The Time Shifter Chapter 55


I had been through hundreds of years of experiences now through thegood graces of Vishnu. Yet, when I went back to my originalsituation, it was like the movie Groundhog Day, the same thing timeafter time. Moreover, there had been elements of those experiences Ihad to repeat because I'm one of those people who  gets bored easilyand needs to be constantly engaged in something all the time or I gonuts. Ergo, my mania for playing guitar during these experiences. These days, I keep myself entertained on the net while also playingguitar. But when you go back to the pre-internet and pre-cable tvdays there is a lot of time to fill. You can read only so much andtv and radio is mainly horrible. So music gives me some kind ofproject to do. Sometimes, it manages to just swallow me up and takeme on its own path.

The panoply of experiences Vishnu has indulged me with certainlymade me question how much more patience he was going to have withme. Well, all I could do was just ride it out and hope for the bestat that point.

The thing was that all the places I had Vishnu put me in I was moreor less in a kind of comfort zone because I had lived in thoselocalities at some point in my life. I also got a little sidetrackedduring my last transformation when I ended up being drafted in by anu-metal band and then things progressed from there. This time, Idecided to forego musical involvement altogether and live in adifferent community I had never resided in before just to see whatwould happen.

I got on my knees in front of the dresser and prayed to Vishnu. Irose to my feet and put both my hands on the medallion.

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   "I want tolook, move and vocally sound exactly like the Brazilian volleyballplayer Ana Paula Mancino when she was 21 only my official age thistime will be 14 and I will speak unaccented English, no matter howmuch I eat I will never gain weight, my blonde hair will be down tomy ass, the name on all of my identity documents will be DawnChristine Anderson, except with REAL DD cup breasts, a totallyhairless torso and legs, an inability to get pregnant no matter howmany times I have sex, immune to all sexually transmitted diseases,the same sex drive I had as an 18 year old male, a wide ranging andsexy wardrobe as well as a cellphone, semen will taste good to me, Iwill have inherent knowledge of how to best make myself up and carefor my hair, will be able to cook to the level of the best chefs inthe world, will not physically or mentally age or be a victim of anycrime or accident, I will  never be detained, arrested or imprisonedfor anything I do, the tellers at my bank will know me on sight andnot hassle me for ID, and who will go back to the first day ofschool in September, 2011, where I will be living in my ownbeautifully furnished and decorated two story ocean view house in agated community in Newport Peninsula, California, including a shrineto Vishnu, with $100 billion US in the bank, a whole array of creditcards with no limits, speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chineseand Korean fluently in addition to English, I have the equivalent ofa black belt in Jeet Kune Do and nobody will bother me about livingalone even though I'm a minor. I am now ready for thetransformation. "

I abruptly woke up on a piercingly bright Monday morning and, once Ihad wiped the sleep out of my eyes, shuffled into the bathroom. If Ithought the girl I had become in my previous transformation wasdevastating, the vision I saw in the mirror this time around waspositively cataclysmic. 5'6", athletic, long blond hair, sparklingblue eyes, breasts even bigger and heavier than Misty's with moreprominent pinkish nipples, long, shapely legs, deeply tanned skin,luxurious lips that were built seemingly specifically to slip a dickthrough over and over.

I returned to my bedroom and donned a yellow sundress that came downonly as far as the middle of my thighs. Underneath that was just aplain white bra and silk panties. For footwear, a pair of sandals. Total California casual. I walked off to school and somehow I knewwhere I was supposed to go. As I stepped on to campus I could hearthe murmurs around me and the eyes of boys burning holes in myoutfit. This school was known for having hot teenage girls, but Ihad clearly made an impression on the surrounding humanity. I didn'thave anything with me except my purse, my cellphone and the contentstherein. I took a seat on a bench and began fiddling with thecellophone just to burn some time before class. Guys passing by mestared as if they had just seen Sasquatch.

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   I laughed silentlythinking about how many teenage cocks I was making hard.

A bell rang and I went off to my first period English lit class. Iseized a desk in the middle of the room. Everybody somewhatnervously eyed each other as we were all experiencing this campusfor the first time together. I noticed more furtive stares at mebefore the teacher, Mr. Keltner, ambled in. His eyes immediatelylocked on to me and widened like he was tacitly thinking, "holyshit!" When my eyes met his, he quickly averted them. I smiled atthe effect I was already having. He called the roll and noweverybody knew my name. Would they have the courage to approach me?That was the question.

I leaned back in my chair a bit and crossed my legs, which caused myskirt to ride almost all the way up to my crotch. I acted like Ididn't have a clue that was the case. Once more, I noticed Mr. Keltner sneaking a peek at me and I smirked at him. The thought thatmy teacher wanted to fuck me turned on a slow drip of lubricant intomy pussy.

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   His stare was soon succeeded by others from the boys inthe room and now it was me secretly endeavoring to check for anybulges in their pants as Mr. Keltner went on about the structure ofthe course for the semester.

The sexual tension was so intense, at least to me, that it made itnearly impossible for me to concentrate on what Mr. Keltner wasattempting to convey to us until the textbooks began to be handedout, which gave us something to look at besides him and each other. Nevertheless, it was hot seeing the power I had over my  maleclassmates.

So that was pretty much how all my classes for the day went. Afterschool, after I dropped my textbooks off at home, I took the bus tothe mall to buy my gym clothes. I then went to an office supplystore to purchase a laptop, a bag for it, a notebook, pens and abook bag. I went online and ordered a thousand cds. Hey, if I wasn'tgoing to go full metal guitar jock this time I was still  going tohave my favorite music on hand. I then spent the rest of the daywatching You Tube and a little tv and, when I wanted to play with mynew body, internet porn.

At school Tuesday, I wore little white butt hugging shorts, a whitetube top and chunky four inch heels. It allowed me to show off myass and toned legs to a faretheewell  and emphasized the weight ofmy tits. As I walked through the quad, I could hear girls here andthere muttering, "whore" when they saw me. I have to admit that Ilooked like a stripper, but I was going to milk it for all it wasworth.

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   I got to this one empty planter with a bench in front of it. I put my computer bag down on the bench and bent over with my backto groups of students who were standing around yammering to eachotther. I slowly extricated my lapttop from the bag and then tuurnedaround to see a bunch of boys starng at me. When they saw me facingthem, they all averted their eyes. Of course, having been a boy Iknew what they were thinking: they wanted to rip my shorts down tomy ankles and ream my pussy while I was bent over that planter. Iturned my computer on because my school had its own wi-fi networkand I watched a bunch of music videos until it was time to go toclass.

In gym class, they had us playing basketball. We chose teams and,because nobody knew me, I was one of the last picked. As a guy I wasa pretty fair playground player. The thing I noticed being in AnaPaula's body was how much quicker and stronger I was than the othergirls and  I could easily outjjump any of them. I must have had a 33or 34 inch vertical leap. When I whipped the ball across the courtafter penetrating the lane to set up an open jump shot, it hit thegirl I passed it to right in her chin because she wasn't expectingthat kind of velocity. Unfortunately, I didn't have much of ashooting touch and I had a lot of trouble with my offhand dribble. So the WNBA was definitely not going to be in my future.

The most fun part of gym class, though, was seeing the naked nubilebodies of the other girls.

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   Most of them had no pubic hair or justlanding strips because tthey had spent most of the summer wearingbikinis or shorts as residents of this beach community. Most of themhad tan lines framing their still developing breasts and cute butts. Some of the older girls even obviously had surgery to enhance theirknockers. I loved strutting my amazing body around to and from theshowers. I looked forward to see how I would get to use it.
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