Hot Sis Returns to Shy Bro PT2


My breath slowed to a normal pace as I looked down at my older sister Lizzie in my arms, my heart had just stopped pounding and I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I looked at my floppy penis with pride, id done well I thought to myself, all my previous worries were gone, id finally done it with a girl, and not just any girl but the girl of my wildest fantasies.
I’d imagined having sex in so many ways, night after night laying and stoking thinking about me and her, and in reflection boy had the real thing measured up, I was so horny about her I couldn’t believe she was naked and in my arms, her warm firm breasts were resting against my bare chest, her long brown hair draped over her bare bronze back.
My thoughts were broken as she lifted off me, even now my eyes still were drawn to her perfect bronze breasts.
“Can I ask you something Bro?” She asked
“Sure. ”
“Was that your first time?”
“Err err yeah. ”
“Wow really so I was your first?”
“Yep and what a first!”
“Thank you babe. ” she beamed and she snuggled back in bed with me.
We lay there for a few minutes and I fell asleep.
I awoke in a panic, could hear voices from down stairs, I looked around disorientated, half wondering where I was.
“Lizzie? You in?”
It was Dad.
I froze as I lay naked in my sister’s bed, my discarded boxers on the floor.
“Anyone in?” my dad shouted again, he was coming up the stairs.
I shot up grabbed my boxers and jumped into Lizzie's closet, if he found me in here id be dead.
Where was Lizzie?
I was shaking like a leaf as I stood naked in her closet, I could smell Lizzie's fragrance on her clothes. Then it all fell silent.
Lizzie’s door slowly opened, I let out a gasp of relief.

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   Thank god Lizzie was back.
My relief was short lived as Dad crept in, I stood staring as he looked around the room, he walked past the closet I was in and sat on her bed.
He saw something on the floor and my heart leapt, he bent down and picked it up.
“Ooohhh baby. ” he said
Dad picked up Lizzie’s lacy knickers and out them to his nose and took a deep breath
I was amazed
“Ohhh god Matt's a lucky boy. ” he said to himself after his initial sniff. He stood up and still sniffing her panties and I could see his erection.
I was shocked and a little turned on that he fancied her too. God how many guys wanted her?
He pulled back Lizzie’s covers and inspected her sheets and he sniffed them too.
“Ohhh yeah Matt’s a very lucky boy!!” He said as he sniffed a wet patch where Lizzie had been laying.
Dad opened his jeans and got his penis out and began to masturbate, he lay on her bed and licked the wet patch,
“Tastes good Lizzie. ” he laughed.
Yup he’s right, I thought.
He sat on her bed jerking off just I like I do, or did, unlike Dad, I’d tasted the real thing. And it was 1000 times better!!
Dad soon came and shot his load into her panties.

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“Oh god baby. ” he said as he wiped any excess cum on the same wet patch.
“Phew that was hot. ” he said as he did up his jeans and tossed her panties down and went out of the room.
“My god!” I mouthed, he didn’t even clean up.
I heard him go down stairs and I crept out of her closet.
I looked down and saw her panties all screwed up and soiled, I picked them up and I heard Lizzie talking to dad and laughing. Lizzie walked up the stairs and into her room.
“Hey sleepy you up? You should come for a swim it a lovely day, what you got there?”
I look around and my eyes went out on storks.
“Err err, my god Lizzie you look fucking awesome. ”
Lizzie smiled, she looked like an angel, her white bikini swimsuit made her look angelic alright, he tanned toned body off-set the white material perfectly, it being wet and in parts see thru made her look like a goddess.
She walked up to me and grabbed my hand,
“Are they my knickers?” she asked
“Err yeah. ”
“Ew… what you done in them you dirty bastard?” she said half joking
“Errrr errrr nothing. ” I said honestly
She looked at me with a menacing glare
“Yeah right ‘O, they were clean on this morning. I hadn’t worn them for more than two minutes.

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“Err err sorry sis I got horny. ” I lied, deciding not to tell on Dad
“Jesus Men! Can’t keep it down for 5 min's without jacking. ” she said mockingly
“I know sorry. ” I said my eyes drawn to her wet body.
 As I was naked she could see I was aroused,
She looked at me and smiled “God you’re a horny bloke you should have a swim to cool off. ”
I smiled and went to my room to put some clothes on.
My room seemed different now, I’d left it a boy and returned as a man.
I saw favourite pair of Lizzie’s knickers under my pillow and smiled, she was awesome!!!
I got dressed and found Lizzie had gone out, her wet white bikini left to dry on the side, I looked at it and no longer had the urge to sniff it.
“The real thing smells better” I thought.
I spent the rest of the day thinking about her and I fell asleep again in the sun outside.
I awoke to find Matt and Lizzie drinking beer near me, Lizzie wearing tight denim shorts and tight black vest top.
Matt was playing with her hair as they chatted to Mum and Dad, I got up and joined them. Lizzie had caught the sun and looked radiant, she looked at me and smiled.
I had a few beers and we had a BBQ, next thing I saw it was 10pm.
Mum had Dad had gone to bed and the rest of us stayed by the pool getting drunk.

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Matt started to kiss Lizzie passionately and I felt so jealous. Lizzie looked uncomfortable but she still let him, I decided to go to bed as I couldn’t watch much more.
I had a pee and went to bed, at about 2 am I got up for a glass of water, the whole house was quiet, I desperately wanted to snuggle into up to Lizzie in her bed, I listened at her door, but there was not a sound, I didn’t want to interrupt if Matt was in there. I looked out of the window and saw his bike had gone, this gave me the horn, so I gently opened her door, careful not to wake mum and dad, I walked gently in and went over to her bed but it was empty, my heart sank.
She can’t have gone to Matt's, I frowned and slipped into her bed and smelt her pillows, I felt good and a little hard, I then thought how sexy it would be to put her bikini briefs on, but they weren’t there.
A little puzzled I got up and looked in the garden it was dark apart from a light emitting from our summer house,
Hmm I thought maybe she’s having a late night Jacuzzi.
I’d love to join her, so I crept out and opened the door to our yard and walked past the pool and up to the summer house, I could hear Lizzie inside splashing around, then as I got closer I heard a guy moan.
“Damn” I said under my breath Matt has stayed
I started to head back when I then heard Lizzie moan, I turned back and crept up to the door and tried to peer inside, all I could see was the edge of the Jacuzzi and the floor, it was wet and I could see Lizzie’s soaking white bikini bottoms, the bikini top was draped over a chair all. I needed a better look, I went around the back of the summer house and climbed through the small window at the back.
Lizzie was moaning with every thrust of Matt’s pelvis, I walked to the slatted doors of the back room and saw Lizzie bent over the wall of the Jacuzzi being fucked from behind and she was loving it.
I didn’t care for Matt so I just stared at Lizzie trusting as she was being fucked, her arms out stretched on the Jacuzzi wall, her legs were spread and the water bubbles around them.
The white bubbles rose up and down her lean tanned legs, and washed over her bum and tummy, I had got so hard and I started to jerk harder.
Lizzie started to moan again.
“Ohhh ohhhh ohhh mmmmm mmmm Hardddder harrdddder. ”
So I jerked harder
“Yeah yeah yeah mmmmm mmmmm ohhhh ohhh fuck me Daddy fuck me Harrrrrdder.


I stopped immediately.
I averted my gaze from Lizzie’s body to the tall man fucking her
“Dad?”  I mouthed
My Dad was knee deep in bubbles and screwing his sexy daughter like no other.
I felt sick.
Lizzie was so into it she started to moan more,
“Yeah yeah yeah oh Daddy I'm coming. ”
“Me too baby, me too, ahhhhhh ahhhh. ”
I could help but open the slatted doors and walk into the room, neither noticed as there were both mid orgasm
Dad went rigid for a second and clearly blew his load deep in Lizzie’s pussy,
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh honnnney yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, jeeeeeezzzzzzzz ohhhhhhhhhhh. ”
Lizzie loved this as Dad fucked his daughter harder and harder
“Come on darling cum for Daddy cum for me. ”
“I will daddy I will, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh. ”
Lizzie tossed her head back and carried on waiting fro her orgasm to build, her then opened her eyes, and looked straight at me.
“Oh fuck oppps. ” she then slipped off Dads cock and fell into the Jacuzzi laughing
“Jeeezus, Fuck! Mike. ” Dad said in horror,
 “Wana get in?” Lizzie said filthily,
I stood quietly,
“Come on, I want my two favourite boys. ”
Dad looked stunned as did I,
Lizzie sat in the Jacuzzi the bubbles ridding all over her sexy body and played with her hair, letting the bubble lava wash over her tanned breasts.
Dad’s penis was limp and red and he sat back into the water,
“Come on Mickey, join us it so much fun in here. ”, Dad let out a gasp as Lizzie grabbed his penis.

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I was kind of turned on that Liz could be so filthy, and the shock was wearing off, I mean if shoe could fuck her brother, why not her father,
 I took off my boxers and joined them in the water,
“That’s my boy. ” Lizzie said and she rubbed my knee and then up to my penis.
She both our penis's in her hands and rubbed them both, I got hard very quickly.
“Ohhh looks like Mickey wins Dad. ” she said with a laugh.
With that she stood up and moved in front of me, as I looked down I was she tanned legs in front of me, I followed them up and looked directly at her pussy, without thinking I pushed my head into her mound and started to lick her clit and lips, I looked up and saw her flat tummy and perfect round breasts, and above them her beautiful face and brown eyes, looking down at me.
I sucked hard, I was so horny , I nibbled on her clit and she pressed her pelvis up to my face, she tasted different this time, more dirtier, I sucked her more and wondered how many men had came up her today.
The water lashed around my cock as I lost myself in eating her out, her hand was on my head forcing me to suck.
“Oh god Bro this is good. ” she moaned
She held my head and pulled me off her pussy, and she knelt and kissed me, she took hold of my cock and rubbed it, she rose up and rubbed my helmet onto her pussy
“Push it up. ” she begged
I pushed my penis and it slid inside her, it felt amazing as it had done this morning
My helmet enveloped by the warmness of her pussy, I pushed as far as I could and she let her self slide all the way on to me, her whole weight was down no me.
We kissed passionately and I then buried me face in her ample cleavage.
She leant her head back as my penis slid n and out of her pussy.
Dad stood up and walked over to Lizzie and kissed her neck and rubbed her breasts.
Lizzie grabbed his hard cock and began to jerk it off.

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“Ohhhh baby. ” Dad moaned at his daughters hands wrapped around his throbbing penis
Lizzie stood up and my penis returned to the water, I looked up and saw Lizzie sit dad down and bent over to suck his cock, Dad shut his eyes and moaned once more.
Lizzie’s tanned bum looked great in the water, I walked up to her squeezed it and felt for her pussy, I fingered it fiercely and placed my penis inside and pushed all the way up.
“Ohhhhh God. ” I said as she felt so tight, id never done doggy before, it felt so sexy fucking her from behind, pressing my body against her arse.
I pushed and push so deep fucking my sexy older sister as she sucked Dad off.
Lizzie was moaning clearing enjoying the double dose of cock she was receiving
, she started to really rub her pelvis into me getting every last movement out of my penis, I fucked her so hard the water was sloshing all over the floor, and she started to yelp, she let dad slide out of her mouth, and she moaned out
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yeahh harder baby. ”
 I grit my teeth as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy.
She grabbed her breasts and shut her eyes as she began to really lose control.
I looked at her wet body in front of me rocking in the heavily lapping water, she looked so stunning I could feel my self cuming.
Dad was jerking fast inches in front of her beautiful face, Lizzie lost it first, as I felt a surge of what seemed boiling hot liquid pour from her pussy, she moaned out loud and her pussy trembled and began to squeeze my penis tight, I lost it also.  
I let out a gasp as hot cum left my penis and shot deep inside Lizzie
“Ffffffffuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeah. ” I shouted, I couldn’t believe how much she turned me on and how fucking sexy she was.
Dad was last to go, as he came, he shot hot cum onto Lizzie’s face and hair, some even flying onto her back and shoulders, it was everywhere, Lizzie licked the cum that fell onto her lips and sat back down in the Jacuzzi, cum still in her hair and shoulders,
We all sat in the water all worn out, Lizzie wiping her Dads cum from her cheek with a sexy little smile on her
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