The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 4


Teresa stepped off of the ricketty old bus and looked up at the face of the old monastary.   It had been three months since she'd left, along with many of the others she had rode up from the town with.   Sister Eunice, the school master, and Sister Naomi had met the twelve girls and four boys at the station.   Teresa had been attending St. Sebastiens for three years, and now at 19 she was going into her final year of studies.   She would soon be taking the tests that she would have to pass in order to be accepted as a novice nun.   She also knew that, with Sister Naomi's guidance, she would become a new member of the Order of Quirini-Zacaria.
"It's good to see you again, Teresa!" Sister Naomi had said in greeting to her, before taking her in her arms for a hug of welcome.   Naomi was 30 years old, and Teresa could feel the swell of her ample breasts beneath the covering habit robes.  
"It's great to see you, too, Sister," Teresa replied.   "I hope to visit with you this evening, if you can spare some time?"
"I'd like that," the nun replied.   "But I'm afraid I will be engaged with the new girls.   I have been assigned to mentor and guide them for the first couple of weeks. "
Teresa was disappointed.   She had been eagerly looking forward to this first night back, and spending a few long hours in the bed of her sponcer and favorite nun.   She had been with Sister Naomi on many occasions the previous year and had learned so much about her body, as well as the nun's.

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"I do have a surprize for you, though," the nun smiled.   "I've talked with Father Lukas and he would like to see you this evening, after the meal, to discuss your noviceship. "
Teresa was delighted.   "Oh, that's so wonderful!  Then I can start the year in the grays?"  She was eager to put on the gray and white outfit of a novice nun.   Her status among the other students would be hightened.   She would also have many more priveledges.
"I'm sure that's what he'll tell you, dear. "  Sister Naomi gave her a second, warm hug before ushering her onto the bus with the others.   Once they had travelled the four miles up the winding trail high into the valley, they came to park in front of the main entrance.   "St. Sebastiens Monastary and Catholic School of Theological Studies" was carved onto a large stone proclaiming the facility's purpose.   The students had filed out and were being separated into two groups.   Sister Naomi took the six new students, including all four boys, aside to be taking to the reception hall for a short briefing on the facility and its rules.   The remaining ten girls, all former students returning to continue their studies, went with Sister Eunice directly to the student quarters.   All of them would be bunking in chambers of four girls each for their stay.

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Teresa was roomed with three girls she knew.   Rachel and Anna were a year younger than her, and Rebekah was two.   All four of them were in the novice studies program, although Teresa was the farthest along.   Rachel was from Savanah, Georgia, with long, curly blonde hair and a full body.   She was curvy and a little plumper than Teresa remembered.   Her breasts had also filled out greatly since the spring.  Anna was from Lansing, Michigan, the daughter of an automobile industry executive.   She was quiet, though always aware of the conversations around her.   She had straight brown hair, was smallish for her age in build and height, and gave Teresa the impression of a fairy-tale harpy.   Rebekah was the talker of the bunch, never seeming to run out of stories to tell or opinions to express.   She was of average height and build for her age, with strawberry-blonde hair and bright blue eyes.   Of the four, Teresa was tallest, and had the biggest breasts at 36d.   If there was one thing Teresa noticed about a woman, or girl, it was their breasts.
After spending a couple hours catching up with each other, and putting things away in their small cubboards and dressers, the four girls went together to evening prayer, and then dinner.   After, Sister Claudia, one of the school's executive secretaries, came to retrieve Teresa.

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Teresa was ushered in to Father Lukas' elaborate office, where the elder priest greeted her warmly.   Father Lukas had met with a few of the Order's sisters to gage the young woman's acceptance.   He had learned from Sister Naomi about the carnel desires the nun had awakened within the girl, and she felt that Teresa was ready and would accept him, as well as the teachings of the Order, with open arms, and thighs.   Father Lukas was eager to taste the freshness of young Teresa as he returned behind his desk and asked her to be seated.
"To know God fully, one must also know Satan, fully," he began.   "Only a select few throughout history have fully grasped each, and come to be able to use that which was learned, for the betterment of all.   I have taken on this role, as spiritual leader of the Order of Quirini-Zacaria, not because I know both sides of lust fully.   Heavens, no.   I am learning more every day, as I hope you will, should you desire to take this path, my child. "
"Sister Naomi has told me much about what it is to be a sister of the Order, Father," Teresa said.
"I doubt you have but a minute idea of what you could learn, and experience, within the Order.   Sister Naomi is but a meer child herself within the Order, and she has been with us for five years!  It takes a lifetime of learning the sins of the flesh, the ecstacy of release, the passions of desire, to even scratch the surface of what can be unearthed within the very depths of your own lustful soul. "  Father Lukas stood and moved to sit upon the short sofa that ran along the west wall.   "Come, my daughter, stand before me and show me yourself. "
Teresa stood before him, under his gaze.

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    Embarassment began to warm her cheeks.   After a long, silent minute, he told her to turn her back to him, and once she had, silence once again filled the office.   After another minute, Father Lukas said, "The center of creation, of God's point of touch upon mankind, is also the center of sin.   The place within a woman's body where we are all given the spark of life by God, is also the place where Satan has the greatest influence upon mankind. "
Teresa jumped, startled, as she felt Father Lukas' hands upon her backside.   He began to rub her assglobes, caressing them, through the fabric of her school-issued panties, beneath the dark blue skirt she wore.   She sighed as his fingers dug strongly into her flesh, his hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass strongly.   He continued this for many minutes, until finally he told her, "Turn around, my daughter, and kneel before me. "
Teresa was shocked at the sight before her when she did.   She knelt before Father Lukas, and his long, strong, erect cock, which stood out of the front of his trousers.   She admired its girth, knowing it to be nearly twice the size of any of the boys' cocks she'd seen in the past.   The purple knob atop the shaft was pulsing, and a clear drop of liquid had leaked from the pee-hole.   She was mesmerized by the sight, just a couple feet away from her.
"To be the bride of God, as all women of the cloth are," he began, "she must be willing to give all that she is to Him, to His teachings, and to those within whom He has given the task of leading the flocks unto the promised paradise of heaven.   A man of God, a priest, and a woman of God, a novice, must consumate the wedding in the flesh, as the woman of God consumate's her soul unto Him.

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  "  Father Lukas then stood before her prostate form, his cock only a few inches from her bowed head.   "Arise," he commanded, and she did.
Father Lukas then began uttering a prayer, barely audible to Teresa, and began to disrobe her.   As the long prayer ended, she stood before him totally naked.   Her brown nipples stuck proudly up from her rapidly rising and falling breasts as she awaited what was to come next.  
He silently lay her out upon the sofa on her back.   "The rod of creation is embedded within the male cock," he explained as he began to remove his trousers.   "To love God's gift of creation, a gift mankind alone has the power to consumate, you must love a man's cock. "  He moved closer to her, aiming his hardened manhood towards her face.   "Will you, daughter Teresa, accept my cock with all the love you have for God, as if it were God's own phallis?"
"Yes, Father," she murmered softly with a nod of her head, although her eyes were now locked onto the purple knob, wavering just inches from her.   "I will accept your cock as I would accept God's. "
"Kiss the cockhead of your Lord," he commanded.   Teresa did, feeling the soft sponginess on her lips.   And then again.   And then, as she started to kiss it for a third time, Father Lukas humped his hips forward and pushed a full three inches of cock into her startled mouth.

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    He held his cock there, forcing her head back.   She gulped and hummed as she began tonguing his cock.   He found her ample breasts with his hands and began to fondle and squeeze them.   He pulled at her hardening nipples to feel the weight of her tits hanging from his fingers.   Teresa groaned around his cock, sending waves of pleasure through him.
"That's it, my child.   Sing unto the praises of the sinful flesh!  Sing upon my cock as though you were singing to the Lord. "  Teresa moaned and hummed as his cock slipped along her tongue, back and forth with the motions of his hips.
After a few minutes, Father Lukas then moved to sit upon the sofa and had Teresa kneel before him once again.   This time, she was instructed to worship his cock as though saying prayer, to moan the Prayer of the Rosary as she bobbed her mouth up and down the full length of his manhood.   She did as best as she could, but could only manage to take about half of his cock into her mouth before the touch of it at the back of her throat caused her to gag.   He knew she would in time learn to accept him fully into her throat, as so many before her had.
Next, Father Lukas positioned Teresa on her hands and knees on the sofa and began to show her how a man of God speaks his own love for the center of creation.   He licked at her warm pussy folds, from anus to clitorus, up and down her ass crack, across her tightly puckered anus, and finally into her viginal vaginal slot.   It took him some time to begin to draw juices from her tight hole, but once Teresa's cream began to flow, her cries of desire filled the office, and drove Father Lukas on.

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He licked and sucked at the teen-ager's pussy until she was writhing about, moaning in lustful pleasure.   He had to hold on tight to her hips in order to continue orally pleasing her.   Finally, with a gut-deep groan, Teresa's body convulsed into a series of spasms.   Her orgasm had exploded through her as never before.   Even with Sister Naomi, she had never felt such a strong release.
Father Lukas released her hips and she collapsed onto the sofa.   He gently rolled her onto her back and spread her thighs.   The dark hairs of her pubic mound were matted with saliva and girl-cream.   Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath after the intense orgasm he'd given her.
"Open yourself to me," he said gently.   She knew instinctively what he meant and spread her legs wide, exposing herself fully to his gaze.   Her pussy lips were bright red and pulsing gently within the tangle of her pubic hairs.   His need for her was overwhelming.
He positioned himself between her open thighs, his cock in hand and aimed at the center of her soul.   He began to recite a series of prayers that she would learn were from the Order's sacred teachings.

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    She barely heard a word of any of it as he leaned closer and touched the head of his cock to the entrance of her vagina.   Her senses seemed to spin within her head as his cock began to slowly open her up.
Father Lukas felt the resistance of her hyman, just as he should, at he spoke the words, ". . . and within the womb of Woman, God and Satan become one!"  With that, he thrust his hips downward, ramming his cock through her hyman in a single, powerful, flesh-tearing stroke.  
"Aaaahhhh!" Teresa cried out beneath his assault.   Her body exploded in agony as his cock plunged deep into her.   Her eyes flooded with tears as the pain of his entrance overwhelmed her.   She tried to push him off of her, to crawl out from beneath him, to force his cock from her body, but all was to no availe.   Father Lukas was now fully within her, pinning her down beneath his weight, as he recited a strong, powerful prayer in Latin.
"Uunng, oohh sshhhhhhh!" she groaned beneath him.   He body trembled.   She could feel a warm stickiness dribbling down her ass crack and she knew it was her own blood.   She cried out again, "Aaaooowww!" as his hips began to showly rise to pull the impaler from her.

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    Just as she began to feel the relief of his removal, Father Lukas again thrust deep into her with his cock.
"Oooohhhh!" she grunted again, and again, as he began to slowly ride his long, thick manhood in and out of her torn and tortured body.   And as suddenly as the pain had hit her, it began to receed.   Another three slow pistoning thrusts of hic cock into her and Teresa began to feel the first tingles of pleasure ignite within her lions.   She was being fucked by a man who loved her, who cared for her, and who wanted her to become closer to God than she could ever get on her own.
Within minutes, Teresa was welcoming Father Lukas' trusts with her own rising hips.   He began to fuck her with ever stronger thrusts until he was driving hard and deep into her body, and she was begging for more.   "Uuunnnggg, yes, Father!  Ooohh, yes!  Yes!  More!  I want to learn moooore!"
Teresa's body spasmed as her first cock-induced orgasm flooded from her cunt.   Juices spewed with every thrust of Father Lukas' cock from her body.   The scent of her sex filled the office and drove both on.   His heavy balls slapped across her gooy anus rhythmically, and loudly with every thrust into her shaking body.
Teresa was feeling the pleasures of lust and sin flow through her soul, from deep with in her mind where animal instinct was buried, to expel out through the folds of her labia in a creamy gush of pleasures she could never describe to any who had never experienced them.   She knew, even as the waves of orgasm washed over her, that Father Lukas, and the Order, were indeed the only path to understanding her own desires, her own lusts, her own flesh.
Father Lukas saw the emotions Teresa felt within her eyes.   He knew she was his, to do with as he pleased.

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    Teresa was now and forever one of his flock of obedient sex-sheep.   The heat of his lions grew ever higher as he pounded the young woman's pussy relentlessly.   He knew it was time for his own release.
Quickly, Father Lukas dismounted from Teresa.   She groaned as his cock left her agape and leaking.   Her pussy tingled from his assault.   "You must now consume the seed of creation," he explained.   "Open your mouth, my child, and take upon your tongue the seed of life, the semen of God!"
Teresa opened her mouth wide and Father Lukas placed the pulsing head ontp her tongue, even as the first jet of hot, thick cum erupted.   "Aaauugghh!  Yes, oh yes!"  Her mouth was quickly filled to overflowing as his cum shot out.   She tasted the thick, salty flavor of his cum and gagged as it began to trickle down her throat.   She had no choice but to swallow, and the warmth that she felt as the mouthful of cum slid down her throat added to the heat of her lust.   She wrapped her lips tightly around his cockhead and sucked his cum as a leetch would suck blood.   The taste and texture of his load on her tongue was addictive, and Teresa knew she would never get enough cum, no matter how many cocks she would suck for the rest of her life.
Father Lukas could sense Teresa's craving as it built within the girl's soul.   He had seen it within many of the young nuns of the Order that he had personnal initiated.


    He was never as pleased as he was the first time his seed was swallowed by a young novice.   It was what he knew God had placed him on the Earth to do.
When Teresa had dressed and left for her quarters, nearly two hours had passed.   Her body ached, her pussy lips were swollen, and she leaked blood, cum, and her own juices down the insides of her thighs as Sister Claudia escorted her to the showers, and then on to her chambers.   The other girls were already asleep when she climbed into her bunk.   She had been told not to talk of her meeting with Father Lukas to any who were not of the Order by Sister Claudia, who then kissed her warmly in Sisterly welcome before closing the door behind her as she left.