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I was in my Senior year of high school and found that I enjoyed the attention of the boys and men and the other girls as well as women that I knew and I had no problems finding relief for any needs I had and they seemed to really be going crazy in my Senior year. I was in class one day and Jack passed a note to me and I read it. He asked if I could meet him and Ron at the back of the gym after school near the entrance to the sports fields. The note said, "We hear that you really like to fuck and we need some. " Jack and Ron dated the cheerleader types, skinny and no boobs and the ones that they dated did not like to do "favors. "

I was wearing a jean skirt and pull over blouse and after last period I went to the girls room and took off my bra and panties. I went to the gate to the field and they stood back in a place that had a door to a room. It stood open some. They both smiled when I showed up and they saw that I was without my bra and so my 40DDD tits were ready and the dark nipples were hard against my lite colored blouse. I walked up and sat my stuff down, "So what did you really want?" I said to Jack standing very close. He reached out and massaged my tits and then went under the blouse and pulled my nipples making me moan and I was already wet. "Well, we just wanna do what you love doing, come on. " he said and pulled me into the door and closed it. Ron and him had been in shorts and their cocks were hard and visible and now the shorts came off and their cocks stod up. Ron was dark skinned and his cock was at least 8 inches long and very thick. Thicker than I had seen for on so long.

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   The head blossomed out and was huge. Jack had a nice size cock and it was leaking cum.

I was dripping juices down my leg I was so hot and Jack slapped my tummy with his cock and Ron was against my back. Suddenly Jack was pulling my nipples hard and then I told him, "Suck them, and bite them, really hard. " and he did just that. Ron was down licking my ass and then he found my ass and stuck his tongue into it. "Oh my god, yes. " I moaned. He laid back on a mat there and told me to sit on it and I squatted over his cock as he held it up. I put about an inch in and then he pulled me down hard on it and I almost cried out but did not. I laid back as Ron grabbed my tits from behind and Jack moved to me and slipped his cock into my pussy and now I was almost shouting. . . but Jack had his mouth on mine and muffled it. Ron had just begun to fill my ass with his cum when the door opened and Ms.

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   Rancine stood there with a frown on her face. She was one of the Physical Ed. teachers and she was very built, mostly like a body builder than a woman. She had tits and hips and all but bext to no fat on her body at all. She had on the gym shorts and st shirt that the staf wore and she had just come from the track running so she was dripping in sweat. He short dark hair was stuck to her face and she stood there. She was almost six feet tall and all of it muscle. "Thought that I heard a cry for help, you boys are screwed now. Rape is a crime. " she said as she reached for Jack and pulled him off me. I was really needing him to stay there but she gave him no choice. Ron had squirted on my ass as half of his cum kept going as she lifted me up of his cock. She went to open her walkie talkie that the staff caried and I stopped her, "They are not raping me, I am raping them. " I said. She stopped and looked at me, my leg dripping my own and Ron;s juices.

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"You two get dressed and get the hell out of here. I will decide what happens later. " she barked out to them then handed me my skirt and blouse and said, "Put them on and follow me. " I did and then she led me to the girls locker room and to her office. The exterior doors were locked and then her office door was too. She had not bothered to wipe the sweat from her body and the smell of her sweat and her body oils she wore was making me a little warm. My pussy and ass were wanting to be taken and finished off. She sat behind her desk, "So we are a little slut are we?" I looked at her, "Well, I am not really little, just a little short. " She got up and came around the sesk and slapped my face making it sting, "Don't be a smart ass with me. " she said and I smiled at her. She stayed close and was just inches from me. My nipples were hard and hurt to be sucked. She looked at me, "Oh, is this getting you hot? You go both ways?" I looked at her, "Is that an ofer?" I said and took off my blouse and stood there. She looked at my nipples and then her shorts came off and her shirt and her body was still wet from her workout on he track. She was tan all over and no bikini lines at all.

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   I let my skirt drop to the floor and stood there. She kissed me deep and pulled my head back by my hair. She opened a door and there was a shower in her office and she moved me to it. I went in and she turned on the warm water. In the shower she moved me under it and then I saw an attachment on the facuet that was a hose like and it had a handle on it. "First we clean out the cunt dear, then we play. " she said. "Actually Ron loaded my ass while Jack only got a little in pussy. She turned me around and bent me over and the hose end was in my ass and the water turned on. My legs were weak with this new feeling and she pushed it in so that the cum was cleaned out good and so was a little of something else.

She changed the head on the hose and sread my legs and then it was in my pussy and the hose on. This time the water was warmer and she pushed it deep in me making me have a small orgasm and my eyes being closed she kissed me at the same time. PLeased that I was clean she took me to a bench in the bathroom and sat me down and then she stepped up to me. She had not cleaned of her sweat and she still had the wondrful smell of having just run. She put one foot on the bench and said, "Eat it good.

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  " and I lickedc her thighs inside and worked my way to her shaved clean pussy and then my tongue found her very large clit. I sucked it in and two fingers slipped into her pussy. "Oh damn, you are good baby. " she moaned. "If you lay down I can do it really good for you. " I said and she did. Her legs apart and I got down and took her clit captive and sucked it slowly and four fingers slipped into her pussy making her buck hard against my fingers and face. "Don't stop. " she moaned and then her pussy soaked my face and fingers. As she finished she puched me down and laid on tol of me on the floor and kissed me and then was sucking my nipples and biting them some. "Please, please, I said, "Leave marks all over me, just so I can cover them. Make me your slut. " I moaned. She started sucking my tits of the nipples and left larks all over them. "Bite the nipples, do it hard.

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  " I begged her. She began fingering my pussy as she began biting. I held her head to my tits begging her to bite harder.

She was looking up at me and when I opened my eyes she saw that UI was hotter each time. As she sucked a nice purple mark on one tit abover the nipple I moaned, "Bite them hard, make the nipples bleed. " I said and suddenly she did just that and I had to bite a towel to not cry out. She was biting and then looking at them then she smiled and she looked up at me, blood on her lips, "Do them both. " I said and she did the other tits and my orgasm sprayed all over her hand. I pushed her back and got over her and we began to 69 with the blood dripping from my nipples and she was fingering me and eating me at the same time as I did her. After a shower we dried of and she helped me dress and one more time I kissed her. "Be here after school tomorow, no bra and no panties. " she said. "I will be, you be nice and hot from a run too. " I said and we kissed and she let me out the door. I was walking to my car and Ron and Jack came by in a car.

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   "How did it go?" Ron asked. "You guys still got any cock left?" I smiled. "Fuck yes. " Jack said. I got in the back seat and Jack jumped in as Ron dove. I was naked and Jack was in me in a flash. After he filled my pussy ROn told him to switch so he could finish my ass. I got on my tummy and my ass was his and he filled me with his cum and we went to a park and they both took me again. My ride home was fun with me sucking one then the other until I giot a reward of cum down my throat.

They both kissed me and I got out and walked to the door and Mom was there. She looked at me knowing what had happened or alomst what happened. I did not tell her about Ms. Rancine. Tyhe next day I was at her door after school, she answered it totally naked and sweaty as she could be. I went in and ran my tongue all over her body and pushed her down and ate her pussy for an hour before we spoke.

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MOre later.