My wife Anne had a secret she keep from me for years, that is she is bisexual and a slut, she has hidden this for me
Where there signs there I never noticed most likely do we husbands, look or take notice really I don't think so
As for us we where a happily married couple so I thought a normal couple, I can tell you with hindsight a lot of this
Anne is now 38 and a very attractive woman still she don't mix much most of our friend you would say are my friends if you understand work and golf buddies
Anne has one long termfriend Jean she is older in her early50s she been around for years and they are close she is at ours a lot and they go out shopping and so on
I had no suspicions till about six months ago Anne and Jean had gone to see her mother for two days they both gone to shear the driving in that time I had a day off work I got a little Bord in the afternoon watching t v
So I got to looking round the house more to see if there was any little jobs I could do really, I wondered into our bedroom, we have a walk in wardrobe I was pocking about in there it is full of Anne's things right at the back tucked
away was is still, a box I had seen it before I must of done never thought to look in it
I pulled it out this day and inside was a blanket but what was under it made me think shocked me, there was assorter sexy underwear and clothing I had never seen, trousers but skin tight ones skirts very sort min skirts some leather and p.v.c a mac ruder raincoat fetish things
Under them was other items like sexy toys lots strap-ons dildos vibrators at the bottom was a cane two whips a paddle belts straps rope a gage and what seemed to be large latex or plastic sheets
I packed it all away as I found it, as I put it back I noticed a smaller one and inside that was two gyno speculums what looked like a vacuum pump with pipes and cup things clips with wights clamps and pegs an enema kit a bottle
of Ole tubes of lubricant
I put it all back in its hiding place I looked in the chest of dowers she had her knickers and bras but one was locked after taken the back off I could see what was in it this is where the sexy underwear is stockings g-strings all sorts of panties bras and she must be on the pill two packets of them and the morning after one as well
As well as every day clothesmixed in with them she has lots of sexy out fits I never seen her in
It took me a time to get over the shock the thing was what to do next was I to have it out with her when she got home or whator see it I could fined out more and what was going on
My next step was to see what was on her lap top I tried but it was locked next day I was at workand asked a friend if I could get round the pass word he told me how that night I sat down and had a look it came as a shock to me the sites Anne used and been on she was home the next day when I got home it was hard for me to talk to her I was imaging what she did behind my back the one thing I was doing was to keep my eyes open
On the weekend I was golfing I phoned to tell Anne I was doing a round in the afternoon and be late she seemed quite pleased in a way and asked what time I told her after five but what I did was go home then I had to use a taxi as I had a drink that drooped me off near the house and I walked to the house
Jeans car was parked out side that was not unusual as she is always over at this time I never thought she could
be involvedshe is nice I always put her down as a straight sort of woman she always dressed smart business suits a lot of the time blouses and tourers she is tall and looks boyish manly some times you would say a well she is a well dressed mature woman she is single never been married as far as I know
I was out side the house wondering what to do next I walked up to the door and stopped no I when round the back it all seemed quiet I looked in the window of the lounge the blinds where pulled down a little I could jest see in at first it looked empty then I made out Anne and Jean sitting on the sofa I moved to other side and could see better Anne was sitting back with a glass of wine but she had a dressing gown on which was open not done up I gasped as I relished she was naked apart from stockings Jean was side ways to me but it seem she had only got on a white blouse on ad stockings as well they where chatting Jean turned towards me to put her glass down that allowed me to see a very large pear of tits with huge nipples swing into view
She then took Anne's glass and put that down some thing was said and Jean leaned forward and they kissed a long kiss with my wifes arms round Jean after that some thing was said and stud up and held her hand out and they both walkedout the room hand in hand I tried the doors but they where locked
I slipped away and walked to a local bar till five and walked back Jeans car had gone the door unlocked inside Anne was completely normal with a nice meal for methe Sunday we where outa family day the next week I found I could get very small cameras which could be hocked up to a P C remotely I had some luck Anne was going into London shopping with Jean so I had the day off after they left I got to work fixing them up it was not that easy two in the bedroom and one in lounge I was happy they where well hidden setting up the P C was took ages but in the end it worked very wellthere was sound as well I put a disk in and it recored I had a long play recorder on order which plugs in till now I used a timer
The next week the first two days nothing Anne doing house work it was the day after Jean and Anne came into the lounge Anne had a dressing gown on soon they where kissing and feeling each other up my wife seeped back to let Jean undo the gown it dropped open Jean looked then slipped it off Anne's shoulders to the floor
My wife stood there in black hold up stockings a bra that was under her breasts lifting them they both lay in the cups her nipples look swollen and stiff she had no panties on doth Jean's hands tweaked them nipping and rolling them in her fingers it heart the look on her face she pulled them I heard Anne go ouch Jean said you love
it get up stairs and slapped her bum which left a red mark Anne almost ran out the room her tits wobbling
Next they where in our bedroom Anne in front of Jean she started to undress her her jacket she fouled it put away then her blouse one button at a time form time to time Jean pull on a nipple making my wife winch Anne had that off and put it away Jean was standing there in her bra which was a large one with big cups holding in two very large breasts spilling out the pop and heaving she seemed excited it undone in the front Anne let go and two huge tits feel out hanging down with two big very dark nipples that seemed to be stiffing
Anne started to unbutton the wast band of her skirt it came undone she pushed it over her hips it slipped down
leaving Jean in stockings and suspenders Anne picked it up put it with the other cloths she came back to stand in front of Jean she touch her breasts with prams of her hands then kissed her neck and licked her way down she lifted each breast to her mouth sucking on each nipple they looked very long after she sucked each one
and let it swing free Jean had her hand on my wifes shoulders pushing her down to her knees as she went down Jeans legs parted Anne was now kneeling Jean gripped her heir and pushed pulled her to her crouch Anne was licking her her face pushed in after a few minutes Jeans knees had bent a little and where more parted she gasped a couple of times and jerked her hips and pushed my wifes head in at the same time
Then it ran out of time fuck it