the years, I had developed many friends through my hobbies of CB radio and auto racing. Many an evening was spent enjoying one of our coffee and bullshit gatherings that seemed to develop spontaneously. Someone over the radio would suggest meeting at a Sambo’s for coffee, and, before you knew it, twenty, thirty people, sometimes more, would show up.
Most of us also ordered something to eat while we were there. So, the manager at the local Sambo’s allowed us to freely use his back room and help ourselves to the coffee. We were a sober, but boisterous, group. But, since we had the back room to ourselves, the restaurant manager didn’t mind the noise. He often assigned his best waitress to work exclusively with our group. She, in turn, usually received a very nice tip from us. She frequently picked up a couple hundred dollars in tips for just a couple hours of easy work. Once we all had our food, she, more often than not, joined us. Due to the nice tips and fun atmosphere, Sambo’s waitresses were eager to serve us.
All but one, that is. There was one particular waitress who didn't like or appreciate us at all. She was an older lady who just wasn’t up to the noise and bustle of serving so many people at once. She was also a bit on the crabby side.

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   We refered to her as Granny Grump. While most of the waitresses laughed and joked with us, and returned our smart remarks with comments of their own, Granny hated our racket. She especially didn’t like our self-help with the coffee. As Granny worked our group, she quickly became nervous, and her hands trembled.
Granny was indirectly responsible for my meeting Carol and her family.
The fateful night I met Carol, she and her family had, for the first time, joined our CB group at Sambo’s. Carol was a large woman. She stood about 5'8", and she weighed well over 350 pounds. She was married to Bill, also a large person. They had four children, two boys 6 and 15, and two girls 11 and 13. Carrie, the 13-year-old girl, was seated directly across from me at our large table.
As Granny served soft drinks and water to the children, a glass of iced water fell off her tray. Carrie, with a shriek, caught most of the cold water on her head and chest. Most of our group began loudly laughing after we realized no one was hurt. Nobody was upset over what was obviously an accident, except maybe Carrie.

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Granny, instead of getting a towel to clean up the water, just stood there. She repeatedly said, "I didn't do that!"
Being a natural born smart-ass, I asked Granny, "You have ghosts in here, or what?" "Oh, I know, the glass just jumped off your tray and onto Carrie's head, all by it self. " I said, with just a touch of sarcasm.
Wagging my finger at the offending glass, I said, "Bad glass! Bad glass!" The glass was thus duly admonished.
I then teased Carrie by asking, "Carrie, why did you pour that water over your head? Is it that hot in here?"
Carrie began laughing about her wet head with the rest of us.
When Granny didn't seem to be making any effort to get a towel, I took the initiative, got a towel, and gave it to Carrie. Carrie dried herself, and our evening continued.
With his apologies, the manager quickly replaced Granny with another waitress.
Over the next, few months, I became friends with Carol, and her family. They soon joined me as I raced my car at the local dirt track.
As it turned out, Bill was a workaholic. He put in sixty to eighty hours a week, every week, at his job as a machinist. Though he made good money, he was never available to his family. He was either working or sleeping. Only the racing seemed to give them an opportunity to be together as a family.

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After a while, I had begun attending the kids' sporting events and school activities in Bill's place. One night, Bill told me he appreciated my help with his family activities. Little did he know, Carol had been giving hints she wanted me to assist Bill in other family duties, as well.
For several weeks Carol had been making comments and doing things that indicated she could be easily had. Comments such as, "I haven't had a sex life for such a long time," and "I wish I had a lover like you. " She frequently asked intimate questions about my activities with my dates. Whenever she passed by me, she always let a hand brush my back or my ass.
One Friday night, after a tough evening at the race track, we went back to Bill and Carol’s home, and I had a few drinks. Neither Bill nor Carol drank that night. Bill was getting ready to return to work. He said they had a rush order to get out. Carol convinced me I had been drinking too much to drive home, and suggested I stay there. She said I could sleep on their couch. Before leaving for work, Bill also told me I should stay.
They were probably right.

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   I had consumed a good deal of alcohol. Very soon after that, I removed my clothes under the blanket Carol had provided, I had dozed off. I was fast asleep even before Bill left for work.
The next thing I knew, Carol was on her knees in front of the couch, kissing all over my face, and rubbing my flat, hard belly. My job helped keep me in excellent condition. As I slowly awoke, I quickly noticed Carol had changed into a white, see-through, nightgown. I could easily see her huge tits.
With a smile, I asked, "Carol, what are you trying to do?"
Just above a whisper, she answered, "I've wanted you for a long time. Will you make love to me?"
Without saying a word, I reached out and cupped one of Carol’s tremendous tits in my hand. One hand was not enough for a boob that big. When I firmly squeezed her tit, Carol groaned, thrust her tongue into my mouth, and let her hand slide down to cup my balls through my underwear.
When we broke our kiss, Carol suggested we get on the carpeted living room floor. There was no way we could both fit on her couch. Carol lay on her back, and I simply rolled off the couch, and gently landed on top of her fat-bloated body.
In short order, Carol’s nightgown had been pulled off her shoulders and arms exposing her massive tits.

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   Her nipples were already hard as stones and centered in silver dollar sized aureoles.
I had come to enjoy big girls and their big tits. With the alcohol I had consumed earlier still affecting me, I massaged, sucked, pinched, and nipped those tits with a great deal of enthusiasm.
"Work my tits hard, Baby," Carol instructed. "I like it when they’re played with real rough. Just don't leave any marks. "
I didn’t leave any marks, but my enthusiastic attack of Carol’s tits continued for quite some time. The rougher I treated her tits, the more Carol moaned her approval. It became a challenge for me to see if I could get her to admit that her tits were hurting. After about twenty minutes of rough attention to her tits, I took each nipple between my thumb and forefingers, pinched very hard, and pulled straight up.
With Carol’s nipples pinched and pulled nearly a foot away from her chest, her tits looked like huge, inverted, funnels. Carol groaned, closed her eyes, and asked, "Will you please fuck me now?"
Carol had already raised and spread her knees. Her nightgown was bunched around her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I pushed my underwear down to my ankles and sat on my heels between her legs.

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   Her bush and swollen pussy lips glistened with her lubricating moisture.
As I placed my cock’s head at the opening to Carol’s pussy, she said, "I am very fertile. If you cum in me, I will probably get pregnant. "
What the hell did I care? She was the one that was married, not me.
With one quick thrust, I buried my cock in Carol’s cunt. With a gasp, she lifted her ass off the floor to meet my thrust. Her pussy was a little on the sloppy side. I guess four kids can do that to a pussy.
Even though Carol’s pussy wasn’t as tight as it could have been, she sure used it enthusiastically. After my initial entry, she seemed to take over. She pulled me down to her chest and bucked like a rodeo horse. Her level of athletic activity surprised me. All I had to do was keep a firm grip on her tits as handles, hang on, and enjoy the ride. As her orgasm approached, she pulled the blanket off the couch, held it tightly to her mouth, and muffled her voice as she yelled, "I cuming!"
With one final thrust, Carol held her ass, and me, off the floor as her orgasm engulfed her. With a broad smile on her face, she slowly lowered her ass back to the floor.

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Only then, did I begin to stroke in and out of Carol’s cunt. When I told her I was getting close to cuming, Carol held me tightly. In a serious voice, she again said, "You can cum in me if you want, but I will probably get pregnant. "
A few more deep thrusts, and I pulled out of Carol’s pussy. I dumped my load on her bush and belly.
As I rolled off Carol, she brought a hand down to the puddle of warm cum on her abdomen. She spread my cum all over her belly, then put her fingers to her lips, and licked them clean.
As she pulled her fingers from her mouth, she said, "Mmmmmm! Get back on the couch, Baby. "
I did, and Carol proceeded to carefully and thoroughly lick my cock and balls clean. When she finished, she kissed me and headed off to her bedroom for the night.
Saturday morning, nothing was said about our late night adventure. However, even her kids noticed Carol was in a very good mood. When Bill came in from work, she greeted him with a kiss and served him his breakfast.
Over the next several months, Carol, her family, and I continued spend time together. Whenever I wasn’t working, or didn’t have a date, I would frequently hang out at their place.

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When a big late-model dirt track race was scheduled in Tucson, Arizona, I asked Carol and her family if they wanted to go with me. I would not be driving but watching from the stands.
It was a day race, and as usual, Bill had to be at work that evening. He had to be at work before we would be able to get back to town. He did, however, encourage Carol and the kids to go with me.
The drive down was uneventful. During the race, Carol would sneak pats to my ass whenever the kids weren’t looking. I was thinking I would probably get some pussy from her when we got home later that night.
After the races, we stopped for a bite to eat, then headed toward home. Dusk was rapidly approaching as we traveled north on the interstate. It had been a long day, and, with their bellies full, all four kids were soon fast asleep in the back seat of my car. Carol reached back and lightly touched each one.
When she was satisfied they were all soundly sleeping, Carol slid over next to me and kissed my cheek. She got no response. She placed her hand on my crotch and kissed my lips.

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   My eyes never left the road. She asked, "Does anything disturb you while you’re driving?"
"No! I answered. "I consider myself a better driver than most people on the road, and I consider paying attention critical to what I’m doing. Knowing what's going on all around me keeps me alive on the race track and the freeway. "
She said, "I'll bet I know something that will distract you a little. Let me show you. "
With that, Carol unzipped my pants, reached in, and took my semi-erect cock out. With a final glance at her kids, she twisted in the seat and lay in my lap, facing my cock. No easy task for a gal her size.
I ran the power seat back so her head wouldn’t interfere with the steering wheel.
Carol began by slowly licking up and down the under side of my cock. In the mean time, she unhooked my belt and loosened my pants. That gave her unobstructed access to my cock and balls. By then, I had a full erection.
After several minutes of licking, a drop of pre-cum had appeared on the head of my cock.


   Carol very slowly ran her tongue over and around the top of my cock’s head and lapped up the pre-cum. She then took just the head of my cock into her mouth.
I gently stroked the short brown hair on the back of her head. I still hadn’t let my eyes leave the road.
Carol swirled her tongue around my cock’s head several times. She then proceeded to slowly take my shaft into her mouth. Her tongue continued swabbing the shaft as she took my cock's head to the back of her mouth then pulled up. When she again had just my the head in her mouth, she immediately started back down. She repeated the process over and over without hesitation. All the while, her mouth maintained a nice firm suction, and her tongue never stopped swabbing me.
After several minutes of Carol’s treatment, I whispered to her. "I'm about to cum. " I tensed, lifted my hips, and began pumping my load deep into her mouth.
Carol took me to the back of her mouth and started swallowing as fast as she could. She swallowed every bit of my cum.


   She didn’t let a single drop escape her mouth. When I had finished cuming, Carol licked me clean, gave my cock’s head a lip-smacking kiss, and sat up. In the last fading light of the day, I could see a big grin on Carol’s face.
Looking at her grin caused me, for the first time that day, to take my eyes off the freeway.
"You really don’t let anything break your concentration when you're driving, do you?" She asked.
"Nothing!" I replied, as I reached over and firmly pinched her left
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