Daddy's Dirty Secret


My mother died when I was 13, and from that moment on I knew I'd have to help out around the house. I was an only child, and therefore I was the only one my Dad had in the world. My story starts when I was 15, and my Dad was 44. He was a tall, muscular and well-tonned man, with a slightly hairy chest and magnificent blue eyes. He onlt had short hair, and he hadn't been with anyone for two years since my mother died. Or so I presumed.
He was in the shower one night, and I needed to brush my teeth after just having dinner. I ran in on him lathering his balls and cock. I thought nothing of it at the time, and went on to continue brushing my teeth. Only half an hour later did I realise it had turned me on immensely. I got my own cock out and started to play with it, picturing the thought of my dad naked in my minds-eye. Holy shit, was I sick? I fely dirty, but I also felt horny, and that out-weighed the bad feelings immensely.
Several nights later, the same thing happened again, and then a week after that it happened again. It was as if I was destined to see him. Then, one night, during wanking off in the tub, my dad walked in on me. I don't quite know how it happened, nor do I remember exactly what was said, however we connected, and twenty minutes later we where laying on his king-size bed kissing.

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"Son, I can't tell you how much I've thought about this moment. "
"Dad, I wanted this to happen too, I can't explain how much. "
That night I started off by massaging his balls, then he asked me if i'd mind sucking him off. I didn't hesitate and the taste of his hot cum spilled into my mouth after several minutes off rolling my mouth up and down his shaft.
"Is that the first time you've done that?" Dad asked "Because you're pretty damn good at it. "
"Yes, it is is the first time. " I answered.
I fell asleep in my dad's arms that night, and we woke up early the next day for another suck session. I voluntered to be the new wife of the house, and I said I would be happy to please my Dad every night, and every morning.
That night however, he came home with a few things I had not expected. He had brought me some girl's lingerie. He gave me stockings, high-heeled boots, corsets, and tons of babydoll outfits. I tried them on at his request and danced for him, he said he had never felt so turned on. I haden't either, and the silk felt so good on my skin.
I agreed to dressing up for daddy, and every night I dressed up, and finally one night about 3 months after our first incedent he entered my ass.

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   He asked me to ride him, and gradually the pain of entry started to fade, and pleasure took it's place.
It was our dirty secret, every night I would sleep with Daddy, and when I was old enough, he paid for hormone tablets to stop hair growing on my face and legs. He also paid for me to have breast implants. I was his little girl, and I was now the wife of the house. Every night my dad would make me moan and groan like a woman, he'd get me to wear girly clothes.  I began to look so much like a woman, he'd invite me along to business trips as his secretary, and we where never apart.
If only mum could see us, I wonder what she'd think. . .

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