Change Room Fun


I played on my high school rugby team and we were considered the best in the state competition. For the last four years we were the winner of every final and we hoped to retain it. Anyway, Monica was 5”5 and had the best and most firmest body in the college. She sported DD size breasts which were firm and well-rounded. Her skin was soft and smooth with a lightly Tanned surface, which looked great when she wore a bikini. Her legs were long and smooth and they paved the way for the most sweetest, luscious and most tightest arse of any other chick. This beautiful body was enhanced when she wore her modified school uniform. Her skirt was very short, the shirt was tucked in nicely so her sweet breasts were the eyes first focal point when she entered the room.

One day after rugby training, the coach called us aside to talk to us about the get together to celebrate the win of the final and also to farewell those who were leaving next year, which included me. We decided that we’
Would meet at the coach’s hose at 5pm on Saturday that weekend. After the talk, the boys went ff to the showers, but I stayed behind to talk with the coach bout what he was doing in regards to finding a replacement for me next year. Losing track of the time, we were speaking for roughly 20 minutes and the boys had all gone from the change rooms, by the time I got there.

As I entered the locker room, I went to my locker and got out my soap, towel and school clothes to get changed into. I walked over to the benches in the middle of the room and got undressed. As I was waking toward the showers, I caught a glimpse of a girl, standing in the door way. It was Monica.

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   “Aaahhh, what are you doing here Mon?” I asked in a slightly mystified expression as I wrapped my towel around my waist. “Hmmmm, would you believe I was waiting for you?” she replied, looking at me in a naughty way. She slowly walked towards me, looking at the bulge my 8 inch cock was making (don’t mean to brag), through my black towel. “Well, I did’t expect to see you here, that’s all”. She was still slowly coming towards me, taking in the view of my muscular body. “Well, I’m here now, aren’t I” she replied with a devilish smile. She finally reached me. She looked from my face, slowly down to my cock which had become fully erect. She gazed at my chest as she stepped in closer to me. She placed her warm hands on my bard and solid chest and began feeling the surface. My cock was pulsating now with huge amounts of blood pumping into it. A bead of sweat ran down from my brow, as her hands moved toward my abs. Christ, I was so horny. Her breasts were aching to burst from their cloth prison as I looked down and stared at them. She looked up into my eyes.

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   Her blue eyes were full of passion and desire.

She stepped back from me and began to unbutton her shirt. As Mon pulled her shirt off, my cock was screaming for release as I saw those DD globes sitting in front of her. She then slid off her skirt, down those long and sexy legs. She was standing in front of my naked, ripped body, as she proceeded to remove her panties and bra. Holy fuck! Her body was as good as I had dreamed I to be. The tits were so firm as they rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Her pussy was tight and I could see she sun-baked naked, as her cunt was tanned as well like the rest of her skin.

I stood there, just looking wide mouthed at her amazing figure. “Like what you see, Scotty?”, she said in a sexy voice. “I could’t even respond. She waled up to me and unfastened the towel around my waist. She gasped when she saw my 8 inch dick spring up. “Wow, a big boy aren’t you?” sh said again it that sexy voice. At that, she pushed me back onto the bench in the middle of the room.

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   I was so turned on. She jumped onto top of me and went for my mouth. Her tongue demanded access to my mouth, and I opened my mouth to kiss her. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she moaned and suck on it which increased my arousal. She suck on my lower lip while rubbing my abs with her hands.

She slid down to my cock that was waiting for attention. She looked up into my eyes, before putting it in her sweet and warm mouth. She sucked on it herd and wantonly. Her tongue was teasing the tip of it as pre-cum dripped into her mouth. She removed the swollen cock from her mouth and savored the taste of my cum. She Lent her and placed my thick and long appendage between her large breast. My dick was tingling as she bounced up and down. I was titty fucking her now. I lifted my chest and gave a low groan of pleasure as my dick passed through her soft skin. “You like that, don’t you baby? Well, its my turn now, Scotty” she said as she let my cock fall from her cleavage as she moved and sat down on my face, with her sweet smelling cunt right on my mouth.

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   My tongue responded immediately. I lapped at her tasty lips as she lent back with her eyes closed with a loud moan. I drove my tongue deep into her pussy and targeting her G-spot. Bulls eye! As I prodded the spot with my tongue, Monica let out a gasp of pleasure, which s followed my IUD moaning that echoed in the change rooms. Lucky the checkroom was not in the inner areas of the school. As I lapped at her sweet cunt, she clenched the clothes rack above her and squirted her hot juices in my face, which I licked up immediately. Monica fell limp and spent on top of my chest. Her breasts pressing against my chest, pinning me to the bench. I had more energy though, I turned Monica over and sat up. I positioned her on her hands and knees, and I placed member at the entrance to her cunt. I thrust forward, into her wet pussy. Monica responded by screaming in ecstasy and thrusting back on my long cock. I drove into her cunt hard and fast. I pushed it so far in that Monica lifted her head and continued her loud moaning and screaming.

“I’m gonna cum, Mon” I managed to say.

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   “Do it in me scotty babe” she moaned. My legs tensed and I shot a hot load of spunk deep into Monica’s twat. It as so much that it gushed out her entrance and onto the bench. She managed to pick her self up and lay on my body. Her warm flesh against my body was so great. That was great Mon. Your body is so beautiful, and so are your eyes” I said. She looked at me with those deep blue eyes and said “I had my eye on you for a while now scotty. I would sit on the grass and watch you at practice. Your body is so manly and strong” at this she kissed me passionately on the lips and I hugged her to me, while sliding my hand up and down her back.

After laying together for a few minutes we decided to was and leave before someone found us. I gave her a spare towel and she shared my shower. We got dressed at left shortly after each other to avoid detection. Just before Mon left, she slapped me on the arse and kissed me passionately, as she ruffled my brown hair. I returned the favor my squeezing her butt, with my hand under her skirt.

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   “here’s my number baby” she said. “Call me tonight”. She walked away and turned the corner. I sighed and fell against the wall of the change rooms, and smiled to myself. “Well done, mate” I chuckled to myself, as I got to my feet and followed her lead.

After I left, Monica still kept in contact with me regularly and after one year, she moved closer to me. We are both now 20 and dating, with an active sex life.