How mom and I survived the cold without power. Pt.2


. . . . . . . . . By now i am confused as hell. My cock is all the way inside my mom. Her right leg is lifted in the air and she is resting her foot on my leg in a position that is allowing her to move her hips back and forth sliding my cock in and out. Of course i realized what was going on but i didn't know if she was doing it intentionally or not. I know she is my mom but all i can think is; ("Everytime she keeps moving her hips i just want to start fucking the shit out of her. She has the body of a 20yr old and what guy wouldn't fuck a woman when the uncomfortable parts are over and you are already inside her and she wants it". ) I was so horny.

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   Her warm pussy felt so good. It's like my body started to take over. I had no control. I put my left arm under her and reached around her. I took my right hand off her tit and replaced it with my left hand. I took my right hand and placed it on her hip and started thrusting my hard cock inside of her. I started grabbing her tits with my left hand teasing her erect nipples. I couldn't help myself anymore. It felt so good. I was pulling on her waist and thrusting my dick harder and harder in her wet pussy. It's almost like our body's were in sync. She started moaning louder and louder. I knew i was gonna cum soon. Nothing could ruin this. It felt so good.

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   Her pussy was still so tight. I started hearing noises but could not make out what it was. I didn't care because i was in bliss. I realized i was getting ready to cum but knew i could not cum inside my mom. My plan was to get up from behind and cum all over her perfect tits. Right when i was going to get up i hear a jiggle at the door. I looked out the window behind the couch and saw my dad's car. He was home and at the door. HOLY SHIT! What the hell can i do. We are both naked. I knew i didn't have time to run to my room. Suddenly i switch sides of the couch. Cover my mom up and cover myself and hope for the best.

The door slowly opens. I hear my dad say; I see the power is out here too.

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   Damn its freezing in here. " He closed the door and begins to walk. I couldn't see where he was from my side of the couch. I heard him walk over to the kitchen and open the fridge. I was scared shitless. I heard him take a sip of something. He started walking again. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. I thought, Damn we're caught! How the hell were me and mom gonna explain this. Suddenly i hear the steps squeak; then another and another and another. I realized he was walking upstairs. I opened up my eyes and peeked over the couch. I realized that he didn't see us. Even though the steps were close to the couch, to my surprise the only candle that we had lit was blown out and it was pitch black downstairs. My mom had taken all of our clothes and layed them on her side of the couch which was out of view.

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   Talk about a lucky break. But what the hell do i do now. My mom must have fell back asleep because she was not moving or saying anything. Should i just get up and run upstairs or try to get dressed and go from there. Before i could make a decision i hear footsteps upstairs. All i could think was, Fuck not again! I put my head back down and prayed that he wouldn't see us. Suddenly i hear the water turn on and then the shower then the door closed. He's taking a shower! I got off the couch stark naked trying not to wake my mom up. I covered her up and grabbed my clothes. I could not just run up the steps cause i knew my dad would hear. I slowly started walking up the steps until i was at the top. I started to pass The bathroom and then sprinted into my room and quietly closed the door. I'm home free! Holy shit! After all this my cock was no longer hard and i didn't even want to finish. I put all my clothes back on because now that my moms warm body was no longer pressed against mine, i was cold as hell. I layed down in my bed and covered up.

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   All i could think about was what we just did. I could not believe i just fucked my mom. And she wanted it. What brought that on? We never really had that good of a relationship. I decided to listen to some music and try to sleep even though i had all this running through my mind. Soon enough i fell asleep.

In the morning i was woken by a knock at my door. Yeah, i said. Good morning, time to get up. It was my dad. Weirdly enough I was no longer cold. The power is finally back on he said. How did you sleep? Good i replied. Why don't you grab a shower and come down to breakfast. Okay.

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   At this point It kind of slipped my mind what happened last night. As i started to take my shower i started to think how everything was going to be with my mom when i went downstairs. Will it be weird or what? No matter what, I had to go downstairs so i guess i will find out. When i was finished i got dressed and began to go downstairs. When i got to the kitchen, my dad and mom were sitting at the table talking. My dad was dressed in his uniform. I tried to think of something to say so there would not be weird silence. Why are you in uniform dad? Well I have to work again today because of the storm delayed and canceled alot of flights. That sucks, i replied. I walked over to get some cereal when my mom said good morning. Good morning, i said in a quiet voice. I got my cereal and sat down to eat. I could not even look at my mom but she continued on like nothing even happened. So whats on the agenda today my mom said. No plans really! Probably just be around the house all day.

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   Yeah me too she responded. Well you two are lucky my dad said. I gotta go. I'm not sure when i will be back though. I should be back in the morning as long as the weather doesn't disagree with me. Bye dad! My mom got up and kissed my dad and said bye. See you tomorrow son. When I finished eating, I went over to the couch and started to watch tv. When i sat there all i could think about was me and my mom just had sex on this same couch. I couldn't get it out of my head. I just kept thinking about how good it felt. Well I'm gonna go take a shower honey. Okay mom. I watched tv and tried to ignore all the thoughts that were going on in my head. After about 15min of sitting there i decided to go back up to my room.

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   When i got upstairs i heard the shower going as i made my way to my room. As i passed the bathroom i noticed the door was slightly open. I wanted to look in and see if i could see anything but i was nervous so i just passed and went straight to my room. I layed down on my bed and sat back just thinking about how everything played out. The whole scenario ran through my head as if it was happening again. I started to get turned on again. My cock slowly started to get hard. I decided to watch some porn and to release everything i couldn't last night. I took everything off and popped a porno in when suddenly my mom yelled for me. Are you up here she yelled. Yeah, i responded. Come here for a minute. Give me a sec mom, I'm not fully dressed. That's okay, she responded. Just throw something on.

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I put my shorts back on and started to walk to the door when i realized i had a chub from starting to get hard. I threw a shirt on and tried to hide it as i walked to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and heard, Come in! I opened up the door and stood by the entrance. Close the door she said, i want to talk to you. I closed the door and sat down on the toilet seat. The curtain was closed so i could not see anything. Whats up mom. I wanna talk to you about last night. (Here we go. what is she gonna say? What can she say? She just had sex with her son!) I bet you're happy the heat is back on huh? Yeah, i can actually sleep now. I want to talk to you about last night she said. uhh. . . Okay.

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   I don't want you to feel weird that we did what we did. You are my son and I am your mother but we did what was necessary to stay warm. I know we have never done anything like that before but i just don't want things to be weird. (All while she is talking, I'm hoping that my cock would go down just in case she peeked out of the curtain to talk to me. ) I understand mom. I just don't want dad to know what we did. I don't want him to get mad at me. He won't, she responded. Plus there is nothing to get mad about. All we did was used what we could to keep warm. I know, i said quietly. I was ready to get out of the bathroom and go back to my room. I wanted my dick to relax but just knowing that she was naked behind the curtain was only making it harder. Is that all mom? No, she responded. Just so we can make sure this is not weird I think we should see each-other in the light.


   What do you mean mom? Suddenly the curtain slowly started to open up. She stood there naked in the shower with the water dripping over her smooth body. Her eyes were closed as she washed her hair. I want you too see me again so its not weird. In our heads it will be just like no big deal. Suddenly my cock started to get harder. Its okay mom i said. Okay then i think you should jump in the shower with me honey. Are you serious? Yea just a simple shower that's all. So we will have the image and it will be no big deal. I don't want it to be weird for us now. Just don't think about it. I removed my shirt and started to take off my shorts. My cock was fully erect. I slowly stepped in the shower and closed the curtain.

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   My moms eyes were still closed as she washed her hair. Are you okay? Yeah i responded. I was not okay. She was facing me as she washed her hair. Everything was in view. The water was slowly trickling down her perfectly shaped C cups all the way to her cleanly shaved pussy lips. My cock was fully at attention. I didn't want my mom to see so i turned around. Just as i turned around she asked me to wash her back since i was there. I grabbed the soap and washed her back. I moved the soap all over her back and then said okay your done. She turned around but this time had her eyes open. She looked at me with a smile. She then looked down at my throbbing cock. I felt so embarrassed.

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   I turned my head away not knowing what to do. Its okay son. It happens to all teenage boys. Now that we have seen one another again are you uncomfortable? No not really mom. Good, she replied. There is something else i wanted to talk to you about.

What is it mom? Well, last night when we were laying together, i started to fall asleep. I started dreaming about having sex since i had your body on mine. As i woke up i felt you squeezing my chest and pulling on my waist. I didn't want you to feel weird about that. You were asleep mom? OH MY GOD! I thought you were doing that intentionally. No i wasn't, But it's okay. Suddenly my mom wrapped her hand around my hard cock. But this is intentional! My mom dropped to her knees in the shower and put all 8in of my throbbing cock in her mouth. She started sucking my cock.

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   Everytime she would take my cock out of her mouth she would jack me off and lick my balls. I could not believe this was happening. My heart was pounding as she sucked harder and harder. Suddenly she stood up. Suck your moms tits baby. I grabbed her tits and put her erect nipples in my mouth. I sucked and played with her perfect tits. Without even thinking about it. I took my right hand and lowered it to her pussy lips. I started to stick one finger in when my mom moaned. That's it baby! I started finger fucking my mom when she grabbed my hand. She turned around bent over. Now stick that hard cock in mommy's pussy sweetie. I slowly put my cock in her and then started to thrust faster and faster. I leaned over and grabbed her tits as they were shaking from me pounding my cock inside her.

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   YES! YES! She screamed. I'm gonna cum mom. She turned around and put my cock in her mouth. Fuck my mouth until you cum honey. I want that load in my mouth. She kept sucking my dick harder and harder until i released my hot load in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Slowly sucking my pulsating cock with every drip. When i was all done. She stood up and then stepped out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her waist only. Letting her perfect tits point at me. She started rubbing her tits and said, When you're done come to mommy's room honey. I think we need to talk again some more!.