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Hi I'm a girl, my name is Jess. I am 14, single and I had my first time during the course of this story, of course. Many, many guys think I am super hot and I like it so I knew it would happen soon enough. Anyway onto my little story.

I was going to my friend, Jack's house just to hang out. He's 15, a cool guy and pretty hot. Last time I was over his house, was before I broke my foot. He showed me his closet because I had never seen it before. I didn't notice him trying to "accidentally" feel my tits. My foot has been healed for 2 weeks so he invited me over because we haven't hung out in a while. So this time he told me he had cleaned it up. I went in, laid down even though he has a big box, so i put my feet up on the box. He sits on his knees on the box, but then a loud pop came from outside, from a fence falling over because of the strong winds and he falls forward toward me. His hands landed right on my boobs, there pretty big and I nearly had an orgasm just from him feeling them. I let out a slight moan knowing his family was away for the weekend as was mine. I immediately felt him get hard.


   He was about to grab his dick before I said, "Let's get up and move this box out, if you know what I mean" and I winked at him after I had said it. So we moved the box out and he says "watch this". He opens a door to a much bigger walk in closet in his room(his family is very wealthy). Inside was a spare bed for when they have extra guests or he just needs a little getaway. So i toss him onto the bed and then put myself onto him. We start making out and I can feel myself getting wet just from this. Immediately after I moan he puts his hands down my shirt and both him and I are loving it. Next we move to him fingering me. Eventually we ended up in 69 where he cummed into my mouth. "I love the taste of your cum" is the first thing I said.
So after this, we both remembered our family was away for the weekend, so he asked me if I had wanted to stay over. I gladly agreed so after dinner, we both went to shower, my first time showering with someone, I gave him a blowjob in the bathroom until he cummed in my mouth again. After we had finished washing up we headed back to the closet with the king sized guest bed. He got out the pillows, everything for us to sleep together. Around 12:30AM I roll over to him and tell him that I need him in me.

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   He laughed and told me he would but as long as we don't tell anyone. I made a promise that I wouldn't tell. He told me he didn't have any condoms because he wasn't thinking of sex with me quite yet. So we start having sex. Good thing the room was soundproof because otherwise the neighbors would hear me screaming and moaning. "Ohhh ohh fuck me harder Jack, push your big hard dick in farther" at this point both of us were getting very horny. So he pushed in harder and harder and asked me where I want his cum. I told him to put it right on my boobs so with that he did. I had an orgasm right before he pulled out which caused him to almost cum inside of me. His cum rolling down my boobs was the best feeling ever at that hour. It was warm, wet and tasted very good. He got some paper towels to clean up my cum and his off of me and then we went to sleep.
Around 8AM I had woken up, I got him up and asked him to fuck me again. He gladly agreed. This time I orgasmed 3 times and a few minutes before he would cum, he asked me where I wanted it.

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   I told him"leave your big hard dick inside and cum inside me" he said"are you crazy you could get pregnant" I told him it was ok because I loved him and that I promised to wash it out afterward. So he did as I told and cummed inside of me. Let me put it this way it was the greatest feeling ever. He held inside of me until my pussy was dripping with cum and there was a small puddle on the bed, when he said he was going to fill me up he really wasn't kidding.
Into the shower I went to clean myself up, then we ate breakfast. At noon we ate lunch like normal people did, since our families were away for the whole week and acted much like a couple. Shortly after dinner he asked me if i wanted to fuck. Of course I said yes but this time I asked him to film it so when our families came back, he could still masturbate to me getting fucked by him and I could still finger myself to him fucking me. So he pulls out his HD camera and his tripod and we go off to work. I told him it would be hot if he came inside of me on the video so he did as I told him to, again. This time though, when he came inside of me, he kept fucking me, then came two more times. I said "What are you crazy I could get pregnant" so he grabbed me, and kept on fucking, harder and harder until he had cum five times. The next day I went to one of those places where they tell you if you are pregnant, I lied and said I was forced into sex, it came up as not pregnant. Wow for sure was I lucky. When I returned I yelled at him for what he had done.

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   He told me he had gotten a little too carried away and didn't hear me yell at him. I told him it was fine but this time I made sure our time on camera wouldn't be forceful. He came inside of me again, but this time I was on the pill from the facility that they had given me, they gave me enough for a month. This time I told him he could cum inside of me so he did as so. Shortly after, we had cleaned up and watched the video. I sure do look good while having sex.
Yeah my story still goes on. So we are in his indoor swimming pool in the pool area of his house, I told him whoever makes it to the other side first wins, the loser has to take off part of their bathing suit. He was wearing his swim trunks and a surf shirt, I was wearing a really hot bikini that showed off my boobs quite a bit. First he asked me if he could feel me so I let him and then we had our race. He's a strong guy so he won round one, I took off my top. He told me I looked good topless in an indoor pool. Round two I think he let me win, so he took off his surf shirt. Round three we tied so we both agreed to get naked. We swam around "skinny dipping" for the first few minutes then I said "how cool would it be to have sex by the pool" so we get out, dry off a little bit then have sex on the diving board.

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   He fucked me twice as hard as he usually does and finished up by cumming all over my face. I put my face underwater to wash it off then I told him I wanted to deep throat his huge dick. He plunged his dick deep into my mouth, at first I gagged but then I quickly adjusted. I was going good for about 20 minutes when he said "here it comes baby be ready" he shot a huge load into my mouth that it nearly overflowed my mouth. I pointed at his camera so he took pictures of the huge load in my mouth, these pictures were just for him and I to share. Then I walked over to him and asked him out he said "I really want to say yes but then people would be expecting us to have sex and get suspicious so how about we just do it as friends" I agreed then we went back to the bathroom to shower and wash up. He fucked me in the shower and came inside of me again where I quickly washed it out just in case. The next day, was two days before our families would be back. We fucked for about 5 hours that day on the king size closet bed and I had taken my pills for not getting pregnant so he came inside of me I think 10 times. During the fifth hour I passed out and he hadn't noticed until I didn't moan when he came inside of me. He quickly woke me up and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was tired so he told me to go wash up and we would go to sleep. But this time I wanted to try something new, I wanted to go to sleep with him inside of me, so we did just that, lied naked in bed and fell asleep with him inside of me. When we woke up, we instantly fucked again for another hour, he had cum inside of me once and I was loving every second of it, then we did some more 69 action where he came in my mouth again. The next day I went back to the pregnancy place to get a checkup where I was once again not pregnant.

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   I had to make the best of my last day with him though, because our parents would be back early the next day. So what to do what to do right?
We got up, ate breakfast as if we were married or in a relationship, fucked for a half hour where he came inside of me once again, went to shower, ate lunch. Then I said to him "I want you to tie me up and fuck me" so he tied my arms to the wall and my legs to the base of the bed. We made a gagger thing which he put around my face and into my mouth. He fucked me for about an hour like this, came inside of me, forced me to blow him(by forced I mean I begged him) where he fucked my mouth for about a half hour. Then he tied me up to the wall by my hands and feet. Slapped my boobs a few times and continued to fuck me. When I tried to speak out against him slapping me I was gagged. So he continued to slap and fuck, slap and fuck. By the end of the day I was in so much pain, with the gagger still in my mouth? Was it rape or did I want this? He pulled the gagger out and asked me how I liked it. I hugged him and kissed him and told him it was amazing, but that I didn't like him slapping me. He did some massage remedy and all my pains were away, so we fucked for another hour before showering again. He then walked me home, we went inside and he fucked me one last time, but going back to the first time we had fucked, he came all over my tits and my face. I thanked him, walked him to the front door, made out before letting him go, and texted him most of the night. It was the best experience ever so every day we can, after school or on vacation while our families are away(we're both only children) I go to his house and we fuck like there is no tomorrow.

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