were vibrating in my direct line of vision. Holding her tight round the bottom, it would have been so easy to manoeuver my erection up into her - but I had made a resolution and by necessity would stick to it.
     I was kissing her again when I heard the bathroom door open and Mandy return to our bedside. She would have had a glorious view of her little sister's naked bottom. . and my hands tight around it.
    "What happened to your panties Mary?" she giggled, patting her sister playfully on the rear cheeks. "You haven't????" have you Bill?" she looked at me accusingly.

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    "Still zipped-up Mandy, fear not," I replied, pulling Mary's body to one side so she could see for herself. "Just gave her a quick thrill is all sweetheart. Anyway - I gave my word, remember?"
     Still with just a large towel around her - it would have taken nothing to tug it loose - perhaps I should have! Teasing me unmercifully, she let the towel slip for a moment, exposing both teenage breasts which immediately invoked activity within my own nether regions.
    "You think I'm pretty?" she asked in all seriousness. I pulled her towards me and kissed her on the lips. "I think you are all three the prettiest girls anywhere," I answered truthfully. I noticed Mandy's hand had returned to Mary's bottom and were not those fingers inching their way down between her legs?
     Mary gave a little squeal when she realised it was not my fingers doing the walking. "Mandy!!" she cried out. . . "That's naughty!" I saw here a red-hot opportunity. Seizing Mary's left hand, I guided it up beneath her sister's towelled thighs. At first the young girl resisted, but forcing her arm higher I reached the stage I figured nature would take care of the lesser details.
     At the point both girls quite obviously had reached the other's vagina, I was an unnecessary participant, but did not break up the tableau for fear of disturbing the status quo. Mandy began to moan softly as her sister it would appear, had at least one finger inside her pussy now, whilst Mary's eyes again took on that glazed look as Mandy began to finger her younger sister back along the path of righteousness.

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   I didn't even have the luxury of being able to extricate my own erection, which was by now in dire need of some keen de-briefing.
     Having nothing else to contribute, I began fondling Mandy's breasts with my right hand, whilst my left, I slipped down the front of Mary's dress and began rubbing softly her puffy little swellings. The effect on both girls was dynamic - the moans increased and their legs parted further. I could really get used to this I decided.
     Almost positive they must have done this to each other before - possibly with Tracy roped-in as well, I just waited for the inevitable outcome. Two hot and bothered young sisters, clutching at their pussies as the waves of ecstasy subsided. Great on the visuals admittedly, but no great shakes in the area of immediate personal satisfaction.
     A sudden barrage of knocks at Mandy's bedroom door accompanied by a terse "Are you in there Bill?" most assuredly intruded on the moment.
    "What do you want Tracy?" Mandy called out.
    "I just want to talk to Bill for a few moments please," came the reply. Not often Tracey ever said 'please. ' She must have been near-desperate.
     Mandy unlocked the door and just stood there glaring at her sister. Tracy wholly ignored her and just took a couple of steps into the room.
    "Bill can you please just come to my room for a few minutes?" Her eyes then fell upon Mandy's somewhat revealing towelling and Mary's obviously creased dress but to her credit she held her peace and just waited for me.

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    "I'd better go to her room - just for a short while,' I added as if in justification of my actions.
     Mandy made no reply and Mary just lay on the bed looking a tad rejected as I got up and followed Tracy back to her bedroom.
     Having closed the door, she spun on her pretty little heels and glaring at me, hands on her hips she let me have it with both barrels. "You just fucked Mandy didn't you?" Before I could answer she was up and ranting. "And I suppose you fucked little Mary too, right??" As the emotion built up, she just collapsed on to her bed sobbing. "How could you?" I took a hold of her and pulled her to me.
    "Yes, Mandy and I did it Trace, but I give you my word, I didn't fuck Mary. . . . what do you think I am??"
     Tracy was inconsolable. Between heaves and sobs she managed to get out "You like Mandy better than me don't you?"
     Emotionally vulnerable as only young girls are, I assured her such was not the case. "I love all three of you Tracy - absolutely no favorites. How lame would that be if you think about it. "
     Seems like she did think about it as she stopped crying and snuggled into me.

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   "I just miss not having a dad Bill," she muttered softly, "And I really love you - I'm just jealous I guess of Mandy. . . I don't know why. "
    "You have no reason to be sweetie," I said kissing her now gently on the lips.
     It was of course what we both wanted.
     I had her skirt up around her hips in seconds as I crushed her beneath me on her bed. Not even bothering to pull her panties down, I just pulled my desperately hard erection out and infiltrated that seethingly hot receptacle that she was thrusting hard up against me. She even held her own panties aside to facilitate entry. This was nearer rape but so evidently what she wanted herself. As I penetrated her to the depths, the bed shook with the force of my incursions. I even tore her blouse and bra-straps in my endeavors to free up her breasts. I then suckled both nipples as I continued to force myself deeper and deeper into her womb. She was gasping with unhinged pleasure as I slaked my lust, pulling and rubbing her own breasts with feverish self-gratification as I worked myself to the very edge of reason.
    "Don't stop Bill," she pleaded, a momentary lost soul as I devoured that which she had to offer.

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   Fifteen is a world away from thirteen when it comes to sexual capacity and fulfilment and I was made fully aware of the difference at the point Tracy's orgasm kicked off my own and we just rutted - being the only apt word - ourselves to a mutually blissful conclusion. I was still penetrating her to the depths and she, crying out for yet more coital domination, long after my cum had filled to overflowing, her beautifully tight and procreative little channel.
     Inevitably the adrenalin receded and I lay beside her, caressing her breasts and her thighs, as I allowed my fingers to roam unrestrictedly through her damp and sticky pubic hair. But for the ergonomic output we had just expended, we would both have doubtless gone for an instant replay. As it was, I had nothing left and Tracy could hardly breathe!
     What really put paid to any further interplay however was Tracy's door being wrenched open, to reveal Kathy standing there, white as a ghost.
    "Can you think of any reasons why I shouldn't call the Police right this second Bill?" she spewed the words in utter disgust.
      The fact is, I couldn't!
(c) Peter_Pan 2006
The World of Peter_Pan   www. geocities. com/worldofpeter_pan/intro. html
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