The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 21


The next morning, Jennifer was exceedingly apprehensive. That remarkthat she made really pissed Jessica off because it made her a bitjealous plus it didn't recognize her dad being chained to a deskevery weekday. . Mike appeared at his usual time, around 10 a. m, andboth Jessica and her mom were naked when they greeted him at thedoor. They repaired to Jennifer's bedroom.

"Does trainee have anything to report to Master?" Mike asked. "YesMaster. Trainee's husband chose to have her pubic hair shaven off. ""Let me see how good a job trainee did" Mike said. Jennifer sat onthe bed and then spread her legs. Mike crawled up so that her snatchwas within an inch of him. Again, like daughter like mother. Herpussy was a nice pink slit and Jennifer was already becoming wet dueto being forced to put herself on display like that as well as thethumping her nipples sensed from the nipple rings. "Did fucktoywatch while she shaved?" Mike wondered. ""No Master, she did it inher own bathroom after your little Asian fucktoy went to bed.

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  ""Trainee, until further notice, you will have fucktoy inspect yourpussy after you shave. Do you understand/" "Yes Master. "

"Did trainee inform her husband that she wished to be spanked?""Trainee and her husband didn't have sex last night Master. Instead,he wanted a blowjob. " "So did trainee swallow his cum?" "Yes Master,but it was still pretty disgusting. " "Good girl, trainee. But it isup to you to make your husband's cum taste better. "Yes Master. "

"Okay, now I believe we have a correction in order for somethingtrainee said last night," Mike recalled. "From what I understand,fucktoy issued a verbal correction, but the physical punishmentstill has to be accomplished, is that right trainee?" "Yes Master,"Jennifer admitted. "Trainee, as a man, I must say that what you saidwas highly offensive and suggested to me that perhaps trainee israther spoiled by the salary that the 50-60 hour weeks Carl puts inbrings. " "Yes Master," Jennifer said, her eyes downcast. "Okay, bothof you get dressed, trainee in a bikini. And after you dresstrainee, you will gather up some bathroom cleaning supplies andbring them with us. " "Yes Master.

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A few minutes later, they arrived at a park notorious for being agay cruising spot and headed to the bathroom. The trio walked intoit and it was disgusting, littered with used condoms, the sinks werefilthy and the toilets appeared to have not been cleaned in a weekor two and there was graffiti on the stall partitions. Mike lockedthe door. "Okay trainee, strip and get to work! "God Master, I wantto throw up being in here. " "Yes fucktoy, me too. But somebody hasthe unfortunate task of cleaning this place every now and then andtrainee is going to make his job easier. " Jennifer removed herbikini as demanded and began cleaning up the condoms on the floorbecause they were the least disgusting and easiest thing to dealwith. Once she had done that, she started in on the sinks, scrubbingthem until they looked presentable again. "This place is alreadysmelling and looking better," Mike evaluated. Jennifer was workingup something of a sweat, though, already and her feet were coveredin dirt "Master, can I stop now? I'm sorry about what I said. ""Trainee, your Master and Mistress are here supervising you in thisden of squalor and we  aren't punishing you just for a lack ofgratitude toward Carl, but for what you are putting us through, too. Now any more whining will see your ass get another taste of mypaddle. " "Yes Master," she dejectedly consented.

Jennifer started in on the graffiti on the stall partitions. Shescrubbed and scrubbed and got a lot of the verbal detritus off, butsome of it just wouldn't come out.

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   "Master is sorry his belovedfucktoy had to see this ugliness even though she did nothing wrongto deserve it," Mike apologized. "Okay, here is what I willdo:trainee, I will cut your janitorial assignment short but you haveto undergo whatever punishment Mistress designs for you. Doestrainee accept?" "Oh yes Master," Jennifer said, again with the hopethat Jessica would be likely to go easy on her.

They all gratefully put the bathroom behind them. "Trainee, you needto clean your feet. You aren't going to defile Master's car withthose filthy things!" Jessica proclaimed. "Sorry Mistress. " Jenniferwent to a drinking fountain and weted some of the paper towels shebrought with her and wiped the dirt from the floor off of hertootsies. "Much better trainee," Mike said agreeably. Mike took theelder and younger Hamada back to their house.

"Look trainee, you have to realize that the first thing that makesany relationship work is a sense of responsibility," Mike said. 'Soin order to press upon you the gravity of your mistakes thepunishment must be vivid as well so you will reflexively think twicebefore you insult the dignity of your own household again," hebloviated. "So Mistress, what is trainee's punishment?" "Ugh, formaking me endure that gross bathroom, we're going shopping. Now takea shower trainee!" Jessica assertively called. "What does fucktoyhave in mind?" Mike was trying to guess.

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   "Does Master remember whenhe took his little Asian fucktoy around town in his car whileallowing her to only wear a white blouse and no bra and the nipplerings were attached? "Ah yes," Mike began to reminisce. " This willbe kinda like that but worse. " "Wow fucktoy, you play for keeps!*lol"

When Jennifer had cleaned herself up, Jessica had her dress in apair of shorts, some sandals and a white blouse with no bra. She hadMike drive them to a side of town they normally didn't go and theystopped in a supermarket parking lot. Jessica had Jennifer buy alarge bottled water after Jessica accompanied her down every aislewith her nipples obviously prominent. "Now listen trainee, if youdon't follow orders to the letter, Mike's paddle has your name onit, do you understand?" "Yes Mistress, Jennifer whispered back. Whenthey came out of the store, Jessica told her mom to stand directlyin front of it with her arms at her side. "Okay Master, empty thebottle on her blouse. " Mike laughed and then did just that,Jennifer's blouse becoming transparent. Jennifer let out an "eek!"but was then reminded to stand up straight. Mike counted to ten andthen they all made a beeline for the car and got out of dodge.

"So trainee, how many people do you think saw your boobs?" Jessicateased. "I have no idea Mistress, but God, that was superembarrassing!" "Did it turn you on?" Jessica asked. "Yeah, alittle," Jennifer conceded, giggling. But then Jennifer also had toput up with guys staring at her on the way home as Mike drove themdown city streets.

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   "So did trainee learn her lesson?" Mike inquired. "Oh yes Master, definitely. "

Mike and Jessica took Jennifer into her bedroom and had her laynaked on her bed while Jessica tossed her own clothes aside. Mikepulled the buttplug out of his bag and handed it to Jessica, who hadslid into her mother's bed next to Jennifer, along with the tube oflube. Jessica prepared her mother's asshole for another penetrationand also oiled up the plug itself and then began forcing it throughher sphincter. Her hole seemed to give way easier than the previousday. "Any pain trainee?" Mike quizzed. "No Master. " Jessica finishedshoving it all the way into her mother while Mike gazed atJennifer's ass with lust. Mike then gave Jessica the vibrating eggand had her insert that into her mother's pussy. Mike turned thevibrators on to half power.

"Okay trainee, roll over on your back and keep your legs closed,"Mike commanded. Jennifer did so. "Fucktoy, I want you to pinch androll her nipples," he added. "Yes Master," she caved.

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   Jennifer felther daughters digits massaging her sensitive nubs and coupled withthe resonating buzzing in her groin, she was moaning up a storm. Jennifer reached out and cuddled her daughter. "Please suck themMistress, please? They ache so much," Jennifer sighed. Mike wackedthe vibrators up to full, which seemed to fire the ardor of hergirlfriend's mother greatly. Jennifer's cunt was literally drippingwith moisture. Jennifer put her hand on the back of her daughter'shead and tried to guide it to her left nipple. Jessica,, partly outof obligation to her mother and partly because she was turned onherself, began sucking on that nipple and Jennifer's passion pinnedthe needle, causing her body to have a jerking, heaving orgasm whileher daughter was doing something she hadn't since she was an infant. Mike's jaw hit the floor as Jessica licked and pulled onboth of Jennifer's nipples with her lips and teeth. Mike got hiscock out and started stroking it while watching what amounted toincestuous lesbianism. Jennifer rolled over on her lighter andsmaller offspring sucked on Jessica's throbbing nipples.

Mike climbed up on the bed and buried his cock into Jessica'sdrenched love channel and now the three was a tangle of bodies andmoans, Mike sneaking glances over at Mrs. Hamada's pink taco whilehe thrust his sword into Jessica's humid slot over and over. Jennifer began to cum as she desperately grabbed her daughter'sshoulder for something to hang on to while the passionquake rippledthrough her. When that orgasm quieted down, Jennifer sucked onJessica's nipples in earnest and now her daughter was the one aboutto climax, her breathing halting for a long second and then resumingin a storm of panting while the orgasm bored its way through her. Mike couldn't believe what they were doing and was thinking thateven if he and Jessica break up he would have a humdinger of a storyto tell.

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   He only wished he had a cameraman shooting it as proof. Histurn came and he let out a loud sighing grunt and then his dick andballs cascaded hot white semen against Jessica's sugar walls.

The vibrators, though, or something, maybe she was secretlybisexual, too, kept stimulating Jennifer and her hand migrated downto Jessica's clit as her daughter continued to writhe and moan. Jennifer experienced another orgasm in t he midst of kissing Jessicahard while cradling her in her arm. Jessica then went off, her hipsbucking and pubic muscles flinching and it was over, Mike switchingthe vibrators off.

Jessica and Jennifer laid there recovering from their exertion whileMike was still dumbstruck at what just happened. "I love you mom,"Jessica tenderly whispered to her mother. "I love you, too, Jessica,my darling," Jennifer dreamily uttered. "God, did we just do that?"Jessica laughed. "Yes we did sweety," Jennifer answered, giving herdaughter a soft kiss. Mike sat silent, allowing the mother anddaughter to bask in the moment they were having together.

"Come  here, Mike," Jennifer invited. Mike crawled up between themother and daughter and they laid there giggling and stroking Mike'schest while he held them in his arme. "Woah, Jennifer and Jessica, Ihad no idea!" Mike snickered. "Neither did we!" they simultaneouslyechoed, collapsing in laughter.

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   Jennifer still had the sex toys inher, but she wasn't complaining about it. "Mrs. Hamada, Mikesuddenly said formally, "no matter what you're seeing or what we didtoday, I love Jessica so much. And you're pretty special, too. I'mgrateful to you guys for my precious Jessica. I hope you're havingfun and find what we did liberating. " "Well sweety,," Jennifersmiled, "it sure breaks up the monotony of being a housewife!"
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