The Time Shifter Chapter 47


I wiped the cum off my face with a paper towel, washed my hands andthen made Kevin and his friends lunch, which was hamburgers. "Fuck,slut, you make a killer burger," Kevin admired. "Thank you Master,"I chirped. "How are your holes, slut?" Kevin asked. "My pussy isokay, Master, but my asshole, butt and mouth are sore. " "We didn'tmess you up, did we babe?" Kevin wondered. "No Master. Muscles andtissue get tired or bruised. We just have to stop when it happens sothat I can recover and that something really bad doesn't happen. "

"Master, we need to talk about a few things and it's prettyimportant. Do you think you can make time?" "Are you mad, slut?" heresponded. "No Master. I just think that there are some gaps in ourrelationship that need to be filled in. " "No prob, slut. I need totalk to slut, so when you're done you need to leave," he told hiscompadres "No problem man," Josh tolerated. "Thanks for letting usplay with your slut, Kevin.

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  " "You're welcome, dudes. Just don't bedouches about what I'm allowing you to do with her, okay?" Theyexpressed agreement and a few minutes later, they were gone.

"So what's up, slut?" "Master, I think you need to understand moreabout why you like dominating me and what I like and don't like. ""Okay. Am I doing anything wrong?" "Not really Master. I do love youand the gangbang was fun and hot. Anyway, what's going on is that Ihave an inner  need to submit and you have an inner need to be incontrol. And as far as our sex life goes, we are effectivelyfetishizing the power dynamic inside our relationship. " "What is'fetishizing'?" "To have a fetish, Master, means that you get hornyover a particular thing. For example, some guys have a fetish forbig boobs. Others have a fetish for certain kinds of clothing. Someguys have a fetish for Asian women or blondes or certain sex acts. You see what I'm talking about? In other words, both you and I getoff on control, you from the controlling side, me from thecontrolled side. "

"The way you went from merely being allowed to call me names in bedto extending that to beyond the bedroom,  I think, helped put you intouch with your need to control others. I get wet when you boss mearound and denigrate me.

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   Do you get hard when you do that to me?" "Iknow I like doing it and it makes the sex hotter, but I don't knowif just that makes me hard. " "Well, why did you tell your friends tostart calling me 'slut' and allow them to grope me?" "I don't know,it just seemed like a really hot idea. " "What's going on is that youwant me to be your toy and by permitting your friends to feel me upand screw me you're telling me that I'm something to be used foryour personal enjoyment and my being willing to do that for you is asign of how deeply I want to submit to you. And you get off seeingthat degree of submission to you,not to mention that you'reexhibiting that control over me to others, which makes you top dogto your group. You see what I'm saying?" "Yeah, I think so. "

"Now there are limits to what I will do. In everydominant-submissive relationship, there are limits to what thesubmissive will do. Submissives are relatively rare and no limitssubmissives are much fewer. In my case, I will not do any bathroomstuff. That is, I'm not into being peed on or worse. I won't doanything that will endanger my life or health or anything thatinvolves blood, gross stuff, needles, cutting, or disgusting men orgirls. Without a submissive, a dominant is just another guy lookingfor poon.   So if you want to keep your subbie, you have to act onlywithin her limits. Do you understand?" "Yeah, I understand. I won'tmake you do anything disgusting.

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  " "And just so that we're clearMaster, as much as I love pleasing you, I won't lick your assholelike you see some women doing in porn videos. That's because I don'twant to get hepatitis. "

"So tell me, Master, do you love me?" "Yeah Misty, I love you. Youtotally rock. " "Master, I don't like anal. You can keep doing it tome because I want to please you. However, there are health issuesinvolved. you can do permanent bigtime damage to me back there. Sowe can only do it a couple of times a week max. I wish I could do itmore for you, but I can't. " "That's cool, slut. " "We can think of itas a special treat maybe. Whatever makes it work for you Master. ""I'm cool with that," he permitted.

Then I took him to my computer and showed him stuff I was into.

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  First, was rope bondage. "So you like being tied up, huh?" heinquired. "Yes Master," I affirmed, but then lectured him on thedangers of it and how we have to proceed carefully. Then I moved onto me not being allowed to speak to other guys unless those guys gethis permission first and when it's appropriate to be in BDSM modeand when we act normal. The images of the rope bondage got him hardand he had me suck him while he looked at them. With the salty taste ofhis cum still on my tongue, I then ordered several bundles of silk rope,gags, blindfolds and cuffs so we could begin experimenting withbondage. Just thinking about it made me uber wet.
Monday morning, Kevin picked me up and we went to Josh's place, whereBrandon and Jeremy were waiting for us. Josh's parents had already leftfor work and his older sister Karen had left after her boyfriend came tocollect  her. "Okay Misty, take your clothes off," Kevin ordered. "YesMaster," I complied and pulled my tank top and bra off, my boobsswinging out after the latter garment was extracted. Then I pushed myskirt and panties to the floor, putting my birthday suit on display foreveryone. "We only have a few minutes, guys, so go for it," Kevinrefereed and I soon felt my body being explored by all four boys. I waskissing Kevin as I felt my pussy being penetrated with somebody'sfingers from behind. My tits were being squeezed and my nipples pinchedby someone else while my ass was manipulated by another pair of hands.

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  "Hey Kevin, man, I'm super horny now. Do you mind if I cum on her face?"Jeremy inquired. "No dude, but be quick," Kevin commanded. Jeremywhipped his dick out and pushed down on my shoulders to get me to myknees. Another hand turned my head to my right and a cock went into mymouth. Another one grabbed my lefthand and guided it to his manhood. "Hey you guys, I have a better idea," Kevin, who now had his penis outand was stroking it, announced. "Cum in her hair and I'll have her brushyour spooge into it so she'll be wearing our cum to first period," hestated with an evil grin. Everybody laughed at the idea and so they allfuriously stroked away while looking at me and occasionally fondling me.

Fiive minutes later, Jeremy put his cock right against my hair and beganto shoot. I felt the snotty liquid drip down the strands of hair on myright side. The others continued stroking and Kevin was now ready. Hehad me touch my forehead to the floor, kneeled over me and sprayed globsof semen iinto my long blonde hair. Brandon's breathing was becomingragged and I knew that I would  soon be blessed by his fluid. He kneeledin front of me, put his cockhead right against the top of my head andsplattered it with his cream as he emitted several  loud grunts.

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   Joshwas last and he slimed my hair with his goopy jizz. Kevin had me remainon my knees and pullled my brush out of my purse and ran the brushthrough my hair, spreading the sperm all around it. "The protein will begood for your hair," Kevin snarked before allowing me to dress. My hairfelt slimy and dirty with the cum in it and I could smell it. The thingwas that it actually mostly dried by the time first period beganbecause of our walking in the warm sun.

When we stepped onto the campus, they took me over into an isolatedcorner near one of the classroom buildings and Kevin and his friendsfelt me up and kissed me as they surrounded me to prevent anyone frompeering in until the bell rang. So I was majorly wet and my hair wasbeginning to clump due to the dried cum. I took a quick trip to thebathroom before second period to straighten it out before it became soclumped that my brush would tear my ends and make my hair look likeshit.

At lunch, they asked me how I was doing with the cum in my hair. I toldthem about my problems with my hair clumping and the smell. Kevin got amischievous laugh out of that.

Tuesday,  they ramped up this play considerably. When Kevin and Ireached Josh's house, Kevin made me strip and stand in the middle of thekitchen. They groped me for about five minutes and then got their cocksout and initiated stroking. There was an empty Dixie cup that appearedto have been cut in half sitting on the counter, but I didn't think muchof it at first until Brandon grabbed it and drained his load into it.

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  In turn, each of the boys followed suit. Kevin told me to kneel on thefloor while he poured some water into the cup. I thought they were goingto make me drink it, a nauseous thought. But Kevin turned the cup overon my head, drenching my hair with the quartet's balljam. Kevin orderedme to brush my hair. If my hair felt slimy Monday, it REALLY seemed sonow. God only knew how it would affect my hair. They all laughed hard atthis spectacle. I, on the other hand, was humiliated but turned on. Thesmell, though, wasn't very pleasant. It was like I had pouredconditioner that I had fished out of a dumpster on my head and forgottento rinse it out. My hair lost its body and was plastered close to myhead. I got a lot of odd looks in my first class of the day.

Kevin said I wasn't allowed to touch my hair for the rest of the schoolday and when he picked me up after sixth period it was a real fuckingmess. It was stiff like it had been shellacked by somebody withParkinson's.

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   Kevin got a good laugh out of it but I was embarrassed. When I got home and washed it, it came out a little fluffier than usual. So maybe there is something to the joke about cum being good for awoman's hair.