Sex and the teacher

Sex In Public

I’m 15, and my hormones are all over the place, and I’d probably shag anything that would let me. My name is James, and I’d describe myself as having a lean muscular build, I have blue eyes and short brown hair. My story starts at school, we started to have a student teacher for Biology, named Miss Greenfield. She was the same height as me, and had an amazing ass. Strangely, I was the only pupil who’s name she knew, and because of this she picked on me throughout the lessons, she’d get me to stand up in front of the class and write things on the board for her - which was embarrassing as I usually had a huge boner!
One day, after school, I had missed my bus, and so I decided to get a little exercise and walk the three miles home. After passing the school’s local paper shop I thought I might as well go in to get a paper for my parents, and in their I met Miss Greenfield. We started to talk, and she offered to give me a ride home, so obviously, I accepted.
We talked about how she only knew my name, and she revealed that she had a soft spot for me as I was the first pupil at our school that spoke to her. She also revealed that she had a husband, who she disliked and wished she had never married. I also found out her age, 23. I directed her to my house, and upon arriving she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I couldn’t believe it, a teacher - who I really wanted, kissed me! I decided to kiss her back, and then our lips met and our tongues touched. It was heaven.
“Well, I don’t really need to go home. ” I said, after our passionate kiss was over.
“Hmmm, me neither.

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  ” She whispered.
We drove to multi-story car park, and mile or two away from my home, and we parked the car. We kissed again, this time for longer. We massaged each others tongues with our lips, and eventually I plucked up the courage to place a hand on her boob, she didn’t object and we slowly started to strip each other off, leading to passionate sex in the backseat of my favourite teachers car.
“Miss?” I Said, after stopping thrusting into her wonderfully tight pussy.
“James, call me Casey. ” She said.
“Casey, we won’t get into trouble will we?” I stammered.
“Only if one of us tells, and I know I won’t, and I don’t think you will either will you?”
“No, I went tell anyone. ”
We continued to have sex, she rode me and I played with her fabulous tits. She dropped me off at home after, and we agreed we needed to do it again sometime.
Several weeks have passed since that day, and we still do it whenever and wherever we can. The risk of getting caught is what makes it fun. We’ve done it in the deserted staff room, the toilets, the changing rooms - everywhere. We’ve even done it in my parents bed! Of course I wish that one day, after I leave school, that Casey will leave her husband that bullies and is arrogant towards her, and come and find a place to live with me, who will always give her what she wants.

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