Seduction pt 3


As I came downstairs the morning after my mum's next night out my brain wasn't exactly switched in. I swung against the kitchen door and leant on it as I saw my mum whip round in surprise. "Bloody hell,you surprised me then. What are you doing coming down this early?" - "Oh,hello mum,why,how early is it?" - I knew exactly how early it was. . .

Apart from having a dirty mind,I also had an uncanny knack of knowing when mum was up to something, - Call it, nosiness. - I was right and all. Dim I may be,but when she'd swigged some water before whirling round,it wasn't lost on me that it was to wash a pill down her throat. Guessing what sort of pill,would have me betting I knew what type of pill that was as well! I knew my instincts were right about mum's nights out,remembering my friend saying I just had a dirty mind and stuff.

As I said,I was down early because just moments earlier,I'd heard mum let someone out of the the granny flat door,then shortly after snuk into the house all too quietly. I'd missed seeing who,but had seen mum's tits on show as she went back thro' the door. She was starkers, - Fuck mum! What if a neighbour saw you like that I thought.

But let me rollback a touch,to the evening before,in fact a bit before that even. Mum had bought me a pair of denim hot pants a week or so earlier. 'Course I immediately tested them out on the kids I got around with when I wanted some male attention.

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   One in particular scared me a bit,because he tended to, -when squeezing his trousers or shorts to show me his cock was hard - to growl,I mean in a gruff male voice, - "I've got this waiting for you,its the cock that's going to take that cherry you're always saying you haven't lost"

This time like a fool,but in my bravado I had walked towards a copse of trees and bushes with the intention of watching wanking or doing some to this kid because I loved watching the cum from boys cocks glue itself to the leaves or branches of the bushes. I chanced taking this kid because by experience he came a lot more cum than any of the rest.

My friend followed,because she liked watching me do this to them as well. But this time with my minuscule hotties showing the cheeks of my ass and this rough head squeezing the naked parts at each step I took I now worried I may have tormented the wrong guy a bit too much. Like I said,bravado made me continue to the copse. Having got there and after a short snog,he had his cock out and pushed it into my hand.

"This is it,I'm fucking you this time!" - Now, I knew his one brain cell followed his cum,so I got to work in an instant intent on making him cum before he got me held against a tree to cock me. It was obvious in no time,the squeezing of my ass had got him hot,so hot that in seconds he was humping at my hand as his face contorted as he neared an orgasm.

Then I literally shit myself as he grabbed at my hand and stopped me from wanking him any further. - "Undo the front of those pants and pull your knickers to the side!" - I went to resist and in an instant he popped the waist button unzipped me and my hot pants remained in place only because he'd pushed my legs apart with his booted foot.

Now with my pants lying open at the front he made me pull my panties to one side showing my slit a bit and the tuft of my pubes. - "Wank me again" - I started to wank his rampant cock and he in turn pushed at my uncovered pussy. As his ass went back to press at my pussy a second time,I moved my fist up and down his hardon at the fastest I could go hoping to make him cum before he broke me in. With a gasped grunt I felt the first heat of hot cum spurt on to my pubes, cunt slit and legs, - I subsequently found he'd soaked my panties and hot pants as well. - Gripping his cock in my fist like in a vice I gave it some more slow pulls and each one squirted more cum over me.

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   I admit I was hot and if he'd kept more control,he would have been allowed to take my virginity. Fuck to my stepdad,he'd had his chance!

But now I had another problem,I'd fully intended to let this same stepdad see me with these hotpants on,but unlike this kid,only hot-pants,no knickers underneath them. Now having pulled them up while realising my knickers were awash with cum - I had nothing to wipe this cum off in - I left the oath with his hardon dribbling cum and hurried away giggling with my girl mate in tow. - "He - I thought he was going to get it in you then,you silly cow" - Now full of arrogance,I chirped back, - "I'd have kicked him in his balls if he'd tried" - She equally full of herself, - "Yeah! Me too,I'd have grabbed thro' his legs and squeezed his balls till he let you go and cried for mercy"

"How's that?" I nievely asked, - "Oh! Didn't you know,if you squeeze them a guy drops like a corpse and rolls around the ground holding their balls. I saw mum do it to dad when he came home pissed one night saying how he ruled this house. She grabbed his balls thro' his trousers and he slid right down the wall like he'd been shot. I giggled with mum when she'd cooled down. She said if ever I got compromised by an over horny bloke,just do that to him and he's fucked"

Sorry for this background,but I was right. Having waited for mum to push off I was into the kitchen bin. There it was,a wrapper off of the pill she'd took earlier. I couldn't pronounce the word,but I recognised it, as sometime earlier when in the chemist, (Drugstore) We'd seen another woman get one of the same - my friend was gooder than me with big words - "What's it for then?" - Brainy mate chips back. - "Morning after pill. - Mum have's them sometimes when she's forgotten to keep up with the pill"

I was right, mum is being cocked on the side! I wonder why I never hear her cumming,bearing in mind how loud she gets when my stepdad fucks her? I wonder if I'll shout that loud when I eventually gets him inside of me? My mind shot back to the day awhile back when I saw his half hard cock. - Fuck it was a lot bigger than the oaths and his isn't little. - I wonder if it'll go in me? I wonder if I'll split open? I bet its to big for me! Oh shit there I go again getting all wet down there.

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Desperate measures was required,I had to break one of my golden house rules, - Never do the machine wash. . . I headed into the white goods. Throwing in my knickers and hot-pants,I knew it needed much more clothes than just that,so delving into the soiled washing,my first shock was finding my mum's panties from last evening,but as I bunged them in I saw blood on the gusset, - She wasn't due on - I knew that, because on her night out trips, they never happened when she was due on or actually on. This needed some explanation when I had her alone by ourselves.

Next,a couple of towels, - Always a winner to fill a wash up. - Hang on, why's my stepdads white pants sticking to this one? - I knew the answer immediately as I noticed the slightly off white tell tell stain,more stain on the towel as well,a dried cum stain. - I was right,I knew it! I knew I'd heard him grunt and gasp last night on the settee,I'd made him cum off in his pants. I thought of mum fucking next door and realised,she was living dangerously,but then again so was my stepdad and me what with our own little game in her absence.

Sorry,its going to have to be pt 4 to continue this. I promise I'll go straight to last nights happening. . . goto pt 4


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