First Day of Spring


It was the first day of spring after a brutally cold and dark winter. Guys and girls were wearing less today than they had for the last four months which was fine by me. Only a tee shirt and jeans sufficed on this bright and sunny day.

Even though I wanted to just hang out in the sun,I had to go grocery shopping and to this day I am glad I did.

While mulling around the aisles I noticed a slim twenty something guy wearing tight cycling pants and shirt. The bulge in his pants was so pronounced that I could tell his doctor was skillful with the scalpel. Noticing that he had a shopping cart full of stuff, I quipped “You gonna have quite a time loading that on your bicycle!”

He looked perplexed and said, “Oh crap, this is the first day out with my bike and must be brain dead today!Guess I’ll have to put everything back. ”

“Why don’t I help you out?You must not live far from here if you biked,” I said.

“Well, that would be great!!I don’t want to put you out. ”

“No problem, I have the day off and would love to. ”

So, we checked out and loaded up my car. I followed him as he skillfully maneuvered to his apartment building only a few blocks away; looking at his splendid little ass all the way.

We started taking things out of my car when he said, “the elevator’s broken and I live on the sixth floor. You can leave everything on the landing and I’ll get it in a couple of trips. ”

“Don’t be crazy, I can hump it. ”Maybe that was some sort of slip, but he didn’t say anything and only smiled.



After six long flights, he seemed none the worst for wear, but I was a little winded and sweaty.

“Whew, after four months of hibernating, I need to get back in shape,” I laughed.

We entered his small apartment and dropped off the groceries and he said, “you are all hot and sweaty now, you really should shower up before going back out” and he proceeded to lead me to his bathroom. “There it is, go to it,” he said without leaving the room. “I need one too, so we might as well save some water” as he took off his shirt revealing a smooth hairless hard chest and stomach.

“Don’t be shy,” as he tugged out my shirt from my pants. His bulge appeared to be growing larger and I could feel my zipper starting to get strained too. His cock head was definitely becoming more defined in those skin tights. I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor next to his. I stared in his deep blue eyes while his hands found my belt buckle and expertly released it. He went lower and gently rubbed my now fully erect manhood through my jeans. Without leaving my gaze, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans freeing my throbbing cock from its restraints. He showed no surprise that I wasn’t wearing underwear, “I don’t wear any either,” he whispered. He now proceeded to literally peel his pants off his gorgeous physique. His huge cock came popping out with a vengeance as if gasping for air.

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  Totally naked now, he also was totally hairless from the neck down. “Cuts down of the wind resistance,” he winked. I too, have a bald cock and balls and he gazed down approvingly.

“Let’s jump in. ”It was a bathtub shower combo and easily fit both of us and our fully erect cocks. He turned on the hot water and it flowed though the hose to the hand held head. Taking a bottle of body wash, he lathered me up paying special attention to my smooth ass and hole. His skillful fingers rubbed and stroked my hard cock and hanging balls and then made their way to my eager asshole. One, two and then three soaped up fingers went up my asshole; in and out, in and out. His thick long cock was now teasing my ass. He was rubbing it all over my ass and touching his head to my asshole. Then his cock stopped at my asshole and starting pressing in. Very slowly he pushed bringing me almost to the cumming point. His large wet head penetrated my smooth tight asshole and I moaned in pleasure and a little delightful pain. I have never had this big of a cock up my asshole.

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  It felt like he was putting in a can of coke!Once his head was inside my eager wet asshole, he slowly started sliding in his long ten inch shaft. Having that massive cock inside me was making my head spin and my cock ready to burst. Then he started pumping my asshole harder and faster, his balls banging against mine. His stamina was as long as his long cock and he kept pumping and pumping my tight smooth hole. After what seemed like an eternity in one sense and not long enough in another, he moaned in delight and I could feel a bucket of his hot load shoot deep into the bowels of my ass.

He kept his rock hard cock in my ass for another minute or two and then slowly pulled out. Then he cupped his hand under my balls while I squeezed some of his hot cum out of my asshole. He brought up the white spew and he and I licked his hand clean of his tasty cock juice.

I don’t know how I lasted this long without exploding my meager seven inch wood, but it wasn’t going to last much longer and we both knew it. He bent over revealing his firm ass cheeks and lovely shaved hole. My target was set. Not wanting to wait around a seemingly wanting it hard and fast, he took my cock and guided it to his waiting asshole. Then he pushed backward forcing my entire cock up his wet asshole quickly and hard. “Fuck me hard!”, he screamed and I willingly did so. I did not have his long stamina or long shaft but held my own and after a good time, my balls tightened and my cock exploded into his fabulous asshole with multiple spurts of delight.

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  Not leaving anything to waste, he squeezed out my cock juice from his asshole and we both ate it with pleasure.

I still see him sometimes shopping and occasionally we have a quickie, but I will never forget that first fuck with him.

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