Biking With Sherri In Arkansas Pt. 2


Well, we finally finished having supper at the diner and Mandy and I got up and you would think it was her and I that were married. Sherri and Bob got up and tey were together too. His cock was hard and up over his belt but covered by his shirt and Sherri kept reaching under it and rubbing the head. We all paid for diner and walked to their car. "You two wanna follow us to the camp grounds and we will have desert, "Bob said. Sheri held onto him and smiled and Mandy hugged me, "I can ride with Steve and he will nto get lost that way and Sherri can play with her new toy. " We agreed and Sherri gave her the helmet and we drove behind them a couple miles to the park and went in. They were in a part with lots of trees and by the lake. Beautiful place. We got off the bike and Sherri was totaly naked. Bob has his pants half down and his shirt came off and Sherri leaned against the side of the car and spread her legs, "Come on, I need that fucking pole in me. " she said and had that look in her eyes that said she was going to fuck all night. Bob did not need to wet her at all but slipped it in her pussy and she moved back against him and it was in, half way, then more and more until Sheri gave out a loud grunt and moved against him and it popped in and his balls slapped her ass. He grabbed her hips and drove it in more and she began teling all that would listen how great it was to get fucked by a pole. It took a while but Bob let out a low growl too and Sherri pushed against him and he shot his load into her pussy. She shook with her several orgasms.

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   Madny came over holding my cock and looked and there was cum dripping down Sheri's legs, "Waste no want not hun. " she said and squatted down and began licking the cum that was leaking out. I had taken her top of and her huge tits were firm and she slipped off the rest of ther clothes and mine too. Bob stepped back and took off his pants and Mandy took over eating Sherri and sucking the cum from her pussy. She got up and kissed me, her face covered with the cum from Sherri and then went down on my hard cock slipping it into her mouth easily compared to her husband.

Sherri was watching her suck me and had Bob's half hard snake in her hands and it looked like it was growing again. Soon she stood with her hands on the car and bent over, "In the ass this time baby. " she said and he stepped up and spread her cheeks and had it just at the entrance and Sherri was still soaking from her other orasms. "You sure you want this up there Hunny?" Bob said and Sherri moaned, "Oh yes. " "Beg me baby, beg me to fuck your ass. " he said and his cock was there. "Oh please, please fuck my ass, please. " She had not finished the last word and he rammed all the way into her as. His cock disappeared and Sherri let out a moan and yell, "MMmm, oh yeah, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it. " and he was driving it hard into her.

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   I do not know how long it was but my cock had filled Mandy throat a couple times watching Sherri getting fucked so good by such a huge cock. I was sitting next to Mandy sucking her tits and fisting her pussy and she was building to another orgasm. A car drove up and 4 guys and one girl got out. "Oh yeah, just in time. " one guy said and he was undressing as all of them were. "Time to go inside. " Bob said and Mandy got up and took my hand, "You are mine for the night, Sherri and Linda will have to take care of my daughter and sons. " I almost fell over, these were their kids, Linda was about 15, the other boys all looked ful grown but I was told none were over 18. Bob was standing there as one of his boys plunded into Sherri and blew his load fast then said, "Yeah, need to go in. " so we all staggered inside. The travel camper was huge on the inside and there were couches and beds all over and very few other furniture. One of the boys took Linda and took her thong off and laid down eating her pussy and she was enjoying it watching another brother fucking Sherri while her Mom sucked my cock again. After a couple hours we were now all playing with each other, Sherri was fucking her own pussy with a nice sized dildo. Bob looked at one of his boys, "Drive down to that bar and see if there are any men there that need to fuck a woman. " The boy did and several cars followed him back.

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   There were 10 or more men that came in and began fucking Sherri and Linda. Mandy looked at me, "You are our official guest so you get my undivided attention Dear. " and she kissed me and laid me down feeling my cock that was hard again. She got on top and her huge tits were hanging in my face, "Suck them good for me baby so I cum. " she said and so I grabbed the two huge tits and began sucking. She told me to suck harder and to bite the nipples realy hard until I tasted blood and as I did her orgasm hit her. The sounds of Linda and Sherri getting fucked were now grunts of men just having raw sex, just fucking a hole. MAndy said, "Let's go lay under the trees" and she picked up a blanket and we walked out naked. She laid it down and said, "Can we eat each other Hun?" and I said sure. She laid me down and squatted over my face and I began eating and she began sucking. The noises from the trailer continued all night and the last truck pulled away as the sun came up. We got up and inside the boys and Bob were asleep. Sherri and Linds were sleeping, Sherri had a cock in me pussy and Linda was sucking her brother. Mandy and I went back outside and laid down. "If they are not all ready in an hour you and I can go get breakfast.

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  " and so, Mandy and I drove to hget breakfast on the bike. It was noon as we came back and Linda was awake but that was it.

You will stay tonight?" Linda said kissing me. "Sure sounds great to me. " Mandy said and went to cook for everyone else.
Pt 3 later. .