Shadow - Chapter 2



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Any requests that you have will be taken into consideration for any future writings. Thank You and Enjoy.


Chapter 2

Adam's grey Toyota Tacoma is parked off of a secluded dirt road. The windows are rolled down slightly. There are trees all around. The pickup truck is facing so that its tailgate is facing the dirt road. The engine is off, so the only sounds that can be heard are the normal night sounds, plus the sounds of Adam and Angel.

Both Adam and Angel are in the back seat of the four-door pickup truck. Adam's wearing his usual blue jeans and a green tee shirt. Angel, on the other hand, has on a white, frilly summer dress. Her tank top is a spaghetti strap, and is colored pink, her favorite color.

The both of them are lip-locked, and are in a little battle over whose tongue is the best. Adam's right hand is behind her neck, trying to get more of her inside his mouth, while the left hand is groping her left breast, trying to get an edge. Angel has both her hands busy in the one place guys love for them to be, the crotch.

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   Adam hears the zipper of his jeans unzip, but refuses to lose this tongue battle. Angel reaches inside his jeans, and past the open fly of his boxers, and grabs her target, Adam's semi-hard 6in cock. Angel, better at multitasking than Adam, keeps up the fight with her own tongue, while pulling out his dick, and starts to stroke it. Adam knew this was coming as soon as he started loving on her breast with his hands. Almost instantly, Adam's tongue loses the battle, and Angel is the victor. She takes her time to relish the victory. Her tongue gently investigates the now familiar mouth it has become so accustomed to. Angel, having "tasted" enough victory for the time being, pulls away from Adam, and breaks the kiss.

"I Won!" Angels says, excitedly.

"That was a dirty trick, jacking my dick like that!" Adam replies.

Angel, with a frown on her face, "Sore loser. Besides, it’s not my fault you couldn't keep your hands to yourself. This was supposed to see who was the best kisser, not who could GRAB BOOBS the best. " As Angel says this, she crosses her arms, showing off her breasts, and pouting at the same time.

Adam, looking defeated, "Okay, okay.

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   You won fair and square, or round in this case. "

Angel, looking puzzled, "round?"

Smiling, Adam replies, "Well, your boobs definitely aren't square. "

It was kind of corny, but Angel found herself smiling, enjoying the half-assed compliment.

"Since you lost, I'm the boss tonight. That's the deal" Angel replies.

"That's the deal alright”, Adam replies, "So boss, what is your bidding?"

Angel replies, smiling, "Nothing major right now, just strip, butt-naked. "

"Your wish is my command. " Adam replies, moving his hand in a fashion that a servant would his queen.

Adam starts by pulling his shirt over his head, then throwing it into the passenger's seat up front. Next, he unbuttons his jeans and, with no need to unzip them, takes them off, followed by his boxers, and throws both with his tee shirt.

"Your request has been granted m'lady, what is next that you ask of me?" Adam replies, acting like a medieval servant.

Smiling, Angel replies, "lie back, and close your eyes, and don't open them UNTIL I SAY SO!" Angel replies, emphasizing the last part.

Adam, although puzzled slightly by her change of tone, does as he's told and lies on his back, to where his head touches the door, and closes his eyes. Angel grabs some lubricant out of her purse in the floorboard. She un-snaps the top and puts some in her hands.

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   She closes it, but puts it on the seat, for later. Angel rubs it on her hands, then starts to give Adam's semi-hard cock a handjob.

Angel starts at the head of Adam's dick, and caresses it. Within only 10-15 seconds, it’s already hard. Now that he's hard enough, Angel moves down his shaft, to the base, and then back up. She takes special care to give his cock-head some attention, seeing how it's extra sensitive.

"Hmmm" Adam groans.

"Enjoying this, lover?" Angel replies.

"Obviously, I swear you've got perfect hands. " Adam replies

"I'm glad to hear it. " Angel replies.

Angel lets her right hand work on Adam's dick, while she takes her left hand, and starts to play with his balls. First she toys with his right one, then alternates between them. Angel, seeing the drops of pre-cum on Adam's cock, knows it's time. She abruptly stops the handjob.

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"Why'd you stop?" Adam asks, looking up at her.

"It seems that you have a problem with keeping your eyes closed Adam. " Angel replies.

"Ohh. Sorry. " Adam replies, shutting them quickly, and assuming the same position he was in before.

Angel replies, "It's all right. I've got a remedy for that problem. "

Angel reaches into her purse again, and pulls out a blindfold.

"You will definitely keep your eyes closed with this on, won't you. " Angel says.

Looking up to see it, Adam replies, "I guess it will. "

Angel moves up to Adam's face, and gives him a light peck on the lips before tying the blindfold on him.

With Adam now unable to see, Angel reaches back into her purse, and pulls out a small purple dildo. It's only about 3 inches long and about an inch thick, with a small plastic piece at the base, to ensure it doesn’t pop out.

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   She takes a quick look to see that Adam's still very hard, just like she wants him to be. Angel gets the lubricant, and spreads some more on her hands, and spreads some on the dildo too. She goes back to the handjob, but with the left hand, toying with his asshole. He loves his asshole being played with. As she's jerking him off, she takes her left midle finger, and pushes it past his rosebud, until she can just barely feel his prostate. She knows Adam's moaning is a very good approval. She uses her finger, and presses against Adam's prostate, and jacks him at the same time. Adam starts to buck, and she knows what's about to happen. She stops jacking him, and holds the base of his cock tight, preventing him from cumming. Adam moans in disapproval.

"I'm sorry lover, but I don't want you to cum until I'm ready. " Angel says.

All Adam can really do is sit there and let her have him.

After Angel is sure he's done with the pre-orgasm jolt, she sticks another finger up his asshole, and both fingers rub his prostate together. Her right hand has stopped jerking his cock, but is at the base, waiting for another impending orgasm, and it won't have to wait long.

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   As Angel puts more pressure on his prostate, she can feel the twitches in his dick, and grabs it by the base again, and stops the prostate massage. Adam groans again in frustration as another orgasm is stopped mid-process, and is left with a feeling of almost dying need of release.

As Angel feels his almost-orgasm subside, she reaches for the dildo. She pulls her fingers out of his asshole, and takes the dildo by the base, and aims it for Adam's rosebud. The head of the dildo meets the entryway, and Angel pushes. It easily passes through the first line of defense. Adam tightens up his rectal muscles, sensing this unknown intruder.

"Just relax Adam. I promise, this'll feel almost as good as my pussy. " Angel says, comforting Adam.

Slowly, she can feel the resistance inside Adam's ass give way, and she continues to push, until all 3 inches are solidly inside him.

"Good job Adam. Now, you can take off the blindfold. " Angel says, leaning back to admire her man's ass, stuffed with a dildo that used to be hers.

Adam lifts up, and takes the blindfold off.

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   Feeling the dildo in his ass, he looks down, but can't see much, so he reaches down to feel it.

"Is that??? A DILDO??????” Adam says, both in shock and pleasure.

Smiling Angel replies, "Yes, it's mine actually, but I thought you should enjoy it just as much as I. "

Adam replies, in a worried sort of way, "But, only gay guys like dildos up their ass. "

Angel, sensing his fear of him being straight, but enjoying a dildo up his ass, "Not really. Most guys like having their ass played with, even penetrated. It has nothing with being gay. Besides, if you were gay, do you think we would be going out?"

Adam, readily seeing her logic, replies, "Sounds good to me. So, what's next boss?"

Angel, smiling, "Now, we get to do what we usually do, except you have a dildo up your ass. "

"No objections from me" Adam replies.

Angel forces Adam back onto his back, and presses her breasts against his chest. She starts to french Adam, but without a tongue battle this time. She sticks her tongue out to meet his, and the both of them mutually make-out. As the both of them are making out, their hands are getting busy. Angel's left hand goes down to his cock, and she starts to jack off his dick, like earlier.

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   As she's busy with Adam's cock, Adam is busy grabbing at her C-cup breasts. He can feel her bra through the thin shirt she has on. She moans in approval of Adam's groping.

Angel shifts her position from on her side, next to Adam, to directly on his chest, and sits up, so she's basically sitting on Adam's stomach.

"Let me give you better access big boy. " Angel replies. She grabs the hem of her tank top, and lifts it above her head, exposing her bra-covered breasts to her lover.

"I think the honors of removing the bra should go to the boy, don't you lover?" Angel asks.

"I'd be honored to give those things some more breathing room. " Adam replies.

Adam lifts up to kiss her, and reaches around her to undo her bra, still feeling the dildo in his ass as he does. After he unsnaps it, he throws it to the front passenger's seat, with everything else. Adam keeps up the kiss, and starts to grab her, and put her on her back to eat her out. Angel puts her hands on his chest, pushing him back onto his back, feeling what he's trying to do.

"I don't think the boss told you to do that, did she?" Angel says.

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A little disappointed, Adam replies, "I suppose not. "

Smiling, "Good. Now I have a little secret to tell you. " Angel says.

"Oh really. And what would that be?" Adam asks.

Still smiling, "I'm not wearing any panties. " Angel says.

She lifts up the hem of her summer dress, to show him.

Now it's Adam's turn to smile, "That means there's less work, for the both of us. "

With that, Angel wriggles her body from Adam's stomach, down to his cock. Angel raises herself up, and aims Adam's dick for her love tunnel.

As she aims, Adam can't help but to admire her beauty. She is crouching, with her legs on either side of him, ready to take him all the way to the hilt. He loves how her breasts are perky, yet so soft.

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   He can't help but think, 'how the hell did I get lucky to snag this beautiful creature with dark green eyes and long dark brown hair. '

Angel lines up Adam's rock-hard cock, and slowly lowers herself onto it. His cock meets her entrance, and it presses through. Angel lifts the hem of her dress again so Adam can see his love muscle disappear into her. First he sees the head of his cock slide into her. As she slowly keeps lowering herself, he watches as his dick is slowly engulfed by Angel's pussy. At long last, she bottoms out, and hits Adam's pelvis. They both let out a slight moan as they're now joined. Angel drops the hem of her dress and bends over so that both of them are chest to chest. She opens her mouth, and starts to french him, which he happily accepts. As the two of them make out, Angel reaches over with her left hand, and pulls something out of her purse. She breaks the kiss, and moves back to her former position on top if Adam.

"There's one more surprise for you tonight, lover. " Angel says.

Adam, looking a little puzzled, replies, "Oh, and what would that be?"

Angel smiles, and shows him what she pulled out of her purse.


   It looks almost like a mini remote for a television. Adam, still looking puzzled, gets his answer. She moves the knob, and he starts to feel the dildo in his ass vibrate. Adam's eyes nearly bug out of his head. He could feel the vibration right next to his prostate, making it move in ways he thought not possible. He very nearly immediately came right then and there. He would have, had Angel not stopped the dildo from vibrating.

"Like I said, I don't want you cumming yet. " Angel replies.

Adam replies, panting hard, "Do you enjoy torturing me?"

"It's not the torture I enjoy; it’s the face I know you'll make when you finally have a release. " Angel replies.

"Torture just the same. " Adam replies.

With the remote still in her hand, she puts her hands on Adam's chest, for balance, and moves up his rock-hard shaft, then back down. She slowly starts to rock her body back and forth, letting Adam's cock move around inside her.

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   As she rises up, she lets herself back down at different angles, driving Adam nearly wild. Angel moves up and down his shaft very slowly, but intentionally. She still doesn't want him to cum yet.

Angel shifts position. She moves her hands from Adam's chest, to behind her. She places her hands on the seat behind her, and continues the slow, agonizing fuck, at least agonizing for Adam.

In his haze of needing an orgasm, he happens to look up at Angel. She's bent backwards, with her breasts jutting out. Her long brown hair reaching the seat they're fucking on. Her dress, still around her waist, moves up and down with every thrust she makes.

Angel continues to ride his shaft, sometimes even letting it out to the head, and then eases it back inside her. She uses her hand with the remote, and turns on the dildo-vibrator on low, just enough to frustrate him some more, and it does. He grunts and groans about not being able to cum. On top of that, Angel stops her thrusts, and leaves him in orgasmic-limbo. She lowers herself down onto him, and once again changes her position.

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   She lays down on him so they're once again chest to chest. She starts to french him again, and he returns it, but much harder than her, due to his frustration. She breaks the kiss.

"Ready to release, lover? Are you ready to have what I denied you this whole night?" Angel asks.

Adam responding, "GOD YES PLEASE!!! LET ME CUM!!!"

Smiling, Angel, almost at the same time, turns the vibrator up to its max, and starts to ride Adam like a mad woman.


With Angel riding him, and a vibrating dildo deep in his ass, there’s no stopping his orgasm.

Adam yells, "I'M CUMMIINNNGGGG!!!!!" as he shoots his load deep inside Angel.

As Adam cums, Angel looks down at his face. She sees his eyes, mouth, cheeks, and even his nose change shape as his face shows how badly he needs to cum. As Angel watches the facial movements as a denied orgasm is no longer denied, she feels him inside her, shooting pulse after pulse of cum inside her. Then, she experiences something she didn't expect, an orgasm.

Almost instantly, she arches her back, and screams out loud.

"HOLY SHIITTT!!!!" Angel screams as her orgasm hits her like a ton of bricks.

Her entire body convulses like she's having a seizure.

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   Her eyes roll back into her head, unable to process the size, and length of the orgasm it's now presented with. Her body can't take it anymore, and she passes out.

When she wakes up, Adam is dialing a number on his cell phone. Mid-dial, he notices Angel's awake.

Adam asks, worriedly, "Are you all right?"

Angel replies, in a partial, but satisfied, daze, "Sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"You blacked out there. I thought you were just having a larger than average orgasm, but when I shaked you, you didn't wake up. I was worried. I was about to call the hospital. " Adam replies.

"No. There's no need for that. I'm fine. How long was I out?" Angel asks.

"I'd say a good minute or so. Are you sure you’re all right?" Adam replies, putting the phone away.

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Angel responds, "No problem here, but that was a HUGELY larger than average orgasm I had. Although, I'm still not sure how it happened. "

"Really. Care to try for another one?" Adam asks, with a seductive tone.

Smiling, Angel replies, "Sure. Let’s go, lover. "

End Chapter 2

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