A Golfer's Dream: Book I - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Another Sixty-Nine"Really?" topless Julie asked, "Can I see yours?"
Carol started to stutter a response. "Well, I don't think. . . I shouldn't. . . " but, as Julie's head fell in rejection, Carol realized she was in too deep to stop abruptly. She said. "We shouldn't do this; but I will let you look -- if it will make you feel better. " Secretly, Carol had fantasized about doing exactly this for years.
Julie looked up happily and watched fixedly as Carol started to unbutton her own blouse. Dave thought he was in heaven. He was looking with delight at Julie's beautiful breasts and now Carol was starting a show he knew he would never forget. Carol undid four buttons and slowly pulled her blouse open but not off. She was wearing a very sexy beige bra and Dave could see her erect nipples through the material.

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   She reached for the front clasp between her large breasts to set them free. When her bra was out of the way Dave almost choked. They were incredible - large, capped with circular rose aureoles, punctuated with perky pointed nipples, and, for a woman her age, they were fairly firm albeit delightfully wobbly. Julie stared at them and then, without any warning, she reached out and started squeezing both them simultaneously. Carol flinched but knew she had to let Julie explore them or she might lose Julie's trust forever. Carol's nipples started to respond to the attention and Julie noticed the reaction immediately. She started to roll the nipples between her thumb and finger and they jumped right to full attention. Julie had decided two days earlier that tonight would be her first true sexual experience; if Jack wasn't interested, maybe her mother would be. Dave watched Carol's facial expression successively change from surprise to doubt to lust. She was quickly losing control. Her breathing was getting heavier and her eyes were slowly closing. When her head fell backwards on her shoulders Dave knew Julie was in full command of the action. He couldn't stop himself any longer, pulled out his throbbing prick, and started stroking it as he continued watching. Julie leaned forward and took one of Carol's rock-hard nipples in her mouth. A moan escaped Carol's lips and her hands went to the back of Julie's head as she crushed Julie against her breast.

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   Carol's first child to milk from her breasts had returned home - her fantasy had become reality. Julie was massaging both of Carol's breasts with her hands and sucking hard on one of the nipples. Carol's moans were getting louder and louder and she started to shake when she screamed. "Bite it Julie, Bite Mommy's nipple. " Julie bit down hard; Carol screamed and her whole body bounced around in a frenetic dance. Julie was holding on for dear life. Dave lost it and blew his load all over his hand and the kitchen floor.
Dave started to panic. If he got caught, his mom would kill him -- so he scrambled around for some paper towels to clean up his sticky mess. He could hear Carol calming down and thought about how all the boys at school talked about getting their girlfriends off. He had just witnessed his first female orgasm - it was his mother. When Dave had the mess mopped up he stood and looked to see what was going on in the living room. He was ready for a quick exit but realized the show wasn't totally over yet. As Carol struggled back to equilibrium, Julie sat back waiting to be scolded. She thought she had crossed the line with her physical advances and was sure Carol would be very upset with her.

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   Julie's own pussy was moist and ready for action but that would have to be Carol's decision. Julie watched her mother anxiously as she caught her breath and regained her composure.
Carol's orgasm had been very intense and her mind raced as her body descended from a peak it had not experienced in many years. Carol's conservative side had formulated a plan of retreat from this dangerous and incestuous situation but her soaking wet pussy and her very horny still vibrating body was telling her she could live out the rest of her fantasy. The internal debate was very short, settled clearly in favor of further adventure, and Carol decided to see if she could bring Julie to a similar euphoria. She took a quick look at the wall clock which read 9:00 and said "I love you, Julie. I have two hours to make you feel like a complete woman. You will never think about Jack again. "
Carol leaned into Julie and their lips met for the first time that night. Carol's kiss was very passionate; Julie took a minute to catch on, but soon their tongues were dueling and Julie started to moan her approval of the proposed process. Dave's dick was coming back to life and he kept the paper towels close so he would be ready next time. Carol started to kiss her way down Julie's neck and, in one quick motion, grabbed Julie's top -- pulling it over her head and off. Julie settled back on the couch again as Carol worked her way down to Julie's breasts. She was sucking one of the hard nipples and slid one hand farther down over Julie's stomach; massaging lightly as it went. In all the excitement Dave hadn't immediately noticed that both Carol and Julie's skirts had ridden up.

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   He first saw that Carol's matching beige panties were absolutely soaked. The crotch was drenched right through and all he could think was how he would love to get a taste of that. Carol's hand slid under Julie's skirt and when she found nothing but a patch of beautiful blonde hair she pulled back for a second and said, "Jack has no idea what he missed - does he?" Julie just smiled a sheepish smile as Carol returned to her work.
Carol moved her palm over Julie's mound and started to run a single finger up and down Julie's slit. Dave could only see the light downy hair and a bit of a groove until Carol took two fingers and spread Julie's outer lips. He had seen lots of nude magazines and even a few pornos so he knew what he was looking at but seeing his first real pussy was incredible; because it was Julie's he was hard as steel and ready to blow his second load. The pink inner lips were glistening; he knew Julie was feeling just as horny as Carol. He stopped stroking his cock to extend his pleasure a little longer. Carol slowly slid a finger into Julie's pussy and Julie pushed her hips to meet it. Carol was working the finger in and out and was getting a steady reaction from Julie's hips when she slid her finger to the top of the opening and started to rub just below the top of Julie's outer lips. Dave couldn't understand what she was doing but suddenly Julie started moaning really loud and her head was going from side to side. Carol was wiggling her finger back and forth and Julie was going nuts. That was when Dave realized that she was rubbing Julie's clit. He had heard some of the guys talking about it and that a women's clit was supposed to be as sensitive as a mini-penis but he had no idea whether that was true or just locker room bullshit. He was getting a great education now because Carol was showing him just how to send a girl over the edge.

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   Carol would slide her finger down into Julie's pussy to get it wet and then return to rhythmically rubbing her clit. Julie was getting steadily more excited; her head was rocking from side to side and she was moaning louder.
Carol kissed her way down Julie's body, following the pioneer path of her hand. She hesitated at the belly button considering whether she was ready to change her relationship with her daughter forever. She briefly thought she could stop now, never repeat this, and salvage her mother-daughter relationship or she could continue and move to a lovers' relationship between two women. This debate was as short as the first had been earlier; her fantasies had played this very situation out a hundred times and Carol knew she was ready to start a new life with Julie. She continued down Julie's smooth nicely tanned stomach and ran her tongue in an initial dance along the lips of Julie's pussy. The taste was much sweeter than she had dreamed and she couldn't believe this was finally happening. Julie's body gave a little shudder in response and Julie whispered, "Suck my pussy, Mommy. Suck my lonely pussy. " When Carol heard Julie say this she momentarily lost her composure and started thrusting her tongue in Julie's pussy while she massaged her clit with a finger. Julie's body responded quickly and she was moving her hips to meet Carol's tongue. But Carol knew what her original plan had been; not a quick merely satisfying release, but instead a slow and deliberate arousal leading to unforgettably intense orgasm. Carol returned to licking around Julie's pussy lips with the occasional intrusion between the lips finished by a teasing flick of the tongue across Julie's clit. Julie's body movement slowed down again but she thrust her hips whenever Carol's tongue slid inside her anxious pussy.

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   Carol reached both her hands up so she could gently pinch and lovingly massage Julie's beautiful nipples and breasts. She continued to tease Julie's pussy with her tongue, gradually spending more and more time with her tongue darting about in her pussy. Julie's arousal increased steadily as did her moaning. As she was reaching a peak, Carol decided it was time for the grand finale. She slid her middle finger in Julie's pussy with the palm of her hand pointing up and started massaging her g-spot. While she placed her chin on her palm, she locked her lips onto Julie's clit. Julie grabbed Carol's hair with her both hands holding Carol's face to her clit and renewed her screams of "Suck, Mommy! Suck my pussy!" This time Carol gave Julie what she asked for. A mind blowing, energy- and emotion-draining orgasm unlike any Julie had ever experienced.
Dave was beyond control, too. Listening to the screams and watching his mother's beautiful breasts swinging forwards and backwards as her head moved around in Julie's crotch. He only had to give his engorged member a couple of gentle rubs and his whole body pulsated with a shattering orgasm. His knees went weak and he had to grab the counter to keep from falling over. In all the excitement he forgot all about the paper towel in his hand and he looked down at his seed all over the floor, again. If he had any remaining strength, he would have panicked. He prayed the ladies would stay in the living room or they would get a nice look at his slowly wilting six and a half inch throbbing love muscle.

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   He couldn't see them in the mirror anymore because he didn't have the strength to straighten his legs. He could hear Julie whimpering as she recovered. After slowly regaining his strength, Dave cleaned up the mess, again. As he was cleaning he noticed a musky tang in the air that wasn't his. The smell was Julie's sex aroma and it was intoxicating. Recovering Dave looked in the mirror again then quickly glanced at the back door -- checking the path to make a hasty retreat if necessary. But the show in the living room was still not over.
Carol had worked her return back up Julie's body and was giving her a very passionate kiss. Julie looked exhausted but as she caught her breath she gave Carol a loving look and said. "That was incredible! You've done that before - haven't you?"
Carol replied, "Let's just say I learned more at university then academic nursing techniques. "
Julie decided she would like to return the favor for her mother; she looked at the clock which read 9:20 and said to Carol, "I want to try that. " Carol just smiled a slow grin. Julie reached over and pulled Carol's blouse out of her skirt and finished unbuttoning it. She pulled it and the bra off and briefly massaged Carol's breasts for a few moments. Then she stood up, pushed her own skirt down her long silky legs, and stepped out off the small pile on the floor.

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   She pulled Carol to her feet, kissing her while reaching around her trim body to lower the zipper on Carol's skirt. Julie fell to her knees, sliding Carol's skirt and soaked panties down her short firm legs. Julie was surprised and somehow pleased that there was no hair on Carol's pussy. She was absolutely bald. She could see the engorged lips of her pussy flared like a butterfly and dripping with anticipation. Julie just smiled up at her mother and said, "I like this. It is so sexy. You'll have to show me how to shave mine. " Carol just returned the smile proudly as Julie pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs. With Carol's soaked panties now on the floor the expanding odor of sex permeated through the entire first floor of the house. Julie put her lips to Carol's pussy and was trying to do the same things Carol had done so successfully.
In the kitchen, Dave was hypnotized by the smell. He couldn't believe that his mom's pussy was bald and he didn't know if he could get off again but his re-erected dick was willing to try.
Carol was giving Julie tips on what to do and it didn't take long for Julie to start hitting the right spots because Carol's breathing started to get heavy again. Julie found the taste very different.


   It was tangy but she knew she could grow to like it. Carol started moaning louder and louder, moving her hips to the rhythm of Julie's tongue. Carol's body was bouncing around like crazy again and Julie reached up with both hands and latched onto Carol's nipples. Carol's nipples had always been incredibly sensitive and she loved to have them bitten and pinched. Carol started screaming, "SUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY! HARDER BABY, HARDER! PINCH MY NIPPLES!" She grabbed Julie's long blonde hair, mashing Julie's face in her pussy. Julie pinched Carol's nipples so hard that her fingers went white and locked her mouth on her clit. Carol was gone. She was screaming and bucking and her whole body convulsed for about two minutes. She screamed and bucked and yelled right through one orgasm and into a second as Julie continued the assault on both her clit and her nipples. As Carol slowly came down from her second orgasm Julie let go of her nipples. Julie kissed her way up Carol's body and, when she reached her face, gave her a long passionate kiss. Carol could taste her own sex on Julie's tongue and moaned in continued delight.
There was sweat pouring off both Carol and Julie; Dave thought for sure they must be done but he was wrong again. Carol pushed Julie back and stretched out on the couch. She told Julie, "Sit on my face so I can do you at the same time.


  " Julie straddled Carol's face and went back to work on Carol's beautiful bare mound again. Julie's breasts were hanging down and swaying slightly as she licked Carol and worked her fingers in Carol's dripping pussy at the same time. Carol pulled a pillow under her head and wrapped her arms around Julie's gorgeous ass as she started licking and rubbing Julie's tight young snatch. Carol's breasts fell to the side a bit and Dave could see one of her nipples was really red from the abuse Julie had given it. The two women started to get into a rhythm; as Carol moaned into Julie's pussy she would cause Julie to moan, which in turn would set Carol off again. This went on for several minutes with the level of the moans getting steadily higher and higher. Finally as they were both screaming into each other's pussies, Dave was pumping his cock like an old style water pump. The smell of pussy was incredible and he lost it for the third time. Carol and Julie continued for several minutes reaching simultaneous orgasms. These orgasms weren't as strong as the earlier ones but the mutual orgasms were a perfect end to the beginning of their new relationship.
Dave had been able to use the paper towel this time so he didn't have a splattered mess to worry about; the volume seemed a bit lower as well. He figured they would absolutely start to get themselves dressed soon because it was after 10:00 -- so he snuck out the back door. Dave grabbed one of the chairs off the deck and, breathing deeply, sat down beside the shed to give Carol and Julie time to clean up. He sat there reflecting on the most incredible day of his young life. He had won his first tournament and now this.


   He smiled thinking about the two sixty-nines in one day - one on the course and one on the couch. WOW! He thought about how gorgeous both the women had looked and decided he had to get him some of either Carol or Julie or maybe both. He was still a virgin but he knew a hell of a lot more now than he did that morning. Dave sat there for about twenty minutes. He heard and then saw his mother opening most of the windows on the back of the house. Evenings tend to cool off in June and he felt it getting cooler so after about twenty minutes he went in the back door making lots of bustle and noise so he would be heard.
When Dave entered the living room, his mother was sitting calmly on the couch with a book in her hand. There was no sign of Julie who presumably had dashed upstairs still half naked when they heard him enter. Carol looked up at Dave and smiled. She asked him, "How was your night?"
Dave replied, "Alright, John's car broke down a while ago so I had to walk home. I'm heading to bed. I had a long day and I'm kind of worn out. "
Carol stood up to give him a goodnight kiss. As Dave approached Carol he noticed her nipples were still hard making little tents on the front of her blouse. It was obvious she hadn't put on her bra as he could see the darkness of her nipples.

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   Dave smiled at his mom, glanced at the window, and then looked directly at her nipples and finally at her face as he said, "Kind of chilly out tonight. " As soon as he said it he couldn't believe what he had done. He had made it abundantly clear that he was looking at her nipples. He expected her to tell him off or at least cover herself. He could feel his dick getting hard again.
Carol was surprised by his comment but knew he was looking at her half exposed breasts. She had never really thought of Dave in a sexual way because her husband Roger had always satisfied her. She had suspected that Dave had been going through her underwear drawers for several years because her lingerie was never in the same place as she had put it. However, she wrote this off to the curiosity that comes with puberty. Carol decided to see how Dave would react to a bit of flirting so she walked up to him and gave him his normal goodnight kiss. Then she said, "I'm so proud of you for playing so well today. " She hugged him as she said it but it wasn't a normal mother-son hug; this was a 'mold your body against a lover' hug. Dave felt his mother's hard nipples poke into his upper stomach and, before he could push her away, his cock jumped to full attention and was throbbing into her stomach as if trying to enter her belly button. Carol held him tight and enjoyed feeling him squirm as his engorged cocked tried to bust through his shorts. Dave finally pushed her back and said goodnight as he scampered up the stairs.

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   Carol watched his firm ass bound up the stairs to his bedroom and thought, maybe.
When Dave got upstairs he couldn't believe what had just happened. He felt so embarrassed because his hard dick had been poking right into his mother and she seemed to be enjoying it. He went to bed with his mind in a quandary over whether it was an accident or was she teasing him or was it just his imagination.
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