Brake Wonderland


Leroy wiped his hands on a greasy shop rag as he strolled casually across the garage. The shop was slow. Slow even for a Wednesday afternoon. He opened the door to the office and glanced across the empty waiting room. He made his way behind the desk and picked up the Honda's paperwork, looking for a contact number. The girl who had dropped off the car looked young, probably late teens…and cute. She was one of those girls who would probably be beautiful if she wasn't overweight. She wasn't fat. She just looked like she needed to eat something other than junk food, and maybe get up off the couch once in a while. Not beautiful–maybe not even pretty–just cute. She did have some nice titties though. Holy shit did she have some titties. Big, firm, heavy-looking titties that sat up straight and barely moved around in her t-shirt when she walked. Leroy wondered how they would look without a bra holding them in place. Imagined her hard nipples sliding around under the thin fabric.

He sat down in his swivel chair, closed his eyes, and began fingering the gold necklace he wore around his neck, counting in his head each tiny skull-and-crossbones pendant …One… pausing at each pendant to bring the image of a different girl to mind …Two… naked and on her knees …Three… eyes closed …Four… cum dripping from her face …Five…

Leroy picked up the phone, and dialed the number she'd left.

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On the second ring, a nervous, feminine voice answered, “Hello. ”


“This is Bailey. ”

“Hey. This is Leroy down at Brake Wonderland. I just got done looking at your Honda. You're gonna need new pads and rotors on the front and back. The master cylinders are shot, and it's gonna have to get a fluid flush. ”

Bailey was silent for a moment.


“Yeah um yeah, I'm here,” Baily said, clearly upset, “how much are we talking about?”

“You're lookin' at seventeen thirty nine plus tax. ”

“Seventeen thirty what?”

“Seventeen hundred thirty nine dollars,” Leroy said through a grin, “plus tax. ”

“Uh…Oh my fuck…Uh shit…” Bailey rambled random profanity.

He knew what was coming next …Fourteen…Fifteen…Sixteen…

“I don't think I can come up with that kind of money. Isn't there some stuff we can skip? That I can get done later?”

“Nope, you gonna have to get everything done or that car just ain't gonna be safe to drive. ” …Seventeen…Eighteen…Nineteen…

“I…,” Bailey was beginning to sob, “I don't know if I can get that much money. I mean, I know I can't.

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“Well it's gonna have to be done. No other choice,” Leroy heard her sobbing on the other end of the line, clearly in tears. He imagined those tears running slowly down her cheeks and felt the blood rushing to his penis. He wondered if she had ever let a guy finish on her face. …Twenty Three…Twenty Four… Leroy fondled the last skull between his thumb and forefinger. First time for everything. “Why don't you come on back to the shop and we'll go over your options. Where are you now? Do you need a ride?”

“No,” Bailey sniffled, “I'm just across the street, getting lunch. ”

Of course she's across the street. At McDonald's stuffing her fucking face. “Why don't you come on back and we'll see what we can do. ”

“Okay. I'll be there in a minute. Thank you. ”

Leroy sat staring out the window until he saw Tits McGee and her Tig ol' Bitties strolling back across the parking lot.

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   I can't wait to see those nipples. I bet she has big areolas too, at least silver dollar size.

The glass door opened and he eyed her chest all the way across the waiting room. The words “Blues Traveler” distorted by the dramatic curve of those luscious melons.

“Welcome back, young lady. How was your lunch?”

Bailey sat her fountain drink on the counter. “Fine,” she sulked. “I'm sorry. But I'm going to have to drive my car home. I just can't afford to get it fixed right now. ”

“Hey. No problem. It's just that…well… If you drive that vehicle out of my shop and you can't stop when you need to…and you get hurt. Or hey, you hurt somebody else… We'll that's my fault now ain't it? And I just couldn't live knowin' I did something like that. So I tell you what.

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   I'm gonna do you a favor today. Just cause I like you and I want to do you right. ”

“Okay,” Bailey said, a little uneasy, “I can work out a payment plan with you or something. ”

Leroy smiled. “Yeah, a 'payment plan' is exactly what I had in mind. Tell me something sweet heart, do you have a boyfriend?”

Baily's heart began to race. Boyfriend? Was he about to ask her out on a date? This old guy was a redneck…and gross…and at least 40! Oh my god! Bailey thought, are you fucking kidding me?

“I know what you're thinkin' little lady,” Leroy smiled, “I'm not a pervert. I know you're too young for me. I ain't no pervert like that. ”

Bailey couldn't look him in the eyes, “Okay. What then?”

“I'm a lonely old loser, you know? I just want to take a look at 'em. ”

Bailey narrowed her eyes, “Them?”

“Sure. Your beautiful breasts. ”

Bailey stared in silence.

“I just want to see them outside that shirt,” Leroy smiled again.

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“Um, yeah. I don't know…”

“Come on now. You pull up your shirt and I give you seventeen hundred dollars worth of brake work for free. Is the deal really that bad? Am I really that repulsive to you?”

“No,” Bailey said defensively, “It's not you. I just don't know if I can…I've never done anything…no one has ever asked me…”

“Look sweetheart, it's okay. Just come with me to the back room. Give me a quick look and I'll have you out of here before five o'clock today. ”

She stared at him in silence for a moment. “I just let you see my…,” Bailey looked down at her chest, “and you'll fix my car? For free?”

“Yes ma'am. Just cover the tax on the parts, about 30 bucks, and I'll take care of everything else. Come on, do an old guy a favor. Please. ”

Bailey closed her eyes and swallowed hard. “Wow. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I don't have a whole lot of choice.

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   Okay. Yeah…I guess. ”

Before she could change her mind, Leroy turned and walked toward a door at the end of the room. “Come on then. Follow me young lady. I promise I'll make it quick. ”


The “back room” was more like a storage closet. Bailey looked around at the miscellaneous odds and ends. The kind of shit that you might expect to collect in the storage area of a mechanic shop. The room was poorly lit and smelled like grease.

“Just put your purse on the floor, and let's see about getting' that shirt off. ”

Bailey looked at him, and Leroy seemed to read the fear in her eyes.

“Look sweetheart. I'm not going to hurt you. Let's just get this done so you can be on your way.

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Bailey placed her purse on the floor, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She gripped the bottom of her t-shirt with her arms crossed and with a single, smooth motion, pulled the shirt up and over her head. She stood with her eyes closed for a few seconds, then started to pull the shirt back over her head.

“Hang on now darlin'. We ain't done yet. I love what I've seen so far, but the deal was to let me see 'em and I ain't really seen 'em yet. So let's keep going. ”

Bailey fought back the tears that she felt welling up in her eyes and dropped her t-shirt onto her purse. Leroy watched hungrily as she reached back and unclasped her bra, then let the arm straps slide down to her elbows.

“Come on baby. All the way off. ”

With her eyes still closed, she removed her bra completely and held it in her right hand for a moment before letting it drop to the floor.

Leroy's cock began to stiffen in his pants. She looked exactly the way he'd imagined. Even if the rest of her body left something to be desired, her tits were absolute perfection.

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   At least double Ds, yet firm and perky. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. In a couple years they would begin to sag. Natural breasts this big never resist gravity too far beyond the teen years. But for now they were holding up beautifully. Her areolas were silver dollar sized, just as he'd predicted. He imagined sucking on them while her nipples hardened in his mouth. That wasn't part of the deal, but you couldn't look at titties like these and not wonder. Then Leroy turned his attention to her cute face.

“Is that enough?” Bailey asked, almost whimpering.

“Hang on now. I'm still looking. ” Leroy stepped closer, “I just want to get a better look. How 'bout you get on your knees so I can see 'em from above. ”

Bailey began to cry again.

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   “I'm not going to have sex with you. I won't… I won't suck you. ”

“Suck…? No baby, I don't mean that. I just want you to get on your knees because I like the view. ”

“Can I just go please?” she asked, wiping the tears from her cheek.

“Well sure. But if you want that work done, I need to get an eye full. Now you've done great so far and we're almost done. I don't want it to be for nothin'. And I know you don't. Come on now. Just get on your knees and let me take a look. ”

Feeling defeated. Bailey made her way down to her knees and knelt on the floor with her eyes closed. Leroy quietly unzipped his pants and stepped so close to her that she could smell his crotch.

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   He pulled his cock from his pants and began slowly stroking it.

“That's all I wanted, baby girl,” he said softly, “Just let me get a good look now. ”

Bailey heard him stroking himself and waited to feel him touch her. The slapping sound grew louder and faster as Bailey knelt sobbing, tears welling in her eyes.

Leroy stroked himself faster. The head of his cock, just inches from the girl's face. Her nipples almost brushing the fabric of his pants. “That's it baby girl. We're almost done here. You're doin' fine. I'm not going to touch you, sweetheart. I'm not going to touch you. ” Leroy looked down at her. He liked what he saw, but it could be better. “Tilt your head back for me just a little.


   But don't open your eyes. ”

Bailey followed his directions. All she wanted was to be in her car and as far from this place as possible. And if letting him look at her while he jerked off would get her out of here sooner, then so be it. Bailey tilted her head back and waited for him to finish.

The urge to reach down and cup one of her titties was unbearable. But Leroy was a man of his word. He wouldn't touch her. He looked down at her upturned face. She's much prettier this way, he though. Too bad she's such a slut. But then again, aren't they all?

Leroy knew he was pushing his luck but she'd be an idiot to back out now. “Can you push your breasts up for me? Just hold them up in your palms like you're showin' off a couple of prize-winning melons. ”

Bailey did as she was told.

“How 'bout one more thing darlin'? Lean back just a little… How 'bout you open your mouth for me? And stick out your tongue like you're takin' a selfie for that Facebook.

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Bailey followed instructions surprisingly well and Leroy found himself looking down at her upturned face, with her mouth open and her tongue gently extended out flat. Holding her breasts up for him like she was offering a gift. He stroked himself and panted And when he was ready to cum, he aimed the head of his cock right between her eyes. Here we go baby girl…Twenty five.

The first shot struck her right on target and she winced backward. The second stream landed mostly in her hair. By the third shot, her mouth was closed and she was leaning her head forward; it hit her forehead and bangs. Leroy grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and tilted her back. She opened her eyes in surprise just as the fourth shot struck her on the lips. Leroy held her head in place while the last of his semen dripped out onto her chin. He studied her face, burning the image into his mind.

Bailey stayed in the bathroom while Leroy installed the $30 brake pads. The stupid bitch didn't need that much time to clean herself up, so he figured she must be crying again. The tiny new pendant weight only a few grams but the necklace felt heavier. Leroy wiped his hands with a greasy rag as he walked back to the counter to ring Tits McGee up for $30.

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   Stupid bitch. Bailey came out of the bathroom, her eyes red from crying. She handed Leroy her debit card without looking up at him. .
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