My Friend and I


Me and my best friend Joey are 15 years old.  We both consider ourselves straight.  One night I was sleeping over at his house and we were on his computer and I saw a file called Slutty Teens.  I asked, "What is this?"  He told me it was a stash of porn and asked if I wanted to see it.  He clicked the file and we started watching a video of this gorgeous blonde teen girl being fucked.
"Isn't she hot?" he asked.
"Yeah, she's cute," I said.  It was a bit awkward watching it with him but I didn't really mind.  I was getting really hard from watching the video.
Joey said, "If I were alone I'd totally be jacking off. "
I said, "I can leave the room for a few minutes if you want. "
"You don't wanna too?"
"I guess, I would. "
"We should just stay in my room so we don't get caught and also so we can both keep watching the video.  Pull up a chair. "
"OK," I said and sat down next to him.  There was a moment of hesitation before any of us did anything but after a minute, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down.

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   He followed me, doing the same.  Both in our boxers, we were hesitant to be the first to actually take them off.  Both of our erections were visible through our boxers.  Joey turned to the screen and pulled them down and started rubbing his dick, which was slightly larger than mine.  I did the same.  We were both masterbating and it was so exciting.
Then he asked me, "Have you ever sat on your hand till it's numb, so when you jack off it feels like someone else is doing it?"
"No," I said.
"I'm gonna try it. "
We both sat on our hands smiling to break the awkwardness.  Eventually, he started jacking off again.  I watched him as he did.  He eventually grabbed a t shirt of his and came into it.  "Still not numb?" he asked.
"No," I replied.
"I'll just do it for you.

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"I don't know," I said.
"You don't have to, just hurry up and cum. "
"Go ahead," I said.  He gripped my dick with his hand and started jacking it.  It felt.