Behind the closed doors – 2


I was doing happy with step-mom, fucking her whenever I wish. To say the truth I fucked her so many times that I got somewhat bored of fucking her.
<!--[if was her birthday and her super rich dad had decided to buy her a car. She was very happy and so was I as I was into cars. We celebrated at her dad’s place and later I took her to the nearby club where we drank like hell a drove home. I drove home because she was way to drunk to drive.
<!--[if passing downtown we saw some hookers standing by and as mom was totally drunk she told me to stop. I asked why as she said that the reason as that as it her birthday she wanted a 3 some. I was shocked. Anyway I stopped the car and I chose the best hooker and told her to get inside the car. She agreed for $200.
<!--[if reached home and went upstairs. My mom began to kiss the hooker while I watched for sometime. I have never seen a girl kissing another girl in real life, only on porn movies. The hooker then began to suck mom’s pussy and that is when I joined in. as mom was on the bed and the hooker was bending and sucking mom’s pussy,
<!--[if went and opened up her pants and panties.

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   I then started to suck her pussy while she was sucking mom’s pussy. She looked back once and then continued what she was doing. Soon the hookers juices were flowing into my mouth and they were very tasty but not as tasty as mom’s ones. When I had had enough, I got up and went to the otherside of the bed where mom was lying down and I started sucking mom’s tongue. After a while I put my cock into mom’s mouth and she began to suck it with great taste. The hooker in the mean time got up and wanted to do something new and I told her to kiss mom while I fuck them both. I started to fuck the hooker from behind and she started to moan while she and mom kissed each other passionately. I then told the hooker to move aside and watch us while I fucked mom in her pussy, mom started to scream as she was very horny and that turned on the hooker as well who got up and pushed her pussy down to mom’s mouth. Mom looked like a hungry slut. As the hooker and I were face to face I noticed that she was very sexy looking and I pulled her mouth and kissed her twice or thrice. I bet we were looking like porn stars from a distance. Finally after long hours of fucking I was almost gonna explode. When the hooker took charge of my cock and started sucking it so that I explode in her mouth. It was within no time that I exploded in her mouth and mom then kissed so that they could share my cum.
<!--[if hooker left and mom said, ‘Thanks honey.

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   That was the best birth day present I have ever had. Come here. I want to make love to you again. ’ ‘Sure mom, I said. ’ We went in and fucked each other till late night until we fell asleep.
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