My First Babysitting Job


My parents and I live in a secluded house in the outskirts of town. As far back as I can remember, we've lived in this house. It's a big house with a fairly large pool, a hot tub out back and a build in game room in the basement. It's a beautiful place, a place I love calling "home". I'm 14 yrs old, 5'2 with long light brown hair, a athletic body, as I do love working out in dads gym. Dad has always mentioned that I inherited my mothers features. I have a perfectly heart shaped ass that I constantly get compliments on at school and my breast are a fairly developed set of 34 C cup.  Although dad has never said I inherited my mothers nice and and tits, I'm sure thats what he's referring to. I've often caught him glimpse over at me while I'm in the pool, or while shooting pool in the game room down in the basement.
For quite sometime I had been asking mom to allow me to take on a babysitting job for the neighbors down that road. One day while out riding my bike, I ran into Mrs. Smith and after conversating for a little bit, she'd mentioned how she'd love to have me babysit on occasion so her husband and her could have some free time. They only lived about 4 miles down the road, but mother was always firm in saying NO! I was too young. I wanted to babysit, I wanted to know what it was like to actually "earn" my own spending money, afterall it wasn't like I'd be doing everyday, it was only on occasion, but still mom said no! She always told me that taking care of someone else kids was a big responsibility. She also mentioned how I didn't have to worry about spending money because that's why dad was a lawyer and she was a paralegal, so I could have anything I wanted without having to work. That was besides the point, I felt like I was ready to be a bit more responsible.

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Finally, my chance to prove my babysitting abilities came when my moms brother, Uncle Gene phoned one day, stating that him, Aunt Kathy and thier 4 yr old son Cody were flying in from Colorado to spend a week in town to visit with us and a few friends they had here. Mom insisted on them staying here at our place for the week, so they could save on hotel cost. We had a guest house out back and periodically when family was down visiting mom would offer it to them so they could save on hotel costs.
A few days later, my uncle and aunt arrived. I always loved Uncle Gene. As a kid he would give me piggy back rides, or would carry me and pretend I was an airplane. Of course now I was too old to be carried, but I still loved him just as much. While having dinner mother mentioned that she realized that thier (Uncle Gene and Aunt Kathys) anniversary was this coming Saturday, and that she'd love to take them out for dinner and a few drinks. All parties agreed that would be a good idea. Mother turned to me and said that would be my chance to show my responsibilites as a babysitter, I'd get paid if I cared for Cody and made sure that he was well taken care of and safe. I was so happy that this opportunity arised.
When Saturday came around I was excited. All day I spent most my time in my room planning fun games Cody and I could play, printed out a few coloring pages of different cartoon characters from the internet and planned snacks and stuff. I wanted to prove to mother I was fully capable to be a good babysitter.
Before leaving mother cooked us some pizzas and as soon as it was ready everyone left.

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   Mom, of course gave me a lecture and warned me not to open the door for anyone, gave me 4 different phone numbers where they could be reached and to make sure Cody was in bed by 9 o'clock, as that's what time Uncle Gene always made him go to bed. When they left,I gathered out dishes and put them in the kitchen and Cody and I went upstairs to color. We played games, listened to music, I even let him play a few games on Nick on the internet. At 9pm, without me telling him Cody got his "blanky" curled up on my bed and within minutes he was out cold. I musta nodded off right along with him, because the next thing I knew I woke up and it was 2am. I changed into my nightgown and went down stairs to see if everyone was home. When I got half way down, I heard dad and Uncle Gene talking. I walked into the family room and there sat dad and Uncle Gene, watching some porno movie on tv. My mom and aunt apparently were no wheres to be found. I made noise before "entering" the den so they'd know someone was there and dad shut off that tv. I asked dad where was mom and Aunt Kathy, and he told me that they'd both passed out in the guest house after having a few "too many drinks" and that Uncle Gene would be sleeping in the spare bedroom upstairs. With that I told him I was gonna go down to the basement to shoot a little pool to see if I'd get tired enough to go back to sleep. He said ok and with that I headed towards that basement door. I heard dad click the tv back on and again heard the familar moans coming from the tv.  I stood there for a few minutes and heard Uncle Gene tell dad that his favorite little niece was growing up to be such a beautiful young girl, not to mention a VERY hot young girl.

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   Dad answered by saying, "yes, I know! I catch myself looking at her from time to time, it's so hard not to. " I smiled and headed down stairs.
As I played pool alone, I kept thinking of what I heard dad and Uncle Gene saying about me, and I started to feel a little tingle in my stomach. I'd always thought both dad and Uncle Gene were handsome. They both were tall, had hard muscles because they worked out, they both were in their late 30's. I got alot of compliments from my friends about my dad. They all thought he was hot.
I was lost in thought when I was startled by dad and Uncle Gene, they'd come down stairs to listen to some music on the jukebox we had down there and watch me shoot pool. I suggested I go change to something else, as my nightgown was a little short and when bending over to shoot the ball I knew it crepted up. Both dad and uncle Gene told me not to worry, I was just fine. Dad asked if I'd grab a couple beers from the fridge for them, and as I walked off to get them from the fridge that was in the corner, I could hear them both whispering "mmm mmm". There again, I felt that little tingle. I returned with two beers in hand and handed it to them. Dad popped open his and asked if I'd like to taste it. He didn't know, but I'd had a few beers while down in the basement alone.

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   I didn't like the taste much, but I liked the feeling I got from it, seemed to relax me. I of course, pretended I'd never drank some and took up dads offer. Before long I had a beer in my hand dad had got for me and I was sitting on he pool table talking to them both about school stuff, and upcoming events with my friends. Dad asked to grab another beer for them and to get me another one if I'd like, so I went to get them one and of course I got myself another. When I jumped up on the pool table this time, my nightgown went up and revealed my silk panty I was wearing. I startled myself and said I'm sorry to both dad and my uncle, at which time dad said, "baby, there's nothing to be sorry about. " We continued conversating for about another hour, I was feeling a little relaxed as I did when I'd come down and sneek beer while no one knew, and I think dad and my uncle could tell this.  Finally, dad told me he had a question for me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, at which time I told him no. He asked if I'd ever kissed a boy and again I answered no. He then told me he was going to ask me a question, but that I could never tell anyone he asked. Then he proceeded to ask if I'd ever touched myself "down there". Of course, I couldn't lie to dad so I told him yes, usually at night or while in the shower. He asked how did I feel when I touched myself and I told him I actually felt really good. At this point he told me, that althought touching yourself feels good, it always feels better when you have someone else touching you instead.

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   He then called me over to sit on his lap, and when I did I felt his cock hard in his pants. He let out a little moan, then whispered in my ear, that if I would show him and my uncle how I touched myself. At this point I was so relaxed and feeling kinda funny in my stomach I agreed to show them. He told me to go ahead and remove my nightgown and panties and lay on the pool table and show them, so I did. When I was completely naked, I could hear them both let out a quiet moan, I knew then that they were enjoying the moment. I looked over at them as I jumped up on the pool table and they both had thier cocks out and were stroking it. They were big, bigger than I'd imagined anyways. They seemed about the same size, only dads cock was seemed to be a bit thicker than my uncles. I'd say at least 8 inches is what they were. Anyways, I felt my pussy moist just looking at them and I laid on the pool table and spread my legs and started to rub my clit, letting out moans of pleasure. I had my eyes closed and was startled when I opened them to see my uncle on the pool table over me stroking his cock right next to my face. I looked to see where dad was and he was standing right in front of my pussy looking down as I rubbed my clit, he was stroking his cock too. He then asked me, "baby girl, can I show you what it's like to have someone rub that for you?" I didn't hesitate, and told him yes. With that dad started to rub my clit and pussy. I moaned out louder, it felt so good.

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   My uncle asked if I'd lick his cock, and after looking at dad shake his head in agreement I start to lick the head of his cock. It tasted different, but good nontheless. I slowly slipped his cock in my mouth and started to suck on the head as I'd seen on the porno earlier. My uncle looked over at dad and said, " damn Denise, she's a wonderful cocksucker!" then looked down at me and said," . . thats it baby, suck my cock hunny. " Dad then said he was going to try something new, and before I could respond, he had his mouth over my pussy and was sucking on my clit. It felt so damn good, I was moaning so loud, I was afraid I'd wake someone up, but the basement was far from anyone to hear me. My body then started to shake and tremble and my uncle said to my dad that I was about to cum. No sooner did he finish saying that, my pussy exploded and I felt my juices gushing out of my pussy, dad didn't waste one bit. He lapped up every drop of my sweet nectar. My body slowly started to calm down but dad didn't stop, he kept licking me and sucking on my clit. Then I felt him sliding a finger in my pussy. It stung a little, as I'd never stuck a finger in my pussy, just rubbed my clit. Dad continued to do this then said to me that if I'd let him put his cock in my pussy.

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   I was scared at first, but after he sucked my clit a little more I was ready for it and told him yes. My uncle stepped back a little bit and allowed dad to lean over me. He kissed me and for the first time ever, I shared a real kiss. He then squeeze some KY from a tube he had on the pool table, on his cock and stroked it a little more then slowly started to slide it in my pussy. Tears filled my eyes, and the stinging sensation now felt like pressure with alot of pain. He leaned over and kissed me again and told me to just relax, and with that pushed all the way in, breaking my hymen. I felt like i was being ripped apart. I begged him to stop and he did, but didn't pull his cock out, just stopped. He told me that in a few minutes I'd enjoy it so much I'd be begging him to fuck me. I relaxed and told him to continue. Next thing I know I'm thrusting back towards him, begging him to "fuck me harder daddy, yes oh god yes!!! FUCK ME DADDY!!!" My uncle came a little closer and put his cock back in my mouth and I start sucking him harder and faster than I had before. Dad stopped and rolled over on the pool table, then he motioned me over to climb up on him, so I did. He slowly put his cock on my pussy again only this time he just shoved it in. I felt so full, but it felt good! I was bouncing up and down on his cock, lost in estasy when I felt something rubbing against my asshole. I turned around to see my uncle with the tub of KY, he squeezed some on my and and then started to rub it over my asshole.

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   Before I could say anything he slide a finger in my ass. That just about drove me to another orgasm. He worked one finger, a few minutes later he put another in and then three. I was moaning so loud, "yes uncle Gene, fuck my ass, daddy u fuck my pussy hard", that's all it took. Uncle Gene, put his cock on my ass and pushed in, I screamed in pain and asked him to please use his fingers not his cock, but daddy pulled me down and kissed me and whispered in my ear, "baby girl, you have to let him fuck you too, or he will tell mother and if he does that, I'll never get to see you again. " With that I closed my eyes tight and begged uncle Gene to fuck my ass. . . and hearing me say that he pushed his cock all the way in my ass. It hurt so bad, but after a few minutes I was enjoying having two cocks inside me. We fucked so hard for what seemed forever. Uncle Gene and dad kept switching places and positions.  I sat on uncle Genes cock, as he fucked my ass dad fucked my pussy. Then dad fucked my ass and uncle Gene fucked my ass. We fucked for over 3 hours, each having orgasm after orgasm.

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   I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked if we could please stop fucking for tonight, but begged for them to fuck me again tomorrow. With that they both shot thier hot wads on my tits and face. Dad got a towel from the drawer and helped clean me up. Then kissed me passionately. I then turned to uncle Gene and kissed him passionately. As I was about to go upstairs, dad tells me, " baby girl?. . . . your one hell of a babysitter!, I love you angel baby. " and with that I went to my bedroom and showered and drifted off to sleep.
Then next day, aunt Kathy and mom went shopping and took Cody, I refused to go. I had some "unfinished" bussiness to attend, but that's another story.   If you'd like to know what happened the next day, please let me know. Again, it's my first time writing so any feed back, bad or good would be greatly appreciate.

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  . . . . .