Mom and daughter


Topic: Mum Dad and my daughter - the first time. I had gone to visit Julie who I had been having sex with for about a year. She was a single mom with a 13 yo daughter. Julie and I went way back and we had our first sex together when we were 14.  Back then we had a gang and it was a rule any girl had to fuck or suck any boy who wanted it. There were 8 in the gang and we all shared sex with one another and a few of the boys even did boy boy ses like sucking each other off or bum fucking.
Julie had a girlfriend Loretta  too and they often put on shows for the boys of 2 girls having sex.  
Julie and I some how got along better together than the others and we really liked having sex together and we fucked each other a lot apart from the gang meetings.
I moved away and Julie and I didnt see each other for 13 years.   When we met she introduced me to my daughter Pam who was then 13. I had  evidently made her pregnant before I left - how it happened she never worked out but because I was leaving Julie and I had sex every day for a month and she didnt go with any other boy so it had to be mine.  She never told me because she knew I would not marry her and she really didnt think we could live together with a child.
Anyhow Julie and I were fucking in her bed and we had been at each other for about an hour. I had sucked her cunt and she had sucked the cum out of me twice and I had fucked her as well. It was just like the old days. We were both naked and in between fucks I had gone to the kitchen to get a couple of beers and who should walk in but Pam.

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   Hell she said are you two fucking each other again - I hope I dont get a sister out of this. I said no hope I am vasectomised now as I have had a few close shaves with women and now there is no way I can get one pregnant.
She said good I must try you out one day- I said no way you are my daughter and also under age. She said that hasnt stopped me before I had my first fuck about a year ago and now I am as bad as mom, I will fuck anybody who asks - like her. In fact I have shared a couple of her boy friends a few times- particularly when she brings two home. Mother and daughter bring in big money - how do you think we survive.
I went back to the bedroom and told Julie about my conversation with Pam. She said oops I didnt mean for you to find out that way she and I did doubles.  
Any how we sat and enjoyed our beer and when we had finished she sang out to Pam to bring in another beer. When Pam arrived she was naked and said while you are drinking yours he can service me. I was gob smacked and she just got onto the bed and lay back and said come on I am waiting. Julie got off the bed and sat on a chair and said this I have got to see Father and Daughter fucking their little hearts out. I said you two are beyond help - Pam said come on you can talk while you fuck me. For some reason I just went to her and mounted her not giving a dam she was 13 and also my daughter. I imagined her cunt would be small and tight but it was firm, almost hairless and bery comfortable in regard to warmth and tightness.

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   She was magnificent and she knew how a guy likes to be fucked and within a couple of minutes she was on top of me and doing her thing as far as fucking me in every position imaginable - then she said ok its doggy time and she got off me and I mounted her from the back. Her tiny white ass with the firm hard cheeks looked fantastic bent over and her cunt exposed and now nice and pink from whre she had been fucking me.  I slowly slid my cock into her and she backed herself onto me at the same time -0 this girl knew it all. I said ever ben ass fucked and she said sure but not by a man your size a couple of the boys have done me that way, but their cocks are nowhere near as big as yours and whats more you are not going to bugger me - when I am older perhaps but not now.
Julie was there watching and listening and occasionally having a word some times to Pam about doing it this way or that and sometimes to me telling me how I could make it better for Pam. After a while she came over to the bed and opened her bedside drawer and too out a dildo and she began to rub it on and into herself while Pam and i fucked and really enjoyed being together. She was really good and with my experience we made great sex even if she was my own daughter.
I suppose the three of us had ben engaged in fucking and masturbating for about 3 or 4 minutes when Julie came over and before I realised it she had the dildo almost into my ass as I was fucking Pam she slipped it into me - all pre greased as well. It felt great, I was fucking Pam and Julie was bum fucking me with her dildo and I didnt know which one I was enjoying most. It took a minute or two for us to get the rythm right as I plugged my cock into Pam she was plugging the dildo into me as I came back out of Pam. It was an amazing feeling and she knew how to use the didldo in me.
I lasted about 3 more minutes before I couldnt hold back any more and I said I am going to cum and Pam said fuck me hard and fast, mom forget his arse I want him all on me. But by then I was cumming and Julie was working her dildo right up my ass  and hitting my prostate and it was the most amazing and intense orgasm I had ever had. I was almost screaming with the pleasure and pain of it all, it was an extremely violent and physical orgasm and  I was flooding the inside of Pam with sperm free cum. I could not remember an orgasm lasting as long as this was or me forcing cum into anybody for as long as I was.

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   By the time I could no longer thrust Pams cunt was weeping cum actually it was liek cream I had kept thrusting so long it had whipped my cum into a white creamy substance. It was amazing.
I pulled my soft cock out of Pam and collapsed on the bed. Julie still had the dildo in my ass and I squeezed that out and it fell on the floor. The next thing I knew Julie was sucking my cock. It was covered in the cum, cunt juice and whatever from inside Pam and this creamy cum as well. She was really loving it and said it was the best mix she had tasted for ages. Pam is always a good taste - it was then I realisd they did 69 on each other as well.
Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this Pam is coming over for another session and I wanted to get this done before she arrived as I dont think I will be acpable afterwards as our sessions are long and exhausting now. She is a great fuck believe me.