An Expatriates Young Love (Chap 6-7)



The next day was a school day for Anita and I insisted she dress and go – she wanted to do neither.
After insuring that she understood she must say absolutely nothing to anybody about our relationship, I drove her into town, as I would have too everyday and then pick her up in the afternoon when school let out. It was about a half-hour drive each way along some narrow roads. When her mother was still alive she stayed at their home in town and Dora would come to our home every other day to work.

Today I had several errands to attend too as well. First I spoke to the school headmaster, explaining that Anita would now be living with me and I would act as her parent. I told him that I would be seeing an attorney to formalize the arrangement.

Next I went to a friend’s home and arranged for Anita to stay with them if I could not pick her up due to weather or any other reason. I would get some extra clothes to leave there in case she ever needed them.

Then I went to her old home. It was untouched since the accident. I decided I would talk with Anita about what we should do with the home; I thought it best to sell it but it would be Anita’s decision and I would honor that decision no matter what. I also knew she should be the one to clean it out and keep whatever she wanted. I could help her if she wanted for I was quite sure it was going to be very emotional for her.

My last stop was a local abogado or attorney that I had known for many years. He was an honest man and had never let me down.

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   I explained that I wanted to be Anita’s legal guardian and would do whatever was necessary for that.

The attorney, Sr. Madiago sat silently after I explained my wishes to him. Finally he spoke.

“What you desire is not easy. While orphans and abandoned children are many, this country does not have a good care program for them. Normally a child such as Anita would go to orphanage, such as the one run by the church in Santa Rosa. There a person could adopt the child, though that is rare for any child especially one as old as Anita. Then there is the problem that you are a Gringo and while a legal resident, you are not a citizen. ”

I started to speak up but Sr. Madiago waved me off and continued speaking.

“I said it would be difficult, but I did not say it would be impossible. You will need to adopt the girl. It will take time and much paperwork. There will be fees and unfortunately some mordidas will have to be paid to some officials.

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   It will take time but I will see that everything is done.

“First I will need to get the death certificates for her parents and also proof that she has no other close relatives who could claim her. I will need her to tell me if she has any family that she knows of anyplace. Then I will go to the capitol for a few days to get the papers in order.

“Bring the girl here when you can and I shall start. ” He concluded.

My last stop was to the health clinic. This stop was going to be the most delicate I would deal with today. For while Anita had not yet had her first period, it would not be long and I wanted to get her on birth control now. In the states it would have been easier for me to just get condoms or a vasectomy but here that would not work. The town was too small and everyone knew what had happened to my wife and Dora. If I started buying condoms there would immediately be suspicions I could not afford. That this was also a heavily Catholic country meant birth control was somewhat frowned upon making it all the trickier.

At the clinic I asked to speak to the doctor on a private matter. I was seated in a private office until the doctor could see me.

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A few minutes later a lovely young woman came in and introduced her herself as Dr. Katherine Mercedes. I must have looked surprised because this woman hardly looked older than Anita. She stood about 5’5” and was a brunette with a very pleasing figure. She must have been used to the reaction for she smiled, saying in perfect English, “yes, I’m am a doctor. I am 24 and just completed my residency three months ago. I grew up in South Florida, went to college two years early, graduated a year early and soon discovered that hospitals are not very open to putting overly young doctors on their staffs. Doogie Howser is fantasy in the real world,” She said referring to an old television comedy.

“So I decided to return to my family homeland for a few years. Here the people are just happy to have a doctor and I am happy to help them. ”

We chatted for a little while, each happy to have someone from the states to talk with again. But eventually I had to deal with the reason I had come here; so I gave her the background story of how Anita came to live with me and my plan to adopt her.

Then I deviated from the truth for obvious reasons.

“Dr. Mercedes, before Dora’s death she had confided to my wife and I that she was concerned for Anita.

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   The girl had a boyfriend and they were often alone after school. Dora was pretty sure her daughter had become sexually active. She wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant yet because she had not started her periods. As far as I know she still has not but she is going to be 13 soon and I’m afraid I’m not up to raising a baby too.

“I would like to put her on birth control but not tell her. I’m afraid if she knew then she would take advantage of the freedom and really get out of control. She is a good girl who has had some terrible breaks in her life. I just don’t want it to be worse. ”

At that I feel silent and hoped the doctor bought the story.

“I see and I understand,” Dr. Mercedes began. “Unfortunately I see many young girls who become mothers way to early in life. If I can stop just one of those tragic episodes I will try. While I would prefer that the young gentlemen would wear condoms for both birth control and to prevent STD’s, I am quite aware of the stupid male machismo in this country and the backward thinking promoted by the Catholic Church.

“However for health reasons I will need to see Anita before I could put her on birth control.

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   If she has been sexual active it would be best for her in any case,” Dr. Mercedes said. “I can understand and appreciate your desire to protect the girl while not encouraging her. Perhaps we can tell her the exam is part of the adoption procedures, which it very well might be. When can you bring her by?”

I suggested the day after the next and was relieved that the doctor seemed to have bought my story.

As I was getting up to leave, the doctor said, “Just a couple more things, first if you would like I can also talk to her about the changes she will be seeing in her body as she matures. She might be a little more open talking with me than with a man. ”

I readily agreed it was a subject I had not thought about and would gladly pass along to someone with a better understanding.

“Next,” the doctor continued, “I haven’t had lunch yet, would you like to join me at the café? I’d love to talk about home some more. ”

Once again, I readily agreed. It had been a long time since I had spent time with someone who knew what we had both left behind when moving here.

“And lastly,” the doctor said, “Call me Kathy. ”


I picked Anita up from school after having a delightful lunch with Kathy. We spoke for nearly two hours and found we had quite a bit in common. I had a feeling that we were going to be good friends in time.

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On the way home I explained to Anita what the attorney had said and that she would have to see the doctor for a physical. I decided it best not to tell her about the birth control for the less she knew the better actor she could be.

Anita seemed nervous and eventually told me she had never had a physical before. I explained that it was nothing more than some poking and prodding and that the doctor was very nice. It helped her some but I could tell she was still nervous.

I reached over and pulled her close as we continued the drive home.

Once home Anita wasted no time stripping off her clothes and running through the house nude. I must have looked a bit baffled because she stopped and said it felt so nice and free. She ran up and starting tugging on my clothes saying I must join her. Who was I to argue?

And thereafter we became regular nudists while home alone. We did keep some clothes stashed at different areas in case we needed to dress quickly due to unexpected visitors. I also decided to put an automatic buzzer on the front gate that would go off whenever it might be opened.

Two days later I once again picked up Anita from school but today was her doctor’s appointment so we didn’t go straight home. As we drove over to the clinic I tried to reassure her that everything would be fine and she wouldn’t be hurt. I did explain that the doctor would be able to tell that she had had sex, so to be careful and not let on that I had been her lover.

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   Anita told me she understood and would be very careful.

It was easy to see that she was nervous as she clung to me like a scared puppy when we got to the clinic. The attendant took us both back to the examination room and we waited for the doctor together, not saying much.

Kathy came in about five minutes later and made a big fuss about how pretty and grown up Anita seemed. We all spoke about the exam and what to expect then Kathy said it was time for me to go.

Anita asked for me to stay but I said I shouldn’t and Kathy explained to Anita that she would have to take her clothes off for the exam. That was when Anita almost blew it – she started to say something but then stopped abruptly. It was awkward and I could tell Kathy was puzzled. I excused myself again and headed down the street to see if my attorney was making any progress.

At the attorney’s office I dropped off some papers I had found in her mothers desk. They were Anita’s birth certificate and some school records. I also found a family bible that listed the names of grandparents going back several generations, it gave the names of all the children born, important to me was the omission of any siblings to Dora. That indicated no aunts or uncles on her side of the family.

Next I went to the Mercado and stock up on some food and household items we were running short of. Nothing fancy, but I did get a few treats that I thought Anita might enjoy later.

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Just over an hour had passed when I got back to the clinic. The place was empty except for Kathy and Anita. They were talking and laughing when I showed up. Kathy smiled and said everything was fine except for a slight vitamin deficiency and she had some pills to fix that. She gave me a case that I recognized immediately as birth control pills and told Anita that she should take one everyday in the numbered ordered. They would help keep her healthy but she would have to take them for many years. Then she gave Anita five lempiras and told her to go buy a fresco.

After Anita left, Kathy told me that my hunch had been correct and there was no question that the girl had been sexually active. Then looking at me slightly quizzically she said it was recently too. My stomach jumped but I think I settled it by saying she had stayed at her house the last few nights to go through some of her mothers belongings. Perhaps her boyfriend has also visited then. She went on to say that Anita was very healthy and seemed quite happy and adjusted despite everything she had gone through.

She asked if we had dinner plans but I begged off due to a car full of groceries. I did invite her out to my home in the future for a day of rest, boating and a good meal. She agreed and we set a date for the next weekend.

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The ride home with Anita was eventful. We had no sooner gotten on the road and out of town than she scooted over next to me and placed her hand on my crotch. I didn’t say anything, curious to see where this was going. She started kneading gently and I started to get hard. She then popped the button on my shorts and pulled the zipper down to reach inside. I scooted around a bit and she was able to get my pants a bit lower and pull my cock out and begin stroking it.

“Someone is a bit horny,” I joked.

Anita giggled and nodded without saying anything. Instead she moved around and was able to get herself lying on the seat, raised her skirt a bit and started masturbating herself while still stroking me. I noticed she did not have her panties on and wondered where she had stashed them.

I started looking for a safe turnoff that would give us some privacy and eliminate the worry of me driving headlong into a tree. With the proper motivation, it did not take long to find a side road leading into bushes. Most likely it was a trail down to the lake for fishing.

We got out as soon as I parked. Grabbing a blanket for the ground, we found a nice open spot and immediately Anita was on me like never before; normally she is slow and methodical but today she worked feverishly to get my pants off and was sucking on me before I had even stepped out of the legs.

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   I wasn’t sure what had gotten her so worked up but I wasn’t going to complain.

Without stopping she pulled me to the ground and quickly jumped and straddled me pushing my cock up inside herself. I didn’t have to do a thing as her tight, wet pussy swallowed my cock feeling like a tight glove. She was a woman possessed and there was no mistaking that this was all for her benefit. She was rising and falling on my cock, grinding it inside of herself and already approaching her first orgasm. I knew it would be the first of many as when she started cumming, it always lasted at least 5 minutes and I had seen her once go nearly 30-minutes without respite. I had never even heard of anyone as multi-orgasmic as this girl.

As her orgasms started, she began screaming and howling like I’ve never known. I was so shocked by this change of character that I wasn’t even aware of my own feelings. Her body was a sheen of sweat and her eyes were glazed over as she continued to cum in never ending shuddering waves.

My endurance limit was far less than Anita’s and I knew I would not last much longer. In just another minute I was pumping my seed deep inside my little lover and she still rode orgasm after orgasm. She was still rubbing herself against me when my now soft cock pulled free. It was like a switch had been thrown as she stopped and collapsed on my chest, breathing like she had just run a marathon. Every few seconds another shudder went through her body, I just held her until she had relaxed and was breathing normally.



Still without saying a word we gathered up the blanket and we were soon back on our way home. Anita fell asleep on the ride and I carried her inside to bed. She slept until morning.